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How To Remotely Control A Laptop From Another Laptop

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How To Remotely Access Another Computer From Your Computer

How to Access any Computer Remotely | How to Control any Laptop in another Laptop | Remote Desktop

Lets admit, there are times when we want to remotely access another computer. Remote access can be done through remote desktop Softwares. If you have been using Windows operating system for a while, then there are possibilities that you might be very familiar with the remote access tools.

There are plenty of remote access tools available for Windows computer that allows users to remotely access one computer from another. Remote access tools were mostly used by business owners and technicians to guide their clients and employees.

How To Remotely Control Other Computers On The Same Network

LAN Employee Monitor is the best monitoring software to remotely control another computer on your network. It widely used for LAN computers management and home computer management. You can access any computer and control it with your own keyboard and mouse easily. After you download and install the agent software on the computer which you want to control, you will own the hundred-percent right to operate it without have to put anyone on notice or obtain anyone’s permission. Just like a secret agent, agent software is prepared at all times to be at your service and wait for your further instructions.

Remotely Access Computers For Free With These Programs

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  • Remote desktop software, more accurately called remote access software or remote control software, let you remotely control one computer from another. By remote control we truly mean remote controlyou can take over the mouse and keyboard and use the computer you’ve connected to just like your own.

    Generally, remotely accessing a computer requires that a piece of software be installed on the computer you want to connect to, called the host. Another computer or device with the right credentials, called the client, connects to the host and controls it.

    The better free remote access programs listed below require nothing more than a few clicks to get startedno special computer knowledge required.

    • Includes lots of remote access tools

    • Great for both spontaneous and unattended remote access

    • Supports portable mode

    • Doesn’t require router port changes

    • Free for both personal and business use

    • Lets you connect to up to 10 computers for free

    • It can get confusing setting up the program for first use

    • Linux and macOS versions are in beta.

    Remote Utilities is a free remote access program with some really great features. It works by pairing two remote computers together with an Internet ID. Control a total of 10 computers with this program.

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    Accessing Ubuntu From Windows

    There are a couple of ways of connecting to a Linux computer from Windows. SSH is one of the most common methods, but in our case it doesnt display the desktop by default, just the Terminal, which is more than enough for the Linux expert.

    For our purposes here, there is a handy program called xrdp which can be installed by dropping into a Terminal and typing the following:

    sudo apt-get install xrdp, and press Enter.

    Again, enter the password and accept any messages regarding the installation. Its worth noting that xrdp doesnt play too well with modern 3D desktop graphics, such as Cinnamon, GNOME 3, Unity and so on.

    To allow it to work under Unity, or one of the other desktops mentioned, youll need to install the Gnome Fallback Session. Its very easy to do, just type the following into the Terminal:

    sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback, and press Enter.

    Accept the installation, and once its installed enter:

    sudo gedit .xsession, and press Enter.

    This will create a hidden file called xsession, which xrdp will use to fall back on when it comes to the Unity/3D desktop issue. Within Gedit, the text editor you just opened up, enter the following line:

    gnome-session session=gnome-fallback

    Save the file and exit Gedit. Now from the Terminal type the following:

    sudo service xrdp restart, and press Enter.

    ifconfig, and press Enter.

    Setup Chrome Remote Desktop With Ease

    How To Remotely Access Another Computer From Your Computer

    So this is how you can remotely control a Chromebook from another Chromebook or a Windows, macOS, or Linux computer. As I mentioned above, Chrome Remote Desktop supports all major platforms, so you can quickly set up and fix things right away.

    Anyway, that is all from us. If you want to take advantage of many new features of Chrome OS, such as Phone Hub and Parental Controls, follow our linked guides for more information. Besides that, Chromebooks have got the Android 11 update, so you can check whether your Chrome OS device is eligible for the update or not. In case you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below.

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    Display Driver Sdk For Windows

    The spacedesk SDK for Windows 10 enables easy and convenient development of solutions for virtual and physical displays.


    Virtual WDDM IddCx Indirect Display Driver Virtual HID Keyboard and Touchscreen Driver Virtual Mouse Driver Image encoding software for Windows Network protocol software for Windows, iOS and Android Image decoding and rendering software for Windows, iOS and Android

    Spacedesk Viewer Software For Secondary Machine

    on Local Area Network and Wireless

    For Windows 10 Current version: Beta v0.0.23.0

    For Windows 7 Current version: Beta III v0.9.36

    For iOS Current version: Beta v1.0.44

    For Android Current version: Beta v0.9.90

    For Amazon Current version: Beta v0.9.90

    For HTML5 Current version: v0.9.10

    HTML5 app prerequisites

    Please delete the cached files, images and cookies on web browser settings to load the latest HTML5 viewer page.

    Requires latest version of web browser and operating system. Please update.

    Mozilla Firefox currently unsupported due to performance limitations.

    Release Overview

    2022 Q4: spacedesk DRIVER 2.0.0

    spacedesk DRIVER for Windows Primary Machine

    2022 Q4: spacedesk VIEWER

    spacedesk VIEWER for tablet and mobile phones

    • support for one display only
    • touchpad / relative touch

    2022 Q4: spacedesk VIEWER Pro

    spacedesk VIEWER Pro for tablet and mobile phones

    Current implementation:

    • touchscreen / touchpad
    • automatic rotation

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    How The Other Person Can Connect

    The person who connects to your PC will need to open the Windows Remote Assistance app on their PC and click the Help Someone Who Has Invited You option.

    The person who connects will either need to click Use Easy Connect or Use an invitation file, depending on whether they have an invitation file or just an Easy Connect password. If available, Easy Connect is the simplest option.

    If the person who connects has received an invitation file, they can also just double-click it and enter the password to connect.

    Depending on whether youre using Easy Connect or not, the person who connects will either need to provide an invitation file and then the password displayed on the other PC, or just the password.

    How To Remotely Monitor Another Pc

    ð¥ï¸? How to Control Another Computer Remotely / How to Configure File Transfer ð?

    This article was co-authored by Luigi Oppido and by wikiHow staff writer, Jack Lloyd. Luigi Oppido is the Owner and Operator of Pleasure Point Computers in Santa Cruz, California. Luigi has over 25 years of experience in general computer repair, data recovery, virus removal, and upgrades. He is also the host of the Computer Man Show! broadcasted on KSQD covering central California for over two years.The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article’s instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 13,368 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to view the screen of a computer you own from another computer or a smartphone. You can use a free program called TeamViewer to do this.

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    Access Your Pc Remotely From Phone

    Now that the initial setup is complete, lets proceed with the instructions to control your PC via the second device, which in this case, is a smartphone. However, the below steps shall also work out in case your second device is a PC.

    Here are the steps to access and control the PC from a mobile phone:

  • Head over to the Play Store and download the Chrome Remote Desktop app onto your Android device.iPhone users could download it from the App Store.
  • Install and launch the Chrome Remote Desktop app.
  • If required, sign in with the same Google account that is configured with a chrome computer.You shall see your laptops name under the My Computers section.
  • Tap on the online computer device.
  • Enter the PIN that you had set up in the earlier section.If its on your PC and device, then you may also checkmark the Dont ask for a PIN again box.
  • Hit the Connect button and the connection shall be established within a few seconds.
  • You may now directly control your host from this second device .

    Furthermore, you will be notified of the connection on your desktop via an overlay menu. As and when you need to stop this connection, just click on the Stop Sharing button.

    How To Invite Someone To Help

    If you want someone else to invite you to access their PC, youll need to walk them through the following steps. If youre trying to give someone else access to your PC, go through the following steps.

    First, open the Windows Remote Assistance application. Youll find it by opening the Start menu and searching for Remote Assistance, and launching the Windows Remote Assistance application.

    On Windows 10, the Windows Remote Assistance tool is a little hidden. You can still find it by opening the Start menu, searching for Remote Assistance, and clicking the Invite someone to connect to your PC and help you, or offer to help someone option.

    Assuming you want to get help with your PC, click Invite someone you trust to help you.

    If Remote Assistance invitations have been disabled on your PC, youll see an error message. Just click Repair and the troubleshooting tool will offer to enable Remote Assistance for you.

    There are several different ways to invite someone. You can always create an invitation file by clicking Save this invitation as a file and send itfor example, with a web-based email tool like Gmail or If you have an email program installed, you can click Use e-mail to send an invitation.

    You may also be able to use Easy Connect. To use this feature, both you and your helper need to have Easy Connect available. This requires peer-to-peer networking features and may not be available on certain networks.

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    Windows 2000 And Xp Users

  • Click the Start button, then select the Run option.
  • In the Run window, type shutdown -i and press Enter.
  • After running this command, you’ll see a dialog window shown in the following example.

    As you can see in the example above, you’ll have different options to choose from in the Remote Shutdown dialog.

    You need administrative privileges to access and shut down the computer remotely to complete the following steps.

  • Specify the name or IP address of the computer you want to shut down by clicking the Add button.
  • Select Shutdown from the list of values under “What do you want these computers to do”.
  • If you want to warn the user of the shutdown before it occurs, keep the check box labeled Warn users of the action checked.
  • In the Shutdown Event Tracker section, choose the option that you want the Event Log to show when the computer shuts down and enter a comment.
  • Set Up Chrome Remote Access On Computer

    How To Remotely Use Another Computer From Your Computer ...

    First and foremost, you will have to set up the Chrome Remote Access. You should do so on the PC that is going to be acting as a host, in other words, that would be remotely controlled by you.

    Here are the steps for setting up the chrome remote desktop access on the computer:

  • Head over to website via the Chrome browser.
  • Click on the Download icon button under the Remote Access section.It shall take you to the Chrome Web Store.
  • Click on Add to Chrome to install the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension.
  • Click on the Accept & Install button.Chrome shall now launch the MSI Host setup and carry out the required installation in the background.
  • Type in to enter a name for your computer PC, and click on Next.
  • You will now have to choose a PIN, of six digits or more and hit Start.Make sure to create a strong password consisting of alphanumeric strings and reconfirm same PIN.
  • You shall now see your online device with the Online status for the newly configured chrome remote desktop computer.
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    Bottom Line: Remote Desktop Using Mobile

    So this was all from this guide on how to set up the Google Chrome Remote Desktop app. In these testing times when work from home has become the new normal, the ability to remotely access the work setup directly from home is definitely a boon for the end-users.

    While there are other apps in this domain as well, their setup might prove to be a little bit complicated, especially for non-tech enthusiasts.

    On the other hand, this app from Google has completely streamlined the remote setup process. What are your views on the same? Do let us know in the comments section below.

    Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.


    How To Remotely Control A Mac Computer From Another Mac

    The easiest way to remotely control a Mac computer is by using the Screen Sharing app. This program allows you to quickly access another users computer from your Mac. Then you can take control of their mouse and keyboard to fix any issues they have.

    One of the best things about Macs Screen Sharing app is how simple it is. After you open the app, all you have to do is enter the other users Apple ID. Then they will receive a notification in the top-right corner on their screen that lets them know you are trying to control their computer remotely. This notification will also show your name, so theyll know its not from a stranger.

    Once they click Accept in the notification and allow you to control their computer remotely, you will get full access to move any of their files and change any settings. This means you can start fixing their problems immediately, rather than trying to troubleshoot the issues with them over the phone.

    You can even expand the Screen Sharing window to be full screen on your computer, which will make it feel like youre sitting right in front of their computer.

    Once youre done fixing their problems, you can easily quit the Screen Sharing app. The other user can also stop sharing their screen at any time by clicking the Screen Sharing logo in their Apple Menu Bar.

    If you want to learn more about how to remotely control a Mac computer, check out our detailed guide on how to use the Screen Sharing app here.

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    Remote Access To And From

    Lets say we have two computers one running a flavour of Linux, Ubuntu for example, and the other running Windows both computers exist on the same network, i.e. they are both attached to the home router. What we want to do is use one computer to remotely access the other. Lets start with the scenario where we want to access the Windows PC from the Ubuntu PC. First, boot up the Ubuntu PC, then drop into the Terminal. The program well use in this instance is called rdesktop, and under normal circumstances it isnt installed by default on Ubuntu, so you can install it by typing in the following:

    sudo apt-get install rdesktop, and press Enter.

    Enter your password, and the system will run through the installation process of rdesktop.

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    Next, making sure that the Windows PC is powered up, open up the Control Panel by right-clicking the Windows button and selecting Control Panel in the menu. When the Control Panel opens, in the top right of the window youll see a Search Control Panel box. In here type: remote, and youll be offered a number of choices.

    From the Ubuntu PC, enter the following command into the Terminal:

    rdesktop u david g 1024×768 windows

    Replace the david and windows parts with the remote user name of the Windows PC , and the name of the computer as it appears on the network . When youve entered your correct details, press Enter.

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    For Remote Technical Support

    How to Control Another PC from My PC Remotely

    You can directly come up to his or her to offer technical support when your colleague asks for you to solve technical issues if you and your colleague are in the same location. However, when you are not within the same location, its time-wasting and energy-consuming to arrive at the same place. Thus, you can control the remote Windows 10 PC without physical presence and then fix technical issues.

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    Using Remote Desktop Connection

    With Remote Desktop Connection, you can connect to a computer running Windows from another computer running Windows which is connected to the same network or the Internet. For example, you can use all of your work computers programs, files, and network resources from your home computer, and its just like youre sitting in front of your computer at work. Follow, some of the simple steps given below to use Remote Desktop connection.

    Step 1. You need to browse My Computer > Properties > Advanced system settings.

    Step 2. Now select the tab named Remote and then make sure to enable the option of Allow connections only for computer running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication.

    Step 3. Now whenever you or your family members want to work on your computer from different locations, you need to open Remote Desktop and have to enter the Name or IP Address of your computer.

    Thats it now you can easily access your computer from anywhere all you just need to enable the inbuilt function of windows named Remote Desktop Connection.

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