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How To Restore My Laptop

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One: Disabling Virus Scanning Protection When System Restore Fails In Windows 7

How To Fix Factory Reset My HP Laptop Computer To Factory Settings – Updated 2020

temporarily disable virus scanning

note:If your computer uses a different type of virus protection, use the manufacturer’s instructions to disable the protection temporarily.

Show me how

  • Disconnect from the Internet. Physically disconnect your network cable or press the disconnect button on your router.
  • In the Internet section, click Settings.Figure : Norton Internet Security main window
  • In the Additional Options section, click Virus and Spyware Protection.
  • Click Miscellaneous Settings, and then click the button next to Norton Product Tamper Protection to turn the protection Off. Figure : Miscellaneous Settings
  • The Security Request message displays. Leave the duration at 15 minutes, and then click OK. Figure : Security Request
  • How To Factory Reset On Windows 10

    Knowing how to factory reset on Windows 10 will help you take the nuclear option if all else fails with your Windows 10 device.

    Having to factory reset is typically a last resort if youre experiencing technical issues with your device, but if all other troubleshooting methods have failed then sometimes you need to reset back to day zero. For this reason, its very useful to know how to factory reset on Windows 10.

    If youre worried about losing personal files, Windows 10 has a pretty useful option that allows you to factory reset your device while still keeping all your files. Youll be asked during the reset process if you want to perform a full reset or a more limited one that keeps your files intact.

    We would still strongly recommend that you back up any files before resetting, as theres always the possibility that something could go awry. In this case, its better to be safe than sorry.

    If you need to perform a factory reset on Windows 10, then just follow the steps below and well guide you through the process. With these instructions, youll have your device running smoothly again in no time.

    How To Refresh Reset Or Restore Your Pc

    Note: For information about this topic in Windows 10, see Recovery options in Windows 10.

    If you’re having problems with your PC, you can:

    • Refresh your PC to reinstall Windows and keep your personal files and settings. Refresh also keeps the apps that came with your PC and the apps you installed from the Microsoft Store.

    • Reset your PC to reinstall Windows but delete your files, settings, and appsexcept for the apps that came with your PC.

    • Restore your PC to undo recent system changes you’ve made.

    If you’re having trouble starting your PC, see Windows Startup Settings , and go to the Get to Windows Startup Settings in the Windows Recovery Environment section. You can refresh, reset, or restore your PC from the Windows Recovery Environment.

    If you want to back up and restore your personal files using File History, see Set up a drive for File History.

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    Will You Save Or Remove Your Files

    At this point, you have two options: You can either keep your personal files and only remove downloaded apps and settings, or you can wipe everything and start from scratch. Both choices will also give you additional settings to change.

    If you are resetting Windows in order to roll back an issue, try Keep my files first. If you plan to get rid of the computer, Remove everything is the way to go.

    How Do I Fix My Iphone With Itunes

    Three Ways That Can Factory Reset Laptop in Windows 10/8/7

    iTunes is a free application from Apple Inc. for downloading, managing and playing music files. Close iTunes if it is running. Click Start in the lower left corner of your screen. In the list of programs, click iTunes. Click “Restore” in the top menu. Click “Restore” again to confirm the correction. Click OK when the repair is complete.

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    Is Lenovo Labtop Good

    • Value for money: If you want value for money, Lenovo laptops are the best option. Most Lenovo laptops have good specs.
    • Best budget laptops: Lenovo laptops are the best budget laptops.
    • Best Vote: Lenovo wins the battle between two well-known laptop brands, Lenovo and Dell. Lenovo was named the best laptop brand in the world in 2019.

    Chances Of File Recovery After Factory Reset

    According to the first part, you will certainly lose your files after the factory reset. The factory reset is mainly for C drive. The process of the factory reset is this:

    • Reformat the C drive – Restore the system with a backup – Restart after restore

    Basically, after doing a factory reset, the laptop will completely remove all post-installed programs, applications, games or personal documents, pictures, music or movies off from the machine. As a result, some of the data will be overwritten. What’s worse, the file system of the original lost file will be corrupted. But this doesn’t mean that you lose the chance to recover wanted files after a factory reset. You still have a chance to recover files that may not have been overwritten.

    The only chance is using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It’s professional in the data recovery field and has helped millions of customers successfully recover lost data in an easy way. This reliable hard disk data recovery software can recover your lost files via RAW.

    • Recover deleted, formatted, and inaccessible data easily

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    How Can I Restore My Lenovo Computer To Factory Status

    On a Lenovo computer, you can use it to restore your system to factory or previous backups if your operating system crashes or is slow. The detailed process is in the following steps: 1. On a Lenovo computer, double-click the Lenovo OneKey Recovery icon to open it and select System Recovery with the computer open.

    Scenario # 5 If Nothing Else Works A Fresh Windows Install Will Do The Trick

    How to Restore Hp Laptop to Factory Defaults

    If you cannot start your PC at all and also cannot get into the repair wizard, the only thing that will help is a fresh installation. To do this, switch from another device to the official Microsoft website and download the Media Creation Tool. You can then use the tool to create installation media for Windows 10. Either burn it to a DVD or drag it to a USB stick with sufficient storage capacity. Then insert the DVD or insert the stick into the USB port. During the boot process, press the F key specified by the PC or laptop manufacturer. Then select the appropriate drive in the boot menu. In the advanced startup options, click Troubleshoot, then select Reset this PC.

    If reinstallation using the Media Creation Tool does not work, you can also reinstall Windows 10 using an ISO file. To do this, download the Windows installation file. The disadvantage of this method is that it will lose all of your data. Once the ISO file is downloaded, you can easily start the new installation with a double click.

    One way to deal with problems starting Windows 10 is what is known as Safe Mode. You can find out how to get into Safe Mode in our advisory article.

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    Using System Restore When Windows 7 Cannot Start Normally

    Show me how

  • Turn off the computer and wait at least 5 seconds with the computer in a full off state.
  • Turn on the computer and press the F11 key repeatedly as the computer starts.
  • Under I need help immediately, click Microsoft System Restore.
  • Use the steps in the Restoring Windows 7 to a previous point section to use System Restore.
  • How To Format Lenovo Laptop

    Reformatting Your Lenovo Laptop Plug your computer into a power outlet, turn it on, and then press F11 on the Lenovo logo screen to start Rescue and Recovery. Read the license agreement and click Next. Select “Full Recovery” from the menu. Click Continue. Select Factory Restore from the options and then click Restore. Click Next and then click OK to confirm. On the Restore Product screen, click Next. Select I accept these terms and then click Next to continue. Click Yes to reformat your laptop and restore Lenovo factory settings.

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    How To Return My Computer To Yesterday

    If you simply need to temporarily change the date on your computer to yesterday, open the “Set Time and Date” applet from the Settings menu, and then enter yesterdays date. However, if something has happened to your computer since yesterday, such as a bad software installation, and you need to restore your system to the state it was in yesterday, use the Windows System Restore tool. Each time an application or a Windows update is installed on your computer, a restore point is created. Just run the System Restore tool, and then select the most recent restore point to return your computer to an earlier state.


    Press Windows-C to open the Charms menu, and then type “System Restore” in the Search field.












    Cloud Download Vs Local Reinstall

    4 Ways to Reset Your Computer

    On modern versions of Windows 10, you’ll next have to choose how you want to reinstall Windows. There are two ways: Cloud download or Local reinstall.

    Local reinstall uses files on your current system to construct a fresh copy of Windows. While it saves you from having to download any files from the internet, it also won’t work if your Windows installation is corrupted.

    With Cloud download, the process will instead download a fresh copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft over the internet. This reinstalls the version of Windows 10 you’re currently running , so it won’t upgrade you to a newer feature update.

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    Rolling Back To A Restore Point

    If Windows is not working the way it should, you can roll back to a previous restore point to attempt to fix the problem. To do so, follow these steps:Step 1 In the Windows Search box, type Control Panel and then click the magnifying glass icon or press Enter. Select the Control Panel link in the search results list.Step 2 Type recovery in the search box in the upper-right corner of the Control Panel window and then press Enter. Select Recovery in the search results list.Step 3 In the Advanced Recovery Tools list appears, click Open System Restore.Step 4 In the System Properties window, click the System Restore button.Step 5 In the Restore System Files and Settings window, you have two options. You can choose to use the latest restore point or you can select a different one. After making your selection click Next.Note: If you opt to choose a different restore point, select the name of the one you want to use and then click Next.Step 6 Verify the information in the Confirm Your Restore Point window and then click Finish. Windows will prompt you once again and inform you that once the process starts, it cannot be interrupted. Click Yes to continue or select No to cancel the operation. After rolling back the system to the selected restore point, the system should restart automatically.

    Way 3 Reset Laptop Without Password Using Recovery Partition

    Computers nowadays usually come with a recovery partition preinstalled, or are shipped with a recovery disc when out of the box, which is used to do a factory reset on your laptop in case system failure happens. However, this may be a little tricky for an old OS version like Windows XP, Windows Vista.

    1.Power on or restart you laptop and hit the corresponding key repeatedly on startup screen. Below we have listed common keys for well-known manufacturers.

    Acer: Alt+F10Sony: F10Toshiba: 0

    2.After that, you will boot into the recovery partition or called Recovery Manager on some PC brands, in which screen you can find specific guidance on how to restore laptop to factory default. Here we take how to factory reset HP laptop without password as an example. Choose System Recovery under I need help immediately.

    3.Follow the instructions to restore your laptop to its original condition and when the reset is completed, restart the PC and decide the initial setup settings.

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    What You Can And Cannot Do With Windows System Restore

    When Windows runs a system update or installs a new application, many changes are made to certain system files and the Windows Registry. These changes may affect the way Windows starts, the programs that run at startup or how the operating system handles certain types of files. With so many possible changes to the Windows environment, an issue with any one of them could result in errors or problems. With Windows System Restore, you can undo some changes made to Windows during installations, updates and other events in case post-event errors or problems arise.

    Things Windows System Restore Can Do

    The name Windows System Restore seems to imply that the utility can restore a lost or damaged system. While this is partially true, the name itself is somewhat misleading. Consequently, many users are misinformed when it comes to what Windows System Restore can actually do. So, to help you better understand Windows System Restore, lets review what you can fix or restore with the utility.

  • Roll back or return Windows to a previous state. This can be done after:
  • A Windows update When Windows performs an update of the operating system, it may change or update various system files. If the updated versions of files are not compatible with other applications, Windows may not operate properly. With Windows System Restore, you can rewind the changes made by the update and revert to the state of the Windows installation that was in place before the update was run.
  • How To Restore Windows 10 To An Earlier Date

    How To Fix / Factory Reset a Lenovo Laptop Computer – Restore to Factory Settings – Updated 2020

    We have already discussed creating a manual system restore point as well as system image backup in Windows 10. In this guide, we will see how to restore Windows 10 to an earlier date with the help of a previously created restore point.

    NOTE 1: When you restore Windows 10 to a previous date, your documents, pictures, and other files will be preserved.

    NOTE 2: Programs installed after the creation of a selected restore point will be deleted or uninstalled.

    NOTE 3: Programs updated after the creation of a selected restore point will be restored to the previous version and will not be uninstalled.

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    How To Display The My Computer Icon On The Desktop In Windows 7 8 Or 10

    • Lowell Heddings

    I dont know about you, but I really preferred having the My Computer icon right on the desktop. Seems like modern versions of windows dont have it by default anymore. There are two different ways you can add the icon back.

    In Windows 10 the My Computer icon is called This PC and its pretty easy to add back. Keep reading for Windows 7, 8, and Vista instructions below.

    How To Reset Password To Access Laptop

    • Insert the password reset disk you created into your laptop.
    • Enter the wrong password on the login screen. Once you enter the wrong password, you will be prompted to reset your password.
    • After selecting the “Reset Password” option in the Reset Password Wizard, a welcome screen will appear.
    • Then click Next.

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    Using The Recovery Screen

    Once you’re at Windows’ startup recovery screen, click the “Troubleshoot” button. From here, choose “Advanced options” and then the “System Image Recovery” item.

    At this point, your PC should restart. You’ll need to wait a few moments while Windows prepares the system image recovery environment. You’ll be deposited at a screen which allows you to choose your user account. Click your account name and enter your Windows password at the prompt.

    Next, the System Image Recovery wizard will start. The first stage is to select the system image to recover from, so press the “Next > ” button to begin. You can choose from system images saved on your PC and those on external media. Insert your system image DVD or USB drive now, or alternatively click the “Advanced” button and follow the prompts to use an image on a network share.

    Once you’ve selected your image, press the “Next > ” button and follow the wizard’s guidance to restore the image. This may take a long time depending on the size of the image. Remember that existing data on your system disk will be overwritten. After the process completes, you should be able to reboot your PC and find Windows is exactly as you left it when the system image was made.

    Restore With Installation Cd/dvd

    How to Restore Your Computer: 9 Steps (with Pictures ...

    If you still have the original Windows Vista CD/DVD and the CD has the Startup Repair feature installed, you can use it to either repair your computer or reinstall the system.

    Fix #1: Run Startup Repair

    Startup Repair wont reset a computer to its original factory settings, but it can attempt to fix various errors.

    To run Startup Repair follow these instructions:

  • Boot the computer
  • Select Windows Vista from the list and click System Restore
  • Choose a restore point
  • Easy Recovery Essentials will now create a backup of your current system configuration and begin restoring the selected snapshot
  • Once the process is complete, click Restart
  • Done! Your Windows Vista should now start again.
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