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How To Run Diagnostic On Dell Laptop

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How Do I Run Diagnostics In Bios

How to run diagnostics on Dell laptop

Press the Power button to start the computer and repeatedly press the F10 key to enter the BIOS Setup menu. Use the Right Arrow or Left Arrow keys to navigate through the menu selection to find the Primary Hard Drive Self Test option. Depending on your BIOS, this may be found below Diagnostics or Tools.

How To Improve The Performance Of A Dell Laptop Battery

After using the battery for a long time, the battery performance will degrade. Are there useful solutions to improve it?

  • Check battery health on Dell laptop regularly.
  • Unplug the charger when it’s not necessary.
  • Turn off the Dell laptop when its not in use.
  • Save battery power during the use of Dell laptop: decreasing brightness, turning off WiFi/Bluetooth, charging with the original AC adapter, etc.
  • Use the Dell Power Manager and Dell Command | Power Manager tools to optimize battery settings.
  • Change the power plan in Microsoft Windows according to your needs.

How To Run Dell Computer Hardware Diagnostics

Because these may take a long time to run, we recommend starting them before you leave at the end of your day so they can run over night.

1. Reboot your computer and press the f12 key as soon as you see theDell screen that shows right before the Windows screen. If you miss it,just wait for Windows to finish starting and try again.

2. Now you should see the black boot menu screen. From here itdepends on which model of computer you have, but the steps are similar for all.

3. Use the up/down arrows to select Diagnostics or UtilityPartition or something similar and press the enter key.

4. A few pre-boot tests may run and ask you some questions. Answer asbest you can . At the end of these testspress any key to boot the utility partition.

5. Then the hardware diagnostics screen comes up while loading somesoftware, and then a menu with 4 buttons. Click on the Custom Testsbutton.

6. Check the Non-interactive tests only box near the top of the windowand select All Devices from the tree on the left.

7. Click Run Tests button.

8. Email or call the IT Office with any error messages you get. If youdont get an error message, then your issue is probably software or networkrelated. Network issues outside the Methodist Bldg. will have to be resolved by your Internet Service Provider .

IT documentation

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How To Run Dell Hardware Diagnostics

To run the Dell Hardware Diagnostics, Log in to the Dell iDRAC for the server and Open the Console. If it is ESXi host, Kindly ensure the ESXi host is placed into maintenance mode.

Press the Reset button to reboot your Dell Server. Press the F11 key to boot into BIOS Boot Manager. The BIOS Boot Manager menu will startup. You will want to select System Utilities at the bottom by clicking on it.

In the System Utilities Menu -> Click Launch Diagnostics

After a few seconds, the Pre-boot System Assessment utility will run and begin to automatically test all major components of the Dell server. The left-side column lists the various components and current testing status. The right side column will list details regarding the Fans, Thermals, and Power.

You can see Green check Mark if the hardware part is healthy.

Green Checkmark -> Hardware Component passes all Dell baselines for acceptable ranges

Blue Circle = The utility is currently testing that Hardware component

Red X = Component has failed Dell baseline

The final portion of the diagnostic tests is the memory test, the server memory will be tested. This process can take several minutes to complete.

In my case, My memory test is failed with RED X. It shows the error that Memory testing cannot continue until the problems are corrected. It seems my server is having issue with Memory. It is not recommended to place the host into production until we fix the memory error or replace the faulty memory DIMM.

Software And Hardware Solutions


CD and DVD drives can sometimes get dusty and dirty inside, causing problems with reading discs. You can use a CD/DVD Drive Cleaner kit to help clean the disc drive, which can be purchased at many office supply stores and electronics stores.

Below is a listing of software programs available designed to test your computer’s CD and DVD drives and discs.

  • CDRoller – Great program that is used to test and, if needed, recover data from CDs and DVDs.
  • CDCheck – Another great program used to help check CD drives and can also be used to help recover data from damaged discs.

There are many fantastic commercial products that are worth considering. Below is one of these products.

  • CD/DVD Diagnostic – Diagnostic program from InfinaDyne that’s not only capable of testing a drive and disc, but also can recover some or all data from bad discs.

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Replacing Your Hard Drive Yourself

People who enjoy DIY projects are usually more inclined to fix things themselves. Even so, replacing a hard drive is easy as. With some simple guides, replacing your own hard drive may be a quick and cost-effective solution for you. Youll be able to save yourself the time of bringing it to a service centre by doing this. Plus, it wont hurt your warranty either!

Popular tech repair site ifixit offers all kinds of hardware repair guides for almost everything, from computers to cars. There you can find guides and manuals that are specific to your Dell computer.

Reasons For Automatically Diagnostic Startup In Windows 10

Three reasons may cause diagnostic startup:

  • 1. Illegal shutdown. For example, power-off directly. Under such case, the computer has not finished read-write yet. By default, the data is saved in the memory temporarily. As computer suddenly shut down, data saved inside lost. The next time you launch your computer it will detect the error of drive and repair it. You’d better not skip this procedure. Otherwise, it will cause the new read-write error and harm your hard drive.
  • 2. Your hard drive format is FAT 32. FAT 32 requires the computer diagnostic startup when occurring the suddenly power-off.
  • 3. Bad track. A computer will ask for a diagnostic startup when exits bad track.
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    Mac / Apple Computers

    • The install disk that Apple ships with every computer, also contains the AHT — Apple Hardware Test. See Apple Hardware Test.
    • If you need to run diags on a Mac, you can also go to SR and ask Amy, Nate, or Petar for Protégé . Once you have Protégé, plug it into the Mac and then press Option. The program will then come up and you choose which set of tests you’d like to run.

    Solution : Change The Format Of Hard Drives

    How to run diagnostics on a Dell laptop

    Step 1: Right-click on This PC from the desktop and select Manage.

    Step 2: Locate Storage > Disk Management. Right-click on the disk with FAT 32 format and select Format.

    Step 3: Next to File system, click the Down arrow then select NTFS. Tap on OK to save changes.

    Tips: You can also press Windows + R key to launch Run dialog then type “convert X: /fs:ntfs” and Enter. Replace disk letter to X.

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    Run Dell Diagnostics On An Enterprise Server

    On Oracle serve 11G and newer systems:

  • Press the F10 key this gets you to the lifecycle controller alternatively press F11 to access the boot manager.
  • Select Diagnostics from the Menu.
  • And run diagnostics.
  • If you have a 10G and older system:

    Press the F10 key to open the Utility Mode option, then Diagnostics.

    Turning To Dell Power Manager Or Dell Command

    Both Dell Power Manager and Dell Command | Power Manager are useful applications available for users to check battery health & configure battery maintenance for a longer Dell laptop battery life.

    How to check battery life on Dell laptop?

  • You should open the Dell Power Manager or Dell Command | Power Manager app.
  • Select Battery Information option and then look at the report.
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    How Do I Get Into Computer Diagnostics On A Dell Laptop

    No one wants to be left without a fully functioning laptop, whether you need your Dell computer for business or just for having fun on the web. If your laptop experiences frequent crashes or other problems you may want to run diagnostics to resolve the problem on your own. Your Dell laptop includes three main diagnostic options used for locating and fixing problems, which are all accessed by first restarting the laptop’s operating system.

    How To Enter Dell Pre

    Running Dell F12 Preboot Diagnostics

    When starting up your desktop computer or laptop, press the F12 key at the Dell splash screen to enter Pre-boot System Diagnostics. Diagnostics will report any hardware issues detected from the overall test performed.

    These issues are reported by different error codes, each meaning different issues of the specific component. The code is made up of two sets of four numbers, first 1000 or 2000, then another set of four numbers. For example, error code 2000-0141 stands for Hard Drive No drive detected. Dell support has a list of error codes. With a little digging around, youll be able to find the right solution for your faulty Dell hard drive.

    Dell diagnostics error code.

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    What Type Of Drive Should I Get

    Some features of hard drives to keep in mind while shopping for a new one include: Form factor, capacity, and speed. These features make up how the drive performs and how you can best make use of it.

    Form factor

    Form factor refers to the physical size of the hard drive. It roughly represents the diameter of the disk platters. Consumer-grade HDDs come in two sizes: 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch. They are made to fit into different computer types.

    Laptops mainly use 2.5-inch hard drives to fit in its smaller and thinner bodies. 3.5-inch ones are used on desktop computers. You may use a 2.5-inch drive in a desktop, but they are usually slower than 3.5-inch ones. This is due to its smaller size that fits in laptops.


    Thinking about how much storage you actually need may possibly save you money from buying too much storage space. HDD sizes come in set amounts like 200GB, but it can be difficult to visualise how much that actually is. Justifying practically how much capacity that the drive has can help you choose what you need.

    For personal use of files such as documents and photos, anywhere from 250GB to 500GB should be enough. If you want to store larger files like movies or creative projects, look for something thats 1TB or more.


    With the physical and storages sizes down, we can look at the performance speed of HDDS. This is determined by the RPM . The times that the platter in a hard drive spins in a minute is measured by RPM.

    Solid-state drive VS Hard disk drive

    How To Test A Computer Cd

    Before following any of the steps below, make sure multiple discs do not work in the drive. If only one CD or DVD is causing problems, it’s likely a problem with the disc itself, and not a problem with the drive. For more information, see: Why do I receive an error when a CD is put in a computer?

    Many CD and DVD drive errors in Windows are caused by drivers or other background programs. If you’re running Microsoft Windows, troubleshoot the drive. For more information, see: How to fix a CD-ROM, DVD, or disc drive not working in Windows.

    A bad disc drive can cause an assortment of different issues on your computer. Below are a few of the possible issues you may encounter. It is important to remember that the issues described below can also be caused by more than a bad disc drive.

  • Error when reading CD or DVD.
  • CDs or DVDs may not play audio or video properly.
  • CD or DVD programs may not install or encounter errors after being installed.
  • There are different ways to test your computer’s disc drive and determine if it’s bad or has flaws. Below is a listing of these recommendations.

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    When To Use The Dell Diagnostics

    If you experience a problem with your computer, perform the checks in “Solving Problems” and run the Dell Diagnostics before you contact Dell for technical assistance.

    It is recommended that you print these procedures before you begin.

    NOTICE: The Dell Diagnostics works only on Dell computers.

    Start the Dell Diagnostics from either your hard drive or from the optional Drivers and Utilities CD .

    Starting the Dell Diagnostics From Your Hard Drive

    The Dell Diagnostics is located on a hidden diagnostic utility partition on your hard drive.

    NOTE: If your computer cannot display a screen image, contact Dell.
  • If the computer is connected to a docking device , undock it. See the documentation that came with your docking device for instructions.
  • Connect the computer to an electrical outlet.
  • Turn on the computer. When the DELL logo appears, press < F12> immediately.
  • NOTE: If you cannot see anything on your display, hold down the mute button and press the computer’s power button to begin the Dell Diagnostics. The computer automatically runs the Pre-boot System Assessment.
    NOTE: If you see a message stating that no diagnostics utility partition has been found, run the Dell Diagnostics from your optional Drivers and Utilities CD.

    If you wait too long and the operating system logo appears, continue to wait until you see the Microsoft® Windows® desktop. Then shut down your computer and try again.

  • When the boot device list appears, highlight Diagnostics and press < Enter> .
  • Option


    How To Run A Battery Diagnostic On Laptop

    Whats Wrong With My Dell – How To Run / Perform Dell Laptop Diagnostic Self Test

    A friend of mine told me to run a battery diagnostic on my Dell laptop and I don’t know how to do this. He tried explaining but I can’t seem to follow. Can anyone explain how to run a battery diagnostic? What exactly would a battery diagnostic show if I do run it? Thanks.

    • Status: Open

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    How Do I Run Battery Diagnostics On Windows 10

    Generate Windows 10 Battery Report using POWERCFG command:

  • Open CMD in Admin Mode as above.
  • Type the command: powercfg /batteryreport. Press Enter.
  • To view the Battery Report, press Windows+R and type the following location: C:\WINDOWS\system32\battery-report.html. Click Ok. This file will open in your web browser.
  • How To Run Dell Diagnostics

    Dell computers include a diagnostic software tool that tests your computer’s hardware for errors. You can choose to run this application when you boot up the computer. This software is useful when you have errors on your computer and are unable to figure out what the problem is. The Dell Diagnostics tool helps you troubleshoot and pinpoint problems with your system.

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    What Could Be Wrong With Your Pc Hardware

    What is your PC hardware? In fact, a large number of users are still unclear about this question. Your PC hardware is mainly composed of 6 parts including hard disks, CPU, GPU, motherboard, RAM, and battery. Each part is very important to make a PC work normally.

    Due to various hardware issues, you may be troubled by lots of errors like system crash, blue screen of death, second monitor not detected, unexpected store exception error, etc. So, its high time to make a PC hardware check if your computer is often vexed by these problems.

    First of all, you can use a Windows built-in tool Performance Monitor to conduct an overall check of your hardware. Then you can further utilize some specific tools to check PC hardware. Heres how to use Performance Monitor:

    Step 1. Press Win + R keys to open the Run dialog box, and then type perfmon /report and hit Enter. Then you will see a window thats collecting data for the next 60 seconds.

    Step 2. Click on the Diagnostic Results section, and then you will find the following subsections that show detailed results.

    According to the above method, you may have a preliminary PC hardware check, but it is not comprehensive. So, we will further introduce several professional PC hardware diagnostic tools to you.

    Create The Bootable Usb Drive

    Fix Error Code 2000

    You can install the diagnostics onto almost any USB flash drive, since it requires less than 10MB of space. Make sure there are no files on the USB drive, because the Dell utility will format the flash drive.

    Connect the flash drive to your computer, then click “Install to USB Flash Drive.” Again, make sure you select the correct drive, because it will be erased! The process takes less than 30 seconds to complete. If you don’t have a spare flash drive, the utility can also create a bootable CD.

    Dell Diagnostics Package

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    How To Run Dell Psa Diagnostics

    If you own a Dell Laptop, you will likely have the ability to run advanced diagnostics to give you an indication of why your laptop isnt booting. These are called the PSA Diagnostics and they are accessed by pressing the F12 button when you see the Dell splash screen in the very beginning of the boot cycle. All laptops may nor have this ability or might have a different set of diagnostics to run. The PSA Diagnostics are very similar to a beep code issued by the BIOS but in graphical format.

    If you are able to run the PSA Diagnostics on your Dell laptop, write the code down and compare it to the list below. In most cases, you will need to contact dell support or take the computer in for servicing. But if the problem isnt serious, you can sometimes correct it yourself. Note: if your laptop is still under warranty, be sure to contact Dell before attempting to do any repairs yourself.

    PSA 1000-0111 and PSA+ 2000-0111 exception occurred at selector XXh offset XXh.

    PSA+ 2000-0112 CPU : Processor machine check exception error.

    PSA+ 2000-0113 Processor machine check error detected.

    PSA 1000-0122 Memory test initialization failure.

    PSA 1000-0123 and PSA+ 2000-0123 Memory integrity test failed.

    PSA 1000-0141 and PSA+ 2000-0141 No drive detected.

    PSA 1000-0142 and PSA+ 2000-0142 Drive Self Test failed. Status byte = XXh.

    PSA 1000-0143 and PSA+ 2000-0143 Drive Smart read command failed.

    PSA 1000-0144 and PSA+ 2000-0144 No support for Drive Self Test.

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