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How To Reboot Dell Laptop

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Fix : Boot Into Safe Mode

Computer Help : How to Reboot a Laptop

Safe mode allows your computer to run in a basic state. This can help you narrow down the source of your black screen problem and do some basic troubleshooting. Heres how to do it:

1. How to enter Safe Mode

  • Your Dell laptop should be off. If your laptop is on, turn it off.
  • Turn on your laptop by pressing the Power button.
  • Hold the Shift key and tap the F8 key before the Windows logo shows up. Doing so will bring out the Recovery Mode menu.
  • If you couldnt enter Safe Mode on your first attempt, then try again. It may take several attempts before it works so just be patient.
  • While in the Recovery Mode menu, select See advanced repair options> Troubleshoot > Advanced options> Windows Startup Settings > Restart.
  • After the computer restarts, theres a list of options. Choose 5 or F5 to enter Safe Mode with a network connection.

If everything works out fine in Safe Mode, then the problem is most likely triggered by an outdated graphics driver, third-party applications, or computer virus.

To get rid of the black screen error, you can try to uninstall the newly installed applications, perform a virus scan. If the black screen still persists, then head to Fix 4 to update your graphics driver.

2. Screen still goes black? Connect to an external display.

Press the Windows logo key + P to bring up the display list. Try selecting different display options for other attached displays such as TV or a second monitor. Then press the P or down arrow key to select a display and then hit Enter.

Reset Dell Laptop To Factory Settings Without Knowing Admin Password

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How to reset your Dell computer to original factory settings if you forgot the administrator password? A forgotten password should not become an obstacle on the way! This guide explains how to perform a factory reset on Windows 10/8/7/Vista Dell laptop, without knowing the admin password.

Note:a factory reset is used to wipe and take your computer back to where it was on the day you opened the box. It will delete everything on your hard drive. Be sure to backup anything you dont want to lose.

Part 1: Reset Windows 10/8 Dell Laptop to Factory Settings without Admin Password

Locked out of your Dell laptop after forgot the admin password? Dont worry! Follow these steps and you can factory reset Windows 10 or 8 from the login screen:

  • From the login screen, click the Power icon in the lower right corner of the screen. While holding the Shift key, click Restart.
  • The computer will restart and take you to the troubleshooting option screen. Click on Troubleshoot.
  • Now youll see the options to reset or refresh your computer. Click on Reset your PC.
  • Click Next. The system will reboot and begin preparing to reset the PC.
  • At the Reset your PC screen, click Just remove my files and then Click Reset.
  • Part 2: Reset Windows 7/Vista Dell Laptop to Factory Settings without Admin Password

    Once youve successfully removed the admin password , lets proceed with a factory reset on your Windows 7/Vista Dell laptop:

    How To Factory Reset Dell Laptop: Without Password Bios

    If your Dell laptop starts to malfunction, one of the options that you have to repair it is to restore it to its factory settings. Depending on the model you own, the procedure may vary slightly.

    N.B.Before beginning, please note that by restoring your computer to its default factory configuration, all data on the C drive will be deleted. We highly recommend backing up any personal files before moving forward with the reset.

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    Recover Lost Data From Dell Laptop After The Black Screen

    With the above methods, you can fix the Dell laptop black screen issue easily. However, there are chances that you might fail to fix the black screen issue and can’t boot into Windows successfully. But, how can we access the lost data on the computer? you don’t even have to worry about that now as Recoverit Data Recovery software is here. This software assists in the retrieval of all kinds of data and files. The software allows you to access data in binary form and restore it anywhere you want. Whether you lost files due to some random error or system crash, there is always a possibility that you can get everything back with just one click.

      • Quickly download and install the Recoverit data recovery tool on your computer. Start the program and select “Recover from Crash Computer” as your recovery option. Click on the “Start” button to initialize the process.
      • Select the USB bootable drive and click on the “Create” button to start.
      • A window will pop up asking you to format your USB bootable drive. Formatting your USB will erase all the data from your drive so it is important to make sure you don’t need the data. Click the “Format” button and proceed.
      • The process of creating a bootable device will immediately begin once you have formatted your USB bootable drive. Do not remove the USB to avoid interruption.
      • Change your computer booting sequence and set your computer to boot from the USB drive in the boot menu. Restart your computer.

    Solutions To Dell Laptop Screen Black

    Dell laptop stuck on reboot screen for Sale in Phoenix, AZ ...

    How to fix Dell laptop screen black to enable the computer to run properly? How to find the missing data due to the black screen issue? We summarize the following methods for solving the Dell laptop black screen Windows 10 error and then offer you a method to recover missing/lost data.

    Now, lets begin exploring these methods.


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    How To Use Dell Boot Menu To Fix The Startup Issues

    Now, you can know how to use the Dell boot menu to fix the startup issues.

    If the system startup does not bypass the Dell startup screen, you can press the F2 or F12 key to enter the Dell boot menu. You can also follow the instructions below to fix that.

    Step 1: For this method, you need Windows 10 boot media or Windows 10 bootable installation media. Then, you need to insert the media into a USB port or DVD drive.

    Step 2: Shut down your PC. Turn on the computer and quickly press the F12 key on the screen where the Dell logo appears until you see Preparing one time boot menu.

    Step 3: In the boot menu, you should select the device that matches your media type under UEFI BOOT.

    Step 4: When it boots to the media, click Next, and select Repair your computer.

    Step 5: Click Troubleshoot and click Advanced options.

    If Windows 10 encounters one startup error or multiple startup errors, it should automatically open the Advanced Startup options menu when it starts on the next time.

    If you can reach the system login screen, you should click the power icon in the lower right corner of the screen. While holding on the Shift key, click the restart icon. Then, click Troubleshoot and choose Advanced options.

    The computer will restart and enter the Options menu. Then, click Troubleshoot and click Advanced options.

    Solution : Clean Boot Troubleshooting

    Software conflicts may occur when you install a program or an update or when you run a program in Windows 10, thus causing boot error. You can determine what conflict is causing the problem by performing a clean boot. Follow the instructions below to troubleshoot Dell boot loop:

    1. Boot into Safe Mode.

    1.1. Power on and off your computer three times. On the third time, your computer will automatically boot into the Windows Recovery Environment .

    1.2. Select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Advanced Startup Options > Startup Settings > Restart successively.

    1.3. The computer will restart and enter the Startup Settings menu. Press 4 to select Enable Safe Mode.

    2. Perform clean boot.

    2.1. Tap the Search button on the taskbar and type msconfig. Select System Configuration from the search results.

    2.2. On the Services tab of the System Configuration dialog box, check Hide all Microsoft services and then click Disable all.

    2.3. On the Startup tab of the System Configuration dialog box, click Open Task Manager.

    2.4. On the Startup tab in Task Manager, for each startup item, select the item and then click Disable. Close Task Manager.

    2.5. On the Startup tab of the System Configuration dialog box, click OK, and then restart the computer.

    3. Determine the problem item.

    3.2. Once the problem item is found, contact the program manufacturer to determine whether the problem can be resolved. Or, you can run Windows with the problem item disabled.

    4. Reset the computer to start normally.

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    Reset Or Update Bios:

    One primary reason for Dell XPS 13 black screen with no logo is corrupted BIOS settings or outdated BIOS version. Here’s how you can fix it.

    Step 1: Restart your laptop and when you see the Dell logo, press F2 or F12 keys several times until the Entering Setup screen appears.

    Step 2: Again, press F9 to load default settings and then press the ESC key to exit BIOS. Make sure that you select the “Save and Exit” option before you hit the Enter key to save the changes and exit BIOS.

    Now allow your system to reboot, and the BIOS settings will reset. In order to update the BIOS, you need to visit the Dell Support page and choose the right version.

    How To Recover Lost Data After Resetting Dell Laptop

    Dell INSPIRON 14R “reboot and select proper boot device” error FIX WINDOWS 10

    It is advisable to back up all your vital files before resetting your Dell laptop. However, if you have failed to do that and now cannot find some important data after the factory reset, you are in luck. You know why? It is simply because there is an app that you can download and install and then use to get back those missing data.

    This tool can recover files in all versions of Windows and Mac OS. It can also recover data in over a thousand file types and formats. It has been configured to support file recovery from scenarios such as formatting, deletion, drive issues, system crash, emptied trash, virus attack, SD card errors, and so on.

    In these three simple steps and minutes, you can use Recoverit Data Recovery to retrieve your missing data after a factory reset on your Dell Laptop:

    Step 1: Select a Location

    Select the location where your data is missing from, then press “Start” at the bottom right of the interface.

    Step 2: Scan the Location

    The app will scan the chosen location to find all your missing files. The time spent here will be determined by how large your file location is.

    Step 3: Preview and Save Recovered Files

    A display will be made of the files that have been recovered. Go through them to ensure they are all retrieved, then click “Recover” to save them.

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    The Issue: Dell Laptop Stuck In Boot Loop

    Staying at the forefront of innovation and the computing experience, Dell laptops, desktops and tablets enjoy great popularity all over the world. Despite the super performance Dell owns, users are confronted with problems during the usage, like Dell alert hard drive not found, Dell invalid partition table and Dell boot loop. Here is a real case about Dell boot loop:

    âAbout 3 days ago I tried to completely reset my Dell laptop. Half way through the reset process it hit some type of bump, saying that âWindows has encountered an errorâ.

    It does this about eight times before I decide to force shutdown the laptop. I then power it back on and get stuck on the boot screen with the Dell logo on it where it loops infinitely. On this screen I hit f2 to get myself to the BIOS menu.

    I have no idea what to do now, if someone could help me out that would be awesome!â

    The issue that Dell laptop wonât boot past Dell screen could be caused by various reasons, such as hardware interference, software conflicts, damaged system files, etc. Then, how to resolve the boot loop problem?

    Can A Bad Laptop Battery Cause A Black Screen

    Few things are as heart-stopping as a laptop screen that suddenly and inexplicably goes black. Odds are youll figure out pretty quickly if its due to a loss of power, such as from a dead battery or power outage. But other causes could be more serious, such as a disconnected video cable or bad components.

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    Does Cmos Battery Affect Display

    Usually not. Even with a dead CMOS battery, a typical computer will display something like checksum error or date and time not set, stop and wait for a user input. If you have no beeps, try plugging in another external display. You should at least hear the fan running unless it doesnt have one.

    How To Restart Dell Laptop Using Keyboard

    How Do I Restore my Dell Inspiron 15 To Factory Settings?

    If your laptop is hanging, you can shut down, or restart dell laptop using the keyboard only. To restart your laptop using the keyboard, follow these simple steps.

    Step 1- On your keyboard press, the ALT CTRL and DEL buttons at the same time.

    Step 2- a new popup will open with several options.

    Step 3- from these options, choose restart, and your computer will restart in minutes.

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    Case : Dell Laptop Wont Turn On No Boot

    Sometimes the Dell laptop completes the POST process after pressing the power button and perhaps these symptoms appear:

    • The status of LEDs like power LED, hard drive activity LED, etc. are normal.
    • Fan noise is heard.

    If your Dell laptop wont boot or turn on to the desktop along with one of these symptoms, how can you troubleshoot? Try the following methods now.

    How Do I Fix My Dell Computer That Wont Boot Up

  • The Windows 10 logo does not appear when I try to boot my computer.
  • If the computer has not finished its initial power-up , verify this.
  • All devices should be unplugged, and a hard reset should be performed.
  • Check the computer by running a diagnostic.
  • Error messages specific to the application should be checked.
  • Defaults should be restored in the BIOS.
  • How to troubleshoot in Safe Mode.
  • A troubleshooting guide for viruses and malware.
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    How To Reset Windows 8/81/10 Dell Laptop Without Administrator Password

    The steps for resetting Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 are the same, hence the need to combine them into one section. Now that you get that, take up your Dell laptop using any of these Windows versions mentioned here and do a factory reset as follows:

  • Start by clicking the “Start” button
  • Next, open “Settings” and go to “Reset this PC” under the tab “Update & Security”
  • Ordinarily, you should be able to reset. However, if you cannot remember your password, you will be locked out. Therefore, all you need to do is to go to the login screen, tap on the Power button or icon, while at the same time pressing the “Shift” key on your keyboard. Tap on “Restart”
  • Once your computer restarts, you will be directed to the troubleshooting option screen. Now choose to “Troubleshoot”
  • Select “Reset your PC” once again
  • Select “Next”. Your system will boot again in preparation for a reset
  • You can now remove everything from your system on the “Reset your PC” screen. Do this before you select “Reset”.
  • Now, install your Windows again
  • You can use a password reset disk to remove the password before doing a factory reset. This is made possible by the built-in feature of Windows called “Create a password reset disk”. This feature is normally available when you are setting a login password to your Windows. If you have this disk, all you need to do before your factory reset is to insert the disk into the computer, then click the “Reset Password” link that appears on your sign-in screen.

    Force Shut Down Your Laptop:

    How to factory reset your dell Inspiron laptop

    When the Dell black screen appears after login, and now it is stuck, you can’t use the usual way to restart the system. Here’s what you should do:

    • Disconnect all connected devices and press the power button for at least 10 and at most 20 seconds.
    • The system will eventually shut down, and you need to wait patiently before you try to restart it.

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    Reset Your Dell Laptop In Windows 10

    To use a Windows 10 restore method, please follow these steps:

  • Access your desktop and type Reset this PC in the search bar .
  • Once the Recovery window comes up, click on Get Started.
  • Windows 10 reset process will begin. As mentioned above, you also save your data by opting for Keep my Files during the reset process. But if you created a backup beforehand, it is advised to select Remove Everything to clean the drive completely.
  • Depending on your Windows 10 version, you might have two options to run the restore. If connected to the internet, you can opt for a Cloud Download. The cloud option is great if your local recovery partition on the drive is corrupted. Otherwise, you can select Local Reinstall. Please note that this option will work only if the local recovery partition is intact.
  • Moving forward, select Clean Data to wipe your storage. And if you intend to sell a used laptop to someone else, do not skip this step, as you do not want anyone to have access to your files.
  • Lastly, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset process.
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