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How To Optimize My Laptop Performance

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Tip : Update Windows And Device Driver To The Latest Version

How to optimize your Windows computer for peak performance?

How to make a PC run faster in Windows 10? One of the most useful ways is to check for updates for your Windows. When you have your Windows 10 updated to the latest version, the device driver will be also updated. Thus your PC’s performance will be improved. Here are the instructions on how to check for updates:

Step 1: Go to your Start icon on your computer, choose Setting and then select the option of Update & Security.

Step 2: When you come to the Update & Security interface, select Windows Update on the left panel and then you can check for update on the right panel.

Step 3: If you are told you’re up to date or you receive some instructions shows that you have updated your Windows to the latest version, go to next Tip. Or you will be prompted that “Updates are available“, then it will download updates automatically.

After the latest updates have been downloaded completely, restart your computer and see if your PC runs faster than before.

Restore Previous Working State

Sometimes your computer will begin to slow down after installing a new system update, device driver, or application. If you cannot determine why the device is slow, you can undo any changes by restoring the previous working state using a System Restore point.

To apply a restore point to fix performance issues on Windows 10, use these steps:

  • Open Start.
  • Search for Create a restore point and click the top result to open the System Properties app.
  • Click the System Protection tab.
  • Click the System Restore button.

  • Click the Next button.
  • Click the Finish button.
  • Once you complete the steps, the computer will roll back to a previous state bringing back when performance was not an issue.

    When applying a restore point, your files will be preserved, but the process will remove system changes, updates, drivers, and applications installed after the restore point was created.

    System Restore is not enabled by default. This means you must set it up before you can revert system changes.

    Turn Windows Features On Or Off

    While youre in the Programs and Features screen, you might want to check to see if there are any Windows components you dont need. Click Turn Windows features on or off and youll see a list of these components.

    Youll want to be careful you dont turn off anything you actually need. So again, a search for anything youre unsure about is a good idea.

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    How To Make Your Laptop Faster For Gaming With Automatic Updates

    Automatic updates can be a big pain. For example, Windows Update can download updates in the background, before reminding you periodically that the update needs installing. Not only can the uninstalled update impact performance, so too can the reminders.

    Unfortunately, you can’t disable Windows Updates permanently, so you have the following options:

    • Keep your computer offline.
    • Install updates as soon as prompted.
    • From the May 2019 update , you can block updates for 35 days.

    It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to completely disconnect from the internet if you’re using a gaming laptop, so installing those updates as soon as possible is the best answer.

    Uninstall Programs You Dont Use

    3 Ways to Optimize Your PC Performance

    We often install huge programs without realizing how much space theyre taking up. If you think that might be the case, you can easily uninstall any programs you dont use. Even if its a program you do use now and again, if its particularly large, it might be worth simply reinstalling each time you need it.

    To uninstall a program, head over to Control Panel> Programs> Programs and Features.

    Go though the programs and decide which ones, if any, you dont need. If youre unsure about a particular program, you could simply use a search engine to find out more. Alternatively, you can also use a tool like the aptly named PC Decrapifier to help you distinguish the good from the bad.

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    Tip : Run The Windows Built

    How to speed up a slow computer in Windows 10 resulted from an internal issue? You can run the Windows built-in Troubleshooter to fix the problem.

    Step 1: Open Control Panel, type system maintenance in the search bar and click on the option of Perform recommended maintenance tasks automatically.

    Step 2: Click Next button to continue.

    Step 3: Click Try troubleshooting as an administrator. Then it will detect all the issues and correct them for you.

    Upgrade To Latest Version

    If the device has an older release of Windows 10, upgrading to the most recent version can speed up the performance or introduce new features that could make you more productive to get work done faster.

    To bring a Windows 10 device to the most recent version, use these steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Click the Check for updates button.

  • Under the “Feature Update” section, click the option if a new version is available.
  • Click the Restart now button.
  • Once you complete the steps, the computer will restart to apply the new version, improving the overall system performance.

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    How To Increase Laptop Performance For Gaming: Windows Game Mode

    This is a tip that anyone can use. Windows 10 and later is equipped with an Xbox app which includes features such as screen recording, streaming, and Game Mode. Optimizing your laptop for gaming can be as simple as activating the Game Bar and Game Mode.

  • Click Start > Settings
  • Click Gaming > Xbox Game Bar
  • Switch to On IMAGE
  • Select Game Mode in the left-hand pane
  • Switch to On
  • Close to finish
  • At any point you can now press WIN + G to display the Xbox panel. If prompted, check the Yes, this is a game box.

    With Game Mode enabled, Windows will run games with optimum settings. To do this, Windows may close or suspend some background tasks.

    Shut Off Windows Tips And Tricks

    How to Optimize ANY Laptop For Gaming & Performance! Boost FPS & Fix Lag | 2020!

    Windows 10 keeps an eye on what you are doing and offers tips about things you might want to do with the operating system.

    Windows 10 is watching what you are doing and offers advice can also make your Laptop run more slowly. Therefore, to speed things up, you should stop Windows 10 Tips and Tricks. To do so,

    Step a) Click the Start button, select the Settings icon.

    Step b) Go to System and Select the Notifications & actions.

    Step c) Scroll down and select the Notifications section and then disable Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows.

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    Reduce The Boot Menu Time

    When your laptop starts up, the boot menu is displayed for a specific time before the operating system loads. This helps you to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode.

    You can save a few seconds from your startup time by changing the boot menu time-out, which is set for 30 seconds by default. To do that, you can follow the below steps:

    Step 1) Right-click on the Start button and click Control Panel.

    Step 2) Go to System > Advanced system settings, and under Startup and Recovery, click Settings.

    Step 3) Next to Time to display a list of operating systems: you should change the value from 30 seconds to 10 seconds and then click the OK button.

    Tip : Disable Programs Run On Startup From Task Manager

    If you have too many programs running in your computer, there is no doubt that the speed of your PC will be affected. The more apps open in the background, the more sluggishly the computer runs. How to speed up computer in Windows 10 in this case? You can disable some unwanted startup programs to speed up your Windows 10.

    Step 1: Right click a place of your task bar and select Task Manager.

    Step 2: Click Startup tab in the window of Task Manager, from which you can see all the programs run in the background.

    Step 3: Look for the programs that you don’t need or seldom use one by one, right click it and select Disable to delete it from the Startup programs.

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    Check Your Power Plan

    Its worth taking a peek at your power plans in the Control Panel on a laptop, found under Hardware and Sound.

    If its a powerhouse laptop that youre essentially using plugged-in as a desktop replacement, slap that high performance plan on and call it a day otherwise, youll want to take a trip into the advanced power plan settings.

    The default balanced plan is usually a good call, but even then you might want to make some adjustments like disabling certain ports while the monitor is asleep, for example.

    Why Improve Windows 11 Performance

    3 Ways to Optimize Your PC Performance

    Since Microsoft officially released Windows 11 on October 5, 2021, many users have upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11. However, because some users have installed Windows 11 on unsupported PCs, they may encounter some problems after the upgrade, such as freezes, delays, crashes, or other problems that affect the performance of Windows 11. Therefore, this article will show you how to improve the performance of Windows 11.

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    Recommended By Our Editors

    Also go to the old-style Control Panel. On either OS version, click the Start button and type Control Panel to start it. Go to the System > Security > Security and Maintenance page , click Maintenance, and hit Start Maintenance. It happens automatically on a daily schedule, and you can change the time it runs.

    If your PC is still hopelessly bogged down, you can use the Windows Security app’s Fresh start option, but be warned that doing so may remove some of your installed programs. Your personal files won’t be affected, however.

    Clear Browser Cache History & Temporary Internet Files

    Unless you have a specific need to keep track of your browser history, you should regularly clear it out. This will prevent your computer and web browser from lagging. When clearing your browsing data, you should also clear cookies, cached images, and other temporary files.

    In Chrome, go to the main Chrome menu on the upper right-hand corner of your browser and click on History. Select Clear browsing data to see all of your options.

    The process is pretty much the same for most browsers just go into your browser settings and clear the history.

    Alternatively, you can use third-party tools like TotalAV, which doesnt only offer safe browsing with antivirus protection but also cleans cookies and browsing history with a couple of clicks.

    To maintain stable computer speed, make a habit of regularly clearing browser cache, history, and temporary internet files.

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    Turn Off Background Windows Services

    Every little bit helps when it comes to increasing FPS on your gaming laptop. You can prevent apps, including Windows services, from running in the background to conserve valuable system resources and optimize your PC for gaming.

  • Open the Start menu and type the phrase background apps. Select Background apps from the results.

  • Toggle the top switch to Off to prevent all apps from running in the background. Otherwise, toggle individual apps as you see fit.

  • How I Optimized My Old Laptop For Data Engineering And Python Programming Tasks

    How to Improve PC Performance Windows 10 DELL (Official Dell Tech Support)

    When I got my laptop in 2015, it was pretty good for my needs at the time. As it started being used for more heavy duty workloads and began to wear, I knew I was lagging way behind. I also got exposed to what a MacBook could do in that time and I heard When you go Mac, you never go Back. There is a lot of truth in this.

    Anyway, I decided to start saving up for a high-end laptop, but as a Windows fan-boy, I was curious to see if I could improve my oldie in anyway.

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    Check For Malware Adware & Spyware

    Malware and viruses can infect your computer and impact performance by taking over computer resources in the background.

    Reputable antivirus software can help protect your PC by scanning for and removing threats. The best antiviruses include real-time protection to block malware from entering your system in the first place.

    There are many free antiviruses available, but most of them lack comprehensive malware and internet security protections. But many top antiviruses come at affordable prices, and they all come with money-back guarantees, so you can purchase the product, check/clean your device, and then return the product before the money-back guarantee is over.

    My favorite antivirus is Norton 360 its got 100% malware detection/removal rates along with one of the best device optimizers on the market. TotalAV is also a really good option as it comes with additional features, including device optimization tools that are easy to use for non-technical users.

    Tip : Uninstall Unnecessary Applications And Programs

    If you have too many applications and programs installed on your computer, it will definitely slow down the speed of your PC. How to increase computer speed? Try to uninstall some unnecessary applications and programs.

    Step 1: Go to Control Panel, search for Uninstall a program and click on the result.

    Step 2: Scroll down the list of installed programs, right click the unnecessary one and select Uninstall.

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    Recommended Tool #1 System Mechanic Ultimate Defense

    Using software like System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is undoubtedly the most convenient way to optimize the performance of your Windows 10 computer. It comes jam-packed with tons of features that all help enhance the performance of any Windows-powered system. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is very easy to install and functions mostly on auto-pilot.

    For instance, it will automatically improve the availability and speed of your hard drive resources, RAM, and CPU. This makes the software ideal for gamers, streamers, and editors who want to use their system to launch high-intensity applications. It also identifies start-up programs that might be slowing your computers boot time.

    What we like most about the software is its ability to automatically optimize the internet settings of a Windows PC. With System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, you can expect faster internet speeds so to have a smoother experience online. Aside from full system optimization, the software can also detect and fix issues that can potentially harm your system.

    This is definitely a tool you should have in your system for an adequately optimized Windows 10 performance.


    • Manage and Secure Passwords and Other sensitive information online

    Price: $63.94 annual plan

    Tips On How To Speed Up Pc Performance In Windows 10

    3 Ways to Optimize Your PC Performance

    Do you wonder how to make Windows 10 computer faster? The answer must be “Yes”. It is a terrible experience that when you use your computer to go about your work, shop online, play games or do something else while your Windows 10 PC is running at a very slow speed. Well, if you discover that the computer’s performance has slowed down, what should you do to make your computer run faster? This tutorial will give you 9 tips on how to speed up PC performance in Windows 10.

  • Tip 9: Clean Up Your PC to Run Faster with iSunshare System Genius
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    Remove Bloatware And Superfluous Apps

    Startup apps are just half the problem. Some programs have little helper utilities that run in the background even when an app isnt running. You dont want to turn these off manually unless youre familiar with what theyre doing. A better approach is to just unload the apps that you never or rarely use, including bloatware applications that came preinstalled on your PC.

    Right-click on any superfluous Windows 10 Store apps in the Start menu and select Uninstall. This works for regular desktop apps as well, but we still recommend the old school Control Panel method for removing those.

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    Best Ways To Improve Gaming Laptop Hardware To Increase Its Performance

    If you need upgradability, there are certain parts on the laptop that can change or even can be optimized to improve the performance. So lets have a look for how to increase gaming performance of laptop.

    .Try to upgrade what you can check out for:-

    Its really not possible for swapping the CPU or the GPU on the system. But these are not the only parts that might lead to poor gaming performance. Rightly speaking, upgrading of RAM might be the easiest way to fix. So the easiest can be to determine if your RAM is bearing enough of space and do check out the recommended system requirement of the games that you are playing. So its must to check out the recommended level of RAM and do check out for some budget gaming laptops. Apart from these, another component that can be upgraded is with network chip of the Wi-Fi card. This might not directly impact the gaming performance, but can also help with reducing your look through into the game on the wireless connection.

    .Cleaning the hardware:-

    .Try to put on the understanding the limitations of the battery:-

    .Must to consider using an external GPU:-

    For Download Patch My PC please visit on :


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    Improve Speed Remove Bloatware Protect Privacy Eliminate Data Collection And So Much More

    Windows 10/11 Optimizer is designed to maximize the speed of your operating system . Having a faster OS means you can enjoy what you love without the lag or freezes. Whether it be browsing the internet, watching videos, or even playing games, Windows 10 Optimizer helps you achieve the maximum performance your PC has to offer. Windows 10 Optimizer does so by scanning for all possible optimizations in 8 different categories and 340 settings with just one click of a button. Once the optimization completes, most people experience a much snappier PC, longer battery life , and improved privacy protection.

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