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How To Record Screen On Dell Laptop Windows 10

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Take Screenshots On Dell

How To Screen Record On Laptop? [Windows 10]

If your Dell laptop or desktop is running Windows 7, XP or Vista, the shortcuts are pretty much the same:

  • Press Prt Scr to capture the entire screen.

  • Press Alt + Prt Scr to capture a single active window.

  • If the PrtSc key in your Dell keyboard is printed in a different color, you will need to press Fn + Prt Scr to take a screenshot.

  • To find your screenshots, search Paint in the search box in the bottom-left corner of the screen. When you open the Paint app, press Ctrl + V to paste your screenshots.

    Click File> Save to name your screen capture and choose a location.

    When you are using the hotkeys to take a screenshot on the Dell computer, you usually cut the whole screen instead of the specific area you want. If you want to take a screenshot of a specific area, FonePaw Screen Recorder

    How To Screen Record On Dell Laptop With Recmaster

    1. Download RecMaster on your Dell laptop and finish the installation procedures.

    2. Double-click the icon and run the application.

    3. Choose a mode before recording. Considering Full-Screen is the most versatile mode, the following steps will exemplify this mode.

    4. Do settings before recording

    This part is for advanced users who want to create videos with the highest quality.Specific procedures are listed below:

    Choose your video format, MP4 is recommended here as it is the most transmitted format. Then you need to tweak the video quality as original, the highest video quality RecMaster attains to offer. Thirdly, FPS should be carefully set. If you want to create gameplay recordings, you need to make FPS be set at 60 to promise the fluency of your clips. As for ordinary videos, 30 FPS should suffice.To make your video more instructive, you can consider adding webcam and microphone sounds to your videos. With intuitive narration and gestures, online lesson videos or tutorial videos could be successfully made.

    5. Start recording

    After you finish the setting part, hit the red button, and start recording your Dell screen. Wait for a 3-second countdown before recording. During recording, you can use annotation tools to highlight your footage. The access is marked below.

    Final Words

    RecMaster Record Every Moment on Your Computer Screen

    Record 1080p or even 4K clips at 60fps to maintain the high quality still.

    How Do You Screenshot On A Dell Pc With Windows Vista/xp For An Active Window

    This section will educate you about how to do a screenshot on a Dell laptop or PC that has been featured with Windows Vista or Windows XP using a shortcut and Paint. This method will be apt for getting the screenshot for an active window.

    On your Dell device, you can press Alt together with the Print Screen button. When the active window has been captured, Paint has to be launched. In this application, you can first paste the screenshot. After this, you can go to the File menu and select a suitable option for saving it.

    • Ensure that the window that you want to save is open.
    • Now, press the combination of keys mentioned as follows:
    • Alt key + PrntScrn key
  • Paste the screenshot in Paint.
  • Select the option to save the screenshot.
  • Pick a suitable location for saving this screenshot.
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    Screen Record On Dell Laptop In Windows 10

    Pre-installed in Windows 10, Game Bar is always regarded as a top priority to create recording assignments, especially for games. It can work on your Dell laptop to easily record most applications and windows in high quality, except the full screen, specific partial area, File Explorer, Notepad and Weather apps. If you’re looking for a quick way to record for your Dell, this tool is definitely feasible.

    Step 1: Open a designated application on your Dell, hit Windows + G keys on the keyboard, and tick “Yes, this is a game” in the pop-up window to active Game Bar

    Step 2: Now press the red “Start Record” button to begin Dell laptop recording

    Step 3: You can press the record button again or use shortcut “Windows + Alt + R” to stop recording

    Step 4: Your videos will be saved locally as MP4 files in your user folder under Video > Captures.

    How To Take A Screenshot On A Dell Inspiron Laptop Via The Snipping Tool

    Screenshot on a Dell Laptop with Shortcuts and Snipping Tool

    On your Dell Inspiron Laptop, you can use the Snipping Tool for clicking a screenshot. The tool can be opened via the Start Menu. When it is open, you can drag your mouse for selecting the area that you would like to save as a screenshot. After the area has been selected, you can stop using the mouse and then save the screenshot.

    • When your Dell Inspiron Laptop is on, go to Start.
    • Now, launch the Snipping Tool.
    • Select New.
    • Drag your mouse over the area for taking a screenshot.
    • Stop dragging your mouse now.
    • Lastly, press Save.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Some of you may still be having queries that may not have been answered in the sections given above. You can read the frequently asked questions listed here to receive answers to the same.

    1. Can you screenshot on Dell laptop?

    Yes, it is possible to take screenshots on Dell laptops by using the Print Screen key. Additionally, you can use tools like Snagit and the Snipping Tool for clicking screenshots.

    2.How to take a screenshot on a Dell Inspiron 15?

    On your Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop, you can open the screen before recording it. Then you can press the Windows key along with the G letter key. When the Gamebar opens, you can use its widgets for taking a screenshot.

    3 How do I take a screenshot on my Dell Laptop XPS?

    To learn how to screenshot on a Dell XPS Laptop, you can tap the Print Screen or PrtScn key. Then you can paste it in Paint. Afterwards, you can save the screenshot in any location you prefer.

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    How Do I Turn On The Cameraon My Dell Laptop

    To turn on the webcam on a Dell laptop, power on the laptop and click the Start icon on the Windows screen. Next, click on All Programs and go to the Dell Webcam tab. In this tab, click on Webcam Central.

    A simpler way to get to this point is to type in Webcam Central in the search box and click on the displayed results. Next, select Snap Photos for the webcam to turn on and begin taking photos. To record videos, click Record Videos.

    Summary: How To Choose A Screen Recorder

    We hope you found these reviews helpful. This section summarizes the most important things to consider when choosing a screen recorder for Windows 7.

    • Price: Some screen recorders are free, and others offer both free and paid versions. If you want a free app, make sure it has the features you need. Does it restrict things like recording times and the number of allowed recordings? Consider another app or the PRO version if it falls short, especially if it offers a free trial period.
    • Graphical User Interface : No one ever complains that a screen recorder is too easy to use. Make sure the interface is intuitive, uncluttered, and has a gentle learning curve. At the same time, check that the GUI has everything you need.
    • Screen recording options: What do you need to capture? Some tools only record specific areas while others capture the entire screen or both. Also, check that the app offers audio recording as well if that’s important to you.
    • Editing tools: Check that the program has editing tools if that matters to you. Some apps offer basic editing like join, trim, and crop. Others have built-in editors or no tools at all.
    • Save and share: Can you save your files in the formats you need? If you plan to share your captures, make sure you can upload them directly to platforms like Google Drive, YouTube, etc.

    Movavi Screen Recorder

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    How Do You Take A Screenshot On A Dell Computer Or Laptop

    The most common way to think about taking screenshots on Dell laptops and computers is to use the keyboard keys. Along with that, you can use alternative options such as the Snagit tool to capture the screenshots or use the Windows screenshot feature to take custom screenshots. For Dell PCs and laptops that are having different versions of Windows like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, you can use a range of shortcuts to shoot screenshots and save them in any location as per your preference.

    If you are curious to know how to do a screenshot on a Dell computer, then you can go with any of the methods given below to capture a screenshot and manually edit it.

    How To Record Your Screen On Windows 7 With Desktop Recorders

    How to Screen Record on Windows 10

    Desktop recorders are software programs that you download to your computer and run natively as you would any other application. These screen recorders for Windows 7 tend to be fast and reliable because they are not limited to a network connection. However, they do not work well in situations where you cannot install software on the computer, such as a work computer or other machine that doesn’t belong to you.

    Best for: Novice and expert users, advanced editing, record live streams

    G2 rating: 4.5 out of 5, 45 reviews

    Movavi Screen Recorder is one part of a more extensive set of video tools made by Movavi. Like all of its sibling products, Screen Recorder was designed to be easy to use and very powerful. It has advanced features, like recording the screen and audio to separate tracks and scheduling your recording to begin and end automatically. Movavi Screen Recorder fits nicely into a complete video production environment because it integrates nicely with and shares many interface elements with the other video products that make up Movavi Video Suite.


    • Easy to use, intuitive interface
    • Free trial version for Windows and Mac lets you try before you buy
    • Excellent value for money

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    How To Screen Record On Android

    Screen Record on Android 11 or Higher

    With Android 11 or higher, native screen record is included as an option and can be found in the quick settings area of your device.

  • Go to Quick Settings Screen recorder
  • Tap the app to open it
  • Choose your sound and video quality settings and click Done
  • For your first recording, it will ask for permission to access your device, prompt you to choose your sound settings, and give you the option to Cancel or Start recording
  • Press Start recording
  • Hit the square stop button when youre finished recording
  • You can find your recording in your gallery or photos app
  • Screen Record on Older Android Devices

    If youre running an older version of Android, you may be able to screen record, but it takes some digging to find and enable. To allow screen recording, youll need to enable your Android devices developer mode.

  • Go to Settings, About Phone, and tap the Build Number button seven timesit will say, Youre now a developer!
  • Return to Settings and select Advanced, Developer Options, then Feature Flags
  • Toggle on settings_screenrecord_long_press
  • Now youre set up to record your screen
  • Long-press the screenshot button and itll bring up a popup menu
  • Tap Start Recording
  • Tap Start Now
  • Why Cant I Take Screenshots On My Pc

    If you want to take a screenshot of the whole screen and save it as a file on the hard drive, without using any other tools, then press Windows + PrtScn on your keyboard. In Windows, you can also take screenshots of the active window. Open the window that you want to capture and press Alt + PrtScn on your keyboard.

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    Faqs Of Taking Screenshots On Dell

    Is FastStone free to take screenshots on Dell?

    No, FastStone is not the free software to take screenshots on Dell, but it offers the free 30 daysâ trial to use this software in full features.

    How do you screenshot on a Dell Windows 10?

    If you use the third-party software mentioned in this post, you can take screenshots on a Dell computer on Windows 10. As for the keyboard combinations to take screenshots, you should press the Windows key + PrtScn and your screen will dim for a moment, and then you can find the screenshots stored in the Screenshots folder inside your default Pictures folder on a Dell computer.

    How to screenshot on Dell Chromebook?

    Hold down the Ctrl + Window keys to capture a full screenshot. Hold down the Ctrl + Shift + window keys to capture a partial screenshot.

    What do you think of this post?

    How To Record Screen On Dell Laptop

    Quay video màn hình máy tính  wikiHow

    EaseUS RecExperts is another Dell screen recorder you can take into consideration. It comes with abundant options to help record screen, webcam, audio and gameplay. Furthermore, it functions well to trim video, add arrows, texts, lines, create scheduled task, embed watermark and more. With intuitive interface and concise layout, you can independently operate it.

    Step 1: Equip your Dell laptop with EaseUS RecExperts, open it and press “Record Screen” option

    Step 2: Click and select a recording region in the dropdown list under the “Custom” section

    Step 3: Now move to “Microphone” and confirm which sound source you’d like to capture

    Step 4: You can possibly enable “Webcam” and hit the red “REC” to begin screen recording on Dell laptop

    Step 5: End up your recording and save the videos to “Video List”. You can then right-click it to preview, edit, compress, share, rename, etc.

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    Using Windows Xp Vista And 7

  • 1Navigate to a page on which you wish to take a screenshot. Anything that’s on your screen will be captured when you take your screenshot, taskbar included.
  • For example, you might open a Facebook conversation you had with a friend.
  • 2Locate the PrtScr key. The “Print Screen” key is typically found in the upper-right side of Dell keyboards. Unlike other computer manufacturers’ keyboards, the “Print Screen” key usually doesn’t have anything else written on it.
  • The “Print Screen” key may be written a number of different ways, but “PrtSc” and “Prnt Scr” are the two most common variations.
  • 3Press PrtScr. Doing so will copy an image of your screen onto your computer’s clipboard, from which you can paste it into an application that will allow you to save it as a picture.
  • Some Dell keyboards have “PrtSc” written in a different color than the regular key color . If so, you’ll need to press Fn in the left corner of the keyboard while pressing PrtScr.
  • 4Open the Start menu. You can do this by clicking either the Windows icon or Start in the bottom-left corner of the screen, or you can press the Win key.
  • 5Type paint into the Start menu. You should see the Paint application pop up at the top of the Start menu’s window.
  • For Windows XP, click All Programs and then select the Accessories tab.
  • 6 It resembles a cup full of brushes or a painting palette .
  • 7V. This will paste your screenshotted image into Paint.
  • 8Click File. It’s in the top-left corner of the Paint window.
  • Capture Screen With Videosolo Screen Recorder

    To record anything that happens on the screen, it is necessary to find a more extensive screen recording software. VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a professional tool that perfectly works on Windows 10/8/7. It can record all the screen activities with system audio and microphone audio, whether it is the operation on desktop, file explorer, or other applications.

    With the free version of VideoSolo Screen Recorder, you can record for 3 minutes. However, to record as long as you wish, you need to either buy the Pro version or restart the recording for every 3 minutes. Later you might need to combine them using any video editors.

    There are many output formats for you to choose, such as MP4, WMV, MOV, F4V, AVI, TS, GIF. After recording, VideoSolo Screen Recorder enables you to preview and do a simple clip for the video. You can download the free trial to try.

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    Professional Way To Screenshot On Dell With High Quality

    With the first 2 methods, you can handily screenshot on your Dell desktop/laptop. In case you want more choices, here in this part, we like to introduce you with another popular screenshot app, Screen Recorder for you.

    This screenshot tool allows you to freely capture any part of your Dell computer screen with ease. It enables you to screenshot on Dell with full screen, active window and selected region. Moreover, it carries some editing features for you to directly edit your Dell screenshot.

    Faqs About Screen Recording On Dell Laptops

    How to screen record windows 10 laptop without download

    This is the title

    Press the Windows + Print Screen keys, the screenshots will be saved to C:\Users\\Pictures\Screenshots.

    Press Windows + R keys from the keyboard to open the Run window. Type Pictures in this window and hit the Enter button, this will open the Windows Pictures folder.

    Make sure you have already set up the correct destination folder and hotkeys for the snapshots. If you get a message stating that the Snipping tool is not working properly, there may be another software having conflicts with the Snipping Tool.

    If the Print Screen key does not work, you should turn off the One Drive or other programs to avoid any conflict. The hotkey might be taken over without permission. If there is an F Mode key on your keyboard, you should press it to enable the Print Screen key.

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    How To Screenshot On Dell With The Print Screen Key

    The easiest way to take screenshots on a Dell is the Print Screen key on your keyboard. It labels as PritScrn, Print Screen, Prs, etc.

    Step 1: Put everything you want to screenshot on Dell on your desktop.

    Step 2: Press the Print Screen button. If you cannot find the button, you can use Fn + Spacebar.

    Step 3: Open MS Paint, press Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot. Edit it, such as cropping unwanted parts.

    Step 4: Go to File -> Save As and choose a proper format. Navigate a location, enter a filename and click the Save button.

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