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How To Record Screen On Lenovo Laptop

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How To Record Your Computer Screen On Windows 10

How to take screenshots and screen record in your “Lenovo Laptop” | By ANKIT |

Throughout history, we have developed many different techniques in capturing and recording moments. Starting from paintings on a cave wall to digitally capturing video and images in an instant. You can never satiate progress and screen recording is proof of that.

A businessman who set up an online conference with his managers.

An online student and her teacher in a virtual classroom who are prsereparing study points for the SATs.

A grandmother, 2,000 miles away, who sees her great-grandchild for the first time via Skype.

These moments are the type of moments that need to be recorded and, in this day and age, it has become insanely easy. A free screen recorder gives us the convenience of capturing anything on our PC or laptop screens.

In this article well cover how to record your computer screen on Windows 10. There are several options out there and we are going to walk you through three of them.

So sit back, relax, and lets jump in.

Way : Screenshot On Lenovo With Snipping Tool

The built-in Snipping Tool can be your Lenovo screenshot tool as well. However, Snipping Tool in not available in Windows 10 version 1809 since the October 2018 update. So you can screenshot on Lenovo for free on Windows 8/7 of custom region.

Step 1: Press the Windows key. Type Snipping near the bottom. Choose Snipping Tool under Best match.

Step 2: Click New in the Windows Snipping Tool. Unfold the Mode and Delay list based on your need.

Step 3: Drag on your Lenovo computer screen. Release your mouse to screenshot on a Lenovo.

Step 4: Preview the captured image in Snipping Tool.

Step 5: Click the Save icon on the top toolbar to save a Lenovo screenshot.

After taking a screenshot on Lenovo, you may need the to edit the screenshot.

Use Snagit To Record Your Laptop Screen

If you want a more powerful tool, we recommend using Snagit. It is a screenshot capture program. You can use it to record any area of your laptop screen easily and quickly.

To record your laptop screen:

  • and install Snagit.
  • Run and sign in this program.
  • Select the Video tab, then click Capture.
  • Select an area of your screen you want to record, then click the record button.
  • If you want to pause recording, click the Pause button.

    Click the Record button to resume recording.

  • If you want to stop recording, click the stop button.

  • Edit your video with the Snagit Editor. You can add text, shapes, etc. to your video.
  • Save or share your video.
  • 15 days

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    Professional Screen Recorder To Take A Screenshot On Lenovo

    With the first two methods, you can handily capture a whole screen or customized screen as you like. But if you want to screenshot a video or add some labels to the captured image, you can try this professional screen recorder.

    Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is the professional video and audio recording software, which can help you take snapshots and record online videos, conference, webcam videos, songs, etc. with high-quality image and sound quality. With it, you can take a screenshot easily on your Lenovo, lG, Samsung, HP, Toshiba, Dell computer and more.

    • Professional capturing tool that supports capturing pictures from screen.
    • Equipped with key editing functions to make a screenshot and add text as you want.
    • Record online videos/audio from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, TED, etc. in full screen or customized screen size with ease.
    • Record streaming audio, online audio, microphone voice with high sound quality.


    Can You Use Chromebooks Built

    3 Ways to Record Your Computer Screen

    Yes, if you have an older version of Chrome you can use Chrome Flags screen capture.

    Flags are Chromeâs experimental features. While they may cause some glitches in your user experience, many Flags are in the testing stages before being rolled out in future updates.

  • Open Chrome
  • Copy and paste this into your browser: chrome://flags#screen-capture
  • Select Enabled from the drop-down menu
  • Restart Chrome
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    How To Record Screen Windows 10

    This simple method can easily be conducted with the help of just certain shortcut keys on the keyboard itself. The game bar can also be displayed on Windows 10 so that it can be used to record the screen itself. For that certain simple steps can be followed.

    Step 1: Click on Start on your Windows 10. Type Xbox App and then open the App.

    Step 2: In the Xbox app, a keys combination can be pressed. You can type Win+G. Type it on the screen that you wish to record. After pressing the combination, a pop up will come onscreen. It will ask if its a game or not. You have to click on Yes, it is a game.

    Step 3: Then you can see certain options there, like, Start Recording, Screenshot and Settings.

    Step 4: First, Select the Start Recording Button. Then the recording will start. When you are done with the recording, you can stop the recording. Automatically, the recordings will be saved in C/Users/Videos/Captures.

    This way you can record the screen without any third-party tools.

    Using Print Screen Key

    It is possible for users to create screenshots using the Print Screen key from various angles. The best part is that a screenshot can be viewed on different devices.

    For Lenovo Windows 7 Laptop:

    • Locate the key which says PrtSc. Now, press it to enable you copy what is on your screen.
    • Paint application should be opened.
    • Paste the copied screenshot in the application. This can be done through “CRTL V”.

    For Windows 8 and 10:

    • Both Windows & PrtSc keys should be pressed at once.
    • Notice when your screen is going to become dim. Once it does, such is a sign that you have successfully taken screenshot.
    • To locate this picture, go to pictures — screenshots.

    Please note the following:

    • You wont find the Prtsc key on the ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2nd Generation. This is due to its adaptive keyboard.
    • To find the PrtSc key, look at your keyboards right hand corner. There are situations whereby such key will be found between Ctrl and Alt.
    • Prtsc function doesnt work during gameplay.

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    Record Your Chromebook Screen With The Built

    On your Chromebook, click the status bar at the bottom-right corner, and in the following quick settings panel, select Screen Capture. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+Shift and the Show Windows key. The Show Windows key is typically the sixth key on the top row of the keyboard it has a rectangle and two bars on it.

    When you do this, your Chromebook will launch the screen recorder, which features a floating row of options and turns your mouse cursor into a crosshair.

    How To Take A Video Screen Capture On Lenovo

    screen recording on lenovo laptop

    June 25, 2019 | Lenovo

    Whether it’s to do a tutorial or to record a Snap, it’s damn practical to be able to take a video capture of the Lenovo screen. You’ll see, it’s less complicated than it seems! In fact, recording the Lenovo screen is as easy as pie. We will therefore show you how to film the screen of your Lenovo. Secondly, we are going to give you the best application that will allow you to take a video screen capture on an Android laptop. In a second step, we will explain where to find the file for your video.

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    How To Take A Snapshot On Lenovo With Screenshot Tool

    A powerful tool like EaseUS RecExperts with the same snapshot method can be used on most versions of Windows. It meets all your needs to take a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop.

    Most importantly, you can customize the hotkey setting to take a screenshot. Instead of using the built-in setting method, this screenshot tool allows you to set. Let you set the hotkeys according to your own habits. For example, if you like to use F1 for personal habits, then you can set it.

    Also, if you install this tool on Lenovo, you can use it for screen capturing. It’s a free solution for capturing with a webcam and audio. You can decide to add the system sound or microphone as you like. Let’s see more features.

    What other functions provided by this tool:

    • Allow advanced settings for the video output format, frame rate, etc.
    • Effective record audio with screen for online meeting
    • Capture desired area of your computer display
    • With task schedule capturing function
    • Record webcam to increase more engagement

    Here is a list of steps for you to follow with!

    Step 1. Open this screen recorder. To take a snap for your screen, select “Region” from the main interface.

    Step 2. Also, you can customize the hotkey of taking a screenshot. Click “Settings” to choose “Advanced”. Then, change the hotkey from “Capture screenshot”.

    Step 3. Now, drag your mouse to select the desired screen area. Then, release the mouse and press the hotkey.

    How To Screenshot On Lenovo Laptop

    Snapshot is common in our workplace as it shows exactly what you’re viewing. You may often use this specific image to make a function instruction. People who see this image will quickly understand what you want to express. It is also a kind of solution to avoid confusion.

    If you want to learn about how to screenshot on Lenovo laptop, read this tutorial. It provides you with guides about the two methods, including using the tool and use the default keyboard method.

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    Using Vlc Media Player

    It is a popular media player and it is used by many. With the help of it, you can record the screen without any third party tool or app. It can be used in Windows 7,8 and 10.

    Step 1: If you dont have it already, download and install VLC media player on your Windows Computer.

    Step 2: Launch VLC media player. First, click on Media and then click on Open Capture Device.

    Step 3: Go to Capture Mode, and then click on the dropdown. There you can select Desktop.

    Step 4: Set the options accordingly and then click on Play.

    Step 5: Click on Stop Button.

    Step 6: On the screen, click on Recording. Click Save. It will be saved in the desired location.

    No matter which windows version you are using, VLC is adaptable with all the versions. No additional software is required. These are the two best methods to record the screen in Windows 10 in a very straightforward way. By following these methods, you do not have to go through all the hassles.

    Faqs Of Taking A Screenshot On Lenovo

    How To Screen Record On Lenovo Laptop? 3 Best Ways ...

    How to take a long screenshot on Lenovo laptop?

    To take a scrolling screenshot on Lenovo, you can use a screenshot plugin in Chrome, Firefox or Safari. For instance, you can use Full Page Screen Capture, Screenshoter and more to scroll down and screenshot on Lenovo laptop as PNG, PDF and more.

    How to fix Print Screen not working with Lenovo?

    If you can take a screenshot on a ThinkPad, 2-in-1 or other Lenovo models with the Print Screen key, you can troubleshoot Print Screen not working with small tips here. Well, you can check if you disable Print Screen key or not. Just press F Mode or F Lock key on Lenovo keyboard to have a check. Or you can update the keyboard driver or Windows OS to fix Print Screen not working with Lenovo.

    What to do when Snipping Tool grey screen in Windows 10?

    If the Lenovo screen goes grey completely after using Snipping Tool, you use update Display Driver, perform system file check, diagnose in safe boot mode or use professional Windows troubleshooting and repairing software.

    That’s all to screenshot on Lenovo with Print Screen, Snipping Tool and AnyMP4 Screen Recorder. The main differences between those Windows screenshot tools are built-in drawing tools. AnyMP4 Screen Recorder provides the most screenshots effects and tools, while Windows Print Screen offers nothing. Just choose the one you really need.

    What do you think of this post?

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    Whats The Best Laptop Screen Recorder For High

    If you are a gaming-phile and spend much time with large-scale video games on your laptop, it must have strong internals such as decent Graphic cards, processors, and SSD to boost the performance. In this case, there is normally no problem on running external recording software. So you can choose the one that features what you need most and has support for GPU hardware encoding. OBS Studio , Filmora scrn, and Bandicam are such reliable names available for both Windows and macOS.

    If you are not willing to use third-party software, you can take advantage of the systems built-in tool like Game bar on Windows 10 based laptops, and QuickTime Player on MacBook Air/Pro. Also, both Nvidia and AMD offer such free screencast service once your GPU meet the usage condition. Nvidia Shadowplay, Nvidia Ansel and AMD Radeon ReLive, you deserve the one your notebook embraces.

    Option : Windows 10 Game Recorder

    If youve ever used the Windows Snipping Tool, you probably wondered at some point,

    How can I record my screen on Windows 10? Is there a video snipping tool?

    Actually, yes, there is! Strictly speaking, the Game Recorder was designed as a way to record gameplay on PC. However, you can capture anything thats on your screen.

    The only potential problem is that there are a few hoops you have to jump through first including actually finding the program on your computer. Well take it one step at a time.

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    How To Screenshot With Snipping Tool

    Heres how to take screenshot on ASUS laptop by using the Snipping Tool. Please note that steps 4 ~ 6 are optional.

  • Press Windows + S to open Windows search.
  • Type Snipping Tool into the search box.
  • Click Open or press Enter if Snipping Tool is under the Best match.
  • Select a Snipping mode you want.
  • Click Delay to delay snip creation in a few seconds.
  • Click Options to customize the settings.
  • Click New and move your cursor to select an area.
  • Edit the screenshot if you want to.
  • Click File -> Save As to save the ASUS screenshot.
  • How To Screen Record On Lenovo Laptop Windows 10

    How to Start Screen Recording in LENOVO Tab M10 Screen Recorder

    As a marketer, you need to record your computer screen more often than you’d think. Whether you’re teaching a new hire how to use a tool, explaining a complex project when an email just won’t do, or recording a personalized product demo, you need to know how to record your computer screen.

    Fortunately, we’ve put together a quick and easy guide for recording your computer screen on a Mac and Windows 10. Read on to learn how to do so.

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    How Do You Access Screen Recordings From The Notifications Tab

    Alternatively, you can access your screen recording by clicking on the notifications tab. Itâs a small pop-up window that appears in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen for ten seconds after a video is taken. The notifications tab gives you the option to show where your video is saved, or to delete it.

  • Click Show in folder
  • Double-click your screenshot to view it
  • Video Messaging For Teams

    Im able to use audio and video to easily explain complex topics now. Whereas, I previously would take multiple screenshots and then spend time editing them to highlight the areas of focus.

    Tom McAllisterDigital Marketing Strategist at Sol Marketing

    Video is probably the most crucial part of process documentation for me because everything in the world of marketing and brand building is so visual, and so reliant on feeling communicated through a narrative.

    Jonathan RonzioCMO & Co-founder of Trainual

    My team is using Vimeo Record to share product demos internally and to give our customers a preview of what’s launching soon. We love it! It adds a personal touch that you just can’t replicate with email or a chatroom message. I can definitely see video messaging becoming part of our everyday workflow at Mailchimp.

    Trevor WolfeDirector of Product Marketing

    Internally, were a distributed team across 10+ hours of time zone and have very limited windows where were all online together. Being able to use this tool for asynchronous collaboration gives us back all of our precious time that were all online to focus on richer topics!

    Hilah Stahl

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    Print Screen Button Is Not Working How To Fix

    Some people complained that their Print Screen button is not working suddenly, and they are wondering how to screenshot on Windows. Of course, they should try to fix the Print Screen not working using the methods mentioned in this part.

    Lets first show you how to enable Print Screen key in Windows 10.

  • Open Settings by pressing Windows + I.
  • Select Ease of Access.
  • Scroll down in the left pane to locate the Interaction section.
  • Select Keyboard.
  • How To Screen Record On Mac

    How To Screen Record On Lenovo Laptop With Sound

    If youre on macOS Mojave or higher, theres a built-in feature for recording your screen and its as easy as pressing a hotkey.

    Native Screen Record on Mac

  • Press Command + Shift + 5
  • Select whether you want to capture the entire screen, a window, or a selection
  • When done, click Stop to end the recording
  • Your recording will appear as a thumbnail at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, click it to choose where to save the video
  • QuickTime Screen Record on Mac

    Alternatively, you can use QuickTime, which is native on all Macs:

  • Open QuickTime
  • Select File and then New Screen Recording
  • Click the red Record button to start
  • To stop, click the Record button again
  • To save, click File then Save
  • Pro Tip: If you only need to save a screenshot on Mac, press Command + Shift + 4 and select the area you want to capture.

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