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How To Record Screen In Laptop

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How To Record Full Screen On Windows 10 Faqs

How to record your computer screen on Windows 10 or Mac

Here we collect several frequently asked questions about screen recording. You can scan these questions and answers since it may help you when screen recording to a certain extent.

1. How to record screen on laptop?

If you are using a laptop with Windows OS, EaseUS RecExperts can help you. Follow those steps to record full screen Windows 10.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts and choose “Full Screen” as the recording mode.

Step 2. Click on the button in the bottom left corner to select the audio source.

Step 3. Click on the “REC” button to start recording. When you want to end the recording, click on the red button.

Step 4. If you need to trim the recording, there is a built-in trimmer. And the built-in media player will enable you to view the recordings.

2. Which is the best total screen recorder or free screen recorder on Windows 10?

  • Top 1. OBS Studio

Does Windows 10 Have A Built

Yes, it does. Windows Game Bar comes built into Windows 10 and can be activated by following our step-by-step guide in the first FAQ above. It doesnt have any advanced features, but its a quick and easy way to record video on your laptop screen if youre using a Windows laptop.

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How To Record Your Screen With Amds Radeon Relive

Not surprisingly, AMD also has a built-in screen capture feature on their newer graphics cards called Radeon ReLive.

In order to use Radeon ReLive, you must first make sure it is enabled from within Radeon Settings. To do this, open Radeon Settings by right clicking on your Desktop and then selecting AMD Radeon Settings. Once this has been enabled, you can customize the program to the hotkeys you want to start and stop your recordings.

And, like NVIDIAs GeForce Experience, video captures from AMD ReLive will be stored in your users Videos folder.

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How To Record Your Screen With Powerpoint

While the Xbox Game Bar is built-in to Windows 11, most people also have PowerPoint installed, which includes its own screen capturing utility for saving recordings in a slideshow. Using this method lets you export the video from the slideshow to any folder on your computer, so you can use the recording much like any video file.

  • Open a blank presentation, or an existing one, if it’s within the slideshow you will ultimately store the recording.

  • From the Insert tab, find the Media area, and choose Screen Recording.

  • Choose Select Area from the box at the top of the screen, and then draw directly over the area you want to record. You can also use this menu to enable/disable audio recording and toggle the cursor’s visibility.

  • Once the selection is made, choose Record to start the screen recording.

  • Use the pause button any time you need to, and then select Record again to resume the screen capture.

    When you’re completely done recording the Windows 11 screen, press the stop button, or enter WIN+Shift+Q.

  • The recording is automatically inserted into the slideshow. To save it elsewhere, right-click the video and choose Save Media as, and then pick where on your computer to save the MP4 recording.

  • How To Screen Record On Dell With Easeus Recexperts

    How to Record Your Computer Screen

    Comparing the features and functionality of most screen recorders, we highly recommend EaseUS RecExperts as the most competent laptop screen recorder for Dell. It offers enough useful features in recording, and it’s perfectly compatible with Dell devices.

    With its help, you can choose to record full screen or part of screen freely, and then save the recordings in various formats. In addition, this software makes it easy to record screen with webcam or audio simultaneously, or you can capture the video, sound, and webcam as you want.

    Apart from those basic functions, this Dell screen recorder offers an inbuilt snapping tool, which helps you take snapshots with one click before, during, or after recording.

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    How To Screen Record On Zenfone

    To get started, you should add the screen recording function to the quick access panel. Swipe down from the top edge of your screen and find the pencil symbol. Click this icon and press the screen recording icon in the Drag to add titles panel without releasing it. Drag it to the quick panel. Then, you can hit the Screen Recording button in the quick panel when you want to record anything.

    Tip 3 Screen Record On Asus

    You already have an easy-to-use screen recording tool re-installed in your Asus laptop as you are a Windows user. Game Bar allows you to use shortcut keys in the process of the recording and record HD gameplays without glitches. Also, please note that you can only record one application window at a time and within 30 minutes. If you want to record screen over 30 minutes, you should choose a screen recorder no time limit on Windows.

    Step 1: Set this inbuilt recording tool up by heading to Start – Settings – Gaming – Xbox Game Bar and turning on the toggle. Press the Win key + G to activate it.
    Step 2: Open the videos or the meetings that you want to record and tap the Start recording button to begin the recording process.
    Step 3: To stop the recording, you can hit the stop button. Preview your recordings by pressing Win key + G and selecting Capture – Show all captures.

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    Screen Recorder For Pc: How To Record Screen On Windows 10 11 Laptops And Mac

    Easy step-by-step guide on how to record screen on PC.

    Screen recorders for PCs come in handy when you want to save live streaming, film a tutorial, or share what youre looking at with your friends. You dont need a third-party app to record the screen on Windows 10, 11 laptop/ PC and Mac. Both machines come with a built-in screen recorder that lets you capture everything that is there on the screen and save it as an mp4 file for free. Apart from this, you always have the option to download the third-party app that lets you do much more than just record screens. Below weve outlined a few simple steps on how to record screens on Windows 10, 11 laptop/ PC and Mac, along with the best screen recorder apps that you can use. Take a look:

  • How to record streaming videos on desktop
  • How To Screen Record On A Dell Laptop With Snip & Sketch

    How to Record Screen on Laptop & PC using Zoom

    Snip & Sketch is the successor of the Snipping Tool on Windows 10. In another word, you can do screen records on a Dell laptop running Windows 10. It is able to capture any region on your desktop including a window. Just learn more about the process as below.

    Step 1: When you need to a take screenshot on a Dell laptop, you can press Windows + Shift + S keys on your keyboard at the same time. You can also find the tool on the bottom toolbar.

    Step 2: Then your screen will be covered by gray with a bar at the top to take a rectangular, capture free-region, a window, or full screen. Then select the appropriate option and draw on your screen.

    Step 3: Once the screen record is done, you will be taken to the editor window. Now, you can polish the screenshot with the pen tool and more other elements according to your requirements.

    Step 4: Click the Save button to export the screenshot to your computer. It allows you to save the image in JPG, PNG, etc. If you wish to use the snapshot in other software, click the Clipboard button.

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    How To Record Your Computer Screen On Windows 10 Using The Game Bar

    • Make sure you have the appropriate graphics card. . In order to begin recording a screencast, you need a hardware encoder, which means that youll need a specific graphics card installed in order to support an encoder like Intel Quick Sync H.260 , Nvidia NVENC , or AMD VCE .
    • Press Windows + G and the Game Recorder will appear.
    • Record audio
      • System audio. The sound from your computer is recorded by default. You can disable it by clicking the settings icon at the bottom left of the window, select the Game DVR tab and scroll down until you see Audio, unselect Record audio when I record game clips.
      • Microphone audio . Unfortunately, the Windows 10 Game Recorder is not equipped with voice recording software. If you wish to record your voice during gameplay, you will have to change your computer settings. Watch this video to see how.
    • Click the Record button to begin recording. When in full screen, press the Windows key + Alt + G to start and stop recording.
    • Share your recording . Once youre finished recording, a file is created and saved to your computer. There is no way to instantly share, however, you can upload to YouTube or any other video hosting site.

    Screen Recorder For Windows Pc And Mac

    Windows 10 and 11 both have a built-in tool called Xbox Game Bar, while macOS has a QuickTime player to record screens on laptops/ PCs. There are several third-party apps as well that let you record screens on PC, but the one that we found particularly useful is OBS Studio. The app is compatible with almost every operating system out there, including Windows 7 and 8, macOS, and Linux.

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    Activepresenter The Perfect Solution For Screen Recording And Video Editing

    Professional-looking videos are the icing on the cake for blog posts, tutorials, reviews, lessons, and the like. Were sure that ActivePresenter deserves a choice for screen recording . It will satisfy you with no time limit, ad free, advanced functions, lifetime license, affordable cost, and great technical support.

    Give ActivePresenter a try now!

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    How To Record Your Screen Using Obs Studio

    how to screen record on laptop

    If you want to move out of Microsofts solutions, and go for a less complicated solution, OBS Studio is the way to go. Its a widely used video recording, mixing, and streaming software thats free and open source. Heres how to record screen using OBS Studio.

    Download OBS Studio, install it and launch it.

    On the launch screen, select Optimize just for recording, I will not be streaming, and click Next.

    Select your preferred resolution and FPS, and click Next.

    Confirm your settings, and click on Apply Settings.

    Add a scene using the plus icon in the Scenes section in the bottom left corner. Name it, and click OK.

    Click the plus icon in the Sources section in the bottom left corner, and click on Display Capture. Name it, and click OK.

    Select the display to record from the drop-down menu, and click OK.

    Click the Settings button located at the bottom right corner of the app.

    Select Output from the left navigation pane. Make sure the settings and recording path are as per your preferences, and click OK.

    Click on Start Recording button in the bottom right corner. Click Stop Recording when done.

    You can find your screen recording in the previously specified recording path. If the quality is not what you want, you can tweak the options in the settings to adjust it to your needs.

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    How To Screen Record On Asus Chromebook

    First, open the Quick Settings panel by clicking the appropriate button in the bottom-right corner. Press the up-arrow icon and select Screen record button. You can record specific window, full screen, selected area as you want. Hit Stop recording button to end the process of recording on Chromebook.

    How To Record Full Screen On Windows 10 With Easeus Recexperts

    Windows Game Bar only provides limited recording functions, so if you want to record screen and webcam or some others, we recommend an excellent Windows 10 screen recorder – EaseUS RecExperts.

    Like Game Bar, it allows you to capture the entire screen with simple clicks. But in addition to capturing the whole screen, you can also customize the recording region and record part of screen easily. It’s worth noting that the quality of the output video can reach 1080P/4K, which means every detail on your screen will not be missed.

    Except for the recording function, this software also supports editing the recorded video clips by trimming. If there are some unnecessary parts in the video, you can cut them off directly without downloading any other tools. And there is a built-in media player that enables you to preview the video with ease.

    Key Features:

    • Schedule recording to record automatically
    • Support more than 10 output formats
    • Offer built-in media player and file trimmer
    • Lightweight and can run smoothly on both laptops and desktop computer

    If you want to record the whole screen of your Windows desktop computer or laptop, this reliable recorder is worth trying. No registration is needed. Click on the button to download it.

    How to Screen Record on Windows 11/10/8/7 Easily:

    Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts. There are two different options for screen recording, i.e., “Full Screen” and “Region”. If you select “Full Screen”, you will capture the whole screen.

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    Recording The Whole Screen With Obs Studio

    The biggest drawback to using Windows 10’s or Windows 11’s built-in Xbox Gamebar to screen record is that it can only work with one app at a time and will not show the Windows desktop or File Explorer. To capture your entire desktop and all the windows on it, you need a third-party app and, while there are many, we like OBS Studio for this purpose.

    OBS Studio is very popular in the game streaming community because it’s free and great at broadcasting games out to Twitch and other sites. However, you can also use OBS to record the entire screen in Windows 11 and save it as an MP4 file, without ever streaming what you do.

    1. OBS Studio. When you launch OBS for the first time, if you haven’t already, you will be asked whether you want to optimize it for streaming or recording only. If you don’t plan to stream, choose “Optimize just for recording.”

    2. to add a new source.

    3. Select Display Capture.

    4. on the dialog box that pops up. You can give the source a name other than Display Capture if you’d like.

    5. Choose a display and . If you have more than one monitor, this would allow you to have OBS on one screen while recording the activity on another. If you have only one monitor, there’s only one choice.

    6. in the lower right corner of the screen.

    7. Minimize OBS if you are screen recording from the same monitor that OBS is on.

    8. in OBS when you are finished.

    Online Laptop Recording Software

    How to screen record on a HP laptop!

    Best for: Anybody looking for a free online solution to record meetings or training sessions.

    Trustpilot rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars, 101 reviews

    If youre wondering how to record a laptop screen with audio, Screencapture is the free online solution you need. Theres no software to download, and you can save your videos in HD quality you can also record your webcam.


    • Free, and no software to download
    • Record voice and computer system sounds
    • Option to add or remove a watermark


    View all programs Hide the table

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    Microsoft Updates Xbox Game Bar With Spotify And Memes

    ByRami Tabaripublished 6 April 19

    In Microsoft’s recent update to Xbox Game Bar, the company brought a ton of new features including Spotify, an Xbox Social tab and meme creation via game captures.

    To get your hands on the latest Xbox Game Bar, youll need to first download the Xbox Insider Hub app on the Microsoft Store. Then, once the app is open, go to Insider Content and join Windows Gaming. If you click on the Game Bar app that’s now in the App section, it’ll take you to the Game Bar app in the Microsoft Store where it’ll automatically update.

    To see if it updated, click the Xbox button on your Xbox One controller and you should now have a bunch of little tabs pop up when the Game Bar opens. The newest editions of the app include Spotify, which is without a doubt one of the biggest highlights. Once you click the Spotify icon in the tab section, then it’ll open a window where it’ll give you the option to download the app if it’s not already on your device. After it’s downloaded, you can link your account. Unfortunately, this is where I got stuck. All I saw was a white page and I couldn’t get it to work, but it is still in beta after all.

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    Of course, you still get the audio tab as well, which lets you manage your volume mixer and audio outputs.

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