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How To Post Things On Instagram On Laptop

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Access Instagram Without A Phone Via Safari

How To Post To Instagram From Computer/Laptop

Using a Mac? No problem!

You can easily change the user agent on Safari.

Just open the Safari browser and select Preferences.

Go to the Advanced section and check Show Develop menu in menu bar at the bottom.

Next, open a private window on Safari. Choose Develop and User Agent then select an IOS device. In the image below, I selected SafariiOS 11iPhone.

After that, log in to your Instagram account and click the camera button at the bottom of the screen. Follow the same instructions weve discussed from the Chrome browser to post photos from your desktop.

About Posting To Instagram From A Pc Or Mac

Publishing from your Sharelov dashboard is the simplest way to post on Instagram from a desktop or laptop computer.

When you need to publish Instagram Stories, or multiple-image/video posts, access the developer tools within your browser and settings it to a mobile format so you can post from your computer as if you were using your mobile phone.

Using A Desktop Or Laptop Computer For Instagram

Even though Instagram is technically a mobile-only platform, you can still use your PC or Mac to access and post to Instagram.

Your Sharelov dashboard provides the easiest, simplest way to publish to Instagram from a Mac or PC.

Sharelov also allows you to auto-publish your single-image and single-video Instagram posts, plus its best times to post tool recommends high-engagement times that are specific to your brand.

You can also use simple workarounds to publish to Instagram directly from a Mac or PC, so youre not stuck using mobile devices to publish your brands content.

Do you post to Instagram from your PC or Mac? Wed like to hear why! Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Use Facebook Creator Studio

To use this method, you should go to website first, and log in with a Facebook account.

  • Click on Instagram Icon, on the top and click on connect youraccount and enter your Instagram login info.

Once you logged in, there are two different parts. Click on Instagram, and you can see published, archived, or scheduled posts.

Write the caption and publish it! Done.

Can I Post On Instagram From My Pc

how to post a photo on instagram on computer

You can certainly post to Instagram from your computer, although its not as straightforward as using the Instagram app on your iPhone. While you can visit Instagram from your PC, the app doesnt allow direct uploads from the website. Until Instagram adds this feature, users have to take a few extra steps to post to Instagram from a computer.

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This Post Shows You How To Post On Instagram From A Desktop Computer Laptop Mac Or Pc For Free In 2021

Instagram does not let you post pictures directly to their website from a web browser on a desktop computer, laptop, Mac, or PC but there is a way around it

Sure, you can email yourself photos, open up the email on your phone, save the photos, then post them on the Instagram app. However, that can get annoying quickly.

The solution: Most browsers have a way of letting you change the way a website shows to you. So even if you are on a laptop or desktop, you can have a website like Instagram show you the mobile version of the website, which will allow you to schedule Instagram posts from a computer for free.That is what we are going to do

If you want to schedule Instagram posts for the future from a computer, scroll to the bottom of this article.

Access Instagram Without A Phone Via The Instagram App On Pc

The official Instagram app is now available on Windows Store for PC.

This app has most of Instagrams mobile features. You can use it to post photos and videos, edit with filters, combine multiple clips into one video, and post Instagram stories. You can also access Instagram Direct, discover and follow new accounts. But, other devices running Windows 10 may not support certain features. They may not have the ability to capture and upload photos and videos.

To download the Instagram app for Windows 10, go to the Windows store and type Instagram on the Search bar. Once youve clicked the Instagram app, select the Get the App button.

After youve installed Instagram, launch the app and log in.

To upload a photo, click the + button at the bottom to open the Camera Roll page. If you dont have the + button right click on the Instagram icon at the task bar. Then choose new post and open camera roll.

If you dont have a Camera Roll folder on your Library, you can create a folder named Camera Roll. Place this in your Pictures folder.

Move the image you want to upload in the Camera Roll folder. Select the photo and click next on the upper right-side of the window.

Afterwards, you can crop the photo, choose a filter, then click Next.

Finally, click Share at the upper-right side to post the photo.

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How To Post On Instagram From Pc

To post from your PC, just follow these steps

  • Open Chrome or another browser of your choice and navigate to. You should see the familiar interface and all the usual buttons at the top.
  • Right-click anywhere on the page and choose the option at the very bottom that says Inspect. An alternative way to do the same is by clicking the three dots in the top right of the browser and navigating to More tools and then to Developer tools.
  • An even more straightforward method is to hit the keyboard combo Ctrl+Shift+I. If you plan to post on Instagram from a PC often, it might be useful to memorize this shortcut to save you some time in the future.

    If youre using Firefox, right-click anywhere on the page, select Inspect and click the smartphone/tablet icon at the far end of the toolbar. Next, select a device from the drop-down menu at the top left of the page.

    You should now see a pane on the right side of the screen or on the bottom showing the page code. This is pretty intimidating stuff for non-coders, to be sure, but dont worry we wont be writing any JavaScript.

    What you want to do now is find the icon that displays a smartphone and a tablet, located in the navigation toolbar at the top. The icons position should be second from the left.

    If youre unsure, just hover the cursor over it and a tooltip will appear saying something either Toggle device toolbar or Responsive design mode .

    How To Post On Instagram From A Pc Or Mac

    How to post stuff on Instagram from your laptop/pc

    Learning how to post on Instagram from a PC or Mac can save you time and give more flexibility. What social media manager wouldn’t want that?

    Tired of posting on Instagram from your phone? Wondering how to post on Instagram from your PC or Mac instead?

    Youve come to the right place. Posting on Instagram from your desktop can save you time and offer more flexibility in what you can upload .

    And you can do it without having to upload them onto your phone first.

    Below weve outlined four different ways to post on Instagram from your computer.

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    How To Post Images And Videos On Instagram From Laptop/ Pc

    Posting photos and videos from your PC or laptop via Instagram Web is straightforward and is now available across all countries. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

    • Open a browser on your Laptop/ PC and visit .
    • Once the website is open, proceed to log in by entering your credentials. Upon login, you can see your entire timeline with posts from the people you follow. In the top right corner, you will notice some icons.
    • From there, click on the add files or select from computer option, which should open a file window on your laptop/ PC.
    • Now locate the file on your PC which you would like to post this could be a photo or a video.
    • Once selected, hit enter, edit your taste, add a caption, and hit the post.

    As of writing this post, you can only post images and videos under 1 minute long.

    How To Post An Instagram Story From A Pc Or Mac

    Instagram Stories are photos or videos that are only visible for 24 hours, and often feature fun stickers and gifs. Heres how to add one from your desktop or laptop computer.

  • Follow the steps weve gone through above to enable developer tools and switch to mobile.
  • Add text, stickers, gifs, filters, or other components .
  • Tap Add to your story at the bottom of the screen.
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    Ways To Post On Instagram From Computer

    Update: 10 May 2017Now, you dont need any third party software to upload pictures to Instagram from the computer. From today onwards, Instagram mobile sites allow uploading pictures. And you have used this workaround on PC as well. Just change your desktop browser to mobile by going to developer option. And it works like a charm.

    Watch the following quick video to get started or read this full tutorial here.

    Want to post photos on Instagram from Computer? Well, after reading this post youll a crystal clear idea of all the available options and which one is best for you.

    Instagram is tailored to capture the best moments from your smartphone. But what if you dont own a smartphone or you want to bulk post/schedule photos for some Instagram campaign? Then it does make sense to upload photos to Instagram from Computer. Right?

    From the , you can create a new account, browse your Instagram feed and like/comment on the friends photos. But there is no option to post photos to Instagram from the computer.

    But thankfully, there are many workarounds to upload Instagram photos from PC and MacOS

    If you are not in the mood of reading a long article, watch the following video for all the possible ways to . Or else continue reading.

    How To Post On Instagram From Desktop

    How to Post on Instagram from PC

    Instagram now allows users to post Feed images or videos from the desktop app.

    Log in to your Instagram account on a PC or Mac and select the + icon at the top of the screen.

    From here, you can drag and drop media from your computer, apply any of Instagrams built-in filters and make image adjustments, write your caption and alt text, add a location, and turn off commenting.

    You can also click on the image or video to search for and tag a user. When youre all done, hit Share to publish directly to your feed.

    Instagram desktop posting is a great new feature but it does have several drawbacks. For example, you cant schedule a post in advance, or preview how your feed will look before you hit publish.

    Which is where Laters easy-to-use desktop app steps in.

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    Using Instagram Like The Pro You Are

    Now that you don’t have to worry about transferring photos to your mobile device or juggling your work’s social media account on your own device, you’ll be able to grow on Instagram efficiently and effectively. From there, the sky is the limit for creating posts and growing your audience in a scalable way.

    Editor’s note: This post was originally published in October 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

    Originally published May 21, 2021 7:00:00 AM, updated September 03 2021


    How To Upload Multiple Photos To Instagram From Pc

    Presently is being used as a source of income and by users looking to grow their accounts. For this very reason, users find it quite clear to post directly through the computer rather than transferring pictures to a phone through a desktop, which takes a lot of time.

    There are various ways to upload pictures on Instagram through PC, including directly through the Instagram app, social media management tools,, and browser extensions.

    Do you want to grow your account and want it to perform better? Is there any way you can upload pictures through a PC with high resolution?

    Read below, and youll find out ways to upload pictures through PC on Instagram:

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    Post Pictures To Instagram From Mac Os

    Like Windows, MacOS also has some apps that let you bulk upload photos on Instagram from Mac.

    A popular one is an which is available on the Mac App store for $4.99. The good thing about this app is, how simple its. Once you install the app, find a photo you want to upload to on Instagram, right-click on it, scroll down to the options and select A small window will open where you can apply filters and finally publish your photos to Instagram directly from your Macs OS.

    If you are looking for alternative try Uplet . Like the former one, Uplet also do no support for video, scheduling or multiple accounts

    It has a free trial on their website.

    How To Post To Instagram From A Mac Using Your Safari Browser

    How to Post to Instagram from your computer 2021 | 2 Methods!

    In this section, we show you how to post to Instagram from your Mac computer using the Safari browser. You can watch the video below or scroll down to view step-by-step written instructions.

    How To Post To Instagram From Safari:

  • Open your Safari browser and click preferences.
  • 2. Go to the Advanced section and check Show Develop menu in the menu bar.

    3. Log into your Instagram account.

    4. Choose Develop and User Agent, then select Safari iPhone.

    5. Now youll see the + icon at the bottom of your Instagram page. Use it to post as if you were using your phone!

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    How To Upload To Instagram From Web :

    Step #1: Visit from your mobile browser we tested both Safari and Google Chrome and both of them worked fine! Youll notice a button to open the page in the Instagram app, but you can just ignore it or x out of it.

    Step #2: Click the camera button in the bottom centre, just like you would in the mobile app. You are then prompted to either take a photo, upload one from your photo library, or access a storage service like Dropbox under more.

    Step #3: Choose your photo! You are then taken to a page where you can crop or rotate your photo. Youll notice that there isnt the ability to add a filter or edit your photo, like there is in the app. Click next.

    Step #4: Now you can write your Instagram caption! Again, uploading to Instagram from web is more limited than the Instagram app, as you cant tag anyone or add a location, and Instagram hashtags dont auto-generate for you.

    Step #5: Click Share and your photo or video will be posted to Instagram!

    Obviously, the experience is a lot better on the native Instagram app, but the mobile web view has come a long way and actually feels very similar to the native Instagram experience, especially the home feed.

    If you love the idea of posting to Instagram from your PC or Mac, you can ! You can upload all of your photos directly from your desktop, type your captions on your computer, and then schedule them for when you want to post.

    Sign up for Later now to upload Instagram photos from your desktop its free!

    What About Using The Instagram App For Windows 10

    Theres an in the Microsoft Store too. Unfortunately, installing it on a Windows 10 PC or laptop doesnt give you access to the + button that allows you to upload pictures.

    The Instagram app for Windows 10 doesn’t allow you to post pictures

    This button shows up in the Instagram app ONLY on a Windows 10 tablet or hybrid device WITH a touchscreen and a rear-facing camera. Unfortunately, very few Windows 10 devices offer both features, the most popular being Surface Pro and Surface Go.

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    Try A Carousel Post Of Multiple Images

    Do you have multiple photos and want to highlight them all? Instagram allows you to do this with its carousel feature.

    As you go to tap a photo or video, first tap the icon just above your photos to the right that looks like stacked squares. Once you tap this, you’ll see a number on the corner of every image or video you tap. This number notes where the content will show up in the carousel.

    How To Post Pictures On Instagram From A Pc

    How to Post on Instagram From a PC or Mac


    If you load the Instagram website on your laptop or desktop PC, you notice that you cant post any pictures. Even if you install the Instagram app for Windows 10 on your computer, you still cant use it to post pictures. Unfortunately, this happens because this social network has decided that you should use it only on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. However, theres a way to trick it into thinking that you are not on a computer to allow you to post pictures. Heres how:

    Quick Steps

  • Open Google Chrome, visit and log in with your account.
  • After selecting a mobile device to emulate, hit the Refresh button in Google Chrome or the F5 key on your keyboard.
  • Then you see the + button on Instagram. Click on it and the Open dialog box is shown. You can use it to select the picture that you want to post on Instagram. From then onwards, follow the usual process for posting.
  • NOTE: This guide works for computers with Windows and Linux, as long as you use Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Opera as your browser.

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