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How To Make Your Own Beats On Your Laptop

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Exporting Your Music Productions

Learn how to make your own music beats using your computer

Once you’ve finished producing your first song, you can make your own mp3, or export the song directly as a WAV file or in the compressed format OGG and use it whatever way you want.

  • Choose “File”>”Export” and the format you want.

During export, all tracks in the arranger are mixed down together with all effects and mixer settings into one “proper” audio file. The final result will sound exactly the same as when played back in Music Maker.

Simply create music with Music Maker. Learn more about the different versions of this multipurpose music software:

  • Music Maker Free: The free introduction no previous experience required. With the “Feel Good” Soundpool, “Revolta 2” + “Concert Grand LE” + “Vita 2” instruments, recording & editing functions, MP3 export and much more.
  • Music Maker Plus: Includes all features from the Free Edition, as well as 1 Soundpool + 1 Soundpool Collection of your choice, 2 MAGIX instruments of your choice, 1 Tiny instrument of your choice and the multicore audio engine
  • Music Maker Premium: Includes all features from the Free Edition, as well as 3 Soundpools + 1 Soundpool Collection of your choice, 3 MAGIX instruments of your choice, 2 Tiny instruments of your choice and the multicore audio engine

Audio Mixing Basics :

When you have a decent beat, you need to ensure the sound is blended well to sound great on various devices.

Also, Audio Mixing is the way toward taking all the individual tracks and instruments, altering the sound levels, panning, including effects.

And Thats Just The Beginning

Also, Blending the sound will ensure your beat sounds great on your PC, auto, home stereo, and thats only the tip of the iceberg.

Part 3 Of 3: Expanding Your Sound

  • 1Build your sound library. Your phone can be a powerful tool for capturing unique sounds. Snag samples of natural features, like rain or birds, snippets of catchy conversation, and music being played in the distance on a still day. Download sound packs from the website of your DAW producer. Ask to sample local bands, musical friends, and others.
  • Organize your music library in an orderly system, much like you’d organize physical files. Use headings like “brass,” “percussion,” and “acoustic guitars.”
  • Because of the wide variety in some categories, you may want to add subcategories under “master” headings. For example, you might separate “high-hats” and “ride cymbals” under the master heading for “percussion.”
  • 2Make use of plugins to save money when starting out. Plugins add new qualities to existing programs, like added on search engine features in your web browser. Music production plugins can be used for sound many purposes, like in sound editing, as a DAW, as a supplemental synthesizer, and more.
  • 3Familiarize yourself with audio editors. Audio editors help you remove static from recorded tracks, modify sound parameters to reduce or adjust distortion, add effects, and more. Some highly ranked free audio editors that are useful for gaining familiarity with them include:
  • Audacity is a powerful sound editing program that, even though free, manages to exceed some pay-to-use editing programs. It comes with a comprehensive manual and is approachable for beginners.
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    Reference Your Favorite Producers

    Listen to some of your favorite producers and see what they are doing. Dissect their beats to see how they structure them. What kinds of instruments are they using? What kinds of unique production elements do they employ? How do they balance each of the instruments in their mix?

    Referencing other producers is one of the best ways to learn and get inspired. Sit down with a pair of headphones and write down everything you hear when listening. Use this written dissection as a roadmap when making your own beat, checking off the boxes as you go along.

    For practice, you might even consider trying to re-make some of your favorite beats by copying the drum patterns, basslines, and melodic ideas. In doing so, you’ll learn a substantial amount and discover new techniques that you can employ in your own beats.

    How To Find Flows For Your Raps

    How to Make Your Own Beats from Computer! Fun, Fast & Easy

    There are a variety of ways to find patterns and flows for your song. But one of the best ways is SCATTING.

    Hands-down the best way to stay true to yourself as an artist, is to hum, or mumble, or scat over the instrumental beat you want to write too. OR even if you dont have an instrumental in mind.

    The idea of scatting out your rhythms is super easy, but requires understand of stressed and unstressed syllables, again. Hm, weird they keep coming up eh? Good thing we learned that already.

    The best way to do this is to say gibberish. So if you were to mumble out:


    It would be like:

    When youre scatting just try landing stressed syllables on the beats.

    Pro Tip Use pauses or moments of time without words on purpose. This will allow you some time to breathe. Great rap writers do this often so that they never run out of breath.

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    Get To Work On Your First Beat

    We’ve talked about finding the right software for the job. We’ve talked about learning how to structure your songs . We’ve talked about putting your own spin on the music you create .

    What’s next?

    The only thing left to do now is gain experience as a music producer. The more you experiment and try different things, the better you will become over time.

    I can’t tell you step-by-step how to do this , as it will vary depending on the software you’re using, but I can give you a solid overview of how it works. Here we go:

  • Write your song. You can have your entire beat worked out before you even open your DAW software.
  • Open your DAW. You can’t begin work without starting your beat making application. So, fire it up!
  • Set the tempo. Again, if you already have a good idea how the song is going to go, you should know approximately what value to set the tempo at. If you’re not sure yet, however, don’t worry. You should be able to change this later.
  • Make the drum beat. A good place to start with your beat is with the drums. Use the software’s built-in virtual instruments and begin building the framework for your song.
  • Write the bass line. The bass line should sit tight with the drums, so it’s a logical next step in the beat making process.
  • Add other virtual instruments. Whether it’s piano, organ, synth, or otherwise, now you can begin layering riffs and chords on top of the drum beat and bass line.
  • Magix Music Maker Compatible With Windows

    Compatibility:- Windows 7 or above;

    Price:- Free

    Magix Music Maker is one of the most popular apps for fabricating beats for your music piece. It is most suited for beginners and is widely used across the globe.;

    So if you are new to music-making and have a rough idea about beats and tune creation, Magix Music Maker is what you need. It is mainly designed for the Windows platform and comes with several useful and advanced functionalities. Download it today to create impressive sound effects and beats.;

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    It can run effortlessly on a 521 MB graphic and 2GB RAM card device and can create different types of sound pools.;

    As an added advantage, it also has a music tutorial for beginners. All-in-all it is one of the best music making software for PC, which can find in the market currently.;

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    Magix Music Maker: Best Budget Beat Making App

    Magix Music Maker is an affordable way to create beats and more using a program that’s one of many offered by a company that specializes in this area. As a result you get a whole lot of functionality for your money. There are 425 free loops included as well as a whopping 25 virtual instruments right from the outset.

    Everything is easy to use, making it friendly enough for a beginner but detailed enough for more experienced producers. This works with MIDI devices like keyboards and drum pads to create beats and uses an intuitive interface for controls and effects. More virtual instruments can be bought as add-ons or you can upgrade to get more features included.

    If you purchase one of the plus or premium subscriptions, you get access to a tool that can even write beats for you. Simply select a mix of templates, soundpools and instruments, and the software will then generate your song. Sure, you might not be presented with a work of musical genius, but it can be a great base for anyone whos just starting out making their own beats.;

    How To Make Techno Music

    Best Beat Making Software 2013 | How To Make Beats On Your Own Computer?

    To produce techno music, one can choose from various options such as creating beats using real instruments or simply using a computer software to do so. This article centers on how to make techno music on your own and provide an outlet for your creativity. Read on…

    To produce techno music, one can choose from various options such as creating beats using real instruments or simply using a computer software to do so. This article centers on how to make techno music on your own and provide an outlet for your creativity. Read on

    Techno is a genre of music that has come into being as a result of the fusion of advancements in technology, improvements in musical instruments and finally, creativity of musicians. This type of music heavily depends on the rhythmic and synth section. You will be surprised to know that this is one of the most simplest type of music to compose. You just need the right resources and a bit of creativity. Making simple techno music can be an easy task, but creating complex rhythmic beat patterns is quite complicated. Nowadays, most of the time techno music is created by using a synthesizer, keyboard or a computer program. Professional DJs and sound engineers use state-of-the-art systems for music production though. In the following section of the article, we are going to discuss some tips to make your own techno music.

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    What Is The Best Free Beat Making Software On The Market

    26th Nov 2020

    Choosing the right free beat making software is crucial if you want to start developing your own music. With the right software, you can generate your own beats with ease.

    The best beat making software requires a sampler, DAW, synthesizer, high-quality samples, and audio effects. Numerous software options in the market today make it hard to pick one that meets your needs. Read on to understand some of the high-quality beat makers you can use to move your music to the next level.


    LMMS is an open-source platform that is similar to FL Studios workflow. One of the factors that set LMMS apart from other digital audio workstations is its sequencing workflow. This platform is ideal when it comes to jamming and cracking out beats with your favorite virtual instruments and drum samples.

    LMMS also features bassline and beat editing tools allowing you to assemble and combine instrument tracks. With these features, you can categorize bass and drums into a single rhythm section. You can stretch your LMMS with various VST plugins to get a robust and movable beat making workroom. It is worth mentioning that LMMS is a cross-platform that you can use on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

    Cakewalk by BandLab

    ;MPC Beats

    Waveform Free


    Caustic 3


    You can then use the MIDI learn component to consolidate Sitala with the MIDI controller within seconds. Save your drum kits to await the beat making process.

    Serato Studio


    MAGIX Music Maker


    Clearly Not As Expensive As You May Think

    If you already have a computer and take up the Magix Music Maker free trial, or the free-to-download GarageBand, your total budget will come to roughly $300.

    Not too bad at all.

    Yes, there are tons of supposedly superior alternatives available. But you likely never need those more than you need to just get started.

    With these 5 essentials, you pretty much have all your ducks in a row.

    Hopefully, I have set you off on a wonderful beat making journey, from which you never look back.

    Let the beats play already!

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    What Youll Need To Succeed

    Once you are on your way leaning, the things you will need to succeed go beyond just computer equipment and programs. As any pro will tell you, the key to becoming a chart-topping artist is determination and hard work.

    If music is your calling, then you are willing to work hard to make your dreams of being a hit artist come true. Becoming a great musician takes time and lots of practice. No one has ever become a professional overnight.

    As you continue to learn, do your best to keep a strong mindset. Dont let any mistakes or criticisms keep you down. Everyone will have a few bad experiences before their music becomes a hit. The learning process will be full of trial and error. But, so long as you work hard and never give up, your goal of becoming #1 on the charts will come true.

    Fl Studio Windows And Mac Os

    Make Your Own Beats On PC Or Mac Today!

    Compatibility:- Windows 8.1 or later, macOS

    Price:- $99 for Fruity Edition, $199 for Producer Edition, $399 for All Plugins Edition

    Polish your songs with best beat music. Use FL Studios to turn your musical ideas into striking hits. It offers an excellent way to capitalize on your love for music and is highly trusted by people of all ages.;

    It is, without a doubt, one of the most stunning software that can enhance the quality of beats and sound effects of your song. For those who are still in their learning stages, can study the work of their ideals.;

    Create your music tracks, beats, tones, and tunes with this fantastic tool.;

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    Fl Studio 20: Best Beat Making Software For For Hip Hop

    FL Studio has been a big name in hip hop since it was released known as FruityLoops. Since then it has come on hugely and now is the professional producers choice in many cases. This is thanks to features like multiple arrangements working so well and the ease of using time signature markers.;

    FL Studio 20 is a full DAW meaning it can be used to make beats but also works as a full production system. You get 500 tracks as standard making it great for quick and easy work. Separate workflows allow for an easy way to stay in control without the interface looking overwhelming. This does make it easy to use but this is still complex and is aimed at the more professional end of the music production market.

    Looked after by Belgian-based company Image Line, this DAW regularly receives updates and the studio is committed to making sure you never have to pay for any of these. Recent additions include a frequency splitter, an instrument tuner and multiple layout improvements.;

    Ordrumbox Windows And Mac Os

    Compatibility:- Windows, macOS, Linux;

    Read More: Best Lyrics Apps For Android & iOS;

    Loaded with several advanced and optimized features, orDrumbox is a good pick for creating unique music pieces. It comes with a user-friendly and straightforward interface that promises effortless usage.;

    In addition to Windows and Mac OS, it also works seamlessly well on Linux OS. OrdrumBOX not only helps you in creating your music but also helps in editing music beat files and saving your final creation. Moreover, you can even upload your files on OrdrumBox for others to view and rate your songs.;

    With its extraordinary features, OrdrumBOX is becoming a trend among passionate music lovers and should not be missed at any cost.;

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    How To Make A Beat In Reason

    Here is an example of how to make a beat. Even though the beat below is made in Propellerhead Reason, the same thought process can be applied to other music programs and hardware. Lay out your drums, add instruments and arrange your beat into a full song.

    Please Note: The beat below isnt great. Just try to learn from the process.

    Important Features To Consider When Choosing A Beats Builder

    How to Make Your Own Rap Music Beats From Home with PC or Mac

    Genre-specific instrumentsAll the programs we tested provide often-used virtual instruments like piano, drums and strings. If you plan to produce a genre like EDM or hip-hop exclusively, consider a program that has a good synthesizer and electronic drum machine collection because the hardware equivalent is expensive, and you may be using several layers of each. If you write rock music, it will be important to have good acoustic drum sounds and electric bass and guitar plug-ins. Even if you plan to record real instruments, we learned that using virtual instruments to set a roadmap can save time.

    RecordingRecording vocals and external instruments can be an important aspect of music production. Beat-making programs that allow you to record multiple sources simultaneously eliminate the need to rent time at an expensive studio. The total track count is important too, especially if you prefer to build an arrangement with many short samples or short recordings of real instruments.

    Effect plug-insIf you plan to finalize a product that is worthy of posting on YouTube or Spotify, consider a program with a good selection of effects. Virtual instruments and samples usually dont need too much manipulation, but it is important to compress and EQ the master bus in a project to make sure the song is at a proper volume and sounds good in headphones and larger speakers. Effects like reverb and delay are also important because they add texture and depth to virtual instruments.

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