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How To Put My Phone Screen On My Laptop

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How To Mirror An Iphone To A Pc Or Laptop

How to put Your Phone Screen on Your Computer!

Screen mirroring and screencasting were introduced years ago, and they are still very relevant today. These display methods have replaced projectors in boardrooms and classes. People also use these for personal purposes, of course. Want to watch online clips with your friends? Searching for them and playing them is much simpler when you have a phone at the palm of your hand than using a smart TV remote.

An iPhone/iPad screen can be mirrored to macOS devices, Chromebooks, Windows 10 PCs and laptops, and most Smart TVs. But the setup process is rarely identical.

How To Mirror Your Android Screen To Pc Or Mac Without Root

Want to mirror your Android screen to a PC, Mac, or Linux? Here’s a free and easy way to share your Android’s screen on your computer.

Sometimes, you might want to see your Android phone’s screen on your PC. How do you do that? These are the best ways to mirror an Android phone screen to a PC via USB.

A few years ago, the best methods required you to root your Android phone or tablet. But that’s no longer necessary with some great open-source options available for any Android phone and all desktop operating systems. We’ll take you through the simple steps to display an Android phone screen on your PC or Mac.

Share An Iphone Screen With Pc Using Lonelyscreen

LonelyScreen can cast your iPhone screen to a PC or Mac, just like what a TV used to do. Consequently, you can share the display of your iPhone or iPad with more people. Furthermore, LonelyScreen allows users to share the captured iPhone screen video to YouTube or Vimeo by one click.

Step 1 Run LonelyScreen software on PC

Visit the official site of LonelyScreen. Download and install the latest version on your computer including Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista, etc.

Step 2 Share the screen of your iPhone to PC

Head to the Control Center on your iPhone, you can swipe up from the bottom to access it quickly. Enable the AirPlay mirroring feature manually. You can find this icon near the bottom of your iPhone screen. Tap an icon with the name of your computer.

Once the Mirroring icon turns green, it means you can start to share the iPhone screen immediately.

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Ways To Screen Mirror Android To Pc Or Laptop

Many times, you may have thought, if it is possible to screen mirror android to PC to view videos, apps, games on larger screen without need of TV.

For the developers and instructors screen recording of mobile and sharing with their team and students is very useful. This could be done using screen recording apps such as OBS studio or Camtasia app.

Further many people want to watch some online video content like YouTube, Netflix or Prime Video over laptop or want to play games on Laptop screen using their mobile.

In some another scenario like in a meeting or presentation, it is also a great idea to directly cast mobile screen on laptop.

Screen mirroring can also help teachers during online classes to demonstrate something directly from their mobile to the students.

On TVs, either it is smart or non-smart you can cast android mobile screen using Chromecast or using Miracast supported dongle like Microsoft Miracast dongle. In our previous post you can see various options to connect Laptop to TV wirelessly.

If your TV already supported Wi-Di that is Wi-Fi direct technology, it means you can cast android mobile screen on TV without need of any extra dongle i.e. Chromecast / Amazon Fire Stick.

  • Final Words
  • Project Your Phone Screen To A Windows 10 Pc

    How to project your phone

    If you want to protect your phone screen to your PC, all you need to do is follow the simple steps below.

  • Open Windows 10 Settings and head to the System category
  • Find the Projecting to this PC page and select where your PC is allowed to receive content
  • Check under Windows PCs and phones can project to this PC and select your security settings.
  • Open the Connect app on your PC or select Connect from the Action Center.
  • Cast to your PC using the operating system’s built-in tools.
  • Wireless screen sharing is an increasingly popular way to consume media from a smartphone. Using protocols like Miracast, you can beam video from your mobile device to your TV. If you own a Windows 10 PC, you can project your screen to it too, letting you mirror your phone onto your desktop monitor.

    Since the release of the Anniversary Update, Windows 10 has come with everything you need to stream your screen to your PC. You can both send and receive Miracast content within the operating system. To get started configuring your PC as a Miracast receiver, open the Settings app and click through to the “System” category.

    All the relevant settings are listed on the “Projecting to this PC” page. Here you can choose where your PC is allowed to receive content and whether a PIN should be used for sharing.

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    How To Access Phone With Broken Screen Via Broken Android Extraction

    Broken Android Extraction is the best repair and extraction tool for Android broken screen. It has two features: Fix broken Android phone to normal and extract data from broken Android phone. No matter your Android phone gets frozen, stuck, crashed, screen locked, water drown, black screen and virus attack, or you forget the password, it can fix your Android phone to normal.

    And no matter what damages are on your Android phone, it can display broken phone screen on PC and recover contacts, messages, message attachments, call logs, WhatsApp attachments, pictures, photos, audio files, videos and other documents from Android phone internal memory and SD card to computer. You can even preview before transfer all Android data to computer in one click.

    Broken Android Extraction is highly secure and easy to use. Just three steps, you can fix your phone to normal and transfer data if broken Android screen need files. Currently, it works well with most Samsung phones, like Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6, Samsung Galaxy Note 3/4/5, etc, and it will soon support all Android brands.

    How to access phone with broken screen with PC?

    1. Install and launch Broken Android Extraction on your computer. Then connect screen-cracked Android phone to computer via a USB cable and enable USB debugging on Android with broken screen.

    Further reading:This is how to get stuff off phone with broken screen, if you also want to recover data from dead Samsung, you can learn it here.

    Preview And Access Your Phone With Damaged Screen

    How to view broken phone screen on computer? After the scanning process is done, you will now be able to preview all your data from your broken device. It will show you all the categories of files on the left side of your screen.

    Choose the file you want to access and then on the right side of your screen, markdown all the items you want.

    Once you are done selecting all your data from your broken device, you can go ahead and click “Recover” button. All the items you choose will all be recovered from your broken device and will automatically be saved on your computer.

    Those data will stay in the designated folder for FoneDog and once you have a new device, you can just simply move those data from your computer to your new device.

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    Do Screens Make Your Eyesight Worse

    Digital Eye Strain is more common today than ever owing to the fact that virtually everybody uses a screen in daily life.

    While not everyone spends every day looking at a computer screen, most people do use smartphones. Experts suggest that DES occurs in around 50% of computer users.

    So, do screens make your eyesight worse? Well, the good news is that eye strain is not a long-term problem.

    There is no evidence that strain makes your eyesight worse in the long run, but it does cause extreme discomfort and makes getting through a work day difficult.

    Mirroring Your Smartphones Screen Onto A Windows/mac Pc Is Fairly Simple With These Apps

    How to See Your Phone Screen on Your Laptop

    There are many times when one feels the need to project their smartphones screen onto a Windows/Mac PC. Be it Android or iOS, you can make use of a combination of apps on your PC and your phone to mirror the latters display to the former. Why would you need to do so? Well, you might want to show someone photos you clicked with your phone on your laptop, or you might want to show a presentation from your phone on a laptop connected to a projector, or you may want to watch a movie from your phone on a laptop screen. Whatever your reason might be, there are multiple ways of hooking up your smartphones display to that of your Windows PC. However, do not expect these apps to help you play games from your phone on your PCs screen. The lag and display format will definitely hinder that experience. For everything else, here are some of the most popular apps used to mirror Android and iOS phones to Windows/Mac PCs – both desktop and laptops.



    Windows Continue on PC

    Connect App

    iOS Screen Recorder

    iOS Screen Recorder is an app that lets you mirror your iPhone or iPad to your PC wirelessly. To use the app, one will simply need to install it from here, and run it. The app allows users to mirror their iOS device to their computer, Record games, videos, and more. However, one must not that the iOS Screen Recorder is not available for devices higher than iOS 10 and lower than iOS 7.1.





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    Option One: Chrome Remote Desktop

    Ah, good ol Chrome Remote Desktop. This has been my personal go-to for remote access ever since it was first released some years ago. Its quick and easy to use, completely painless to set up, and works on pretty much any device across the board, from Windows, Mac, and Linux to Android and iOS.

    Of course, it does have its caveats, like the fact that you have to be a Chrome user. While there are a lot of Chrome users out there, I get that there are also quite a few users who just arent into Googles browser, and thats okaywell talk about a good option for you guys down below. But if you use Chrome, this is probably your easiest option.

    How to Set up Chrome Remote Desktop

    The original iteration of Chrome Remote Desktop took place as an install-able Chrome app from the Chrome Web Store, but since Google is phasing out Chrome apps in exchange for progressive web apps, well start with how to set up Remote Desktop using the all new web app version of the service.

    Note: At the time of writing, Chrome Remote Desktop on the web web is still in beta, so it may be slightly buggy. As such, well leave the tutorial for setting up the Remote Desktop Chrome app in place below for the time being.

    To get started, head over to the new Chrome Remote Desktop beta website. Click on the download arrow in the bottom corner of the Set up remote access box.

    This will bring up a dialog box to install the new Remote Desktop extension . Click the Add Extension button.

    Which Is Better Tempered Glass Or Screen Protector

    They feel more like the original screen. Tempered glass is always more robust and durable than plastic. Plastic protectors get scratched easily and are around 0.1mm, while the glass protectors are generally 0.3-0.5 mm in thickness. In a nutshell, the plastic one gets dull over time but the tempered glass one is modish.

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    Part : How To Mirror Iphone To Pc Via Usb

    Due to the limitation you have to face with the Bluetooth method, it is surely not the most convenient method for mirroring iPhone to PC. Also, not everyone has an iPhone-compatible device, which is why itâs best to download a user-friendly app to screen mirror iPhone to PC.

    We have discussed some useful apps loaded with tons of features to smoothly mirror your iPhone screen on a PC with the help of a USB.

    How To Connect Mobile To Pc Using Allcast Receiver Chrome App

    How To CAST Android Mobile Phone Screen to PC Laptop
    • Install All cast app in Chrome browser using Chrome app store
    • Install all cast in Mobile from play store
    • Now open all cast app in Chrome browser
    • You can also select stored media files like audio, video, picture to cast on Chrome browser or Chrome Cast connected TV.

    This app works very smooth in screen mirroring or casting from Mobile to Laptop with audio feature also, and this is free app.

    Drawback of this app is that it not supports screen mirroring, you can only cast media files . Documents and other files are not supported.

    Some apps also supports screen mirror with sound are letsview and reflector.

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    Screen Mirror Android To Pc Using Airdroid App

    Using Airdroid you can not only screen mirror the mobile, but can also do following things:

    • Accessing of files of Android mobile
    • Accessing of Messages, Call history, contacts
    • Remote control of mobile using laptop
    • Remotely access phone camera over laptop
    • Use computer keyboard to type over phone

    Follow these steps to screen mirror android to pc or laptop using Airdroid:

    • Install Airdroid on Laptop from their website, also install airdroid on Mobile from play store.
    • Now login with the same account in the Mobile app and desktop app
    • Select your device in desktop platform
    • Use screen mirror and remote control to control your device from laptop

    In mobile under security and remote features settings enable following options as per your requirement:

    • Files
    • Desktop notifications

    Same things are also available at Airdroid Web interface.

    You can login with scanning QR code or by typing the email and password. Web interface is the easiest way to setup screen mirroring your android mobile over Laptop. But this method requires working internet connection in both the devices, there is also 200 MB limit on web interface in free version. However, on desktop App using Wi-Fi router you can access unlimited screen mirroring and other features of Airdroid.

    Screen Cracked Partially Visible Touch Functionality Working

    In the very first scenario, we assume that the display on your phone is cracked/damaged – but it is still somewhat functional. Upon checking, you also realize that the touch function still works miraculously. Let’s see what we can do in this scenario.

  • Verify whether the phone is unlocked. Since the display is partially legible/working, you can easily figure this out.
  • If the phone is locked, check if you can unlock it using biometrics . In case you use a passcode or pattern lock, you can try entering the code or drawing the pattern to unlock the device. If this option works for you, go to the third step.
  • Connect your unlocked phone to a PC using a compatible cable .
  • Select file transfer mode from the partially visible screen.
  • Browse the phone on your computer and look for the folders from where you wish to salvage your data.
  • Backup all needed files to your computer/hard drive.
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    How Do I Get My Hp Laptop To Recognize My Iphone

  • The PC should be restarted after the iPhone has been disconnected.
  • The iPhone needs to be restarted.
  • Windows needs to be updated.
  • Ensure that all programs are closed on your PC.
  • You may temporarily disable security software .
  • Make sure the USB cable is not damaged by using a screwdriver.
  • Make sure you use an original Apple cable.
  • Another USB cable may be able to be used.
  • How To Mirror An Android Device To A Pc Or Laptop


    With so many devices that people use daily, connecting them seems like the most natural thing to do. Depending on the combination of devices you have, this process can be a reasonably straightforward task. Unfortunately, some device combinations might require more effort.

    Such is the case if you want to mirror your Android device to a computer. Although this might seem like a prominent feature, it is not. Luckily, there are ways you can do this, and once you install all the necessary apps, the process becomes a piece of cake.

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    Why Mirror Android To Your Pc

    Why would you want to mirror your Android screen to a PC? There are plenty of reasons. You might be an app developer and want to check your code’s results without having to constantly reach for your phone.

    Maybe you want to share pictures on a big screen without uploading them. Or perhaps you need to give a presentation quickly while a projector is connected to your PC.

    The quickest and easiest way, as you will find out, requires no installation on your phone and a simple program for your computer.

    Control Android With Broken Screen

    If you are a Samsung user and have a smartphone that is highly damaged and has no operable screen, you do not have to beat around the bush and find the best platform that would suit your needs. As we identify the fact that the number of mirroring applications in the market is beyond comprehension, the search for the application to control Android smartphone with a broken screen is made simple and straightforward for Samsung users.

    Samsung SideSync provides you with the ability to cast your Samsung smartphone onto a PC with ease. The use of this application integrates the simplistic operations of organizing and utilizing the applications of your need. You can control your phone with the help of a mouse and a keyboard. With these features, really makes it easier for Samsung users to have their mobile mirrored onto a PC. However, for effectively managing your mobile through this application, it is significant to have your USB debugging enabled. With the stated options enabled, you need to follow the set of guidelines provided below.

    Step 1: You need to search for the SideSync desktop application on the browser and have it installed on your PC.

    Step 2: After installing the platform, connect your Android device with the PC through a USB cable.

    Step 3: The PC will recognize the device in a while, and the SideSync will launch automatically.

    Step 4: A pop-up window will appear with the option of âPhone Screen Sharingâ for casting the screen of our smartphone.

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