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How To Record Screen On Asus Laptop

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Free External Tools To Create Screenshots On An Asus Laptop

How to Record Screen in ASUS Zenfone 6 Use Screen Recorder

Most people taking screenshots only want to keep a certain part of information on their screen and not an image of the whole screen. Therefore most screenshots get edited after they were taken. If you want to take a screenshot on your ASUS Notebook or Laptop you can also use external third party tools and ad-ons.

Free tools to create screenshots on an ASUS Laptop are for example Greenshot and PicPick. Both tools have the advantage that they can more easily take screenshots of individual areas in your screen or maybe of certain opened windows like a browser for example. In addition, you can use these tools to edit the screenshots immediately and save them afterwards. Editing functions of these third party programs often include inserting arrows , cropping the screenshot, or text editing inside the screenshot, to explain the information in it more precise. After editing them you can easily save the image to your harddrive.

How To Screen Record On Asus Laptop By Wondershare Democreator

Built by Wodershare, a famous multi-media software company, DemoCreator is a very easy to use screen record for Asus laptop users. Unlike Game bar, you can use DemoCreator to do any screen recording activity according to your demand. There is no region or time limited. Besides, you can have the options to encode the format of the video. This is very friendly for laptop users as they often have a small storage space.

Whats more, DemoCreator comes with a rich video editor allowing you to edit the recording videos from many aspects. You can always make your recording videos more versatile and instructive. You can follow our guide on how to screen record on Asus laptop with DemoCreator step by step below.

Step 1: Download DemoCreator and install it to your Windows system.

How To Record Screen In Asus Max Pro M2

Particularly for tutorials, the recording of the screen on the mobile phones, the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 screen recorder can be extremely useful. This video gets recorded with sound and can create an impactful and completely explanatory video. The videos may also be used for helping an acquaintance on how to perform a particular task in a more descriptive way than explaining by a call or a text message.

The screen recorders may even be used for professional purposes for explaining a particular task to your colleague through the use of a screen recorder instead of writing an email for the same. The screen recorders also in the modern-day help in the recording of a social media story or gif which the user might want to keep as memorabilia. There may even be cases where the screen which is recorded is used in the form of evidence against something or someone. Therefore, it is an important function that is provided. The following steps need to be followed for screen recording a video.

Step 1: The volume up, as well as the power buttons, needs to be pressed simultaneously for close to two seconds. This will make a recording message appear.

The screen recorder function allows the capturing of what is to be displayed on the screen and it also allows the user to capture the screenshots while the recording is on. There is another alternative through which the screen recording process can be executed.

Apart from this, the Asus screen recorder APK is available on android as well.

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Do The Same Steps Work On An Asus Chromebook Laptop

No. Since Chromebooks dont run Windows or Linux, the methods mentioned above dont apply to them.

Here is how you can take a screenshot on an Asus Chromebook.

Note: Show Windows key is found in the top row of the Chromebook keyboard. It looks like a rectangle with 2 parallel lines to the right.;

  • For entire screen:;Press;Ctrl + Show Windows key.
  • For an area of the screen:;Press;Shift + Ctrl + Show Windows key.

How To Use The Snipping Tool To Take Screenshot

Bandicam Screen Recorder In

A snipping tool is a tool that is provided by windows. This snipping tool is available in all versions of windows. You can also use the snipping tool to take a screenshot on the Asus laptop. If you will use the snipping tool then you can take any type of screen in just a few seconds. So if you want to learn How to Screenshot on an Asus laptop using this tool then follow the below steps.

  • First of all, you press the Windows key on your keyboard.; ;
  • Now you have to type the snipping tool in the search bar.; ;
  • After that, you can see the snipping tool, you have to just .; ;
  • When you will click on it then a popup window will open of the snipping tool. In this snipping tool, you can take the below type of screenshots. You have to click on the arrow of new to see the types of screenshots and then select any one of them.
  • The first type of screenshot is Free-from snip. You can draw on your screen to select the screen of the screenshot.
  • In this tool, the second option is the rectangular snip. You can select the rectangular part of your screen of any size using this tool.
  • This third type of screenshot is an Active window snip. You have to click on it if you want to take a screenshot of your active window. After that, you have to click on the window which you want to capture in your screenshot.
  • And the last type of screenshot is a full-screen snip. You have to click on it if you want to take a screenshot of the full screen.
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    Snapshot On Asus Laptop Using Snipping Tool

    Windows has one functional default tool that allows capturing;from all or parts of the computer display. Its interface is very simple, and you choose Mode to start your work. According to your needs for the image, the choice is different. You can also see more details on how to use this application after the interface image.

    Here is a list of steps in detail:

    Step 1. Type Snipping Tool in the Windows searching bar, and open it.

    Step 2. Press Alt + M, and then choose what you want to capture. Before holding down Enter, you can choose it from;the custom display,;rectangular;window, as well as a full-screen snapshot.

    Step 3.;Hold down;Ctrl + S;to save your work.

    Taking Free Form Screenshots With Windows Snip & Sketch

    The Snip & Sketch tool is the newest way to take screenshots on Windows 10. Microsoft only recently added this tool, and it will soon completely replace the snipping tool.

    The Snip & Sketch tool can be accessed with the shortcut;Win + Shift + S.;

    And similar to the snipping tool it has these 4 screenshot modes:

    • Free Form Screenshots
    • Active Window Screenshot
    • Full-Screen Screenshot

    Microsoft has already made it official that the snipping tool will be replaced with the Snip & Sketch tool in a future update. I think this is great because the snip & sketch tool is easier to access because of its keyboard shortcut.

    The free form mode in this tool makes it exceptionally easy to take screenshots of content that isnt a rectangle.;

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    How To Screen Record On Asus Laptop In A Free Way

    If your Asus laptop is running Windows 10 v17763.0 or higher, you can use the built-in free screen recorder called Game Bar to make a screen recording. This is really helpful if you just need a simple recording without much editing requirements. Because for Game bar recording, you can also have the options to change the video settings including file saving folder, fps, quality, maximum video duration or so.

    Step 1 Press Win icon + G keyboard combination to start the Game bar control.

    Step 2 Configure parameters for the recording video on the control panel or from Settings. You are also allowed to choose what kind of audios to record, custom shortcuts and decide whether to record in background.

    Step 3 Start and end the record with buttons or shortcuts. Below are the default keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 Game bar you can use during the recording.

    Open Game bar: Win + GRecord that/Record last 3 min : Win + Alt + GStart/Stop recording: Win + Alt + RMicrophone one/off: Win + Alt + MShow camera in broadcast: Win + Alt + W

    So this is the guide on how to screen record on Asus laptop with Game Bar. However, there are some disadvantages from Game Bar recording. Firstly, it fulfills most of the games recording. However, for most of the new games, it may fail to record as it is not compatible with these new ones.;

    Screenshot On Asus Laptop Using Paint


    You can have snips using Paint, which is a Microsoft application. After pressing “Print Screen” on your keyboard, paste it to Paint for more editing functions. Then, it helps you;crop, resize, and rotate the screenshot;freely.;

    To find Paint, you have two ways, one is by;searching it in the Windows searching bar. Another way is;pressing the Windows + P and type its name.;In Paint, you should hold down Ctrl+V to paste the snapshot. Then, you are allowed to edit this image as you like.;

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    Taking Screenshots On Asus Laptops Using Windows + Shift + S

    If you want to take screenshots of only a portion of the screen this is the go-to method. Press Windows key, Shift, and S simultaneously. This is available only on Windows 10. Follow these directions:

    • Press Windows key + Shift + S
    • Release the mouse button to capture the screenshot
    • Go to Paint 3D or any photo editor software and paste
    • Edit your screenshot
    • Save the screenshot

    Screenshots On The Asus Laptop

    Asus is one of the biggest computer manufacturers around the world. The Taiwanese company takes pride in making durable computers that are a perfect fit for the modern employee.

    And while they operate on the same OS as other laptops, you will need some navigating before you can find the screenshot feature on Asus Laptops. But we are here to help you out through this pickle.

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    How To Record Your Screen On Windows 10 Without Any Software

    Hello friends, Today I will tell you a method on how to record your screen on Windows 10. You can record your pc screen using this simple method. You dont need to install any software. I will share an inbuilt way to record your screen on Windows 10 PC/Laptop. Users can record entire screen on Windows 10. You can even record any session of a user using internet browser.

    Do you want to record your screen on your Windows 10 PC/Laptops? Yes, you are at the perfect place. In this article, I am going to show you that;how to record your screen on windows 10 very quickly. However, we are going to use the hidden feature of Windows 10 PC/Laptops. Just go through the article for more information about recording the screen of your Windows 10 system.

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    Take Screenshots Using Free Tools And Add

    ASUS introduces an innovative dual

    Most of the newer ASUS Laptops are running on a Microsoft Operating System. That means they mostly will run Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. This makes making screenshots relatively simple, because the basic mechanism of how to take them is pretty similar over all the different Windows versions.

    The newer Windows versions from Windows 10 and up also offer the possibility to create screenshots with on-board tools, that already come with the Windows Suite. Although there are many additional tools on the market, which are also available free of charge, it is in most cases sufficient to work with the in-house functions of Windows 10 on your ASUS Laptop. As most new bought ASUS Laptops are running Microsofts Windows 10 Operating System taking screenshots becomes very easy. Where you had to download and install certain programs or add-ons a couple years ago you can now use the Windows-included tools for taking screenshots on your ASUS Laptop.

    The newest ASUS Laptops have quite a simple mechanic for taking screenshots. Newest ASUS Laptop Models include the following:

    • ZenBook Series
    • FX / ZX Series
    • ASUS TUF Gaming Series

    This guide on how to take a screenshot on an ASUS Laptop is applicable to all these models and older if they are running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

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    Using The Browser Extension

    In many cases, though, you have to take a scroll-shot rather than a screenshot. This is particularly useful when capturing an entire webpage as a picture.

    You cannot do this with the Print Screen feature and the Snipping Tool. Instead, what you can do is go on the web and search for a browser extension for your screenshots. You can easily find several extensions online.

    Extension: GoFullPage

    With the installation done, you can select the icon in your URL to screenshot an entire webpage at any given moment. From right there, you can choose to save it in whatever format you want.

    My Asus Laptop Has No Print Screen Key

    Some laptops, especially the smaller ones, intentionally do not have a Print Screen key. This is because manufacturers or laptop-makers find it hard to make laptops smaller without omitting keyboard keys. And one of the keys that are usually excluded is the Print Screen Key.

    But dont worry because if your laptop was one of those small-built and portable laptops, you just have to press Fn key + Windows key + Spacebar all at the same time. This also works the same as pressing the screenshot key which saves your whole-screen image to the clipboard.

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    Ii Taking Screenshots With Techsmith Capture

    The TechSmith Capture is a modern-looking screen capture software. Not only does it allow you to take screenshots on your Asus laptop, but it also lets you record your screen.

    You can use;Shift + F11;to trigger the TechSmith Capture. Once you select a part of the screen, the program will ask you if you want to capture it as a screenshot or record it as a video.

    If you capture as a screenshot, youll get the option to edit the screenshot. Here are some of the things youll be able to do:

    • Add arrows

    How To Take Screenshot On Asus Laptop

    Record Screen in ASUS ROG Phone 2 Record Screen Tutorial

    As easy as it might seem, some people often copy the information they need through the click of a mouse to save what they need. However, if the data or the visual representation of data cannot be directly copied, copying and pasting will not simply work.

    A Screenshot is basically a system taken image of the information, data, visual representation of data that is displayed on the screen of on a computer or a mobile device. It is also known as a screen grab or a screen capture, that takes an image of the content displayed onto a screen.

    The screenshot capabilities of any device are basically taken by a command prompt that is delivered to the operating system through the click of one or a few buttons. The recent advances in screenshot technology, is being able to record whatever happens in the screen in real-time but to make things simpler we are only going to focus on how to properly take a screenshot on an ASUS Laptop.

    There are many different ways a screenshot can be taken that will add to the fun and overall user experience of capturing content on a screen in a more integrated way. There are hundreds if not thousands of new applications built to suit specific user needs.

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    How To Take A Screenshot On Asus Laptop Using Windows And Print Screen Keys

    This method is the easiest and quickest way to take screenshots on Asus laptops. Using the Windows key and Print Screen key ensures that your screenshot is saved without you having to open any photo editing software.

    To capture the screenshot press Windows key + prt sc. The screenshot will be automatically saved. To locate your screenshot, open the file explorer, then click on Pictures. Finally, click on Screenshots. Here you will find the screenshots you have taken.

    Enable Shadowplay To Record Your Desktop

    For whatever reason nVidia cripples shadowplay on laptops and does not allow the recording of your desktop. To enable this feature copy the below text and use it to create a text file, name it what you wish, though with a .reg extension. Save it double click on it, afirm all popups, and bam you can now record your desktop:#################################################Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00″DwmEnabled”=hex:01,00,00,00Alternatively if you are familiar with regedit just add / edit these values.-Josh

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    Thank you!!!!Was thinking the same. Why on hell would they not allow desktop recording on laptop with NO optimus where screen is connected to the GPU basicaly the same way in PC it is!!

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    Your welcome! Yeah it is prolly just easier / lazy to not detecting optimus. Hopefully with more high end performance rigs abandoning optimus nVidia will see the light and remove this arbitrary restriction.It is probably not getting much attention as I am guessing there is only a minority of users that would like to use this feature.

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    Hello guys, I just applied the workaround registry hack to make shadowplay working for desktop capture but I don’t manage to record at all.I activate the shadowplay, then I press on the dedicated button to start the recording, I see the temp files , then I stop the recording by pressing the dedicated button again and the recorded file is not created. Why?

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