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How To Pack A Laptop For Shipping

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Get The Right Computer Packing Boxes

How to pack a laptop for shipping?

Theres no question whether you need to pack up your computer for moving you just have to do it. The computer tower is rather heavy and bulky and it houses very sensitive components, while the computer monitor will be either super heavy or super fragile and breakable . And to complete the computer packing task, youll need a number of good boxes too.

The best way to pack a computer for moving is to use the boxes which came with the mid-tower, computer monitor, and any other peripheral device that you bought separately. Why? Those original computer boxes are custom-made to fit the computer parts and thats why they offer the best possible protection.

If you have no idea where those boxes are or if you remember clearly that youve thrown them away at some point, then get standard moving boxes of the right size preferably brand-new and double-walled, and then use more padding and cushioning materials to emulate the protection of original packaging.

How To Package A Desktop For Shipping

STEP 1: Wrap your desktop and monitor, if separate, with plastic and seal with packing tapeSTEP 2: Pack your desktopIf you have the original box with packing materials

  • Pack your desktop in the original box
  • Wrap the box with bubble wrap to form a 3 cushion on each side and seal with packing tape
  • Place your desktop in the shipping box

If you dont have the original box

  • Wrap each component with bubble wrap to form a 3 cushion on each side and seal with packing tape
  • Place each component in the shipping box

STEP 3: Pack accessories

  • Wrap accessories in bubble wrap and secure with packing tape
  • Place accessories beside your desktop in the shipping box

STEP 4: Secure and seal the box

  • Fill any open spaces with packing peanuts or bubble wrap. It should be packed tight enough to prevent shifting but not so tight it places undue pressure on your desktop
  • Seal the box securely with packing tape. Go over seams twice for extra hold
  • Place your shipping label on top of the box and cover it with clear packing tape to prevent tearing during shipping. You can optionally place fragile stickers on each side of the box

How To Ship A Laptop

Do you need to know how to ship a laptop? Would you believe us if we told you its really pretty easy? Its true! Despite being an expensive electronic device, the best way to ship a laptop actually starts with knowing how to properly pack it.

Read on to learn what supplies you need, and to see the step-by-step process to safely and securely pack and ship a laptop in Paper Marts How to Ship a Laptop guide.

How to Pack and Ship a Laptop in 5 Easy Steps

  • Know the Regulations About Shipping Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Wrapping the Laptop
  • Original Packaging

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How To Ship A Computer

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A computer, like most any other object, can be safely and effectively shipped. You will first want to properly pack the computer in order to protect its valuable internal and external components. Ideally, the original manufacturer’s packaging should be reused and enclosed within a new exterior box suitable for shipping. Once properly packed, you will need to contact a parcel or postal service to order and schedule the appropriate method of shipping. Read the article below to learn how to ship a computer.

How To Pack A Computer Monitor For Shipping

Laptop Shipping Box,Laptop Mailing System,Laptop Packaging Mialer Box ...

Now that you know how to pack a computer tower for shipping, its time to follow the steps for packing a computer monitor for moving. Its important to keep in mind that safeguarding your monitor will be even trickier due to its fragility and irregular shape.

Great to know: How to use bubble wrap for packing

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Place In Shipping Box And Add Protective Filler Or Cushioning

Place your boxed laptop inside a shipping box thats lined with filler on the bottom. Be sure to completely surround it with cushioning to fill the rest of the box. You want filler around all sides and the top and bottom of the laptop box. It should be fairly snug to make sure the laptop doesnt move around too much while in transit.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Ship A Laptop

For laptops bigger than 15, UPS is a good option if youre alright with using your own package and packing your laptop yourself. For laptops that are smaller than 15, the US Postal service is the way to go. Get yourself a medium flat rate box and pack your laptop with lots of bubble wrap and you are ready to go

Do you want to include insurance in case the worst happens? Do you want it to arrive in a couple days or are you okay with waiting a few extra business days for it to get to your destination?

For the purposes of this article, lets say were shipping a laptop from San Francisco, CA to New York City, NY. Well look at what options are available to us for this shipping route and what is going to be the best value for us.

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Reasons For Shipping Laptops With A Service You Can Rely On

So what are the reasons for shipping laptops in bulk that spark you to need help from a dependable shipping carrier:

  • Shipping laptops overseas requires help.
  • Sending laptops in bulk to repair shops for refurbishment
  • Laptop selling and distribution
  • Relocation of computer equipment for retail and office locations.

Laptops Packing For Air Freight

How to package a laptop for shipping

Laptops / Notebooks containing lithium batteries need to be packed as per IATA guidelines for air shipping. Please follow below instructions for laptops packing

Laptops must be packed as per IATA guidelines as the shipment will be handed over for a passenger Airline. IATA guideline states that-

  • Carton can have only 5 kg total weight of Lithium ION batteries, meaning if weight for each battery is estimated 0.5 kgs, then 10 laptops with the batteries can be packed in carton
  • Each laptop must be separated inside the carton with a cardboard wall or individual wrapping for product safety
  • No Loose batteries to be kept in the box
  • Each box must contain a Lithium ION battery label
  • Maximum pallet height to be 63
  • Outside on Pallet another Lithium ION label and an OVERPACK label to pasted
  • Pallet to have a clear shrink wrap or black, and also proper strapping

We will appreciate if you can share pics and your process in place to ensure we are not asked to repack to meet IATA guidelines. Repacking is not just expense related but also causes delay. We appreciate your support.

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How To Ship Your Laptop

  • Contact Luggage Forward at to arrange your shipment
  • Purchase a specialized box that is designed for safe laptop shipping
  • Luggage Forward will provide you with packing instructions, customs documentation and a shipping label
  • Package your laptop in the box and attach the shipping label before your scheduled pickup date
  • Drop your packaged laptop at a local shipping center or Luggage Forward will arrange to have it picked up directly from your home or business.
  • Does Your Laptop Have Lithium Ion Batteries Youll Need This

    If youve ever purchased a laptop from a company in the past, you may have noticed certain labels on the packaging such as a warning label about lithium ion batteries.

    Not all models of laptops use these, but there are some that do, like Microsofts Surface line. If thats the case and youre sending one of these youll want to make sure you have a UN 3481 sticker.

    The reason for this is safety. Even if your laptop is properly packaged, theres still the off-chance the power can turn on during shipping. If a computer is using lithium ion batteries, it could very well heat up. In turn, this could potentially create a potential hazard even, as it sits securely in a box.

    Shippers use these all the time whenever they send out devices with lithium ion batteries. Once seen by employees, they know that extra care will need to be taken during shipment. If youre going through UPS or FedEx, they should be able to provide the sticker automatically.

    Now that everything is all set and youve got your sticker , you may be wondering, Whos the best company for shipping through?

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    How To Prepare A Laptop For Shipping In A Package

    Shipping a laptop in Europe or internationally can be very easy if you just follow these simple steps:

  • Prepare the laptop and place the laptop in its original padded box.
  • Use bubble wrap to secure the original box and place it in a bigger cardboard box.
  • Fill empty spaces with cushioning materials, such as packing peanuts.
  • Pack all additional components separately.
  • Seal the box with adhesive tape.
  • You can also add a warning label saying Fragile or Handle with care on the box.

    Join thousands of businesses that have chosen Eurosender as their permanent shipping platform and get immediate access to multiple benefits.

    Use A Padded Laptop Box

    Shipping Boxes, Packing Services, and Supplies

    A box designed specifically for laptop shipping is the best and easiest way to pack your laptop. sells these laptop boxes for $11.95 and includes free 2-day Prime shipping. These boxes have padding built into them to absorb any shipping impacts. You should ensure that the box you buy is sized to your laptops dimensions.

    When possible, send your laptops in their original packaging, which was designed to protect them as best as possible for laptop shipping.

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    Wrap The Laptop With Plastic

    Wrapping the laptop in plastic will better-ensure its protected if any liquid or moisture makes its way into the box. Using a high-quality plastic wrap, wrap multiple layers around the laptop in all directions. Be sure even the corners are wrapped, and then tape the plastic so its secure and will not unravel.

    Remove All Highly Sensitive Data From Your Laptop

    If lets say someone were to steal your laptop, and gain access to your sensitive data such as back account passwords, and credit card information. It would be better if you didnt have that information stored on your laptop in the first place, at least until your travelling.

    as long as your travelling remove such sensitive information from your laptop, and keep it backed up someplace else ..

    Believe it or not, for some people it isnt that hard to gain access to the data on your machine. They could simply take out the harddrive/ssd of your machine, and access the data directly from it. So as long as your travelling remove such sensitive information from your laptop, and keep it backed up someplace else.

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    How To Ship A Laptop Safe & Secure

    For many students and professionals, laptops have become an essential, everyday tool. Not having your laptop or a damaged laptop can put your work on pause, and in todays world, that wont cut it. That means laptop buyers, sellers, and owners need fast and reliable delivery services in the event that a laptop must be shipped. So how can you make sure a laptop is delivered on time and without damage?

    How Easyship Can Help

    How to Pack a laptop for Shipment

    Shipping laptops isnt a daunting task. In fact, its relatively easy to do so as long as you package your laptop securely. Plus, youll want to make sure that you can ship lithium-ion batteries with your shipping courier.

    Easyship can safely ship your laptops while saving you valuable time and money. Users save up to 70% off discounted shipping rates on 250+ couriers. Easyship also offers up to $5,000 of shipping insurance for any shipment.

    Ready to ship laptops? today for a free Easyship account and start shipping away

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    Selecting The Right Shipping Box

    The most important thing about shipping a laptop is selecting the right box for your device. If youre shipping a new laptop, your best option is to make use of the original box it arrived in from the manufacturer. This will normally supply a reasonable level of protection for your device.

    Keep in mind that most manufacturers boxes are intended for palletized shipping, and are not designed to be shipped as a standalone item, so consider double boxing. For effective double boxing, choose an outer box that is about six inches wider in all dimensions than the internal container. Use packing material, like inflatable packaging or foam inserts, to fill the space between the inside and outer box.

    If youre shipping an older, previously-used device and still have the original box, it might be possible to reuse that packaging. If you want to go that route, make sure the box is in excellent condition with no punctures, tears, or corner damage.

    For total convenience, The UPS Store® locations can help with finding a laptop shipping box that is right for your needs.

    Obey Battery Regulations For Shipping Lithium

    The regulations for shipping lithium-ion batteries can vary from country to country and service to service. Still, you can usually ship your electronics within the United States with one lithium-ion battery. Just add a brief note on the outside: Lithium batteries packed with equipment: P.I. 966-II 966-II You could be searched and taken away from your laptop if you dont follow the proper regulations.

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    Packing A Laptop As A Check

    Although it is not advisable to place your laptop within the cargo hold of a plane, it might be unavoidable.

    So, in such a case, what should you do? Read below:

    • Ensure you place a screen protector on the laptop to prevent scratches
    • Place the laptop within a sleeve to protect the casing.
    • Place softly padded clothing in your luggage.
    • Fix your laptop in the middle of the padded clothing.
    • Cover all sides from top to bottom with only soft items to ensure your system is cocooned.

    However, note that at the security point, you may have to open your box. So, do not lock it until the checks are done to save you the hassle.

    Who Should I Ship My Macbook Or Laptop With

    Laptop Box

    Its nice to have different options available when it comes to shipping. Most consumers out there like U.S. Mail, since they may visit the local post office regularly. However, for those that need more assurance with packages especially an expensive MacBook or laptop UPS, FedEx or DHL is a preferred choice.

    Recently, we posted a blog talking about how well these companies perform with shipping. USPS First Class Mail is the most affordable option available, but it doesnt come with any form of insurance. Also, it takes longer than Priority Mail, especially with larger, heavier packages. They could be up to a week, perhaps even longer.

    Speaking of Priority Mail, its a more suitable selection. Not only does it come with a tracking number, but, most of the time, select packaging materials are available at your local post office. For smaller laptops, the Medium Flat Rate Priority Mail box is a strong choice. Priority Mail also doesnt take too long, getting to most destinations within 2 to 4 business days.

    Those looking for more care and attention with their packages can turn to UPS or FedEx. Representatives are on hand to provide packaging recommendations, and can also help with preparation as needed. Its a little more expensive, but provides better peace-of-mind in getting your device from point A to point B safely.

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    Wrap The Tower And Monitor

    One of the biggest concerns with shipping a computer is moisture. Tightly wrapping and sealing it is the best chance you have at keeping a computer dry. You should completely and individually wrap your desktop computer and monitor with plastic wrap and seal both up tightly with packing tape before you pack them into the shipping box. This way, even if the box becomes wet or damaged during the shipping process, youve provided as much protection as possible.

    Keep It Near You At All Times

    This tip is something most people seem to forget, despite how obvious it is, but keep your valuables close to you at all times. Sometimes you can get distracted at the airport, or the hotel when your in that vacation mindset. So forgetting your laptop down at the hotel bar is more of a common occurrence than you think.

    Whenever your travelling, keep all your valuables close to you, and never let them out of your sight. Maybe invest in a tracker such as a Tile. A tile is a small thin square shaped object that can discreetly fit into any inconspicuous pocket or compartment. It allows you to track the location of it using an app on your smartphone.

    So even if you did manage to lose your laptop, as long as you keep a small tracker within your laptop bag. Youll instantly be able to track it from anywhere in the world.

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    How To Package A Laptop For Shipping

    STEP 1Place a sheet of bubble wrap between the screen andkeyboardSTEP 2Wrap your laptop in plastic and seal with packing tapeSTEP 3: Pack your laptopIf you have the original box with packing materials

    • Pack your laptop in the original box
    • Place a 2-3 layer of packing peanuts or bubble wrap on the bottom of the shipping box and set your laptop box on top

    If you dont have the original box:

    • Wrap your laptop in a 4 layer of bubble wrap and seal with packing tape
    • Place your laptop in the cardboard shipping box
    • Alternatively, you can use a special laptop shipping box

    STEP 4Pack accessories

    • Wrap accessories in bubble wrap and secure with packing tape
    • Place accessories beside your laptop, not on top of it, to prevent damage during shipping

    STEP 5Secure and seal the box

    • Fill in any open spaces with packing peanuts or bubble wrap. It should be packed tight enough to prevent shifting but not so tight it places too much pressure on your laptop
    • Seal the box securely with packing tape. Go over seams twice for extra hold
    • Place your shipping label on top of the box and cover it with clear packing tape to prevent tearing during shipping. You can optionally place fragile stickers on each side of the box

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