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How To On Wifi In Laptop

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Check Adapter Settings In Bios

How to Connect WiFi in Laptop

This solution is similar to the previous one. You can use the BIOS settings or the function key to verify that your computer key needs to be restarted so that we reach your BIOS according to your computer architecture.

Then go to the advanced tab from the BIOS and find the device on which the keyboard configuration is built. You will find several options here, including your WLAN adapter, with options or different accessories depending on your laptop to make the model.

You must ensure that the status is enabled. Otherwise, you need to use the arrow keys to get to it. Explore the available options, choose to activate the adapter from the release, then use the required key, exit with your F10 key, restart, and check if red X has disappeared.

How Do I Change The Wifi Password On My Laptop

How to Change Your WiFi Name and Password Open a web browser. Then type your routers IP address into the search bar and press the Enter key. Next, enter your routers username and password and click Sign In. Then click Wireless. Next, change your new WiFi name and/or password. Finally, click Apply or Save.

Use An Apple Laptop As A Wireless Router

If you want to use a MacBook or MacBook Pro as a WiFi hotspot, you can. The limitations found in Windows 8 and 10 also apply for Apple laptops, which is requiring an ethernet connection for the Internet and your Wi-Fi adapter for the hotspot. Heres how to do it.

  • Select the Apple logo and then System Preferences.
  • Select Sharing and then the words Internet Sharing from the list on the left. DO NOT click the box yet. Click the words instead.
  • Select Ethernet as the source and Wi-Fi in the To computers using box.
  • Select how other devices will connect to your Mac on the next line.
  • Return to the Sharing > Internet Sharing and check the box.
  • Click Start in the popup window that appears.
  • Click OK within all prompts if applicable.
  • Scan for available networks on your other device and use the network name and password from Step 4.
  • Both Windows and Mac operating systems support multiple Wi-Fi adapters, but you may experience problems when using this method. You would need to manually configure both Wi-Fi adapters with different IP addresses and use one for local access only. This tells the OS to select one for internet traffic and one for local IP traffic.

    If youre using Apple, you would also need to place the internet-enabled WiFi adapter topmost, so it prioritizes it.

    Aside from using an app or third party program to enable wireless hotspot routing, these are the only ways to get the job done.

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    Make Sure The Wireless Button Or Key Is Not Working

    The Wireless Fidelity buttons are available on most of the laptops. You can switch your wifi on or off using that key or button.

    You need to check the wifi status in order to verify whether the wifi is turned on or not. Press the button and wait for a few seconds. Check whether the icon for your Wireless connection has changed or not. Wireless LED light indicator is also available on your HP laptop.

    If you are unable to see any light then check the status of your WiFi connection by hovering the mouse over wifi icon that is present on the taskbar menu. You should try to connect to the internet again if the signal is turned on. In case the connection is turned off then you should switch it on and try to connect with it again.

    How To Turn On Wifi On Hp Laptop Without Button

    wireless networking

    How to turn on wifi on HP laptop without button? The short answer is using a wireless keyboard .

    WiFi can certainly be termed as an undeniable part of our daily life and we cannot think of doing our work effortlessly or smoothly without access to the internet. In case you are facing issues of turning on your HP laptop wifi using its wifi key then read on.

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    What You Also Get By Using Connectify Hospot Free Wifi Software For Laptop

    With most free WiFi software apps for laptop that help you share your Internet connection, you may encounter issues related to NAT levels, peering, Chromecast apps wont find your Chromecast, your Apple TV wont show up for your Mac to stream to the list goes on.

    Connectify Hotspot is the most popular virtual router software and free WiFi software for laptop. Apart from helping share the Intenet connection, heres what youll get more from Connectify Hotspot:

    • Boost your WiFi range with WiFi Repeater Mode in your dorm room or office and getting full coverage in your dorm room.
    • Save up to 60% of Internet bandwidth by using the built-in universal ad blocker. It even blocks in-app ads!
    • Easily bridge other devices onto your home network with WiFi Bridging Mode: eliminate all game consoles and smart TV issues with your home WiFi network!
    • Save Money While Traveling: Get all devices online for the price of one when being charged for Internet per device at hotels, on airplanes, etc.
    • Share any Type of Internet Connection with All your Devices: share Internet from existing WiFi networks, LAN, DSL, 3G/4G, even tethered smartphones!

    and seamlessly connect all your devices to wireless Internet. You wont even have to waste any time with creating an account. See how this powerful app can ease your traveling pains and make sure all your devices stay connected, no matter where you are.

    How To Set Up Wi

    By: Contributors | Updated: May 4, 2021

      You can connect your laptop to the Internet through a Wi-Fi connection if you have a wireless router connected to broadband Internet and an operating system that fully supports wireless networking, such as Windows 7, Vista or XP. Here’s what to do:

    • Temporarily plug a network cable into your laptop and wireless router. When your computer is on, it should automatically connect to the router .
    • Open Internet Explorer and type in the URL address of your wireless router to access the configuration page. In general, the default address will probably be,, or . Check your router’s owner’s manual for more help.
    • Enter your username and password when prompted. Many routers use the term admin as a default for both . Again, check your router’s manual if you don’t know the default username and password.
    • Pick a name, also called an SSID, for your network, once you access your router’s configuration page. Try to think of an original name that will distinguish your Wi-Fi from your neighbors’.
    • Choose the type of security you want. WPA and WPA2 are more secure than WEP, but not all devices support WPA2. Create a unique password for your network. There will be hints on your router configuration page to tell you how to set up a password. Make sure to keep a hard copy of your password hidden somewhere in case you forget it .
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      Reconnecting To An Existing Network

      note:If some security condition, such as the password has changed, you will be prompted to enter the new password. See Managing your wireless network connection.

    • Turn the wireless device power on , and then click the network icon in the toolbar to display a list of available wireless networks.
    • Select the desired network, and click Connect. Figure : Available wireless networks
    • When prompted, enter the Security key or passphrase.
    • How To See Wifi Password On Laptop Or Pc Using Cmd

      How To See Wifi Password In Windows 10 laptop, View WiFi Password On Windows 10

      This method uses CMD For finding the wifi-saved password. CMD is a very useful tool for many windows applications. This method is more easy and fast as compared to the above method.

      This is quite an advanced method to view saved wifi passwords on windows computers. You can see lots of network-related details using a Network Shell command including a saved wifi password in windows 10, 7, or 8 PC or laptop.

      Moreover, BY this method you can see wifi the password of previously connected wifi networks.

      To use this method First, you need to know the network name of the WiFi.

      Note: You can use these same commands in Power shell. The method to view wifi password in Powershell is Same as CMD.

      1. Search CMD in the windows search box and run as administrator.

      2. Type netsh wlan show profiles. It will show all the saved wifi profiles.

      3. Now, Type netsh wlan show profiles name=bindu key=clear. here I want to find a password for my profile Bindu. you can see wifi password is found which is denoted by key content, password =

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      Turn On Wlan Autoconfig Service

      WLAN AutoConfig service can configure wireless security and connectivity settings. When enabled, WLAN AutoConfig settings apply to all IEEE 802.11 wireless network adapters installed on your computer. Moreover, when the WiFi becomes available, it will automatically connect to a preferred wireless network. You can follow these steps to enable it:

      1) On your keyboard, press Windows logo key + R at the same time to invoke the Run box, and type services.msc, then press Enter.

      2) Right click Wlan AutoConfig , and click Properties.

      3) Select Automatic in Startup type, then click Apply, and click OK

      4) Restart your PC and reconnect to your WiFi network to see if your WiFi shows up.

      Using A Portable Wifi Router

      While a smartphone or tablet can create a quick, temporary mobile network, a better solution for a wider number of devices is to use a portable WiFi router. These have been designed for establishing simple temporary networks while youre away from home, but can also be used in day-to-day usage for two PCs or laptops to connect.

      Devices like the TP-Link WR902AC create a network that any WiFi-capable device can connect to. More advanced routers, like the Huawei E5577Cs-321, also include built-in 4G connectivity, offering a dedicated mobile internet connection for devices that connect to it.

      Most portable routers dont require any setupsimply plug-in and connect. Others come packaged with a mobile app that can allow for quick configuration and device monitoring.

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      How To Connect Laptop To Wifi Three Simple Steps


      Wifi technology is extremely convenient because it allows us to access the internet wirelessly. Connecting your laptop to Wifi is really simple. Lets look at the components of a Wifi Setup to understand how to connect to a WiFi in three easy steps.

      Modem : A modem is device the converts the analog signal into digital signal. It is short from for modulator-demodulator and is required to convert the data from internet that travels through optical fibers.

      Quick Fact Do you know how internet connections are made possible between your Internet Service Provides and servers across the globe? This is not done wireless or through the satellite.

      Data is transmitted through optical fibers laid in the oceans. These cables are called Submarine Cables and physically connect all the continents and countries of the world.

      Router :A router is a device that is connected to Modem and converts the digital data into radio waves. Radio waves are what makes WiFi possible.

      Instead of transmitting data from internet via a cable connected to modem , the data in a WiFi network is carried by radio waves.

      Nowadays some ISP provide the modem and router in a single device to make things easier. The router is just connected to the cable that comes from the local Internet Service Provider of through the ethernet ports given in the apartments

      This is the setup of a WiFi network, now lets look at how to connect your Laptop to WiFi in 3 simple steps:

      Creating A Mobile Hotspot Using A Smartphone Or Tablet

      How To Check Saved WiFi password in Desktop/Laptop

      As Windows ad-hoc mode shows, creating a temporary wireless network can be a good way to connect two computers wirelessly for a short period of time, but that relies on you having a Windows PC around to do so.

      An easier method is to use your smartphone or tablet to create a temporary wireless network instead. This turns your tablet or smartphone into a wireless router, allowing other types of devices to connect through it to share files or an internet connection.

      The benefit of this method is that, by setting up a mobile hotspot, your mobile data connection will be shared with all devices that connect to it. Android devices running Android 2.2 and later, as well as iPhones or iPads running iOS 4.2.5 and later , are capable of becoming a mobile hotspot.

    • To do this on Android, open the Settings app. The settings menu will vary for different Android devices and versions, but select Network & Internet or Connections > Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.
    • In the Mobile Hotspot and Tethering menu , tap the Mobile Hotspot option, then tap the slider to the On position. Make note of the Password or change it, if required.
    • On iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app. In the menu, tap Mobile Data or Personal Hotspot , then tap the Personal Hotspot slider to the On position. Take note of the Wi-Fi Password, as youll need this to connect to your temporary network.
    • Once the WiFi hotspot is active, connect to the network using the selected password on both devices.
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      How To Set Up Wifi Direct On Windows 10

      Using WiFi Direct has many advantages. It is easier and more efficient than Bluetooth and can easily handle transferring large amounts of data. With WiFi Direct, you will be able to connect your PC to any device you want and enjoy faster wireless connectivity and more productivity.

      Let’s take a look at the steps needed to use WiFi Direct on your Windows 10 computer.

    • Turn on the device you want to connect to your PC. Navigate to Settings Network & Internet and select Manage WiFi Settings.
    • Browse through the menu to discover the Wi-Fi Direct alternative. Enable Wi-Fi Direct following the specific instructions for your device.
    • Note the Network name and the passcode. Youll need them to be able to connect to your PC.
    • On Windows 10, open the Search feature and type in wireless. Pick Manage Wireless Networks from the search results.
    • Click Add, and then choose the Wi-Fi network of your Wi-Fi Direct device and enter the passcode. Your PC is now connected to the Wi-Fi Direct network.
    • How To View The Current Hosted Network Settings

      There are two commands to view the Hosted Network settings on your computer:

      The following command shows the mode and SSID name in use, max number of clients that can connect, type of authentication, and cipher:

      NETSH WLAN show hostednetwork

      And the following command will also reveal the current network security key among other settings, similar to the previous command:

      NETSH WLAN show hostednetwork setting=security

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      Change The Router Wireless Network Password On Windows 10

      We hardly change the router wireless network. But if you really need to do it, you can change the wifi password of your router with the help of Windows 10 laptop, you can make it done easily.

      Step 1: Log in to the router as an administrator.

      First of all, you need to make sure that your Windows 10 laptop is connected to the router and get the IP address of the router. The router default address is various, such as or You can find it on the manual book which comes from the router. Or you can use the command line: ipconfig to get the default gateway.

      After that, you can open a web browser, such as Google Chrome, to build the connection to the router with the IP address. After that, use the administrative login information to sign in the router.

      Step 2: Access wireless network settings.

      Once you login the router interface, you are provided a series of details. You need to find the Wireless or WLAN settings. In that page, you are able to change the wireless network password.

      Step 3: Change the wifi password.

      In the wireless setting part, you can check the encryption type and change the security key . At last, click the Save button to save the changes.

      Once you change the wifi password or the router, you need to enter the new password again to reconnect the wireless network on all your devices.

      How To Connect My Laptop To The Internet Anywhere

      How To Install/Upgrade the Wifi Card in Your Laptop to Wireless 802.11ac

      Now that were through with the introduction, lets look at the ways to get online from your laptop from anywhere. A word of warning, though: the word anywhere is interpreted differently by different people some understand it as away from home while others seek a way to go off the grid entirely. Weve tried to cover all the bases, which is why some of the listed options may seem an overkill while others wont cut it for you at all.

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      Connecting Two Computers Wirelessly Using Bluetooth

      While a WiFi network is a great way to connect two computers wirelessly, an alternative is to use Bluetooth to create a connection. While the available range and speeds require both devices to be nearby, Bluetooth has been designed with short-term connections in mind.

      To connect two devices wirelessly using Bluetooth, youll need to make sure that both devices have Bluetooth connectivity. Many modern laptops and PCs come with Bluetooth built-in, but you can use an external USB Bluetooth adapter to make a connection if its missing.

    • To start, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on on the devices youre looking to connect. You can do this on Windows 10 by selecting the action center icon in the bottom-right corner of the taskbar, then selecting the Bluetooth card to the On position.
    • Next, open the Settings menu by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting the Settings option.
    • In the Settings menu, go to the Devices > Bluetooth & other devices menu, then select the Add Bluetooth or other device button.
    • In the Add a device window, select the Bluetooth option.
    • A list of nearby Bluetooth devices will appear in the next menu. Select the other computer you wish to connect with to begin to establish a connection. You may need to authenticate by typing in a PIN code that will be displayed on both screens.
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