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How To Recover Deleted Files From Dell Laptop

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Recover Deleted Files Dell Laptop or Desktop

Step 1: Click on the Start -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Recovery button to see the following window, in which Windows presents you with three major options:

  • Reset this PC
  • Go back to the previous version of Windows 10
  • Advanced startup

Tip:Reset this PCGo back to an earlier buildAdvanced startup

Step 2: Here, to Reset Windows 10, you need to click on the Get stated button under the Reset this PC.

Step 3: In the following window, you can see two options . Here, you can click the first option to get the next operating interface.

Step 4: This interface displays a list of conventional programs installed on your computer . This list will be saved to your desktop when you finish the recovery process. Click on the Next button.

Step 5: Click on the Reset button. Your PC will reboot automatically and begin the reset process. This might take an hour or more, so if you’re using a laptop it’s a good idea to plug in the power cord. It may reboot itself several times. Wait for Windows to restart and begin the setup process, then enter your personal information, log in, and begin setting up your refreshed PC.

Using A Data Recovery Tool For Windows

  • 1Select a data recovery program. If you’ve been unable to restore your deleted file from the Recycle Bin or a backup, you may be able to use a data recovery tool. You may find some free apps that claim to recover deleted files, but the paid options usually yield better results. Intel recommends Piriform Recuva, Stellar Data Recover, and Disk Drill as reliable programs.XResearch source
  • The rest of this method will walk you through using Recuva, as there’s a free option that can perform advanced file recovery. Other apps should work similarly.
  • 2Go to in a browser. This is the official download site for Recuva.
  • The software has recently been purchased by CCleaner, so don’t worry if you’re redirected to CCleaner’s version of the download site.XResearch source
  • 3Click under the “FREE” option. You may be prompted to click Save or another option to start the download at this point.
  • 4Start the Recuva installer. The installer file will be called something like “rcsetup153.exe” and be saved to your default download folder. Double-click the file to launch the installer, or just click the file name once if it appears along the bottom edge of your web browser.
  • If prompted to allow the app to run, click Yes.
  • 5Click the orange Install button. This installs the app onto your computer. When the install is complete, you’ll see a message that says “Recuva v.153 Setup Completed.”
  • 6Click the orange Run Recuva button. It’s at the center of the window.
  • 10Click Next.
  • How To Recover Lost Data From Dell Windows 10 With 4ddig For Windows Data Recovery

    Recovering data is not easy specifically when you don’t have backed up your computer before. Therefore, we recommend you take use of a professional Windows 10 data recovery tool. 4DDiG for Windows Data Recovery is an outstanding one. It enables you to retrieve photos, video, music, documents, etc. up to 500 types of files from Dell laptop running Windows 10.

    You can free download the software to your Dell PC first and follow the tutorial below to see how to perform lost data recovery for Windows 10.

    Step 1: Run this program after downloading and installing. Please note that don’t download and install it on the partition you lost files.

    Step 2: Select the file locations you want to recover and then click on “Scan” to launch the process.


    Step 3: After scanning, you will see all the files stored on your computer listed by path, types or time. Preview them to check if you need them and then select the files you would like to recover. Click “Recover” to start recovery.

    Step 4: Now you can choose target files and then click Recover them to a safe location.

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    Situation : How To Transfer Files From A Broken Laptop To Another Laptop

    A real case:

    The hard drive in my HP laptop which is a Western Digital SATA hard drive recently crashed. The operating system on the hard drive was windows 7. After it was crashed, I started it again and it said unbootable hard drive. I took the hard drive out of my laptop and connected it to my desktop which has XP on it, using an USB 2.0 to IDE SATA HDD Adapter Cable. I have tried a lot of data recovery software to see if I can get my files back and none of them work. If anyone has an idea or solution to my problem please let me know. asked by superfusion on Bleeping Computer Forums

    To transfer files directly from the dead laptop hard drive, you should first disconnect the hard drive from the current dead laptop. Then, youre supposed to connect it to another computer to make it an external hard drive.

    • If this external hard drive doesnt appear on the new computer, please fix the problem to make it appear.
    • If it does appear, you can copy files off the hard drive immediately and save them to the hard drive of the current computer or to a removable hard disk connected to this computer.

    How To Recover Deleted Files On Different Platforms

    Recover Deleted Files Dell Laptop or Desktop

    One of the most effective ways of recovering deleted data on Windows 10 machines is with the built-in backup facility provided by the operating system.

    Follow these steps to recover deleted files on Windows 10:

    Step 1. Open the File Explorer and navigate to the folder containing the files you want to recover.Step 2. Click the Home tab.Step 3. Click the History button which starts the File History program.Step 4. Select the files and versions you want to recover.Step 5. Click the Restore button and choose how duplicate file names will be handled.

    There are many methods with which to recover deleted files on a Windows 8/8.1/7 system. The first one you should try is to recover your files from the Windows Recycle Bin with the following steps:

    Step 1. Click the Recycle Bin icon to open it.Step 2. Locate the files you want to recover. Note their original location as that is where they will be found after the process completes.Step 3. Click the Restore button to perform the recovery.

    One of the most reliable and effective ways to recover deleted data from a macOS system is with Disk Drill.

    Follow these simple steps to recover deleted files on Mac:

    Step 1. Download and install Disk Drill for Mac.Step 2. Launch the program and select the disk with the deleted files.Step 3. Click the Recover button to begin scanning for lost data.Step 4. Preview the files that Disk Drill has found and select the items you want to restore.Step 5. Press Recover a second time to perform the recovery.

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    Restoring Files From A Backup

    To restore a file from a backup, make sure the media or drive that your backup is saved on is available, and then follow these steps:

    To restore files from a backup

  • Open Backup and Restore by selecting the Start button , selecting Control Panel, selecting System and Maintenance, and then selecting Backup and Restore.

  • Select Restore my files, and then follow the steps in the wizard.

  • Dell Computer Data Recovery Process

    Begin the CBL data recovery process by filling out our online Dell data recovery form or simply call us toll-free at 1-800-551-3917 to speak to one of our customer care professionals. Your CBL customer care professional will ask you a series of questions to determine the cause of your data loss situation and will guide you through the recovery process.

    Depending on the level of service you require, your data could be recovered in as little as 24 hours.

    Once your drive is received by CBL, it is immediately logged into our system. At this point, you will receive a call from your CBL customer care professional who will confirm receipt of your media and gather any additional information required by our data recovery engineers.

    Your Dell server, desktop or mobile laptop is then placed in our lab for a free evaluation. During this evaluation, a copy of your media is made. As part of our service commitment to you, a workable copy of your media is necessary in order to ensure the integrity of your original data is maintained at all times.

    As soon as the evaluation is complete, your customer care professional will contact you with the lab results. If data recovery is possible, a quotation will immediately be e-mailed to you for approval.

    Once your data is recovered it is taken through a strict quality control process to ensure the data is in a usable format.

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    Can You Undo Factory Reset

    Some people find theyre not satisfied with the factory reset results, so they want to undo it. Is that possible? Unfortunately, you cannot undo” a factory reset on Windows 10. But what you can do is recovering all lost data from the internal hard drive with a powerful recovery tool and changing settings manually according to needs.

    Restore Deleted Files From Windows Backup

    How to Recover Data from Dell Laptop

    If you have back up your files with Windows’ built-in backup utility at some point, here is how you can restore the deleted files from the backup. Windows backup is available on Windows 10, 8, 7.

    • Click the Start menu. Navigate to Windows System > Control Panel

    • Click Backup and Restore

    • If you have any backup available, you will have the Restore my files option in Restore section

    • Click Restore my files and follow the on-screen instruction to recover your deleted files

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    Dell Laptop Reports Blue Screen Of Death

    Almost every computer user encounter blue screen of death problem more or less, so do Dell laptop users. The Dell laptop usually reports blue screen message and then it will reboot automatically when you meet the problem. Files might be lost on Dell computer if it reboots automatically when you are writing or transferring data on the computer. If you lose any data on Dell laptop due to blue screen of death, you can reboot your computer and run iCare Data Recovery to perform data recovery.

    How to Prevent Blue Screen on Dell?

    Although you might get back lost files on Dell by using iCare Data Recovery, it will be better if you can perform on your computer proper to prevent unexpected blue screen problem. On the one hand, you should install software that is compatible with the Dell and operating system in order to prevent blue screen. And on the other hand, you should update antivirus software on your computer to protect your computer from being attacked by virus.

    Where Do Permanently Deleted Files Go

    First of all, in Windows PC, deleted files go to Recycle Bin if you simply clicking Delete. So Recycle Bin is the first place you should check for file recovery.

    Secondly, we may have multiple copies of the same file on the computer. Before spending time and even money in recovering deleted files, open Windows File Explorer, input the name of the deleted file in the search bar, and see if an extra copy can be found.

    Thirdly, Windows offers several files backup methods to avoid data loss, for instance, restore deleted files from Windows backup, restore the files to the previous version. And many Windows 10 users store files to OneDrive, Dropbox, or other cloud services. Don’t forget to check your cloud storage for the deleted files.

    Finally, even in the worst case that your files are literally deleted and nowhere to be found, the permanently deleted files are actually recoverable with a data recovery program. The reason why we can undelete files in Windows 10, 8, 7 is that the deleted files still remain in your hard disk. Sound weird? It will make sense after you learn how files are stored in the Windows system.

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    What Free Dell Laptop Data Recovery Can Do For You

    No matter how you lost files on your dell laptop, you still have a chance recover them before they were overwritten by new data.

    • Recover shift-deleted files or data emptied from trash bin
    • Retrieve lost data on Dell laptop due to hard disk crash, virus attack, etc.
    • Restore data from deleted/lost partition on Dell laptop
    • Recover lost data even from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and ExFAT formatted hard drives/ partitions of Dell laptop
    • Restore files from “Not formatted Error” Dell laptop hard drive
    • Fully work on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and support data recovery on Dell Inspiron laptop, Dell XPS Laptop, Dell Alienware laptop, etc.

    Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Dell Laptop Or Desktop

    How to Recover Deleted Files/Photos from Laptop For Free

    If you mistakenly deleted one file on your Dell computer, the first thing you need to do is checking the Recycle Bin. You can drag and drop the file to desktop directly if you find them. It is the basic dell data recovery method for all users.

    However, if you have emptied the Recycle Bin, you cannot get back deleted files through this way.

    For people who have enabled Windows backup, you can restore deleted files with the latest backup file. Sadly, all your previous files will be replaced. During this time, you had better use a third-party data recovery software to get a better experience.

    Now lets read together to see how to complete Dell recovery without backup.

    Guide List

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    Recover Permenantly Deleted Files With Wondershare Recoverit

    There are many ways to restore permanently deleted files, but the easiest way is to use software dedicated to data recovery. Wondershare Recoverit is one of the best software you can use to recover permanently deleted files. It is an innovative data recovery software for windows. You can use it to recover permanently deleted files from a PC, USB drive, memory card, external hard drive, etc.

    Guide to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from PC using Wondershare Recoverit:

    Step 1: Install & Run Wondershare Recoverit

    Go to the official website of Wondershare Recoverit. Now download and install the software. Launch it then. Once its open, you have to choose the location from where your file was deleted.

    Step 2: Scan Location

    Step 3: Preview and Recover

    Check all the files correctly and preview files that you want to recover on your PC. Now select files that you want to restore and press on âRecover.â Select the path where you want to store the recovered files. With that, you have successfully recovered the files that were deleted from your windows PC.

    Restore Files After Reinstalling Win10 For Dell From Backup

    If you lose any data on Dell laptop due to Windows 10 system reinstalling, the easiest way is to restore everything from backup data. Usually, you have different methods to backup data on Dell laptop.

    How to Backup Data on Dell PC before Reinstalling Windows 10

    It will be quite good to have a backup before reinstalling Windows 10 in order to avoid data loss due to system reinstallation. Therefore, you can make copies of important data from your Dell laptop to another drive before reinstalling Windows 10 operating system.

    1. Backup files on Windows 10 for Dell computer

    2. Backup Dell computer hard disk data to network location

    You can also use cloud storage application to backup data from dell laptop hard disk drive to network location. With this method, you are able to restore lost files even the hard disk drive becomes inaccessible or damaged after reinstalling Windows 10 operating system on Dell.

    3. Transfer data from hard disk to another storage media

    This is the most traditional method to backup data from computers hard drive. You just need to connect an external hard drive or any other storage media to your Dell computer and then copy all important files and paste them to the external HDD. It usually takes a long time if you have lots of files to transfer, but it is easy to handle.

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    Dell Data Recovery Get Back What You Deleted Or Lost To Dell Flexibly

    FoneLab Data Retriever can help you recover data from Dell hard drive and other removable drives selectively and safely. Moreover, you can complete Dell data recovery on Recycle Bin too. With the wide support of recoverable data and formats, you can recover all deleted files with the original quality.

    There is no need to worry about the other files. The data recovery software guarantees not to save or modify your data.

    In a word, if you want to recover permanently deleted files from Dell, you can free download Dell data recovery software for a try.

    Some Factors Due To Which Files May Get Deleted From Dell Inspiron Laptop:

    Dell data recovery software to recover deleted photo video files from dell laptop desktop
    • Accidental Deletion of Data: It is most common data deletion scenarios which are faced by many users. Sometimes, you may delete some crucial data from Dell Inspiron while deleting unwanted data from it.
    • Unintentional format of Partition: If you format the partition either intentionally or unintentionally, then it may lead to deletion of all data from a respective partition on Dell Inspiron.
    • Use of Any Unauthenticated Third Party Tool: If you are using unauthenticated third party application in order to perform some specific task, then it is quite possible that it may result in deletion of crucial data from it.
    • Interruption during Transfer of Files: Any type of interruption such as sudden power failure, abrupt shut down of system while accessing data from Dell Inspiron or while transferring important files from Dell Inspiron to another portable device, may lead to the deletion of crucial data from it.

    In order to recover deleted files from Dell Inspiron, you need some powerful and effective utility. Undo delete is the most prominent software which can effectively undo deleted documents, music, etc., from the Dell Inspiron. It is one of the most recommended software which helps you to restore deleted data from Dell Inspiron within couple of minutes. This utility can also be used to recover other storage devices data, also facilitates you to efficiently perform laptop hard drive recovery without any hassle.

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