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How To Record Lectures On Laptop

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Mac Lecture Recording Tips To Consider

How to Make Recorded Video Lectures?ð©â?ð?« | MOVAVI HELPS

When it comes to class lectures, many students find it uninteresting due to various reasons. In other cases, students prefer online video lectures to be more interesting compared to physically attended classes.

Online video classes are interesting because it is performed in a calm surrounding without any distractions. Moreover, online lectures are not as expensive as requiring a laptop and recording software to capture important notes.

This is why teachers opt for the best app to record lectures on mac to prepare academic presentations, notes, and study materials to let students meet their academic goals. Furthermore, with advanced online tools, it has become easy to record lectures effectively. Here are some tips that you need to consider when creating a lecture recording:

Download Your Lecture Capture Software Or App

Youll need to download lecture capture software to your Mac or PC, if you dont have it installed already. And if you plan to use a tablet or smartphone to record digital course material, be sure to download the mobile app, providing your lecture capture software has one.

NEW! Panoptos free online video and screen recorder

app lets you record right from your browser.

How To Record A Lecture On Windows 10

EaseUS RecExperts for Windows is a versatile lecture recording app for Windows, and it can help you record a lecture easily. Its intuitive and straightforward interface is friendly to all levels of users, especially the novices. This screen recording software allows you to record your screen in customized sizes, like an entire screen or a selected area.

Besides, it offers you many other options, like recording audio , capturing webcam, gameplay, zoom meeting, streaming audio and video, etc. This best app for recording lectures ensures that the recorded files are of high quality.

For beginners, this is the best screen recorder for lectures. If you want to try, click on the button for free download to get it on your device. No registration is needed.

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Use Laptops And Tablets To Record Lectures

Laptops and tablets are great pieces of equipment to record lectures. Using a microphone and a webcam, you can record a video of the lecture to watch later. If you are watching a lecture video online, you can use the screen record option on your tablet or smartphone to record the videos made by your professor. Some of the apps listed above are web-based apps, which means you can access them on your laptop or tablet.

Some laptops might need additional hardware or software to create video or audio recordings. Laptops and tablets might not get the most incredible sound, so be sure to try it out beforehand.

How Students Use Lecture Capture

Best Way To Record Lectures On Laptop

In the context of student illnesses, the primary use of recorded lectures will be to allow students to view recordings of regular class sessions.

When lecture capture is used more broadly, students report using it primarily to review for tests or assignments. Students also say that recorded lectures make them less anxious about copying information during lectures, allowing them to focus on listening and identifying questions instead of taking comprehensive notes during class sessions.

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The Best Voice Recorders To Use In A College Lecture

Tips | Audio Surveillance September 16th, 202012 minute read

Freshmen are always surprised at how different college is from high school. There are less classes – which sounds great – but youre expected to study a whole lot more. Teachers wont help as much and the friends you relied on at high school just arent there.

Many find the adjustment a bit rough in the beginning – especially with all the distractions that college life brings. Lots of former high school stars are sent crashing down to earth after the first grades are published. To cope, college students have been using audio recorders for decades. And there are now more options than ever for recording lectures. Well review some of these different methods and discuss the best voice recorders for the job.


Transcribe The Lecture Recording

Having an audio recording of your lecture is great, but that could mean playing back an hour-long audio file to find what you need. Instead of creating another headache, transcribe your professors lesson so that you can read it instead.

While you could spend hours transcribing the audio files yourself, it might be best to get it transcribed by professionals. Rev offers human transcription services as well as automated transcription services powered by AI speech recognition. Both are great options, but automated speech-to-text transcription might be more cost-effective for a college student! You can try automated transcription free with Rev.

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How Should You Use Lecture Capturing

Once you have your high-quality audio recording, you can then use a tool like Audext that can transcribe it for you in just a few steps.

In short, all you need to do is upload your audio recording and Audext audio transcription software will use artificial intelligence to convert the recording into text.

Audio to text converter

This step is key as it can become very frustrating having to replay close to an hour of audio just to find a specific formula, term, or definition.

So, the most convenient would be if you have a written copy of the audio recording of the lecture. And it definitely would take less time to transcribe hour-long audio of the lecture with Audext than to do it manually. It is a fast and effective app to save your time.

What is more, if you have the transcript in digital format, you can use the search feature to look up specific words, dates, etc.

While it can be great to record lectures, it is still a good idea to jot down notes. You can even go as far as to add a timestamp to your notes occasionally.

Then, if you were so clever as to get the recording transcribed, you can compare your notes to the actual transcript.

The Best Way To Record Lecture Via Vidmore Screen Recorder

How I record my lectures

When you need to record some online lectures for your smartphone directly with the best quality, Vidmore Screen Recorder is the best way to record online lectures and save to the original quality with ease. Moreover, you can also add mouse click, draw on the recording video, or even edit the lecture video according to your requirement.

  • Record lecture videos, capture original audio and take snapshots easily.
  • Real time drawing and mouse effect to focus on the important points.
  • Tweak the video format, video quality, audio format and other parameters.
  • Set up the recording preset, record length, starting/ending time and more.
  • Step 1: Download and install the screen recorder, launch the program on your computer. Click the More button and choose the Manage option to set up a lecture or class recording preset. In the pop-up window, select the big plus button to create a new one.

    Step 2: Name the preset for lecture recording. You can also tweak the record area, webcam, microphone, video format, video quality, frame rate, audio format and audio quality. Click the Save button and choose the Apply to save the changes.

    Step 3: Go back to the home interface and choose the Video Recorder menu. Select the record area for recording lectures. Of course, you can also add some voice comments via the Microphone option to the online lecture.

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    Can A Professor Prohibit The Recording Of Their Lectures

    No, an instructor cannot prohibit you from recording lectures if you have an approved reason to record audio in the classroom for accessibility or disability reasons. Not all professors may be familiar with the ADA requirements of a university, so its best to consult an on-campus representative of student accessibility if there are any concerns.

    However, you need to consult the classroom recording policy of your college or university to ensure youve gone through all the necessary channels. It also doesnt hurt to be upfront with your professor so there isnt confusion or mistrust in the process.

    For Students Who Need To Revisit Material

    Even normally attentive students can have trouble focusing during distance learning

    Its not just students who physically miss class who benefit from recorded lectures. A student can be physically present but their mind might be elsewhere. We talk a lot about how these times are unprecedented and uncertain. We even talk about how the rise in virtual conferences is leading to Zoom fatigue.

    Its easy to forget that the uncertainty in the world is affecting our students as much as anyone else. We cant expect every student to bring their all to every single lesson. Even students who are typically on-the-ball might be struggling right now and finding it difficult to concentrate during virtual classroom sessions. Recorded lectures can help them fill in the blanks that they might have missed during class.

    Students who were able to focus during your virtual lectures will benefit from recording class, too. Everyone has their own preferred way of absorbing information and content. Some students will prefer to revisit their handwritten notes before an exam, while others might retain knowledge better when they rewatch a lecture.

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    Using A Laptop To Record Lectures

    Many college students record their lectures with their their laptops. After all, they are usually taking notes on them already. There are also free recording programs already installed that make it super easy. On Windows, theres Windows Voice Recorder. If youve got an Apple computer, the built-in QuickTime app works fantastic and Garageband is another good option.

    Another application we can recommend is Evernote – this popular note taking software works on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. What makes it unique is you can create a note to type up your class notes, and also record an audio file directly into the note, keeping everything together.

    However, many students soon realize that the recording is low-quality and difficult to use. This is usually due to the type of microphone in their laptop and where it was placed.

    Lecture Recording For Students

    How to Record video lectures

    If you’re a student, you also might want to record lectures from your professors so that you can re-watch them and review the content later on or schedule recordings for lectures that you won’t be able to actually attend or watch live. This can be a great way to strengthen your studies, but it’s important to have the right tools for the job and check with the relevant authorities to ensure that you are allowed to record in the first place.

    Benefits of lecture recording for students:

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    Top Tips For Recording Lectures

    • Make use of a good-quality recording app like Movavi Screen Recorder. This app is free to try and simple to use on both Windows and Mac devices, letting you record all or part of your screen with ease, perfect for recording lectures.
    • Test the software first to make sure that you know how to use it, as it can be a little confusing for some people when they first start to use a new app and need to get used to the various settings and features.
    • Make use of a scheduler feature, if your screen recorder has one, to program the app to record automatically at a certain time. This can be very useful when you aren’t able to physically be at your device and watch the lecture happen in real-time.
    • Edit your lecture recordings using built-in editing features or other editing tools to cut out sections you don’t really need or parts that don’t apply to you. You can also add your own captions and notes to highlight key areas for your personal study.
    • If you want to record lectures offline, check out our guide of the best lecture recorders available right now for inspiration and recommendations.

    Best Way To Record Lectures On Laptop

    In the changing world, Technology is the one of the most important factors which also contributes effectively in the educational sector. Technology makes very ease to the learning process for all types of educational institutes or college campuses and most of the institutes & colleges used digital classroom technology through the use of various web based application or equipment which is now available in the market.

    Edumix is the best way to record lectures on laptops or PCs because it offers multiple facilities to the teacher as well as students and it make easy communication mode between the teacher as well as students. Edumix is providing a wide variety of video recording applications, hardware, cameras, etc. which prepared for your digital lectures by capturing, mixing, recording and streaming on the top social networking sites. There are the key features of Edumix which are as follows:

    • 1)I-7 high version processor
    • 2)Expandable 1TB storage capacity
    • 3)16 GB RAM
    • 8)Full HD Video Output
    • 9)Hotkeys feature

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    How To Record Online Lecture On Your Computer

    Summary: Look for ways to save the online lecture? Read the article and you can find your desired answer.

    Online lecture is often used in the educational field but with time goes by this situation has changed so far. Anyone who desires to acquire knowledge and skills can benefit from watching online lecture. At the same time, the increasing use of online lecture platforms like Zoom, Webinar offers more convenience and efficiency to the viewer and listener no matter where they are.

    Compared with traditional lecture, the new boosting method features more merits. Once the internet is connected, its available for you to view the online course with options to pause, replay and accelerate the playback speed. As a portable learning option, you can study at your own pace without limits of time and location.

    However, many online lectures dont support download for obvious reasons and youre only allowed to review online. But what if the internet breaks down or the online course is live streaming without reviewing function. The most workable solution for these drawbacks is to record online lecture. For online lecture recorder, here we recommend two standalone lecture recorders that run differently. One is desktop lecture recorder and the other is online lecture recorder. Lets have a look at RecMaster at first.

    Recommended Mic: Excelvan Condenser Mini Flexible Portable Microphone

    How to record Video lectures on Laptop using free and open source software

    For students who need to record their lectures, budget is likely to be a consideration, so something that can be purchased for such an affordable price is a real plus point. The Excelvan has more benefits than just being cheap though. It is super simple to set up, plugging straight into your headphone slot and picking up the audio on the apps on your phone. It can also just as easily be used on the microphone slot within your laptop.

    This mic is ultra low noise and the cardioid pickup pattern is designed to pick up audio from the direction you point it, avoiding getting the sound of chairs and rustling behind you. A 90-degree swivel action even lets you point it at the lecturer with more accuracy. If you are able to leave it near where the lecture is happening your results will be superb, but it can do a decent job from wherever you are sitting. Pocket-sized, easy to setup and more than enough quality for voice recordings in lectures, this is a great option if you are recording on your phone.

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    Help With Learning Disabilities

    Students with learning disabilities are likely familiar with voice recorders from their high school studies. They are really helpful when students cannot hear the professor well or if theyre unable to take notes quickly enough. Dyslexic students in particular find voice recorders helpful to keep up with their studies.

    Best Voice Recorder For Lecture

    Lecture, usually refers to a kind of teaching method most frequently seen in campuses. Sometimes it indicates public speeches too. Given lectures cardinal trait has been a one-way-communication mode, loss of information during lectures addressing is naturally inevitable. To help with this problem, we could turn to voice recorders for lecture for help.

    There are two correlative directions we could head to in solving the information loss. The first way is to use digital voice recorders for face-face public speeches. For your information, digital voice recorders including Sony ICD-PX470, Olympus WS-853, Zoom H1 are all in good quality and delivers good performance. The second way is to use voice recorders on computers to cope with academic lectures. However, digital voice recorders fall short due to its budget element, inconvenience to carry and battery limitations.

    However, by dint of exclusive convenience and versatile features, computer software surpasses real devices. Voice recorders on computers mostly have superior attributes such as they charge far less than digital voice recorders, they could record external sound as well as system sound, they save files and support play-back at any time, they work in background, etc. Lets see the best 4 computer-only voice recorders for lecture.

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    How To Record Lecture On Iphone/ipad

    If you want to record online lectures on iPhone or iPad for convenience, you can use the iOS Screen Recorder for recording a lecture. Using it, you can easily and quickly capture what you need on your iOS devices without installing third-party applications.

    Know the screen recorder but do not know how to use it? Take a look at the following steps.

    Note: You can use the iOS screen recorder only if the iOS system on your devices is 11, 12, or later versions.

    Detailed Tutorial for Recording Lectures:

    Step 1. Unlock your iPhone or iPad, then tap “Setting” > “Control Centre” > “Customize Controls” to find “Screen Recording” in the bottom list. Then tap the “+” button.

    Step 2. Find the lecture that you want to record and open it. Swipe down from the top-right of the screen, and you will see the Control Centre. Tap the screen recording and press “Start Recording” to start recording lectures.

    Step 3. Tap the red bar to stop the recording of lectures. Then you can find the recorded lecture video in your Photos app.

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