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How To Reboot Hp Laptop

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Power Reset A Laptop With A Non

Performing a Hard Reboot | HP Chromebook | HP

Perform a power reset on your notebook with a non-removable battery.

  • Turn off the computer, and then unplug the power cord.

  • Disconnect any peripheral devices, and then remove the computer from any port replicator or docking station.

  • With the power cord unplugged, press and hold the Power button for approximately 15 seconds.

  • After you drain the capacitors, plug in the power cord. Leave peripheral devices disconnected.

  • Turn on the computer.

  • Determine if Windows starts as expected after a power reset .

    Used Hp Laptop Resale Value

    If your problem persists even after a factory reset, dont despair. You can still salvage some value out of it by reselling. And luckily, most used HP laptop models hold pretty good resale value over time, as long as you dont hold on to it for too long. For example, you can sell HP laptop online to us or through buy-back re-commerce platforms. And if you have a question about your used HP laptop resale value, we at Gadget Salvation are just one click away, so feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

    Restoring To Factory Setting Using The Recovery Manager

    You may access the HP Recovery Manager at any time by restarting the computer and pressing F11 repeatedly before the Windows logo screen appears.

    In the System Recovery panel, click Next. PC Recovery will display a message reading, “Backing up user data and settings.”

    Upon completion of the backup, PC Recovery will display a message reading, “The PC Recovery was successfully completed.” Click Restart to restart your PC or click Turn Off to turn it off.

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    How To Reset An Hp Laptop Without A Restore Disc


    So you want to reset your HP laptop, but you’re looking for options to reset your HP laptop settings that dont involve a restore disc. You’re in luck. The HP laptops that are shipped with Windows 7 or later operating systems include a recovery partition, also known as an HP password reset disc. This basically performs the very same tasks as a restore disc. The name of the software you will commonly find installed in this recovery partition is HP Recovery Manager, which provides you with several features and functions.

    Create A Windows Bootable Usb For Hp Computer

    How to  Restore Reset a HP Pavilion to Factory Settings ...

    â Create a Windows bootable USB with ISO file

    Step 1. Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, click âAll Toolsâ > âWindows To Go Creatorâ.

    Step 2. Then the Windows To Go window launched, check âCreate Windows To Go for personal computerâ, and click âNextâ.

    Step 3. And choose âCreate Windows To Go with system disc/ISOâ and select a Windows installation file you need, and click âNextâ.

    Step 4. And choose the USB drive, and click âProceedâ. Then the program will tell you all the data on the USB will be deleted. And click âYesâ to confirm.

    âNote: You can click âAdvancedâ to choose the type of created system and startup mode-BIOS/UEFI.

    â Create a bootable USB with the current system

    Step 1. Same with create bootable USB using ISO file, open âWindows To Goâ program from the main interface, and choose âCreate Windows To Go for personal computerâ.

    Step 2. And tick âCreate Windows To Go with current systemâ in this step. And view the information of the system, and click âNextâ.

    Step 3. Also, select a USB drive at last, and click âProceedâ.

    When the process is complete, and insert the USB flash drive to a HP computer. And follow the next part learn how to enter BIOS to boot the computer/laptop from the bootable USB.

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    How To Factory Reset Hp Laptop Without Disc Windows 7/8/10

    After a long time usage, computer would easily detect virus if you always download programs or files from the unsafety website. Besides, some computers’ running speed becomes too slow to open any files. In such cases, factory reset is a great way than any others. Nevertheless, what can I do if I don’t have a disc? In this article, we are going to show you how to factory reset HP laptop without disc Windows 7/8/10.

    NOTE: If your HP laptop is accessible, you’d better back up as many files as you can to other places.

    Option : Cannot Log Into Hp Laptop Normally

    When you , or the laptop is broken down with blue or black screen that you can’t log into Windows normally, you may need to troubleshoot these problems out of system without login normally.

    If you have a CD disc came with your HP laptop, you can use it to reinstall/repair system, or do a factory reset on your HP laptop. If you want to restore your HP laptop, go and see . If want to reinstall system, go and see how to reinstall Windows 10.

    If you want to reset your HP laptop to factory settings with the CD disc, go on and follow the steps below.

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    Top Way To Factory Reset Hp Windows 7 Laptop

    There are many different computer company put laptops with a recovery system. Like HP laptops preloaded Windows 7 system, this kind of laptops has a HP Recovery Manager inside. When their Windows 7 laptops break down, they can choose to recover it to factory reset, as well as backup before the recovery system. But, how to reset HP Windows 7 laptop back to factory settings, this article is going to figure it out.


    • HP Laptop pre-loaded with Windows 7 system, which including ZBook 15/17/Studio, ProBook 650/645, EliteBook 840/820/1040, etx.
    • There are HP Recovery Manager inside the HP Windows 7 Laptop
    • System has not been reinstalled, and still keeps the Windows 7 system hidden recovery partition.

    How To Keep Your Hp Laptop Running After A Factory Reset

    Computer Help : How to Reboot a Laptop

    Once you factory reset your HP laptop, it is important to keep your software and drivers up to date. This simple measure can potentially save you from future headaches and more resets. Your Windows automatically updates when new software becomes available, but it is good to run a manual check every once in a while. The easiest way to do that is to type check for updates in the lower-left corner search bar. Even if it says that the system is up to date, click on Check for Updates anyways. You may also want to tap on View Options Updates, manually checkmark each available driver update, and then hit Reboot your system when prompted.

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    Reset Hp Laptop Password With Forgotten Password Wizard

    If you have lost your password reset disk, you can create a new one with the Forgotten Password Wizard.

    Heres what you have to do:

  • Sign in to your laptop using any local account.
  • Connect a blank CD or flash drive to your laptop.
  • Open Windows and select Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • If youre in category view, select User Accounts then User Accounts again. In icons view, click User Accounts. You should see the Make changes to your user account menu.
  • Click Create a password reset disk, and Forgotten Password Wizard should open.
  • Click Next, and select the drive you want to add the software. Click Next again.
  • Type the password to your current user account, then click Next.
  • Click Next when the wizard completes.
  • Click Finish, and disconnect the flash drive.
  • This is a great backup option in case you forget your HP laptop password.

    Hp Laptop Startup Menu

    What are the Start Menu options on a HP laptop screen?

    • System Information
    • System Recovery

    Only the Network Boot option is missing from the boot menu of HP laptop.

    Please note that the HP tablet Startup Menu options are exactly the same with HP desktop Start Menu options.

    Related reading: what is HP Secure Boot?

    Secure Boot is a feature embedded in HP PCs and laptops the HP manufacturers make it enabled by default in Windows 10. Its useful for enhancing HP security:

    • Avoid virus infections.
    • Prevent malware attacks.
    • Block the use of non-trusted hardware or bootable discs .

    Of course, you can disable Secure Boot manually when you need to use trusted but unrecognized hardware or boot from unrecognized recovery discs.

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    Data Recovery From Hp Boot Menu

    Sometimes, when the HP computer OS crashes or becomes unbootable, you may need help to perform data recovery from the HP boot menu.

    If your computer is currently unbootable or dead, you can turn to bootable data recovery software for help. Here, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard with Bootable Media can help. It allows you to create a bootable media and boot HP from its boot menu to fully scan and restore all valuable hard disk files.

    Reset Windows 10 Hp Laptop To Factory Settings By Performing A Push

    How to factory reset a laptop

    To perform a push-button reset is a handy way of being able to reset your HP laptop to factory settings in Windows 10 if your computer boots normally, heres how.

    Step 1: In Windows, search for and open Reset this PC.

    Step 2: Hit the Recovery tab. Then click Get started option under Reset this PC.

    Step 3: Here, you got 2 options to choose from, if you want to keep your personal files, apps, and customizations, just select Keep my files, then click Reset. Then your computer reinstalls the operating system and your computer restarts.

    Or you can click Remove everything toremove all your personal files, apps, and settings.

    Step 4: If you only want to remove everything from the drive where Windows is installed, click Only the drive where Windows is installed. If you want to remove all files from the computer, click All drives.

    Step 5: Click Reset to confirm and begin the reset process.

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    Performing A Hard Reboot

    With a computer that is stuck while booting up, the only thing you can do with it is a hard reboot to try to turn it on again. To do this, hold down the power button until the computer shuts down completely. After a few moments, turn on the computer again like normal.

    A hard reboot is the process of manually restarting a computer by physically turning it on and off. It differs from the normal way that involves the operating system power controls. This lets you start your computer when the operating system or other apps are not responding. You can hard reboot your computer when it is freezing up, but under normal circumstances this is not the safest way to turn off your computer. You could create software issues with your hard drive.

    How Do I Force My Hp Computer To Reboot

  • You should repeatedly press the F11 key as you start your computer.
  • Troubleshoot can be found on the Choose an option screen.
  • Your PC will be reset when you click Reset.
  • You will see the Reset your PC screen. Click Next
  • Open any screen that appears and read it.
  • Once Windows has reset your computer, wait a few minutes.
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    Manually Update Your Drivers

    Assuming you have an idea on which drivers need to be updated, youll need to search the manufacturers website. Youll need the model and/or the serial number of the device.

    Once you locate the right one, you can go into the Windows Device Manager and find the device.

    Right-click on the device and choose Update driver.

    Choose to Browse my computer for driver support.

    Factory Reset Hp Laptop By Hp Recovery Manager

    Disable Automatic Restart in Windows 10 | HP Computers | @HPSupport

    Here is another great feature only available to HP users. If you dont like the factory reset via Windows environment, mo matter, you can also factory reset your HP laptop through HP Recovery Manager.

    Follow the series of following steps to factory reset your HP laptop without any password using HP Recovery Manager.

    Turn off your HP laptop and make sure that no external device such as monitor, keyboard, mouse, and power cord is attached to the system. In short, no internal or external media should be connected to the laptop.

    After confirming that power on your laptop and immediately press the F11 key repeatedly from your keyboard until you find the Choose an option on the screen. Hit the Troubleshoot.

    From the Troubleshoot menu, choose the Recovery Manager.

    When the Manager program appears on the HP laptop screen, click on the System Recovery option.

    On the next screen, you can pick any one option to proceed:

    • Back up your files first
    • Recover without backing up your files

    It would be great if you prefer to go with the Back up your files first option. I also recommend you make a backup before erasing the whole data so that you can copy your data again after the factory reset. However, click on the Next to proceed.

    Further, hit the Continue to start the recovery process.

    Wait here and as soon as it finishes, click on Finish button to reboot your HP laptop.

    Thats it, sign in to your HP laptop without any password and do what you want to do.

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    How Do I Force A Hard Reset On My Laptop

    Getting your laptop back online is the first thing you should do. If the boot up command is pressed, the F key will be pressed. You will be able to access the system recovery console after this. You can perform a full system wipe by selecting this option: this will remove all the data from your hard drive.

    Hp Laptop Black Screen Startup Solution

    If you have the same problem as me, thats why Im here to help you out! Follow these steps: turn off HP Laptop unplug all cords hold down the power button for 30 seconds plug-in AC Adapter only press power button release and then press again, you should see the HP logo. If that doesnt work, follow these steps: connect the AC adapter only when you visit the HP logo, insert the battery into the Laptop, and it will start!

    If your Laptop is not starting up, you may need to repair the hard drive or replace it. To fix this problem, follow these steps: backup files factory settings on HP laptop restore tool reset your PC by choosing System Recovery from Home screen > Recoveries and select System Recovery then click Next find a blank disc or external USB, choose System Recovery follow the instructions displayed on your screen and wait until Windows starts.

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    Reasons To Reset Laptop To Factory Settings

    There can be many reasons to do factory settings. You might have decided to do it because of your laptops better performance. Its like you have been using your laptop for a long time, you installed multiple setups in it and now suddenly it is malfunctioning. Or sometimes your laptop catches viruses. Maybe you forgot the password of your laptop and unfortunately cant access it now. Corrupted and missing system files make you reset the laptop too. Sometimes, you dont even need a big reason. Its just that your laptop has been acting slowly, making it irritating and tedious to work with your system, and finally decided to have a Factory Setting Reset on HP Laptop. So, you are seeing here some possible reasons why Windows 10 users would want Reset an HP Laptop to Factory Settings.

    Factory Reset An Hp Laptop In Windows 10

    How to Restore Hp Laptop to Factory Defaults

    We will be reviewing the recovery process in Windows 10 since it is the most current OS version, with the Microsoft Windows 11 release is set for later this year. The recovery steps in Windows 8 are pretty similar, but if your HP laptop still runs Windows 7, you may want to download Windows 10 upgrade directly from Microsoft. Just make sure you install the same Windows version your computer came with originally otherwise, it will not activate.

    To reset your HP in Windows, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Start menu in the lower-left corner of your screen and choose Settings Update and Security Recovery. The Reset this PC option will allow you to restore your HP laptop to its factory settings.
  • Alternatively, you can type reset in the search bar in the left-hand corner of your desktop screen. Then choose the Reset this PC to proceed with the factory reset.
  • Another simple way to recover any laptop brand and model in Windows 10 is to reboot the system while holding the Shift key. This feature will take you into a boot options screen from where you can choose Troubleshoot and reset:

    Regardless of the method you follow, please keep your HP laptop connected to the power source while performing the reset.

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    Power Reset A Laptop With Removable Battery

    Perform a power reset on your notebook with a removable battery.

  • Turn off the computer, and then unplug the power cord.

  • Disconnect any peripheral devices, and then remove the computer from any port replicator or docking station.

  • Remove the battery from the computer.

  • With the battery and power cord unplugged, press and hold the Power button for approximately 15 seconds.

  • After you drain the capacitors, re-insert the battery, and then plug in the power cord. Leave peripheral devices disconnected.

  • Turn on the computer.

  • How Do I Completely Reboot My Computer

    You can find the recovery option in Settings > Update & Security. The title of the window should be Reset this PC. You can get started by clicking Get Started. Keeping my files or removing everything are two options you can choose. With the latter, your options will be reset to default, and uninstalled apps will be removed but your data will remain.

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    Hp Laptop Models Compatible With The Methods Shown Above

    HP Stream Laptops factory reset can be done using the methods shown in this blog. These methods can be applied to the following models of this series:

    HP Stream 11 Laptop HP Stream Notebook PC 13 HP Stream 14 Laptop HP Stream 14 AX0XX Laptop

    The methods included in this post can be suitable for the HP laptop models given in the following table:

    HP Split X2 Laptop
    HP 2000 Laptop HP ProBook 4430S

    Our methods for factory resetting can be used on the models of the following HP laptop series as well:

    HP Chromebook Laptops HP Omen Laptops

    In Summary

    There can be numerous reasons to factory reset your HP laptop. Irrespective of the reason, factory resetting can help in improving the performance of your device. HP laptops with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 can be restored to their default state via BIOS, Windows Recovery Environment, HP Recovery Manager, and other such methods. As you read with us, when a CD or admin password isnt available, your laptop can be hard reset then as well. Keeping various circumstances in mind, we crafted all the possible methods here. Hopefully, you would have been able to reset your laptop to the factory settings by now.

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