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How To Reset Your Laptop Password

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Windows : How Microsoft Windows Password Recovery Works

Resetting Your Microsoft Windows 8 Password | HP Computers | HP

The Microsoft Windows password reset process via Microsoft login is straightforward:

  • The Microsoft computer password reset process requires an internet connection, so make sure your PC is online

  • On the Windows 10 login screen, click on I forgot my password.

  • On the next screen, type in your Microsoft account email address and press Enter.

  • Next, Microsoft aims to verify that its really you. You can instruct Microsoft to send a code to you by email or SMS.

  • Once you receive that code, enter it into the Windows login screen. Youll be taken through the process of entering a new password.

  • After Resetting Your Dell Password Reboot Your Dell Computer And Don’t Forgot To Change Your Boot Order Back To Hard Drive In The Biso

    How to reset dell laptop password. Now before clicking on reset password do insert your disk. Then click reset password button, the program will remove your password protection. Follow these steps and you can factory reset windows 10 or 8 from the login screen:

    Now type the new password for the user account, this new password will replace the old one. How to reset windows 10 password on dell laptop & desktop. How to reset windows password on dell laptop without disk.

    When this is done, the menu. And there is no data loss with this method. If the above mentioned two strategies didnt work and you dont have much learning about pc, at that point windows password recovery is the best decision for you.

    Use the password that corresponds to your dell laptop. Keep in mind that resetting any computer will erase the computer’s hard drive, so you may want to back up your computer’s data before proceeding. Personally, i suggest to make a password reset disk to recover the password.

    You just have to follow these steps: Since the password protection on your dell laptop has been removed, now, you can factory reset dell laptop without password. On factory restore first time setup i must have either typed in the user password or something went wrong.

    With the dell recovery manager, you can remove the password from your laptop. You might be forced to reset the password through the hardware in some case. How to factory reset a dell laptop without password.

    How To Reset If I Forgot My Laptop Password

    You keep your laptop device secured by putting the admin password into it so that no one can access your devices data without your permission. But, what will happen if you forgot laptop password? Sometimes, this could be very irritating.

    One of our visitors asked a question, I forgot my laptop password. How to reset my laptop password? So, after considering that question, we have decided to write on how to reset laptop password easily.

    Here, we have discussed different methods and techniques through which you can reset your laptops password without hassle. We have discussed more than one method because if in case one doesnt work for you, you can try out another one.

    We will discuss Step by Step in detail about four methods through which you can reset your laptop password. Four methods are:

    Now, we will explain each method one by one:

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    I Forgot My Laptop Password And Work Around With Administrator Right

    Note: This method works for all Windows laptops.

    When you install Windows, Windows automatically creates an “Administrator” account and sets its password as blank. This is called the default administrator account. So what if you have forgotten the Windows password? You can try to get help from this administrator account.

    Here are the detailed steps:

    Step 1: Start your laptop. When the welcome screen / Windows welcome screen appears, press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys twice.

    Step 2: In the “Classic login area” type “Administrator” in Username and enter your password if you ever set one. After this, you log in to Windows.

    Step 3: Reset the password for your account via “Control Panel -> User Accounts.”

    Way : Manually Reset Administrator Password With Old Password On Hp Laptop

    How To Change Laptop Password Windows 10

    If you have successfully enter your HP laptop, you can take the following steps to easily reset your administrator password.

    Step 1: Log on to the computer using the administrator username and password. Click “Start” and select “Control Panel” and choose “User Accounts”.

    Step 2: Click the Change Your Password link and complete the fields. You can create hint as you wish and click Change Password button when youre done to complete the process.

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    Way 3 Reset Laptop Without Password Using Recovery Partition

    Computers nowadays usually come with a recovery partition preinstalled, or are shipped with a recovery disc when out of the box, which is used to do a factory reset on your laptop in case system failure happens. However, this may be a little tricky for an old OS version like Windows XP, Windows Vista.

    1.Power on or restart you laptop and hit the corresponding key repeatedly on startup screen. Below we have listed common keys for well-known manufacturers.

    Acer: Alt+F10Sony: F10Toshiba: 0

    2.After that, you will boot into the recovery partition or called Recovery Manager on some PC brands, in which screen you can find specific guidance on how to restore laptop to factory default. Here we take how to factory reset HP laptop without password as an example. Choose System Recovery under I need help immediately.

    3.Follow the instructions to restore your laptop to its original condition and when the reset is completed, restart the PC and decide the initial setup settings.

    Way 4 Fix Forgot Windows 11 Password With Windows Password Reset Usb/disk

    If youve ever created a password reset USB or disk for your Windows 11 computer, you can use it to reset Windows 11 password if you forgot your password.

  • Connect the Windows 11 password reset USB or disk to your PC.
  • Start your computer to access the login screen.
  • Click Reset password and click Next.
  • Then type a new password and type a password hint to reset your password in Windows 11.
  • How to create a password reset USB/disk for Windows 11 local account:

  • Connect a blank USB flash drive or disk to your computer.
  • Press Windows + R, type control panel, and press Enter to open Control Panel.
  • In the search box of Control Panel, you can type create password reset and select Create a password reset disk Follow the instructions to create a password reset USB/disk for your Windows 11 local account.
  • You dont have to create a new password reset USB/disk even if you change your password many times. If you forgot your login password in Windows 11 in the future, you can use the Windows 11 password reset USB/disk to follow the steps above to reset your password.

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    Laptop Password Reset With Windows Dvd

    The Windows installation DVD is another reliable option to use if you forgot laptop password. This method works on both local and domain user accounts on the laptop, but not on the Microsoft account to reset the password. The procedure requires typing-in long commands over the Command Prompt to get access to the laptop.

    It is a long & complicated procedure to reset laptop password using Windows DVD, so experts are not advised to apply the method without proper knowledge or guidance. Follow the instruction properly to re-access your laptop with the help of a Windows DVD.

    Step 1. Insert the Windows DVD into the locked laptop, and boot it from the DVD.

    Step 2. When the Windows blue screen appears, you have to press the Shift key & F10 key together to enter the command prompt.

    Step 3. Enter the commands shown below in the same sequence, followed by pressing the Enter key after each command. This step will replace the Utility Manager with the Command Prompt. Change the letter c to the drives name where the OS is loaded on the laptop.

    move c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe c:\ copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

    Step 4. Remove the disc and restart the system using the Power button, or enter the below-given command.

    wpeutil reboot

    Step 5. Now click on the Ease of Access icon given in the lower right corner to get the command prompt window.

    copy c:\ultiman.exe c:\Windows\system32\ultiman.exe

    Way : Change Administrator Password For Hp Laptop With Windows Password Key

    Reset Your Microsoft Account Password for Windows 10 | HP Computers | @HPSupport

    Users may also ask, if they don’t have a password reset disk or CD-ROM for their HP laptop, what can they do when they lost their administrator password and want to reset it? We suggest users try to take the advantage of Windows Password Key, it can help to recover lost/forgotten Windows password for login in Windows 10/8.1/8/7, and all the HP laptops and other brand of laptops are compatible.

    Step 1: Launch the program on an available desktop or laptop and get a workable USB with your computer. You then are required to burn a bootable disk, and you can view the interface below.

    Step 2: Insert the USB to your password lost HP laptop, restart the computer and press “F12” or other keys to enter BIOS settings and choose “Removable Devices” to continue.

    Step 3: Follow Windows Password Key’s prompts and reset your administrator password for HP laptop.

    For more detail steps, you can refer to: How to Use Windows Password Key

    As you have tried the above methods, you now must have get your HP laptop administrator password reset. Actually, these methods can also work for other brands of laptop like Sony, SANGSUM, Lenovo, etc. And they will be helpful for other type of account passwords. And when you meet with password trouble, don’t hesitate to come to this article.

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    Reset Hp Laptop Password Via Factory Reset

    Last but not the least, if all else fails, you can restore to factory resetting the HP laptop. However, similar to the first method of how to reset password on HP laptop without disk, this method will wipe your machine.

    If you have a recent backup, then you wont lose much. Otherwise, if you have access to the computer, I advise you backup essential files . Are you good to go? Lets get to it then. Here is how to reset admin password on HP laptop using the factory reset feature that comes with every Windows PC. Steps:

    Step 1: Reboot the computer. Imediately it starts up, press F11 and continue pressing this key until you get into the options menu.

    Step 2: The option menu is the starting point for your factory resetting. Next, you get to the Choose and option screen. Remember that this operation will erase your entire drive. Thankfully, Windows lets you back up your data before starting the factory reset. To back up your data, click Keep my files and then hit Next. Skip this step if you already have a backup.

    Step 3: Alternatively, if you already have a recent backup or simply do not need the data on your machine, you can save time by opting not to back up. For users who already have a backup and skipped Step 2, click the Remove everything option to continue without making a backup. Its faster this way because theres no backing up to be done.

    Learn More About Passwords And Your Apple Id

    Your Apple ID is the account you use to access Apple services like the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime and more.

    When you create a new password, keep the following in mind:

    • Your new Apple ID password must contain at least eight characters, a number, an uppercase letter, and a lowercase letter.
    • You can’t use spaces, the same character three times in a row, your Apple ID, or a password you’ve used in the last year.

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    How To Reset Windows Laptop Password If Forgot It

    Have you ever been faced with the problem “forgot laptop password to login”? It is a really painful thing but fortunately password reset disk always works for Windows password reset for any laptops. Just not everyone got the point and made such a disk when laptop is accessible. So at most of time, we need a way to reset forgotten laptop password without disk.

    Here I will share a free way I have ever used to reset my laptop password – reset laptop password with command prompt in safe mode. It will work with built-in administrator.

    Sign Into A Microsoft Account On Windows 10


    Windows 10 begs you to sign into a Microsoft account, and for good reason. Aside from enabling you to download apps from its store and synchronize settings from one PC to another, a Microsoft account also offers you an easy way to reset your password, as you saw above.

    To set it up , heres what to do:

  • Click on the Start menu and then on the little cog icon to open the Settings app.

  • Click on Account. If you see an email address below your user name and account photo, then you already have a Microsoft account and youre done.

  • If it looks like this, then youre signed into a local account. You should sign up for a Microsoft account, which would enable you to reset your password in case you forget or lose it:

  • To do that, click on Sign in with a Microsoft account. You can register for an account by clicking on Create one! Its a straightforward registration process that asks you to either create a new Microsoft address or to use an existing email ID.

  • Set up a password and type in your first and last name. Last but not least, you can now sign into your new account using the email and password you just specified. This will be your Windows login going forward. While not the most secure method, you can also set up a PIN in Windows 10 at this point to make logging in easier.

  • Going forward you can reset your password using the way we described above.

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    Change Your Password To A Pin

    1. Follow steps 1 through 4 under To Change Your Current Password above.

    2. Within Sign-in options,

    3. In order to change your password, you have to sign in with your current Microsoft account password. Enter your password in the box.

    4. Enter a new pin in the first box and reenter it in the second one. You can now use this pin to sign into your Microsoft account.

    Reset Laptop Password With Other Administrator Account

    If any of the above methods are not working for you, then you can also try out resetting your forgotten laptop password with another administrator account. Through another administrator in your laptop, you can easily recover or reset your admin password.

    This method will work only if your laptop has access to another administrator account. If you dont have access to another admin account, this method of password resetting will not be going to work for you.

    Hence, make sure you have access to another admin account in your laptop. Here are some steps you need to follow carefully to recover your laptops password with another administrator account:

    Step 1: Firstly, log in to your laptop with another administrator account.

    Step 2: Then, go to Control Panel. Then, click on User Accounts and Family Safety option, then click on the User Accounts button.

    Step 3: In the second step, you need to click on Manage another Account option and then, you will see a list of Windows account in your laptop.

    Step 4: Then, select the administrator account that you want to remove the password for. Here, you need to select that admin account which you forgot the password of and struggling in logging in.

    Step 5: At last, click on the Remove the password link. After clicking on Remove the password link, it will blank your selected forgotten administrator password immediately in your laptop.

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    Way 4 Remove Windows Password To Reset Laptop To Factory Settings Without Password

    There is another possibility that you accidently forgot login password for Windows 7/8/10, and you are not allowed to reset default settings on laptop unless you have the right admin password. In this case, I will suggest you to remove login password with some password recovery software like Windows Password Key. Below I will show you how to unlock a laptop without password.

    1.Install and launch Windows Password Key on another computer, and inset a CD/DVD/USB drive.

    2.Click burn to put ISO files into your drive and create a bootable reset disk.

    3.When finished, eject the device and plug it to your laptop needs factory resetting. Boot your laptop from the disk to enter password recovery interface.

    4.Choose the Windows Installation by the ID number demonstrated.

    5.Type the according number of Windows users to reset password.

    6.Type y to confirm password reset for user and eject the external drive, then reboot your laptop. You can now successfully enter the desktop without any password.

    7.After that, restore you laptop back to factory default settings with methods above.

    This is the end for how to reset laptop to factory settings without password. With 4 ways provided, you will hopefully find at least one workable.

    Reset Laptop Password With Windows Password Recovery

    How To Reset A Windows Computer With A Password | Forgotten Computer Password | Get Fixed

    Another method to reset your laptop password could be through Windows Password Recovery. It makes the Windows password resetting process very easy.

    WinPassKey is very easy to use and lightweight. This tool helps you to reset your laptop password just with a single click. Another great thing about this tool is that it supports all the Windows version.

    Hence, if you are stuck in recovering or resetting your Windows laptop administrator password, dont worry, Windows Password Recovery is here to help you out.

    Lets understand the process step-by-step:

    Step 1: To get started with resetting password through Windows Password Recovery, first you need to create a bootable recovery environment. Download Windows password recovery tool, and then install that tool.

    Step 2: After you successfully install the password recovery tool by iSunshare, insert an empty CD/DVD or a blank USB drive and launch the application. Then, click on the USB Device option to continue. If you are using a CD or DVD, then click on the CD/DVD option to continue.

    Step 3: Then, select your USB drive from the dropdown menu, and select the option Begin burning. One thing you need to remember before proceeding this process is that the software will format your USB drive before it can create a bootable drive. Hence, back up your data from the USB drive before you start burning. Once the process will be completed, you will see the below-given screen.

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