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How To Reset Bios Admin Password On Dell Laptop

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How To Reset Dell Laptop Bios Password

Admin Password Removal on Dell Latitude E6420 , E6430 , E5410 Laptops + others BIOS password reset

In order to increase the security of the system and prevent others using your Dell laptop, set BIOS password and regularly reset it is needed and it can help to add security assurance for you Dell laptops. But, how to reset Dell Precision/Inspiron/XPS/Latitude laptops BIOS passwords? The following content will show you the answer.

Reset Bios Admin Password On Dell Latitude Laptop

If you forgot your BIOS password, heres how you can get the default BIOS admin password for your Dell laptop

Turn on your laptop and press either of these keys to enter BIOS the moment you see DELL logo

When you enter the BIOS, you will see the UNLOCK button at the bottom.

Next, browse to this website and enter the System Number where it says Enter your code and click Get password button

From the list labeled as Try one of the following codes, note down the password displayed right next to Dell from serial number.

Next, on your system with the forgotten BIOS password in the Setup Unlock, enter the password mentioned in Dell from serial number and click OK button

You should be now able to login to your BIOS and make any changes you wish.

Reset And Change Password

You can change or reset the password in the same way as the assigned one. Only when selected “Administrator password”. the system will ask you for the old password.

After entering it, you can set a new password or leave the text field blank. In the latter case, you will be notified that the password will be reset, which you must confirm by pressing the key. “Yes”..

If you have forgotten your password, you will need to reset the BIOS to factory settings to reset or change it. This is often accomplished by using a special utility or by hardware reconnecting the chip battery on the motherboard.

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If You Know The Password

Step 1

Turn on the Latitude and then type your existing password into the prompt to unlock your PC.

Step 2

Press “F2” repeatedly on the Dell logo screen to access system setup. If you set a supervisor password, type the password at the prompt and then press “Enter.”

Step 3

Scroll down to and select “System Security” using the cursor keys. Press “Enter.”

Step 4

Highlight “Password Status” and then press “+” or “-” to toggle the option to “Unlocked.”

Step 5

Select “System Password” and then press “Enter” twice to clear the password. If you set a supervisor password, select “Setup Password” and press “Enter” twice.

Step 6

Press “Esc,” then “Y” to save your changes and exit the BIOS.

Removing The Cmos Battery

Dell Inspiron/Latitude/Precision/Vostro laptop BIOS ...
  • 1Know when to use this method. It’s recommended that you use the master password method above if possible. If the passwords didn’t work or if your search returned no results, then you may be able to reset the password by removing and reinserting the CMOS battery.XResearch source
  • The CMOS battery looks like a watch battery, and it powers the motherboard even when the computer is unplugged. This might be how the password is stored on your motherboard along with the system time and your computer’s BIOS settings. Removing and reinserting the battery will clear all of these settings.
  • 2Disconnect everything from your desktop tower. Before opening your desktop’s case, it’s recommended that you detach all of the cables that are currently attached to the back.XResearch source
  • Make sure that the power cable has been detached.
  • You may be able to perform this method on a laptop as well, but it will require removing the protective case from the back of laptop. You will usually need to remove all of the other panels as well as the battery to get access to the motherboard.
  • 3Press the power button after unplugging the computer. This will dissipate any charge remaining in the motherboard’s capacitors, reducing the risk of electrostatic damage.
  • 4Remove the screws on the back to access the inside of the case. Most desktops have thumbscrews, though you may need a Phillips-head screwdriver to loosen or remove the screws.
  • for more detailed information on opening a desktop computer.
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    Question : How To Remove Bios Password On Dell Laptop

    Generally, when we want to remove BIOS password on computer to set up BIOS, we just need to shut down computer and move battery from mainboard. But it is just applied to compatible computer. For Dell computer, no matter your computer is taken with RTC or not, there is a PSWD jumper, also called password jumper. Only remove computer battery or clear RTC couldn’t relieve dell BIOS password sometimes.

    So now let’s see how to clear BIOS password on Dell computer.

    First we have to make sure that PSWD has two or three needles. For different needle PSWD, the way to clear BIOS password is different.

    One: When PSWD is Two Needle

    < 1> Find out PSWD, and remove power line until main board led turn off.< 2> Remove jumper cap on PSWD, start Dell computer and you will hear the sound of drop. And BIOS password is removed or cleared.< 3> Shut down Dell computer and take back jumper cap to PSWD< 4> Restart computer, and you don’t need to enter BIOS password when you want to access BIOS setting screen.

    Two: When PSWD is Three Needle

    < 1> Find PSWD, and remove power line until main board led turn off.< 2> Move jumper cap of PSWD from 1-2 needle to 2-3 needle, and start computer. You will hear sound of drop.< 3> Shut down computer and retrieve jumper cap of PSWD to 1-2 needle.< 4> Restart computer. Everything is OK.

    So far, Dell admin password and bios password reset has been successful. You can do anything on dell computer software and hardware from then on.

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    How To Use Master Password To Remove Bios Password

    Step 1: Restart the computer and tap F2 key during POST to enter System Setup . This should prompt for BIOS password. Type the password that you might have set on your computer and press Enter key once.

    Step 2: If unsuccessful, you will prompted with the message ‘Invalid Password’. Press Enter key to try again. On three unsuccessful attempts, you will be prompted with the message ‘Invalid Password. HDD is Locked’.

    Step 3: Make a note of the Service Tag and the Hard-drive S/N mentioned on top of the screen.

    Step 4: Contact Dell for Password release code.

    Click here to open the Dell Support contact website. Enter your system Service Tag information, and then you will get the master password to clear BIOS password.

    Note: The Service Tag will be documented on a small sticker on the bottom, back, or side of your Dell PC. The Service Tag is a 7 digit identifier that is unique to your Dell. The Service Tag is different from the 10 digit Express Service Code.

    Step 5: Clearing Password.

    Once Dell Support has provided the master password, you will enter this at the prompt and then press Ctrl + Enter to complete the process. The master hard drive password will automatically clear the hard drive password.

    Note: If the computer responds with the message Invalid Password, press the Enter key and continue to enter the same password three more times. After the fourth attempt the BIOS should accept the master password, clear the password, and allow access to the hard drive.

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    How Do I Fix A Corrupted Bios On A Dell Laptop

    Well, its safe to say that you cant fix a corrupted BIOS without knowing the root cause of the problem. The most likely reason why your Dell laptop is likely to have a corrupted BIOS is due to a failed or interrupted BIOS update.

    However, you shouldnt be worried. Your laptop is likely to have a primary BIOS and a secondary BIOS, which still makes it possible for your laptops system to be bootable. In case you are wondering how important this is, you should be aware that to fix your corrupted BIOS on your Dell laptop. You should first be able to boot into your operating system.

    You can fix your laptops corrupted BIOS using a Hot Flash method. Below is a step-by-step guide.

    • First, download the latest BIOS. You can check Dells manufacturers website for the latest BIOS.
    • Switch back to the primary position when your Dell laptop system is running.
    • Proceed to extract and run the downloaded BIOS files, and be sure not to interrupt the update process. Your laptop Operating System is likely to restart once the update is done.

    By following the above steps, you are likely to fix your laptops corrupted BIOS. Thats it! Feel free to use the tips mentioned in this article and visit Dells website for more information.

    Option 2 Reset/remove Bios Admin Password On Dell Laptop Using Cmd

    Resetting Bios Password Dell Latitude Laptop

    The second option for Dell laptop Bios password reset is Using CMD. To use this method, firstly you should launch the DOS mode on your Dell laptop. For launching the DOS mode on your laptop, you need a bootable media that you plug in to boot in DOS mode. When you open the DOS mode enter the following commands and execute them:

    -o 70 10

    Now restart your Dell laptop and the issue is solved.

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    What Is The Default Admin Password For Dell

    4.6/5Delldefault passwordDell

    Also, how do you bypass the administrator password on a Dell laptop?

    Boot you windows from safe mode . At welcome screen, the Administrator account will appears. Boot windows to welcome screen , press CTRL+ALT+DEL to bring out classic logon screen, input “Administrator“, and leave password field empty, and then press Enter to login.

    Secondly, how do I get my administrator password? Method 1 – Reset password from another Administrator account:

  • Log on to Windows by using an Administrator account that has a password that you remember.
  • In the Open box, type control userpasswords2.
  • Herein, how do I reset my Dell BIOS Admin password?

    For most Dell Dimension desktops, the steps to reset a BIOS password and clear all CMOS settings are:

  • Locate the 3-pin CMOS password reset jumper on the system board.
  • Remove the jumper plug from pins 1 and 2.
  • Place the jumper plug on pins 2 and 3 and wait approximately 5 seconds.
  • Replace the jumper plug on pins 1 and 2.
  • How do I bypass Dell password authentication?

    Use Dell BIOS to disable Pre-boot authentication

  • Reboot the machine and press F2 at the Dell BIOS Splash Screen.
  • Enter the System or Admin Password to access the BIOS settings.
  • Navigate to Security > Passwords.
  • The System Password status will change to ‘Not Set’.
  • Option : Safety Data Sheet

    In modern versions, the security subsection is placed in a separate section. Here you will also find the components to change your password. In these cases, go to the tab “Security” and select the appropriate line to change the password, then enter and confirm the combination with which you want the system to be encrypted.

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    Tip : Connect Dell Technical Support

    If the methods above don’t work for you, please try to connect Dell technical support to get help. Most of the Dell laptop has a default master password that can clear the BIOS password. Call the Dell technical support, who will request the Service Tag and Express Service Code that you will find on the bottom of laptop, you will get the master password to clear BIOS password.

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    Forgot administrator password to login Dell Inspiron laptop? Lost BIOS password when you want to enter BIOS settings option on Dell computer?

    Now let this passage tell you how to reset Dell laptop admin password and how to remove or clear BIOS password from dell laptop separately.

  • Q 2: Remove BIOS Password from Dell Laptop
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    Way : Remove Bios Password Dell Laptop By Command Prompt

    Step 1: Hit Windows + R key to open the Run dialog. Type cmd and click on OK.

    Step 2: Type the command lines below and press Enter after line.


    -O 71 10

    Note: The 64-bit operation system of Windows 7, 8, 10, it doesn’t support the DEBUG command. You can download a software DOSBox and debug.exe to your computer.

  • 1. Install DOSBox to a volume except for Drive C.
  • 2. Put debug.exe in E:/TASM.
  • 3. Locate to install file of DOSBox and double-click on DOSBox 0.74 Options.bat. When it opens in a Notepad, copy the following lines and paste to the end of the text.


  • 4. Run the DOSBox. Thus you are in the debug mode to run the rest of command above.
  • Step 3: Restart your PC, BIOS password would remove.

    Question : How To Reset Dell Admin Password On Windows 7/8/10 Laptop

    When we forgot Dell administrator password, we can consider this issue from different perspectives, in order to find appropriate and effective ways to reset forgotten Dell administrator password in different cases.

    Now we could think that whether the dell administrator is the only available one on Dell computer.

    • If not, just login dell computer with another admin account and change or remove forgotten admin password on Control Panel or with command prompt.
    • If it is, try to reset Windows password with reset disk firstly.

    But don’t worry if you don’t have such reset disk. Dell administrator password reset would become a little difficult but still can be solved.

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    Dell Inspiron Bios Password Recovery

    Each Dell Inspiron has a master password that clears the BIOS password. Call Dell Technical Support at 624-9896 to get this number.

    Dell Technical Support will request the Service Tag and Express Service Code from the bottom of the Inspiron.

    If the current user is not the original Inspiron owner, Dell will transfer the used Inspirons registration from the original owner with only the Service Tag and Express Service Code from the tag on the laptop.

    To transfer a used Dell Inspirons registration, fill out the Transfer of Ownership form on Dells web site.

    How Can I Reset My Dell Laptop Bios Password

    How to reset forgotten BIOS Password -Dell Series, Dell latitude series, All in one series

    As mentioned earlier, the BIOS contains a set of instructions that commands the computer system on how to perform some computer functions such as a password reset.

    To reset your password, you should consider doing the following

    • Visit the Dell Manuals website.
    • Browse and identify your laptop brand/ product consider downloading and installing Support Assist from the website, which will help with the identification of your laptop.
    • Go to the service manual section within the Manual and Documents section
    • Move your cursor over the View PDF section.
    • Follow the instructions explaining how to delete or change your laptops existing system setup password.

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    What Is The Default Password For Dell Bios

    More often than, Dell users tend to forget their laptops administrative password. If you are a new owner of a Dell laptop, you are likely to find out that your computer has a default BIOS password. In most cases, the default password is Dell.

    However, its important to note that default passwords can be changed whenever someone else has access to the same computer. Some users will change the default BIOS default password to something else to regulate their laptop usage.

    So what happens when you forget your laptops default password? You are likely to find out that its difficult to recover your laptops default password if you have forgotten them yet set it up on the BIOS. Contacting the Dell Technical Support Team should, however, help you recover your Bios administrator password. You will be provided with a password release code which is based on a unique password prompt generated by your Dell laptop.

    How To Reset Bios Password For Dell Laptop

    • After start your Dell laptop, press Delete on keyboard to enter the setting menu of BIOS, and you will see the interface below. For some other types of Dell laptop, you may need to press F12.
    • Tips: The time for users to enter BIOS menu is little, thus you can keep pressing Delete once you start your Dell laptop, so as not to miss the chance to enter setting menu and have to restart laptop again.

    • Scroll to Advanced BIOS Features by press Down key, then click Enter to open the advanced BIOS setting page.
    • Select Security Option, it will show you Setup, and then press Enter to reset the option.
    • Use Down key to choose System and use Enter to confirm your operation. Then use Esc to get back to main BIOS setting menu.
    • Use Down and Right buttons to select Set Supervisor Password, then press Enter to reset BIOS password.
    • Input your password and press enter. You are required to input the password twice to confirm. After the process you can click F10 to save the change, and then restart your Dell Latitude laptop.
    • After you start your Dell Latitude laptop, you will see the interface below which needs your password to open the laptop.

    Thats all about how to reset Dell BIOS password, if you are troubled by this question, try the method above to get this BIOS password reset.

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    Using A Master Password

  • 1Turn on the computer and enter the wrong password three times. This will lock the computer and display a “System Disabled” message. Don’t worry, when you restart the computer it will go back to normal and no data will be lost. You need to do this in order to see the code required to find the backdoor password.
  • 2Note the “System Disabled” number. When you see the “System Disabled” message, you’ll see a series of numbers and letters. Write this down, as you’ll need it to find the password later.Advertisement
  • 3Visit the password generator website. Visit on another computer’s web browser. This website can generate backdoor passwords based on the code that was displayed.XResearch source
  • 4Enter the System Disabled code and click “Get password”. The website will attempt to generate a password that matches your computer. You may be given several passwords to try.
  • Note: If you didn’t get a code when the system was disabled, your computer may use its own serial number to generate a backdoor password. Click the “More details” link at and follow the instructions to download and run the correct script for your computer’s manufacturer.
  • 5Restart the locked computer, then try the passwords. You’ll be able to enter three incorrect passwords before your system is locked and you have to reboot again. Ideally, one of the stock BIOS passwords listed on the BIOS Master Password site will unlock your computer.
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