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How To Reset Dell Laptop Without Password

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Option 2 Reset Dell Laptop Password Without Disk

How to Factory Reset Dell Laptop Windows 10 without Password

Normally, you are in a situation where you might say I forgot my Dell laptop password and do not have a reset disk. We have three different methods to reset your password. Go through the remaining article to learn these steps.

It is not your fault that you did not create a reset disk. Taking care of your password reset disk is also a tough job, as you might need it after a long time. You might have lost it, or you feel that occupying a whole USB drive for so long without any need can be a waste of this resource. You sometimes need to use this USB drive for something important but couldnt.

So here you can find three different methods to use for your Dell laptop password reset:

Can I Factory Reset My Laptop Without A Recovery Disc

  • The computer should now be turned on.
  • The F8 key must be held down.
  • Safe Mode with Command Prompt can be found under Advanced Boot Options.
  • Enter your information by pressing Enter.
  • Become an Administrator by logging in.
  • Type rstrui.exe in the command prompt when it appears.
  • Enter your information by pressing Enter.
  • How To Factory Reset Windows 10 Without Password Using Installation Media

    Another way on how to factory reset Windows 10 without a password is to use an installation media that was created beforehand. An installation media is a drive that is used to install an operating system into a PC. However, in our case, we are simply installing the operating system you used before into your PC so that it can be factory reset.

  • On your Windows 10 PC, go to the download website of Microsoft through this link.
  • Now look for Windows 10 Media Creation Tool and then download it.
  • Open the tool once it is installed.
  • Select the Create installation media for another PC option once it is shown.
  • Select the language, edition, and other information that you need. This should be according to your preferences, as well as the specs of your computer.
  • Now follow the onscreen instructions and click on Finish at the end of the process.
  • You have now successfully created the installation media. All you have to do now is to restore from that installation media with these steps:

  • Connect the installation media into the PC.
  • Open a session of FileExplorer on your PC.
  • On the File Explorer, select the drive that contains the installation media.
  • There should be an executable file here. Simply open that file and click on Yes if prompted. This is usually shown to ask if you want to make any changes to your PC.
  • Now select Change what to keep.
  • Click on Next.
  • Select Install.
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    Reset Dell Laptop Password With Windows Password Recovery

    Windows Password recovery software is usually used for Windows password reset. They can massively help you in case if you lost or forgot your Dell laptop password. There are many Windows password recovery tools available which can perform Dell laptop password reset in some easy steps. Here we will discuss some easy tools which come up with 100% recovery rate.

    3.1. Unlock Dell Laptop Password with iSunshare Windows Password Genius

    iSunshare Windows Password Genius is a great source to recover/remove Windows local user and admin password. No matter how complex the Dell laptop password has been set, It commits 100% success with a guarantee of password recovery. We also reviewed iSunshare Windows Password Genius here.

    • iSunsahre Windows Password Genius can easily recover Windows local administrator/domain administrator and other users/domain passwords.
    • Capable of creating a new administrator account.
    • Remove/reset Windows 7/8/10 password in an easy and efficient manner.
    • Effectively Reset Windows 7/8 /10 Microsoft account password.

    Follow the steps below to reset Windows password for your locked Dell laptop.

    Step 1. Install and run the program into an accessible computer, choose a USB Device and insert an empty USB flash drive.

    Step 2. Click on Begin Burning button to create a password reset disk.

    Thats how to iSunshare Windows password Genius can help you to reset Dell laptop password.

    3.2. Reset Dell Laptop Password with PassFab 4WinKey

    Key Features:

    Reset Dell Laptop Password With Password Reset Tool

    How to  Restore Reset a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 to Factory ...

    Not everyone has a Microsoft account as their default account type or you may want to reset your Windows password without losing any data at all. In that scenario, Tunesbro Windows Password Recovery is the perfect option to choose. It is a user friendly and reliable program that can completely remove the password of your Dell laptop which will totally let you access your system without entering any password at all. In short, after using this program, you will be able to access your computer normally.

    What’s more is that you can use Tunesbro program to reset login password in any Windows computer including Windows 10, 8, XP, 7, Vista and the other Windows servers. This program requires no internet connection while resetting the password and you can literally remove your password within few minutes. It is supported by every Windows computer and laptop models like Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Sony, Samsung, etc.

    Step 1 Download, Install the Program on Another Working Computer

    The first thing that you need to do is download it on accessible PC, not the locked one. You do not need much of a computer skill to use this program.

    Step 2 Make a Password Recovery Disk with USB or DVD/CD

    Step 3Insert USB Drive to Your Locked PC and Boot from USB

    Step 4 Begin to Reset Dell Laptop Login Password, then Reboot Your Computer

    Now click on “Reset Password” and it should remove the password from Dell computer. Restart your system and there you go, access your computer normally again.

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    Stage 2 Factory Reset Windows 7 Dell Laptop

    Since the password protection on your Dell laptop has been removed, now, you can factory reset Dell laptop without password.

    You just have to follow these steps:

    Step 1: Start your Dell Laptop and press the F8 key repeatedly once the Dell logo is displayed on the screen. When this is done, the menu of Advanced Boot Options will show up on the screen.

    Step 2: Select the Repair your computer option and press the Enter key. The System Recovery option would be opened on the next page. Select the specific keyboard layout and then click on Next.

    Step 3: On the next screen, it will request for the user name and password. Since we have removed the Windows password in the stage 1, you only need to leave the box blank. Then click OK to proceed.

    Step 4: When presented with a list of system recovery options on the Dell laptop, look for an option named “Dell Datasafe Restore and Emergency Backup”, “Dell Factory Image Restore”, or “Dell Backup and Recovery Managers”. Click on any of these options and follow the on-screen instructions to reset your Dell laptop to factory settings.

    How To Reset Forgotten Password On Dell Laptop With/without Disk

    Forgetting your Windows password can be irritating and knowing the fact that you do not know how to reset password on Dell laptop can put you in a bad situation. You have all the essential data and cannot reinstall the windows, as you will lose your precious data.

    The feeling is dreadful, as you do not know much about recovering a password. You can take your laptop to a technician who can help you with Dell laptop password reset, but wouldnt it be amazing and relieve to reset the password on your own.

    Today, we are going to tell you how to unlock Dell laptop password in different ways so that you do not have to waste money to hire an expert to reset your password. We will guide you in-depth all the process.


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    How To Reset Dell Laptop To Factory Settings Without Administrator Password

    I was asked for an administrator password while doing a factory reset on my Dell laptop. But I’ve forgotten the password. How can I reset Dell laptop to factory settings without administrator password?

    Actually, an administrator password is required only while doing a factory reset on laptop based on Windows 7/Vista. For Windows 8/8.1/10, you can do it even without any password. Now here we show how to reset Dell laptop to factory settings without administrator password, whether your laptop is based on Windows 7/Vista or Windows 8/8.1/10.

    Tips To Unlock A Dell Laptop Without Password

    How to Reset Dell Laptop Password Without Disk

    Recently, I purchased a Dell Lap but I forgot the password for logging in to the system. Can anyone help me how to recover the password or log in to the system.

    This results in getting locked out of our own Dell laptop and situation can be quite distressing. This is not an isolated experience. A good percentage of computer users come across such an issue at some time or the other. What is the way out?

    If our Dell laptop is covered by valid warranty, we can visit the authorized service center and seek their assistance. They would usually reset the laptop or reinstall the Operating system . However, there is a big disadvantage in doing so. We stand to lose all the data or work we have created and stored in our laptop. This is an extreme and unwelcome situation. We would definitely like to avoid such an eventuality. We must seek a more convenient and safe remedy to unlock Dell laptop.

    Here, in this article, we provide you three easy and effective tips on how to unlock a Dell laptop without a password. Each of the three methods are discussed and the clear and simple steps outlined.

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    How To Reset A Dell Laptop That Uses Windows Xp Without A Login Password

    If you want to know how to reset a Dell laptop with Windows XP but you do not have the login password, then you should pay attention to the steps below to serve as a guide for you:

  • Start your Windows in Safe Mode by pressing “F8” when it comes on
  • Restart your PC. When it is getting restarted, press down the “Ctrl” key and “F11” key on your keyboard and do not let go until you see the Dell logo appear and disappear on your screen.
  • Next, choose the options “Restore” and “Confirm” to continue
  • The factory reset will now begin
  • Once the factory reset is done, tap on the button “Finish”
  • How Do I Completely Reset My Laptop

    To begin, in the Start menu, click Settings, and then click Update & Security. In the resulting Update & Security window, click Recovery in the left pane. Under Reset this PC in the right pane click Get Started. In the following screen, choose either Keep my Files, Remove Everything, or Restore Factory Settings.

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    Recover Important Files From Dell Laptop After Factory Resetting

    Factory reset will reformat your computer, which means that all data on your computer will be gone. If you want to get back your data, you can tryFonePaw Data Recovery, which can get back photos, documents, videos and more from Dell computer after a factory reset.

    Step 1: Download and install FonePaw Data Recovery on your Dell laptop. Avoid installing any software on the disks where the data used to be stored so that the deleted documents won’t be covered by new data.

    Step 2: Tick the file types and hard drive disks that you need.

    Step 3: Click on Scan. There are two scanning modes, Quick Scan and Deep Scan. Deep Scan provides a complete scan of all the deleted files on your Dell laptop.

    Step 4: Tick the files that you need by types and paths. Click on Recover to save the files back to your Dell computer.

    How Do You Reset Your Dell Laptop If You Forgot Your Password

    Dell Password Reset

    First you should select your Windows and second, select a User you want to reset. Then click Reset password button, the program will remove your password protection. After resetting your Dell password, reboot your Dell computer and dont forgot to change your boot order back to hard drive in the BISO.

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    No : Reset Dell Laptop Password Windows 7 With Command Prompt

    If you have a Windows 7 installation disk, you can use it to copy utilman.exe and reset your Windows 7 admin password with Command prompt. If you dont have it at all, just follow this tutorial to create Windows 7 installation disk with DVD/USB flash drive by using Microsoft Windows DVD/USB Download Tool.

    So what? Go through the steps bellow to reset Windows 7 password on your Dell laptop.

    1.Insert the Windows 7 installation disk to your locked Dell laptop.

    2.Boot the laptop from DVD/USB.

    3.Once Windows 7 setup screen comes out, select right language and then click Next.

    4.Click Repair your computer at the bottom of the screen.

    5.Select Windows 7 partition and click Next.

    6.Select Command Prompt from system recovery options.

    7.Run the following command to copy sethc.exe and restart your Dell laptop.

    1)Type copy d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe d:\ and hit Enter.

    2)Type copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\ and hit Enter.

    3)Type copy d:\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe and hit Enter.

    4)It will ask you if override it, type yes and hit Enter to confirm that.

    5)Type wpeutil reboot and hit Enter to restart you Dell laptop.

    8.Once Windows 7 login screen appears, hit Shift key five times to run cmd and then run the following command to reset Windows 7 admin password on your Dell laptop.

    1)Type net user and hit Enter to show all user accounts of Windows 7.

    2)Type net user TONY 123456 and hot Enter to reset TONYs password to 123456.

    Reset Dell Laptop Forgotten Password

    Despite all of the methods that have been mentioned to help you in a process of factory reset Dell Inspiron without password, there is every chance that you may not be successful due to one reason or the other. The truth is that sometimes these processes are more complicated than you can imagine. For instance, if you are using Windows 7 and would like to carry out factory reset, you need to remember your administrator password. It can be very frustrating to find out that you cant remember such details. Even though you may use other means later on, there is no doubt that precious time must have been wasted.

    Here is the solution

    Are you looking for how to carry reset Dell Inspiron without password? Do you know that you can use a tool to make the entire process super easy? This is where Windows Password Reset will prove to be very helpful. Through this application, you dont have to bother about forgotten password or details as such can be easily deleted within seconds. It means that any process about how to reset the Dell Inspiron without password will be very straight forward.

    Key features of Windows Password Reset

    Windows Password Reset is a tool that has been outstanding amongst others in recent times when it comes to easy deletion of user accounts. This is due to some of its wonderful features like:

    How to Use Windows Password Reset

    Step 1: Get the tool downloaded, installed and launched and on a Windows system.

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    How To Unlock A Dell Inspiron Laptop Without The Password 5 Easy Ways

    Theres nothing more frustrating than being locked out of your laptop because you forgot the password. You wont have access to your photos, documents, and any other files on your laptop.

    However, were here to tell you NOT to panic! There are many immediate Dell security manager password reset solutions that dont involve wiping all your important data.

    Weve got four easy ways on how to unlock a Dell Inspiron laptop:

    • Method 1: Unlock Dell Inspiron Laptop with Password Reset Disk
    • Method 2: Unlock Dell Inspiron Laptop with Microsoft Account
    • Method 3: Unlock Dell Inspiron Laptop with Installation Disk
    • Method 4: Reset Dell Inspiron Laptop Password with Bootable Flash Drive.

    Whether you have access to a manufacturer disk or not, its possible to unlock your Dell laptop with our step-by-step guide.

    Lets begin!

    Option : How To Reset Dell Laptop Windows 10 With Keeping Files If Forgot Administrator Password

    Forgot Windows 10 Password on Dell Laptop No Reset Disk – Quick Fix Tutorial

    If you need to reset Windows 10 with keeping your personal files or you want to factory reset Windows 10 PC but you forgot your administrators password, you can firstly reset/remove the administrator password by using Windows Password Rescuer. Refer to: How to reset forgotten Windows 10 administrator password. Then you can follow the guide in this article to factory reset Windows 10 on your Dell laptop or desktop.

    If you have successfully removed Windows 10 administrator password and now log into your Dell laptop/desktop computer, you can factory reset the Dell laptop/Desktop easily without losing your personal data, but all apps installed will be lost. If you need to back up your product keys, refer to this How to Find Product Key from Your Computer. Now lets see how to reset Dell laptop Windows 10 without password.

    Step 1: Login Windows 10 as administrator without password. Open Start menu and then select Settings.

    Step 2: In the settings screen, select Update & Security.

    Step 3: Click or tab Recovery. Then Get started.

    Step 4: Under Choose an option, click Keep my files.

    Step 5: Read the message to confirm and then click Next.

    Step 6: Ready to reset this PC. Resetting will: Remove all apps and programs but keep all your personal files, change settings back to defaults. Now click Reset to continue.

    Step 7: Wait resetting this PC.

    Step 8: Wait installing Windows 10.

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    Q: Reset Windows 10 Password Without Disk For Dell Laptop

    With no available password reset disk, whether you cannot reset dell laptop windows 10 password any longer? Surely it is not. As long as you have such preparations before dell laptop locked, you will be able to take them instead of reset disk to reset Windows 10 forgotten password while dell laptop is locked. Or follow the topic about windows 10 laptop password reset without disk.

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