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How To Record Your Screen On Dell Laptop

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There are now different kinds of tools that can be utilized in recording video on laptop. We all know that Screencast-O-Mastic, Jing are popular recorders but they are not satisfying in the aspect of recording time. Concerning this, Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder edges a lot as long as you want to record laptop video without any limitation. Moreover, its built-in video editor and feature of recording any part of the screen or web camera really shows how well rounded this online application can be.

On the other hand, there are some other ways on how to record video on laptop. Each process of recording is further elaborated so that it would be easier to comprehend using the best tool available.

How To Screen Record On A Dell Laptop With Snipping

Compared to the Print Screen key, Snipping Tool is another built-in feature that offers more features to screen record on Dell laptops. It is pre-installed on all laptop brands, including old devices. Moreover, it works with a GUI to capture the desired screenshots.

Step 1: Go to the Start menu at the bottom left corner of your Dell laptop, search and find Snipping Tool. Then open it.

Step 2: Click the Mode menu and select what you want to screen record on the Dell laptop. Then, you can set the desired option.

Step 3: You can take a screenshot immediately once you have clicked the New button.

Step 4: When it stops, you be presented with the basic photo editor to change the screenshot and save it to your computer or clipboard.

Note: Before screen recording, you can set the output location by hitting the Options menu.

S To Screen Capture On Hp Laptop

Once downloaded, launch the setup and proceed by agreeing to the terms and conditions. You will need to select the location on your device where you want it to be installed. It will take a couple of seconds to complete the installation.

Letâs go through the steps you need to follow to record a video, and then tweak it according to your requirements. If you are a beginner, this guide will be more than enough for you to understand the functionality.

As soon as you will launch the app, you will get a dialogue box where it will give you 2 options along with a list of recent projects. The options will be to start recording and video editing. Select âNew Recordingâ to move on.

To proceed further with a new project, you will need to click on the red button. It will take you to a new dialogue box.

Here, it will give you more options. Before it starts recording, you will need to provide the recording area. It can either be a full screen, a particular window, or a custom size.

Now, everything is done, and you can hit Record anytime. While the recording is going on, you can press F10 to stop and F9 to pause/resume.

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How To Record Your Screen In Windows 11

Recording your screen in Windows 11 is a great way to show off the new features youre playing with or ask a question about how to do something specific. Weve got a guide for how you can do just that in Windows 10, but now that Windows 11 is here, you might be wondering how things work in the latest Microsoft operating system.

Whether youre looking to record some gameplay, a presentation, or something else, you can record your screen in the early preview of Windows 11. You can use built-in tools or download third-party software.

You do also want to keep in mind that Windows 11 is in an early preview state. The steps we mention here are subject to change once Windows 11 gets an official release this holiday season. Well keep this guide updated in case things change.

How To Record Your Screen With Sound

how to screen record on laptop

To record your voice, select the microphone. And if you want to record the sounds that come from your computer, like the beeps and boops you hear, select the system audio option.

When you record your screen you can include typing the address into your browser and show all your mouse movements and clicks to let people see exactly where to go and how to get there.

You can include video and audio when you record your screen too. Use microphone audio to narrate your video from your computers built-in microphone or an external mic.

You can also record your system audio .

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Capture A Screenshot Of A Specific Window

Windows 10 makes it possible to take a screenshot of a specific window on your PC, leaving the background out of the image.

To do that, first, open the window that you want to capture.

On your keyboard, press the Alt+Print Screen key combination. This takes your current windows screenshot and saves it to your clipboard.

To view your screenshot, launch an image editor like Paint and press Ctrl+V in it. You will see your screenshot.

And thats how you make screen captures on your Dell machine. Very useful!

How To Screen Record With Obs

  • Download and install OBS
  • Go to Settings
  • Adjust the video and audio bitrate if necessary:
  • The bitrate depends on your computers processing power. If you have a weaker system, choose a lower bitrate. Choose a higher bitrate for a stronger system. Watch this video to learn how.
  • Never forget to click Apply after every setting change. It will not automatically apply your changes when you click OK.
  • We recommend switching the format to .mp4 so your video can be viewed on any device. *REMEMBER: Click Apply*
  • Record audio
  • Both the system audio and microphone audio are recorded automatically.
  • You can go into settings to turn off the audio recording. Heres a tutorial that shows you how.
  • Click the plus sign below and select Display Capture to start screencasting.
  • Click Start Recording

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How To Record Laptop Screen

To record laptop screen is an activity that is often done by many individuals basically to save what is shown on the laptop screen. It is done to keep a personal copy of the monitors content or to use it in a video presentation. There are various ways on how to do it and tools that can be used. Its up to the user on which one they prefer.

Dell Screen Recorder Use 3rd


The third-party screen recorder has an evident advantage it literally doesnt pick the operating system and it is so easy to use that even you are 100 percent strange to any recording software, you can get the hang of it in 3 minutes. Used to work perfectly on ASUS laptops, HP laptops, RecMaster is a free laptop screen recorder.

RecMaster suits for both advanced users and fresh-hand users. Offering flexible parameters like FPS, resolution, video format, and video quality for users to choose from. If you desire higher quality, more features, you can pay for its updated version, which is also pleasing.With 5 basic recording modes, Dell users are availed to produce gameplay videos, full-screen videos, custom-area videos, videos with webcam, and sound-only audios.

RecMaster has been committing itself to provide users the smoothest and most pleasing experience with its built-in editing tool and annotative tool.

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Faqs About Screen Recording On Dell Laptops

This is the title

Press the Windows + Print Screen keys, the screenshots will be saved to C:\Users\\Pictures\Screenshots.

Press Windows + R keys from the keyboard to open the Run window. Type Pictures in this window and hit the Enter button, this will open the Windows Pictures folder.

Make sure you have already set up the correct destination folder and hotkeys for the snapshots. If you get a message stating that the Snipping tool is not working properly, there may be another software having conflicts with the Snipping Tool.

If the Print Screen key does not work, you should turn off the One Drive or other programs to avoid any conflict. The hotkey might be taken over without permission. If there is an F Mode key on your keyboard, you should press it to enable the Print Screen key.

How To Record Your Iphone Or Ipad Screen

Recording the screen on an iPhone or iPad is similarly straightforward. Tap ‘Settings’, followed by ‘Control Center’ and ‘Customize Controls’, then tap the green plus icon next to ‘Screen Recording’.

Load the app you want to record, then swipe up from the bottom of the screen and a three-second countdown will begin. Once this is over, the recording will begin.

To end the recording, tap the time indicator at the top left of the screen and select ‘Stop’. Bear in mind that all notifications you receive while recording will also be captured.

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Record Screen With Windows 10 Game Bar

In higher-end computers, HP provides an integrated video card that is capable enough to provide you with screen recordings of higher resolution. If you recently got a system with the latest configuration, there are very high chances that this functionality is already there. However, you will need to check if your device comes with a compatible video card to process the recorded footage.

You will need to follow the steps mentioned below to check whether this Windows 10 game bar recording is working or not.

  • Once the computer fully boots up, press Win+G. The system may ask your permission to run the Game Bar application.
  • Allow it to open, and you will get a horizontal menu on the top. There will be a range of features/options however, we are going to discuss screen recording only. On the right side of the Xbox logo, you will see the time. In the same direction, there will be a camera icon that says Capture. Click on it, another small dialogue box will appear up.
  • It will contain 4 options: Capture screenshots, record the previous 30 seconds, Record and Mic.
  • As soon as you will hit the circular recording button, it will turn square it means that the Game Bar is now recording.
  • Once the video is recorded, you can click that button again, and the recording will be saved in the “Users” folder.
  • If you want to edit some settings, you can use Windows Photos to alter them.
  • No dialogue box appeared on pressing Win+G. Any solution?

    How To Record Video On Dell Laptop With Obs Studio

    Dell Screen Recorders  How to Record on Windows 10/8/7/XP?

    OBS Studio, also known as Open Broadcaster Software, is a free and open-source third-party application that fully supports screen recording and live streaming.

    It can download and start streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Mac, or Linux, and as well it is compatible with Dell laptops. This freeware supports recording any area of your screen and sharing your video on various social media.

    How to Screen Record on Windows 10 Laptop with OBS:

    Step 1. Launch OBS Studio, click the “+” mark.

    Step 2. Click “Display capture” > “Create new”, and name your new recording.

    Step 3. Customize the aspect ratio of the video to be recorded on the next page.

    Step 4. Then OBS will start to record your screen. When the process is completed, you can find the recordings by clicking “File”.

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    How To Screenshot On Dell Laptop With Print Screen

    If you want to take a screenshot on a Dell desktop or laptop, you can use its easy keyboard shortcut like we mentioned above. The keyboard shortcut, print screen key, enables you to capture an image of the contents of a single window or the entire display. This part will show you how to screenshot on Dell with this print screen key.

    Step 1 The print screen key is located next to F12 on most Dell laptops. When you want to screenshot on Dell, you can simply press the PrtScn key on your keyboard. This will capture the entire current screen. If you need to capture an active window, here you can press Alt key while pressing the PrtScn key.

    Step 2 After you press the PrtScn key, the screenshot will be copied to the system clipboard. You need to bring the image out of clipboard before placing another item there. You can paste it into an application like Paint or Adobe PhotoShop and then save it as an image file from there.

    You can open the Microsoft Paint and then press Ctrl + V to copy your screenshot to it. After that, you can click the Save button to save the screenshot in any popular image format like JPG, PNG, or GIF.

    Follow the way, and you can take screenshots on Toshiba.

    Using Windows 8 And 10

  • 1Navigate to a page on which you wish to take a screenshot. Anything that’s on your screen will be captured when you take your screenshot, taskbar included.
  • For example, you might open a Facebook conversation you had with a friend.
  • 2Locate the PrtScr key. The “Print Screen” key is typically found in the upper-right side of Dell keyboards. Unlike other computer manufacturers’ keyboards, the “Print Screen” key usually doesn’t have anything else written on it.
  • The “Print Screen” key may be written a number of different ways, but “PrtSc” and “Prnt Scr” are the two most common variations.
  • 3Locate the Win key. This key, which has the Windows logo on it, is typically in the bottom-left corner of any Windows computer.
  • 4 simultaneously. Your screen should dim briefly, indicating that your screenshot was taken.
  • If the screen doesn’t dim, try holding down Win and firmly pressing down on the PrtScr key.
  • 5Open the Start menu. To do so, either press the Win key or click the Windows logo in the bottom-left corner of the screen. The Start menu will open with your mouse cursor in the “Search” field.
  • 6Type screenshots into Start. You’ll see a folder entitled “Screenshots” appear at the top of the Start window.
  • 7 Doing so will open it you’ll be able to find your screenshot inside.
  • The Screenshots folder is created in your Pictures folder after you take your first screenshot.
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    How To Record Your Computer Screen On Windows 10

    Throughout history, we have developed many different techniques in capturing and recording moments. Starting from paintings on a cave wall to digitally capturing video and images in an instant. You can never satiate progress and screen recording is proof of that.

    A businessman who set up an online conference with his managers.

    An online student and her teacher in a virtual classroom who are prsereparing study points for the SATs.

    A grandmother, 2,000 miles away, who sees her great-grandchild for the first time via Skype.

    These moments are the type of moments that need to be recorded and, in this day and age, it has become insanely easy. A free screen recorder gives us the convenience of capturing anything on our PC or laptop screens.

    In this article well cover how to record your computer screen on Windows 10. There are several options out there and we are going to walk you through three of them.

    So sit back, relax, and lets jump in.

    How To Screen Record On A Dell Laptop With Snip & Sketch

    How to record screen video with a dell inspiron 1545 laptop

    Snip & Sketch is the successor of the Snipping Tool on Windows 10. In another word, you can do screen records on a Dell laptop running Windows 10. It is able to capture any region on your desktop including a window. Just learn more about the process as below.

    Step 1: When you need to a take screenshot on a Dell laptop, you can press Windows + Shift + S keys on your keyboard at the same time. You can also find the tool on the bottom toolbar.

    Step 2: Then your screen will be covered by gray with a bar at the top to take a rectangular, capture free-region, a window, or full screen. Then select the appropriate option and draw on your screen.

    Step 3: Once the screen record is done, you will be taken to the editor window. Now, you can polish the screenshot with the pen tool and more other elements according to your requirements.

    Step 4: Click the Save button to export the screenshot to your computer. It allows you to save the image in JPG, PNG, etc. If you wish to use the snapshot in other software, click the Clipboard button.

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    Can You Screen Record On A Windows Laptop

    Windows 10 allows you to record your screen using the Game Bar or a third-party app like OBS Studio, which can be downloaded from the App Store. PCs pre-install the Windows Game Bar, and you can open it by pressing the Windows Key + G. You can record your screen, the sound from your computer, and other things with OBS Studio, a free app.

    How To Record Roblox With Built

    Roblox provides an in-game recorder to help you save a video or a screenshot on Roblox. You can try the following steps to record a video on Roblox:

    Step 1 Go into the game and click the Menu button in the upper-left corner. In the game menu, find and click the Record tab.

    Step 2 Under the Record tab, you are provided with two options, Screenshot and Video. Under the Video option, you can configure video settings. Save to Disk will save the captured gameplay to your computer. To record Roblox videos, just click Record Video. Then, the menu will close and start recording your screen.

    Step 3 When you are done, click the Stop icon in the upper left corner to stop recording.

    However, you need to note that the quality of recorder video files is not good enough. For getting a high-resolution gameplay video, you can try the above mentioned method.

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