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How To Post Video On Instagram From Laptop

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How To Post On Instagram From A Pc

How To Upload Videos On Instagram From Computer (2021)

If tools like Hootsuite or Creator Studio are not an option for you, you can post on Instagram from your PC using Developers tools.

First, make sure you have Google Chrome. If you dont have Chrome, .

Follow these steps to post on Instagram from a PC:

  • Go to on your Chrome browser.
  • Go to the settings of your browser by tapping on the three dots on the right side. From there click on More tools then Developers tools.
  • Youll then see the developer window for Chrome, which looks like this:
  • This window allows developers to test and debug their websites and appsbut were going to use it for Instagram. Tap the mobile button.
  • Then select which mobile interface youd like to use under the dropdown window.
  • Once youve chosen a mobile interface youd like to use, refresh the page and youll then see the mobile interface on your browser. You are now able to post on Instagram from your desktop as you would on your phone!
  • Youll be able to post multiple images, videos, as well as a mix of both from here.

    Theres also a host of third party apps you can use to post on Instagram from your PC, such as BlueStacks App Player.

    This app was originally created as an emulator so you can play mobile games on your desktopbut you can also use it for Instagram as well!

    Simply download the app onto your desktop. Then download Instagram onto BlueStacks. Once you log in, youll be able to post on the app as if you were using your mobile device.

    How To Post On Instagram From Mac: Using Safari

    If you already use Apples native web browser, Safari youll be happy to know that you can easily upload pictures on Instagram from Mac. You just need to apply some changes to developer tools.

    So, lets start posting on Instagram from Mac:

    • Open the Safari browser on your Mac machine.
    • Go to Safari > Preferences > Advanced > from the options shown to you, Tick the checkbox saying, Show Develop menu in menu bar.
    • Now Open Instagram in Safari.
    • From the top menu, click on Develop > User Agent > Safari > choose your current iPhone version.

    Youll be able to access Instagram just like the way it looks on your iPhone. Now, follow the usual method to upload photos on Instagram using the phone.

    If this sounds tricky to you, then you can try using a third-party tool like Flume orLater that not only allows you to post on Instagram from Mac but also lets you send DM, check analytics& do much more.

    Alternative Ways To Post To Instagram Using Your Pc

    Instagram offers an official Windows 10 app on the Microsoft Store. It’s basically a port of the mobile app, and used to let you upload images to your account. However, as of March 2021, the option to upload a photo in the Instagram app is no longer available.

    As a result, the above method of posting to Instagram using Chrome is your best bet for now. We’ve looked at other , but none are more convenient than this.

    You can keep the Windows 10 app around and hope that it gets this functionality back, but there’s no guarantee that will happen.

    Instagram for Windows 10

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    Post Photos From Computer To Instagram Using Firefox

    You access Instagram, log in to your account. Right click on the site select Inspect Element .

    Next you find the icon as shown below and click or press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + CODE.

    Click no device selected and select a device in the list, here we choose Galaxy S7.

    Wait for the browser to reload the web page, if it doesnt reload then press F5. Scroll down, you will see a button to post photos to Instagram from PC.

    How To Upload A Video To Instagram From The App

    How To Post On Instagram From PC or Mac (Desktop or Laptop ...

    In order to upload an edited video through the Instagram app, you will first need to transfer the video onto your mobile device. The Dropbox app is the easiest free method available for both PC and Mac users. Alternatively, Mac users can also use the AirDrop feature to transfer files between iOS devices.

    First, create a free Dropbox account , then upload your edited video to your online Dropbox folder. You can do this by uploading the file directly to the website or by installing the Dropbox desktop app on your computer. The desktop app is simply a file folder that automatically uploads all content added to the Dropbox platform. Simply drag-and-drop the video file to start transferring. Dropbox will notify you when your file has uploaded , and you should see a small green check mark on the file.

    Next, youll need to install the Dropbox app on your mobile device. Open the Dropbox app and navigate to the edited video file. Click the three vertical dots to the right of the file name. This will open up the options menu.

    Scroll down the options and select Export.<

    You will then be asked where to export the file. Select Save to device. Afterwards you might have the option to rename the file. From there the video file should save to the camera gallery or camera roll on your mobile device.

    Depending on the aspect ratio of your video, select the crop button to ensure your video is displayed correctly before posting.

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    Instagram Video Resolution And Quality

    Instagram also doesnt have an official resolution limit for videos. However, the platform downscales all videos to a width of 1080 pixels. Its really up to you if you want to upload a video pre-sized at 1080 pixels wide, or upload one that is larger, like 1920 pixels or even 4K.

    You can also upload in a variety of different aspect ratios, such as:

    • 1:1 Square aspect ratio standard square format on the Instagram feed
    • 1.91:1 Landscape aspect ratio similar to 16:9 widescreen format
    • 4:5 Portrait aspect ratio a slightly taller format than the standard square

    Many content creators prefer the 4:5 Portrait aspect ratio because it takes up the most onscreen real estate on the Instagram feed. The larger view also helps the perceived quality of the video.

    You Can Do It With Google Chrome Too

    This hack also works on Google Chrome, but its a bit more complicated.

    On Chrome, click on View thenDeveloper and Developer Tools. From there choose Toggle device toolbar and then select iPhone in the Responsive drop-down. But there is one extra step for Chrome: you will have to reload your page with the Developer Tools open.

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    How To Prepare Your Video For Upload

    To avoid video compression and Video failed to upload issues, make sure your video aspect ratio, size and format is one of those listed above. You can use a number of tools to resize, cut or format your videos. Probably the fastest one to use is

    Instagram is known to reject video uploads if the video file size is too large. Not only can OnlineConvert resize, cut or reformat your video to MP4-h264 but it also reduces video size in megabytes resulting in a faster upload.

    Other free online tools that can help you resize and reformat your videos are:

    • Ezgif can help you resize your video or cut it in chunks of 15 seconds. Ezgif also has tools that work with photos.
    • CloudCovert will convert your video format to MP4.
    • Zamzar also converts videos to MP4 / WEBM.

    Once your video size and format has been optimized for Instagram, upload it from the PC / Mac with Inssist with a few clicks.

    How To Post Photos To Instagram From Computer 3 Ways

    How to post on Instagram from PC 2020 | Post from your COMPUTER!

    If you are an user you might be aware of the fact that it does not allow users to share photos from a computer. Even if you log in to your Instagram account by opening on your PC, it will show you the likes and feed comments on images posted by other users; however,;you cannot add your photos directly. If you want to share photos on Instagram, you have to first move them to your phone and then only you can share them via the Instagram app. But the fact is that we have spent lots of time to edit our images on the computer then moving them to phone for sharing is an annoying idea. Donât worry! There are few secret tricks to .

    Here we are going to discuss three simple methods to share photos to Instagram from the computer. Each technique has its individual pros and cons so you can choose anyone after reading the details below.

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    Uplet App For Pc And Mac

    Uplet is an easy-to-use app for Mac and, soon, PC. As mentioned above, the browser method only allows single photo uploads. Uplet, however, allows multiple photo uploads. You can upload up to 10 photos per post, the same limit on Instagram mobile.;

    Regardless of how many photos you choose to include in a single post, the quality remains the same.

    In addition to this, Uplet is extremely lightweight, which means you dont need to have a high-end PC to get this app to work. Another interesting feature is that Uplet can work with multiple Instagram accounts at the same time. Switching is as easy as selecting another tab from the menu.

    The Uplet app works the same for both Mac and PC. Just open your IG account with the app and select the images or videos you want to upload. All of these photos are editable to some extent you can crop the photos and add captions, but you cant add filters yet, as of this writing.

    Heres a more detailed guide to using Uplet:

    1. from the official Uplet website and install it on your computer or laptop.

    2. Sign in with your Instagram account.

    3. You will see a window with Add Photos and Videos in the middle. Click that button.

    4. A new window will open, showing the folders on your PC. Select all the photos that you want to upload.

    As mentioned above, if you have multiple accounts, you can also add them all to Uplet. To add user profiles, go to the menu and click Uplet > Accounts > Add an account.

    Upload Video To Instagram From Pc Via Cloud Storage

    Some Cloud Storage services support sharing videos to Instagram directly, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and so forth. If you have installed the Instagram App on your mobile phone, you can follow the steps below to complete the task. Here we take Google Drive as an example and show you how to upload videos from PC to Instagram.

    Step 1: Visit Google Drive on your computer:

    Step 2. Upload the video to Google Drive first.

    Step 3. Open the Google Drive App on your mobile phone.

    Step 4. Find the video you want to upload to Instagram, click on the three-dots button, and select Send a copy.

    Step 5. Send file with Instagram Feed, and then the Instagram App will pop up. Then you can upload the video to Instagram.

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    Use Some Mobile Model As A Device

    Now, on the web page window, you will see a drop-down box with Responsive, selected by default, click on it and select any smartphone model available on the list. You can also select Edit and add more device models to view and post pictures on Instagram. Here we are using Google Chrome and Galaxy S5; as our Device platform.

    How To Post On Instagram Using Mac

    [How to Post] Instagram From Computer
    • Open Macs default browser Safari and then log in to your Instagram profile.;
    • Next to the menu bar, click on the Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar.;
    • It will redirect you to the Develop Menu, where you have to click on the User-Agent;
    • From here, you can choose the mobile interface you want to use on your Instagram.;
    • Next, your tab will be refreshed once, and then you are all good to upload pictures and videos from your Mac.;

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    How To Post To Instagram From Firefox

    To post to Instagram from your computer on a Firefox browser, first go to and sign in. Next right-click anywhere on the page and select Inspect Element from the list.

    You will then see the Inspector tool popup.

    Find the Phone/Tablet icon and click it.

    Next, drag the Inspector tool to the bottom of your screen, so you can see more of the phone view of Instagram.

    After, refresh the page . Many people miss this step, so I will reiterate: You must refresh the Instagram tab in your browser!

    You should now see the + icon to start creating your Instagram post.

    Tip: If you do not see the + icon, you may need to go to your Firefox settings and zoom out a little bit.

    Use Facebook Creator Studio

    To use this method, you should go to website first, and log in with a Facebook account.

    • Click on Instagram Icon, on the top and click on connect youraccount and enter your Instagram login info.

    Once you logged in, there are two different parts. Click on Instagram, and you can see published, archived, or scheduled posts.

    Write the caption and publish it! Done.

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    How To Post To Instagram From A Mac Using Your Safari Browser

    In this section, we show you how to post to Instagram from your Mac computer using the Safari browser. You can watch the video below or scroll down to view step-by-step written instructions.

    How To Post To Instagram From Safari:

  • Open your Safari browser and click preferences.
  • 2. Go to the Advanced section and check Show Develop menu in the menu bar.

    3. Log into your Instagram account.

    4. Choose Develop and User Agent, then select Safari iPhone.

    5. Now youll see the + icon at the bottom of your Instagram page. Use it to post as if you were using your phone!

    How To Upload To Instagram From Pc

    How To Post On Instagram From Computer (2021)

    If you are running Chrome on a Windows computer, click on the âthree dotsâ icon on the top right section of your browser.;

    Click on âMore toolsâ ;and from the dropdown options, pick âDeveloper tools

    When you do this, you will see the device toolbar popup at the top of your browser window. Here, you can click on the dropdown to pick a mobile device user agent.;

    Once you have set the user-agent to a mobile device, launch Instagram on the browser. You should be able to see the Post button. Click this button to start posting photos or videos on Instagram from your desktop or laptop computer.;

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    How To Post To Instagram From A Chromebook

    If you use Chrome OS, you may be wondering how to post to Instagram from your laptop. In fact, since you use Chrome as your web browser, the instructions in the section on posting photos to Instagram from a computer on Chrome can be followed above. It works exactly the same way, allowing you to post photos from your Chromebooks storage.

    Modern Chromebook owners also have the ability to download and use Android apps. If you like, you can download the Instagram app for Android to post, similar to the Microsoft Store app on Windows 10.

    Just open the Play Store and search for it like on your phone. From there, you can sign in to the mobile app and share your photos.

    Now you know how to post photos to Instagram from PC or Mac. This may seem impossible at first, but with a little effort, you can easily post your favorite photos from your computer. Whether you want to share the artwork youve created or your webcam selfies, its all possible.

    Before you post, its a good idea to learn how to use Instagram for beginners and how to use Instagram on a computer.

    See more:

    How To Delete Instagram Post Using Pc Or Mac

    Follow the steps below to easily delete an Instagram post using your PC or Mac.

    • Log in to your Instagram account using a browser that suits you the best.;
    • Next, click on the Post that you wish to delete.;
    • After that, go to the developer mode of your browser using the steps mentioned above.;
    • Next, click on the three dots present at the top right corner.;
    • After that, click on Delete.;
    • Once you confirm to delete the Post, it will be done in a few seconds.;


    These are some of the different methods by which you can upload or delete a post. Also, you can edit a post or a story using GetInsta.;

    Feature Image Credits: Business Insider

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    Posting To Instagram From Pc And Laptop For Free

    See, there are many ways on how to post on Instagram from PC and laptop for free. Gone are the days when you have to transfer your photos from your camera to your laptop, and finally to your phone again before being able to upload them to Instagram. Now, you can upload your best photos straight from your desktop for free!

    If you experience issues with posting IG photos, check out this helpful post.

    Did you like this article? What are your favorite methods for posting on Instagram from your desktop? Make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

    How To Post On Instagram From A Mac

    How to Post to Instagram from your Computer Easily

    To post on Instagram from a Mac, you can use Google Chrome just like in the directions above. Or you can use Macs default browser Safari.

    For Safari, follow these steps:

  • Go to on your Safari browser.
  • Go to the Preferences menu of Safari. Click Advanced.
  • In this menu, check the box next to Show Develop menu in menu bar.
  • The Develop menu will now appear at the top menu bar. In the Develop menu, click User Agent, then choose which mobile interface youd like to see. It should populate with the latest iPhone iOS.
  • The web page will refresh once you make your choice. You can now upload posts onto Instagram from you Mac the way you normally would with your mobile device!
  • Youll be able to post multiple images, videos, as well as a mix of both from here.

    Theres also a host of third party apps you can download to post on Instagram via your Mac, such as Flume.

    Flume is an app tailor-made to bring Instagram to your Macbook. Youll be able to scroll through you feed, and like and comment on posts..

    And yes, you can post to Instagram via Flume.

    Simply, download the app. Then log into your Instagram account and start posting!

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