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How To Reset Laptop Password Windows 10

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How to Reset Windows 10 Password Easily [Tutorial]

You dont need a disk to recover your HP laptop password if you have a Microsoft Account or a Local Windows Account with security questions in place. Just use the on-screen password-recovery option to recover or reset your password.

If youre running a local account and dont have password recovery options or a password-reset disk or USB, the next best method is to use an alternative administrator account. If another user can log in with administrative access, have another user change your password information.

If that doesnt prove an option, there are commercial password-reset USB drives worth considering. These tools will help you gain access to administrative tools that will let you reset your HP laptop password without affecting the local installation or personal files.

If none of the above options work for you, or you just want to use the laptop again and dont care about the Windows account, you can always just reset the laptop and start fresh.

Ways To Reset The Forgotten Password On Windows 10

In most cases, for the sake of safety, computer clients are accustomed to using the password to log on to Windows 10, either the pin, picture password or Microsoft password. However, the problem is that people often forget or lose the login password for Windows 10.

This post would tell what to do to recover or reset the administrator or other passwords quickly and effectively.


How To Factory Reset Windows 10 From The Login Screen

If you dont have the admin password for a Windows PC, you can reset Windows 10 to factory settings pretty easily from the login screen.

  • In the bottom-right corner of the login screen, youll see options to change your network settings, access Windows accessibility options, or power down your PC. To begin resetting your PC, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard. With the key held down, press the Restart option under your power menu.
  • This will reboot Windows 10, but rather than loading the operating system as normal, youll be presented with the boot options menu. Click the Troubleshoot option to proceed.
  • In the Troubleshoot menu, click the Reset this PC option.
  • You can choose to save your files or reset Windows 10 completely, removing all files and settings. To save your files, click the Keep my files option. Otherwise, click Remove everything instead.

This will begin the reset process, and you may need to follow further on-screen instructions to proceed. Once the process is complete, youll be able to set up your Windows PC with a new user account, bypassing the old admin password entirely.

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Preparation Create New Windows 10 Password Reset Disk With Renee Passnow

You need:

Professional Windows 10 password reset tool – Renee Passnow

1. Windows PC which can login and work normally

2. USB stick or CD/DVD

New Windows 10 Password Reset Disk create process when you are locked out:

1. Choose creation method: USB or CD/DVD

2. Connect the USB/CD/DVD to your computer. Select one option from and . Then, select or according to your computer. Next, click on to download the licensed ISO. Remember to activate the software beforehand. After that, click on to create the boot media.

Then, select x64 or x86 according to your computer system. Next, click on to download the licensed ISO. Remember to activate the software beforehand. After that, click on Create USB to create the boot media.

Whole password reset disk process with Renee Passnow does not need to provide any possible password or account information.

How to Reset Windows 10 Password with the New Created Password Reset Disk

Step 1: Boot the target PC with the created password reset USB/CD/DVD.

1.USB 2.0 Port2boot from USB under UEFI environment

Step 2: Select PassNow! function after booting from the new created Windows password reset disk.

Step 3: Select target Windows 10 system in the list.

Step 4: Choose the target account then click Clear Password to reset Windows 10 login password.

is enabled with administrator privilege in defaultdefault password is 123456789

Factory Reset Windows 10 Without Password With Installation Disk

Reset Your Forgotten Password in Windows 10

If you forgot Windows 10 laptop password, how to reset it to factory settings? Use the installation disk to get into troubleshoot options. More detail, follow the steps on below.

2. Boot your Windows 10 laptop from the installation disk.

3. When go to the installation screen, click on Next, and then click on Repair your computer.

4. Click on Troubleshoot > Reset this PC.

5. Select Remove everything to remove all of your personal files including your password.

6. Select the drivers. If you don’t want to remove files from the other drive, select the first option “Only the drive where Windows is installed”.

7. If you still want to keep your laptop, select “Just remove my files”.

8. Click on “Reset” to factory restore Windows 10 without password.

During the resetting process, please make sure your laptop is plugged into power.


After restoring your PC to factory default, the apps you personal installed will be removed, and the Windows settings are set to factory default. If you forgot your administrator account password, but don’t want to reset your laptop to factory settings in Windows 10, you can unlock your laptop following this article: Locked out of Windows 10 laptop forgot password how to unlock?

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Ways: How To Factory Reset Windows 10 Without Password

We all know that Windows 10 is prone to many issues from update problems to missing files. There are also reports of crashing and freezing from many users. That is why it is quite crucial for users to know how to factory reset Windows 10 without password.

After all, factory reset is one of the easiest ways to resolve issues on Windows PC. Alas, it requires you to enter your password, so if you forgot it, itâs your funeral, except, thatâs not completely true.

This article will be talking about how you can do factory reset even after forgetting your password. Letâs begin with what users normally do in the beginning.

Boot Your Asus Laptop From Usb

You have two options to boot your Asus laptop from USB device: Open Boot Menu or change devices boot order in BIOS SETUP. The first option is recommended.

1.Plug your USB disk into your Asus laptop.

2.Power on your laptop and hit ESC or F8 key to open Boot Menu, use arrow key to highlight USB HDD and press Enter to select it. Then the laptop will boot from USB automatically.

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Reset A Pin From The Login Screen

If you use a PIN rather than a password to access your Windows 10 account, theres a different way to reset it. To get started, click ‘I forgot my PIN’ under the PIN sign-in box. Enter the password for your Microsoft account, then click ‘Next’.

Choose how you want to be sent a security code , then fill in the missing information to verify the account is yours. Once you receive the code, enter it on your PC, then choose a new PIN and re-enter it to confirm. This will reset your PIN.

Solution : Enable The Built

HOW TO RESET Administrator PASSWORD and Unlock Computer in Windows 8, 10 Without Programs in 2021

When you forgot the login password for Windows 10, it is necessary for you to activate the administrator account built-in your computer. Only in this way can you have the authority to get back or change the password.

To reset your forgotten password, just go ahead.

1. Hit Windows + R to evoke the Run.

2. Type in cmd in the box and click OK to activate the Command Prompt.

3. In Command Prompt, input the following command and then hit Enter.

net user Administrator /active:yes

Windows 10 command prompt would hint you that you have just successfully enabled the built-in administrator. And you can perform various actions with this account, such as changing the user account type and permissions or creating a new password when you have forgotten the password for signing in.

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Windows : Recover Your Password

Theres not much thats as frustrating as trying to log into a Windows computer when you dont remember the password. If you use Windows 10, but you dont have a recovery disk or a Microsoft account to help you reset your password, you need to take the hard route. Heres how:

  • Turn on your computer and wait until you see the Windows logo. Then, unplug the power cord or hold down the power button to force the hardware to turn off. Turn it on again, and you should be greeted by this screen:

  • Choose Advanced options. Click on Troubleshoot, Advanced options, and System Image Recovery. That brings you to a screen that looks like this:

  • Click Cancel to clear the dialog box, then click on Next.

  • On the next screen, select Advanced and then Install a driver. Confirm with OK.

    This brings up an Explorer window, which allows you to perform the password reset magic.

  • On the left side of the screen, click This PC.

  • Open up the C:\ drive. Depending on how the computer is configured, it might be named Local Disk or Windows 10 .

  • Navigate to Windows, System32, and scroll down the huge list of files until you find the file utilman. Right-click on that file, select Rename, and rename it to whatever you like, such as Utilmanpassword. Remember that name!

  • Windows 10 asks you to confirm a new password. Click on ENTER twice to use an empty password.

    Done! Close this window and then log in with an empty password by hitting the arrow button.

  • How Do I Find My Windows Password

    First of all, a strong password is highly recommended quickly generate one here. If youve forgotten your computer password or cant remember your Windows password, the bad news is that there arent any super-easy ways to retrieve it, unless youre using a Microsoft account to log in. The following steps walk you through the process for successful password recovery, going from the easiest to the hardest things to try.

    If you use Windows 7, you may be out of luck, unless you previously created a password recovery disk which we address later in this piece.

    On the other hand, Windows 10 users are in a good spot. The new operating system practically forces you to sign up for a Microsoft account during the installation process. If youve got either a Microsoft account or a reset disk, its very easy to recover a password, with a few options at your disposal.

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    Reset Local User Password Using Password Reset Disk

    You can use this method to recover your forgotten User Account Password, only if you had previously created a Password Reset Disk.

    1. Insert the USB Drive containing Password Reset Disk into the USB port of your computer.

    2. Go to the Login screen and click on the Right-Arrow.

    3. You will see Password is incorrect, Try again message, click on OK to move to the next screen.

    4. On the next screen, click on Reset Password option.

    5. Scroll down to skip the 3 Security Questions and click on Use a Password Disk instead option.

    6. On Password Reset Wizard screen, click on Next to start the process of Password Reset.

    7. On the next screen, select your Password Reset Disk and click on Next.

    8. On the next screen, type your New Password, Password Hint and click on Next.

    8. Click on Finish to close the Forgotten Password Reset Screen.

    After this, you will be able to login to your computer using the New password that you just created.

    Ways To Reset A Forgotten Windows Administrator Password

    How To Reset Forgotten Windows 10 Password

    Forgetting your password is scary, but you still have options to get back in. Here are three ways to reset your admin password in Windows.

    How many times have you forgotten a password in the last year? Losing a website password isn’t a huge deal, because you can reset those with your email address. But forgetting your computer password is scary, because they’re difficult to reset.

    If you’ve forgotten the password for a Windows administrator account, don’t fear. There are several methods you can use to recover it. We’ll show you how to reset administrator passwords in Windows, even if you don’t have admin rights.

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    Easy Ways To Factory Reset Windows 10 Without Password

    Forgot the password to sign into your Windows 10 PC? Want to reset your computer to factory setting thus you can regain the access? A factory reset is used to wipe and take your computer back to where it was on the day you opened the box. Now we will show you how to factory reset Windows 10 without admin password and an alternative way to recover forgotten Windows 10 login password without factory reset.

    My Computer Is On A Domain

  • Sign in with a domain account that has administrator permissions to this device. If you’re not sure, contact your organization’s IT admin for help.

  • Select the Start button , select Control Panel, select User Accounts, select User Accounts, and then select Manage User Accounts. If you’re prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

  • On the Users tab, under Users for this computer, select the user account name, and then select Reset Password.

  • Type the new password, confirm the new password, and then select OK.

  • Note: If you are logged on as an administrator, you can create and change passwords for all user accounts on the computer.

    Warning: If you use an administrator account to change a password for another account, any encrypted files or e mail messages for that other account will no longer be accessible to the person who was using that account.

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    Option : With Isumsoft Disk

    If you forgot Windows 10 laptop password and have no available disk, you can instantly create an iSumsoft disk and then use it to reset the password.

    Step 1: Create an iSumsoft disk

    1. On another working computer, download and install iSumsoft Windows Password Refixer.

    2. Launch this program and follow its steps to burn it into a USB drive to create a bootable disk.

    Step 2: Boot Windows 10 laptop from the disk

    Connect the iSumsoft disk to your password-forgotten Windows 10 laptop. Access BIOS to set your laptop to boot from the disk.

    Step 3: Reset password on Windows 10 laptop

    After the laptop boots up, Windows Password Refixer will run on your laptop.

    1. Select Windows 10 running on your laptop.

    2. Select the password-forgotten user.

    3. Click on the Reset Password button and set the password to blank when prompted.

    Step 4: Restart laptop and login Windows 10

    After the password reset is completed, click on the Reboot button and disconnect the disk when prompted. Then your laptop will restart normally and Windows 10 will automatically sign in without the password.

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    Use Command Prompt To Move And Copy Utilman File

    How to Factory Reset Dell Laptop Windows 10 without Password

    1.When the laptop boots from DVD and load Windows 10 install screen, enter your language and then click Next to continue.

    2.In next screen, select Repair your computer and then click Next.

    3.Advanced options appears, select Troubleshoot.

    4.In Troubleshoot screen, select Command Prompt.

    5.Run the following command to copy Utilman file and then restart your laptop.

    1)move c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe c:\

    2)copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

    3)wpeutil reboot

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    Reset The Administrator Password In Windows 10

    Before we begin this tutorial, let me clarify that none of your files or programs will be affected during this process. You can reset the Windows 10 administrator password without any loss to your valuable files. So with that out of the way, lets move to the instructions.

    1. First of all, you need to create a Windows 10 USB installation media. You can either use Rufus or Microsofts Media Creation Tool to create a bootable Windows USB.

    2. Next, plug a USB thumb drive into the computer, and restart your PC. As your PC boots up, start pressing the boot key continuously.

    Note: On HP laptops, pressing the Esc key during startup brings up the Startup menu. For other laptops and desktops, you will have to look for the boot key on the Internet. It should be one of these: F12, F9, F10, etc.

    3. Now, select the USB drive on which you flashed Windows 10 and hit Enter to kick off the administrator password reset process.

    4. Once you are on the Windows 10 installer page, press Shift + F10 to open Command Prompt.

    5. In the Command Prompt window, type diskpart and hit Enter. Next, type list volume and hit Enter. From the list of volumes, identify your C drive and note down whatever is mentioned under Ltr. This will be your partition name. For example, mine is D.

    6. Now, type exit and hit Enter to leave Diskpart.

    8. After that, enter these commands one by one to move to the System32 folder under your computers C drive.

    cd windowscd system32
    control userpasswords2

    Reset Local User Account Password Using Control Panel

    If you can login to your Admin Account, you should be able to Reset your forgotten Local User Account Password by using Control Panel.

    1. Type Control Panel in the Search bar and click on Control Panel Desktop App in the search results.

    2. On Control Panel screen, switch to Category View and then click on User Accounts.

    3. On User Accounts screen, click on Manage Another Account option.

    4. On Manage Accounts screen, select the User Account that you would like to Manage.

    5. On the next screen, select Change the Password option.

    6. On Change Password screen, type New Password, confirm New password, type Password Hint and click on Change Password button.

    You can now login to this User Account using the New Password.

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