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How To Record Podcast On Laptop

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Record A Podcast Remotely With Riversidefm

How to Record a Podcast for Beginners | Ultimate Podcast Guide for Beginners has an impressive range of features for podcasters. You can run a show with up to 8 people and get separate audio and video tracks for everyone involved. You can also run live streams on Twitter, Youtube, or Facebook live, as well as accept live call-ins from listeners. They have also just pushed out their dedicated iOS app in Beta.

For the podcaster who’s looking to take their remote recordings to the next level as well as incorporate video and live content, it really is hard to see past them!

  • Mac/PC Both
  • Cost
  • $9 Basic Record up to 2 hours per month
  • $19 Standard Record up to 5 hours per month
  • $29 Pro Record up to 15 hours per month
  • You can save up to $120 a year if you choose to sign up for an annual plan.
  • Files WAV/MP3/MP4
  • Guest Requirements Preferably using Google Chrome
  • Video Yes
  • Top 10 Podcast Recording Software In 2021

    Creating a podcast is a straight forward process since you just need a quiet room, a microphone, and good audio recording software. However, there are hundreds of options on the market to choose from which makes finding the podcast recording software difficult. Thatâs why weâve compiled the list of top ten podcast recording software products in 2019 that is going to help you choose an option that best meets your podcasting needs.

    Price: $199,99

    Compatibility: macOS

    Seasoned podcasters donât need a special introduction to Logic Pro X, because this DAW has been one of the highest praised audio editing software product in the industry for decades. Unsurprisingly, Logic Pro Xâs audio recording features are too powerful for most podcasters, as they are aimed at professionals who design sound for full feature movies and similar demanding projects.

    Adding sound effects, vintage EQs or simulating acoustic spaces are only a few among countless podcast editing tools Logic Pro X offers. However, producing podcasts with this DAW requires previous audio editing experience, so if you are new to podcasting it may take some time before you start feeling confident using Logic Pro X. Keep in mind that you can only use Logic Pro X on Mac computers that support 10.13.6 or later versions of the macOS.


    • Offers professional audio recording tools
    • A rich selection of plug-ins and sounds
    • Supports 24-bit/192kHZ audio recording

    Price: $20,99 per month as a single app, free trial available

    How To Record A Podcast From Two Different Locations

    Over the past few months, this has been one of the most trending questions that have been asked by podcasters. As many will say, The show must go on, whether there is a global pandemic or there is a total lockdown or not.

    The joy of being able to Record A Podcast From Two Different Locations is going to be overwhelming especially when you have a great show that you are trying to kick-off but you cant meet with your co-host or your interviewers or interviewees.

    In this article, were going to be looking at how to record a podcast from two different locations. You just have to sit tight and follow the steps correctly and youll be home good in no time.

    Before we get into the job you must know that when you record in the same location the recording quality and volume are actually a lot higher because you are together and you can see and change any effects that you want together that is if youre doing it with a partner.

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    Hey There Podcast Fans We’ve Produced A Pair Of Podcasts At Buffer That We Think You’ll Like Learn The Latest Social Media Trends With The Science Of Social Media And Get An Inside Look At A Dtc Company Built From Scratch With Breaking Brand

    Content marketing comes in many different shapes and sizes. Creators like you have a lot of options: blog posts, social media updates, visuals, video, slide decks, and even more. You can even add podcasting to this mix.

    Audio is being used in clever ways to fit into the content plans of some of the top forward-thinking websites and blogs. Tim Ferrisauthor of The Four-Hour Work Week started a very popular podcast from his blog. Copyblogger runs their Lede podcast amid their traditional awesome marketing posts.

    Podcasts are here to stay. Have you thought about starting your own? If so, heres what I dug up for how to get going in this new content direction. Read on to learn the ABCs of podcasting for beginners.

    Best Podcast Hosting And Analytics Platform

    How to record from a microphone to a computer for ...
    • Transistor we started Transistor for professionals who are serious about their podcast. We provide a website for your podcast, a place to store your MP3 files, an iTunes-ready RSS feed, and detailed analytics.

    • Anchor if you’re starting a hobby podcast, Anchor is a nice way to get started.

    • Soundcloud is another popular place for folks looking for a free hosting solution.

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    The Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong

    There are methods that have been around for years and have been used by countless podcasts to record countless episodes remotely, yet despite that, they are a terrible way of doing it.

    Theyre popular because its the only method that many people know about, but they leave you with terrible quality audio, skips, disconnections, and dropouts – an editors nightmare and a bad experience for the listener.

    Weve all heard podcast episodes, even from very popular podcasts, where the sound is just subpar. Whether its a one-off due to unexpected technical difficulties, or the earlier catalogue of a podcast thats gone on to grow and upgrade their quality since then, these early growing pains can be avoided.

    This is one area where it truly pays to get it right as soon as possible. Because for all the magic that can be worked in post-production, audio quality is fixed at the state its recorded in. Nothing has a bigger impact on the overall sound of a finished podcast interview than the way it is recorded. Luckily, with a few simple tools, you can get great results right out of the gate.

    Best Software For Starting A Podcast

    Whether you record your podcast on a field recorder or straight into your laptop, you will eventually need to get some software to review and edit your recordings. Here is the best software to get started.

    Garageband for Mac

    GarageBand is the native digital audio workstation that is installed freely on each apple product . Its a simple program, but dont let that fool you. With practice and experience, you can create an excellent podcast using GarageBand alone.

    You can record your podcast into GarageBand, organize and edit your recordings, and even do some light mixing using their built-in plugins if you wanted. Learn the basics in our tutorial video on 11 tips for podcasting with GarageBand.

    Audacity for Windows

    Audacity is a free open-source DAW that works for both Windows and Mac. Audacity is praised in the podcast community as an excellent starter tool for podcasters. In fact, even some more experienced podcasters like to work in Audacity still.

    Learn the basics of Audacity in our in-depth tutorial video here.

    Paid for podcast software

    Want to step up your editing game with some professional editing software? There are several paid tools that help you edit your podcast like the pros.

    ProTools is the number one industry standard tool for audio production, in the music industry and the podcast industry. Because ProTools has been an industry leader for so long , it is used in studios around the world, and is a sort of universal language for audio engineers.

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    How To Record Voice On Computer Using A Usb Microphone

    If youre like most PC users, then you do a lot of listening on your computer- to movies, podcasts, and of course, music. But you probably also do plenty of talking, and maybe even a little singing, in the form of skype calls, Instagram videos, voice chats, online gaming, and video conferencing.

    The real challenge comes with capturing the best sound for those podcasts or vocal tracks. The tiny mic thats built into your PCs webcam is very limited in quality, so there are some affordably priced USB mics you can try for these purposes.

    Quality can be especially important if you want a pro sounding podcast or if youre giving a presentation via a video conferencing program. In these cases, your PCs built-in mic just wont do. So, how can you achieve pro results if youre on a tight budget?

    Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to improve how to record voice on your computer.

    The Basics: What Equipment Do You Need To Start A Podcast

    Record a Podcast with Multiple Microphones on one Computer

    It really depends on your budget and goals. If youâre truly strapped for cash, you can start a podcast with simply a computer and a good idea.But if youâre serious about creating a podcast thatâs enjoyable to listen to, start with these basics:

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    How The Pros Use Zoom For Podcast Recording

    Okay, I said don’t use it, but actually there is one way Zoom can work that actually gets really great results.

    Afterall, everyone is comfortable with the platform, so if you don’t want to overcomplicate the setup for your guests, this could be the option for you.

    A simple, yet fairly effective method is to have your guests record themselves using the Voice Memo app on their phone. Most modern smartphones have super high quality mics built in – much better than, say, your laptop mic.

    So, you connect to your guest using Zoom, get them to open up their Voice Memo app and hit record, and then hold the phone up and speak into it like a mic. Then, once you’re done, have them email you the file. You can even record via Zoom as a backup just in case.

    Super important to keep in mind though – the guest must be wearing headphones connected to the Zoom call so that their phone picks up their voice only.

    You’d be amazed by how many top-notch shows have been recorded this way during lockdown, so consider giving it a try.

    Best Podcasting Editing Software

    • Descript a unique way to record and edit your podcast. Descript automatically transcribes your spoken word and allows you to edit audio by editing the text transcription.

    • Garageband If you have a Mac, this is the easiest way to start recording and editing your podcast.

    • Audacity for PC users, Audacity is a good free choice for recording and editing podcasts. Emily Prokop has a good video tutorial on using Audacity.

    • ScreenFlow this is technically video editing software, but I’ve been using it lately for quick podcast editing projects. It works really well for recording audio as well.

    • Alitu with Alitu, you upload all of the clips for your episode and it cleans them up, adds intro music, and exports a finished audio file.

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    The Best Remote Podcast Recording Software

    Since podcasts are mostly an audio experience, capturing the highest-quality audio is very important.However, choosing the right software for your remote recording depends on your needs. You need to consider whether you want just audio-only or both audio and video.

    “When recording over the internet, even the best software for remote podcasts isnt perfect, and you may have to make some trade-offs. Keep your goals and your recording process in mind while looking over these options to see which one could be your best fit.”

    Harry Morton, founder of Lower Street

    When recording over the internet, even the best software for remote podcasts isnt perfect, and you may have to make some trade-offs. Keep your goals and your recording process in mind while looking over these options to see which one could be your best fit.


    Riverside is the #1 choice for remote recording software. The platform is simple and intuitive, the recording quality is excellent, and you’re even able to record high-quality video as well as audio.

    You and your guest will need to use Chrome to connect for now, though very soon Riverside will release a mobile app, making it even easier for you and your guests to record your podcast – wherever you are in the world.


    You can see facial expressions, and make a much more human connection than a simple voice call.


    One drawback to Cleanfeed is a lack of video, but if this isnt a big deal for you then its a great way to go.



    Recording A Podcast Via Phone Call

    Best Podcast Recording Software  Mac, PC, Paid &  Free

    There are several ways to record a phone call, including running your phone through the Zoom H6 handheld recorder, the TapeaCall app, simply using Zoom, or Skype + AudioHijack. You can read step-by-step instructions on how to record a phone call so that your guest just has to dial in and start talking in this blog.

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    Best For Apple Devices: Logic Pro X

    Logic Pro X

    • Relatively high price tag

    For die-hard Mac users, Logic Pro X may be the best audio editor available. This DAW includes powerful features and is extendable to support a huge list of plug-ins, effects, and sounds. Whether youre a DJ working on a remix or want to create a high-quality recording from scratch, Logic Pro X has the tools you need.

    The low-latency app allows you to edit audio on the fly. Once installed, you have access to dozens of plug-ins, including 70 effects and 24 instruments. It also includes more than 10,000 premade loops, drum kits, and sampler instruments. There is so much in Logic Pro X that its unlikely one person would use everything, but just about any audio editing and mixing need is covered.

    Logic Pro X costs $199.99 from the Apple App Store. You can download and try it with a 90-day free trial before paying.

    Doing The Same Thing With Skype

    You can decide to do your podcast over Skype. This is in fact more fun because you can actually see the person you are recording with. There are several other advantages with recording your podcast with Skype and they include:

    • It is the most familiar with people: both podcasters and people who view or listen to your podcasts are going to be able to easily understand what is going on. It is simpler to use, all you have to do is put on your Skype and get to work
    • You can actually see each other: it is much better when youre recording with your partner and you can see them make eye contacts and gestures. This is going to help to make your podcast a lot more fun and flexible

    The only downside to this is that one person is going to be having great audio quality while the other is going to be having a little bit lower. This should not be a problem, there is a simple way to solve it. You simply have to make the podcast host the one using the better microphone.

    There are so many other ways you can do these things, these are just a few ones that we have tested and are sure will give you exactly what you want. Dont forget that using video recording software will make your podcast a lot more interesting and fun. Its also going to help you make proper communications and hand gestures with your partner or your guest.

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    Best Software To Record Audio On Discord

    Vidmore Screen Recorder is the best choice for gamers and amateurs to record their own victory moments, discord audio or the competitors actions for skill improvement. Besides, it is an all-in-one screen recorder that allows you to capture computer screen, online lectures, webcam videos, FaceTime calls, take screenshots and more.

  • Users can record all discord audio on computer or voice from microphone.
  • Record computer screen, 2D/3D gameplay, video meetings and webcam videos.
  • It is simple to use for game players, lecturers and professional video creators.
  • Record audio from any sources.
  • Option 1 Use A Usb Audio Interface

    How to Record a Podcast using SPREAKER, on your phone or computer.

    Related Article

    If you like the simplicity of USB, then you might want to get your hands on something like the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.

    It’s a great little audio interface that lets you plug in 2 XLR mics and run them straight into your computer.

    You can use any type of XLR mic with the 2i2. Check out our best mics for podcasting roundup to explore your choices on that front.

    With this option, you’ll be able to record both of you on separate audio tracks, which will give you a bit more flexibility in post-production.

    The 2i2 is brilliant, but there are other top USB audio interface options on the market right now, too.

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    Can You Record A Podcast From Your Phone

    Definitely! You can start podcasting with a smartphone with a simple recording app, such as the Anchor, Spreaker, or Podbean. Of course, these apps wonât give you as high sound quality as many professionally-produced podcasts, but if youâre looking to get started quickly, donât let the lack of a computer stand in your way.For best results though, recently launched their iOS app that allows you to record professional-quality audio and video for your podcast. To get the best sound quality, we suggest using an external microphone.

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