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How To Make Your Own Laptop

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How Do I Order A Custom Laptop

Can You Build Your Own Laptop? [Answered]

Anyone can “build” a custom laptop. This is because, as we’ve shown, you’re not constructing or assembling it yourself but rather ordering a system that will be built to your personal specifications. You won’t need so much as a screwdriver!

The process of ordering a custom laptop varies by manufacturer. Typically, you’ll start by finding the overall brand or model type that’s right for you . From there, some manufacturers will offer a chance to “Build your own” or “Choose your specs.” At, look for buttons that say “Customize” or something similar.

In each case, you’ll land on a page that lists all of the customizable parts and prices for the product you selected. These lists will change based on your selected product, as not every aspect of every system is configurable. But in general, you can expect to find options in these categories:

  • Processor: Select a faster CPU for higher performance or drop to a slower one that meets your needs.
  • Operating system: Upgrade to the latest, just-released OS choose between “home” or “pro” versions.
  • Display: Keep the regular HD display or move up to higher-resolution Full HD or Quad HD screens.
  • Memory: Add RAM so you can run more programs simultaneously.
  • Storage: Retain the standard magnetic hard drive or upgrade to a fast-booting solid state drive.

Create A Book Or Booklet

First, go ahead and open Word. Its recommended that you adjust these setting before writing the content of your book to prevent formatting issues late on.

Once youre in Word, head over to the Layout tab. In the Page Setup group, click the small arrow at the bottom-right.

This opens the Page Setup window, where you will automatically be on the Margin tab. In the Margins group, youre able to set the margins of the page. By default, the Gutter margin will be set to 0. This could cause issues further on, as the gutter margin is the amount of space between the content of your book and the fold where the pages of the book will be bound together. That said, go ahead and give the gutter a 1 margin, so the content of your book doesnt get lost in the fold.

Next, select the arrow next to Multiple Pages in the Pages group, then select Book Fold from the drop-down menu. Once selected, youll notice your page orientation automatically changes from Portrait to Landscape.

Tip: You may notice a Reverse Book Fold option. This is for content that reads from right to left, such as Japanese-style books.

Once youve adjusted the settings, click OK.

Its also worth noting that, depending on the length of your document, you may need to split it up into multiple booklets due to the sheer size of the document. Thats fineyou can bind them into one book later.

How To Create A Jarvis System Or Real Life Jarvis / Own Ai Assistance

Have you ever watched talking computer like JARVIS with Tony Stark in Iron Man movie? Have you ever wished to have a computer like that?

Am I right?

Don`t worry…You can fulfill this wish with your own computer. You can have a computer-like JARVIS and it’s totally free.

Your computer will respond to your voice by speaking to you like a human being.


Here is procedure how to make an AI System your own just by RAW coding and some tools.

So Ladies and Gentlemen fasten your belts and let’s begin this journey with me…………….

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What Youll Need To Succeed

Once you are on your way leaning, the things you will need to succeed go beyond just computer equipment and programs. As any pro will tell you, the key to becoming a chart-topping artist is determination and hard work.

If music is your calling, then you are willing to work hard to make your dreams of being a hit artist come true. Becoming a great musician takes time and lots of practice. No one has ever become a professional overnight.

As you continue to learn, do your best to keep a strong mindset. Dont let any mistakes or criticisms keep you down. Everyone will have a few bad experiences before their music becomes a hit. The learning process will be full of trial and error. But, so long as you work hard and never give up, your goal of becoming #1 on the charts will come true.

More Than Just A Beefy Computer

How to Build Your Own Laptop in Simple Steps

In addition to a beefy computer, you will also need some music production equipment. You dont have to go all out, but you will want some essentials, including:

  • Set of Good Speakers
  • Digital Audio Workstation

Speakers are a must have. They dont have to necessarily be the best speakers in the world, but ones that will allow you to hear your music clearly. You want to be able to hear all the subtle tones and notes in your music as youre creating it. That way you can hear and fine tune every beat for the best sound.

Headphones are also important. Speakers will let you hear your music the way it will sound live, but good headphones will allow you to hear it even better. They are great for listening to even the subtlest of notes. That way you can pick up on anything that may be off or need tweaking.

As far as Digital Audio Workstations go, there is a plethora of options available. We personally recommend Ableton Live due to its ease and speed of use, plus the many amazing functions and tools included with the software.

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Is It Worth Building Your Own Laptop

A lot of times you buy preconfigured OEM laptops directly from stores or manufacturer websites. These laptops are built in bulk with specifications fit for a variety of uses and applications, and you can start using it immediately when you get home or after the next package delivery truck arrives.

But these laptops may not meet personalized needs, especially for gamers and professional users. In addition, custom laptop computers have high cost effectiveness. Of course, the premise is that you build it yourself.

At the same price, the performance of the custom computers far exceeds the brand computers, because you can choose computer accessories according to your needs and don’t need to spend money on components you didnt really want. Therefore, it’s worth building a laptop.

You can build your own laptop computers through the following ways:

1. Laptop Customization Service

Some PC brands like Lenovo and Dell provide custom laptop service. They allow you to choose components like processors, displays, hard drives, and so on. Then, they build the computer according to your specification.

I don’t recommend this method if your budget is limited. This method is not cost-effective. But if you don’t know how to build a laptop at all, this method is also OK.

2. Building a Laptop by Yourself

Customizing For Game Types

The components you choose for your gaming laptop are unique to the type of gameplay you engage in most often. Modern games with realistic graphics will require more resources that the latest components can deliver, but some games don’t require as much demand. Each game has its own requirements , so be sure to research the needs of games you want to play. You should also consider what games you may want to play over the next few years. Better components help future-proof your gaming laptop, so you can continue to play new games as they’re released.

Virtual reality games have a much higher hardware demand than non-VR games. For VR gaming you’ll need components that can meet the additional requirements of these experiences. A responsive GPU and a sufficient amount RAM to operate at peak performance should be factored into your laptop build. Be mindful of other hardware needs as well, such as a sufficient amount of USB ports for the headset and any sensors your VR kit utilizes for room-scale gaming experiences.

Now that you know the essential components for building your gaming laptop put together a list of the games and types of video games you enjoy playing most. This list determines the basic configurations you need to put together in a gaming laptop that can perform to your gaming style. If you have any questions, ask an expert member of our CDW team we can assist you in creating a gaming laptop built to your standards.

Looking to get competitive in your gaming?

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Putting It All Together

Putting It All Together

Once you’ve decided on and purchased your parts, it’s time to do the really exciting/fun/scary thing: assembling them all. Believe it or not, this is less difficult than it may sound, especially now that tool-free cases are de rigueur and you won’t need your Phillips screwdriver for installing much more than the power supply and the motherboard. But doing things in the proper order will help out a lot.

What follows is the basic procedure we used while building a higher-end system for testing hardware here in PC Labs. It illustrates most of the points you’ll encounter in your building, though the details will differ a bit depending on the components you buy. The basic techniques, however, seldom vary much from build to build.

1. Get Prepared

Just as a chef wouldn’t fire up the stove without the mise en place ready to go, neither should you. Unpack all your components, remove the packing material from them, and arrange them cleanly on a large, flat surface. The floor will absolutely work if that’s all you have, but try to avoid doing it on a carpetstatic electricity remains a major danger for electronics, and frying your system before you even get to use it is one shock you don’t want. Also, open up the main side panel of your case, because that’s where your build will begin.

2. Install the Power Supply

3. Install the Processor

4. Install the CPU Cooler

5. Install the RAM

6. Place the I/O Plate

How To Make Your Own Beats

How to Build Your Own Computer (gaming PC) Yourself

What Equipment Youll Need

Before you are ready to make your own beats, there are a few things you are going to need. For starters, you will need a computer capable of running music production software. Though these programs are demanding from a hardware standpoint, most modern computers can run them out of the box.

Each program will require different specs, but will usually require the following hardware to run smoothly:

  • Windows 7 or Max OSX 10.7 or later operating systems
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 1024 x 768 Resolution Display
  • CPU score over 7000
  • 500GB+ Solid State Disk storage

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Power Supplies And Case

Power Supplies

You can buy the best components to be found on the Web, and they’ll be useless if you can’t actually turn your computer on once you’ve finished building it. A power supply unit may be the most unappreciated of components, but without it, nothing else will work, so don’t forget to give it the thought it deserves. Here’s what to look for:


Yes, you’ll need a case to house all the other components you buy, and that’s what we’ll focus on here. But remember that it’s also the outward expression of your computer’s personalityand your own. How big should it be? What shape? What color? Do you want a window? Make these decisions, too, so your final computer will look every bit as good as it runs. But as far as the necessary specs, here’s what to look for:

What Do You Need To Build A Laptop

Assembling a custom laptop is a bit different from making a desktop PC from the ground up. Nearly everything is customizable on a desktop machine.

On the other hand, laptops require a barebones component known as a notebook shell to function properly. This part refers to a pre-built laptop that includes an optical drive and motherboard. It may also contain other typical laptop parts, which you can easily replace.

Once youve acquired a notebook shell, youll need to get the following to build a functioning laptop:

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Installing The Hdd Or Ssd

Depending on the form factor of the SSD youve purchased , installation requires attaching the drive to the storage interface, then fitting it into the drive bay . If youre looking for the largest capacity possible and have an extremely tight budget, a hard drive may be an attractive option. For instructions on installing your hard drive, consult its owners manual. Find out more about SSD installation with our guides and videos.

How To Build Your Pc

Kano PC build your own laptop review

When you put all the parts together, make sure you have plenty of room to keep your build organized. Be aware of static electricity as you build its one of the few ways the hardware can be damaged but its easy to avoid. Frequently ground yourself by touching an unpainted metal surface or wear an electrostatic discharge wrist strap to protect your systems components from the static electricity thats naturally present in your body. Its also helpful to keep a can of compressed air to remove any dust or fine debris from the interface as youre installing the processor, memory, and SSD.

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Introduction: How To Create A Wifi Hotspot From Your Pc


To create a WiFi hotspot with your laptop. If your laptop or computer is connected to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet, you can use this method to create a hotspot so your phone and other devices can access the internet If you dont have the WiFi password. I used this method to gain internet access on my phone at work, where I did not know the password, but I had a PC connected to the internet.

Difficulty: Moderate

Materials Needed:

  • Computer with wireless network card
  • Administration access to computer

How To Make Your Own Windows 10 Theme

ByMelanie Pinola27 August 2015

Want to change how your desktop and windows look in Windows 10 and share that design with friends? Windows 10 lets you create your own theme with a custom desktop background, windows border and Start menu accent color. You can save these settings as a new theme file to use over and over or send to others.

1. Open the Start menu and select Settings.

2. Choose Personalization from the settings screen.

3. Change one or more of the following:

  • Desktop background: Select picture, solid color, or slideshow. In addition to some default photos, you can click the Browse button to select a background picture. If you choose slideshow, the default album for the slideshow will be the Photos folder, but you can browse to a different folder and also set how often you want the picture to change on your desktop.
  • Colors: You can either have Windows automatically pick an accent color from your background or select a color for the Start menu tiles background and the thin border around windows. This will also change the color of the Windows icon in the taskbar when you hover over it. Optionally, you can also have that color shown on the taskbar and Windows 10’s action center by checking those checkboxes.

You can also change the Lock screen background image and Start menu settings here, but these aren’t saved with your theme.

4. in the Personalization window, then Theme settings.

This will open up the personalization settings in the Control Panel.

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Pc Building On Your Budget

The amount of money you spend on the parts of a computer will vary. If youre building a PC to save money, youll probably want to at least match the performance of a store-bought desktop or laptop while spending less. If youre going for the best possible performance in all of your PC components, expect to pay more. Faster processors cost more than slower ones, and memory and SSDs with more GB cost more than those with fewer GB.

Since memory and storage are a large part of the cost within a new computer, building your own PC gives you a chance to save on these components by adding your own. While RAM and SSD costs rise with the amount of GB they offer, they are less expensive than buying pre-installed components that youll likely need to upgrade quickly.

What Are The Components You Can Customize

How I Made my own Laptop / DIY Laptop

When you’re ready to build your gaming laptop, there are numerous parts you can customize for your unique style of gameplay. Custom components allow you to decide just how much power you want to get from your system, while also helping you plan your budget. The basics you need are a laptop case, motherboard, RAM, processor, power supply, GPU, HDD/SDD and optical drive.

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No Bloatware On Your Build

Bloatware is an application or software that comes pre-installed on a computer. It can cripple performance, cut down battery life and reduce the space on your hard drive. Whats more, it primarily serves as a revenue stream for distributors and manufacturers.

If you bought a computer from a retail store, then the device has bloatware even if you dont realize it. One bloatware common in pre-built laptops is the free trial anti-virus and security software that comes with the machine. If the trial period ends, the software either stops running or operates on reduced functionality until you pay for a subscription.

You wont have to worry about bloatware when you build a laptop. Since youre going to install the computer applications yourself, you have complete control over the programs on your machine.

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