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How To Run Virus Scan On Dell Laptop

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Run A Full Computer Scan

How to Run Antivirus Scan on Windows 10 McAfee (Official Dell Tech Support)

The ‘Full System Scan’ scans every local drive, folder and file on your system. Any external devices like USB drives, digital camera and so on are also scanned.

You can customize the items scanned during a ‘Full System Scan’ and set-up a scan schedule from the ‘Advanced Tasks’ interface.

Refer to Antivirus Settings>Scan Profiles for more details.

To run a Full Computer Scan

The scanner will start and first check whether your virus signature database is up-to-date.

  • You can Pause, Resume or Stop the scan by clicking the respective buttons. If you want to run the scan in the background, click ‘Send to Background’.
  • On completion of scanning, if any threats are found, an alert screen will be displayed. The alert will display the number of threats/infections discovered by the scanning and provide you the options for cleaning.
  • If you wish to have a skilled professional from Comodo to access your system and perform an efficient disinfection, click ‘Yes, I want an expert to clean it’. If you are a first-time user, you will be taken to Comodo GeekBuddy webpage to sign-up for a GeekBuddy subscription. If you have already signed-up for GeekBuddy services, the GeekBuddy chat session will start and a skilled technician will offer to clean your system.

For more details on GeekBuddy, refer to the section Comodo GeekBuddy.

  • If you wish to clean the infections yourself, select ‘No, I will try to clean it myself’. The scan results screen will be displayed.

Fix 9: Verify The Integrity Of Your Hard Disk

As your hard disk is aging over time, itll be more likely to develop faults and errors in its file system that slow down the Dell laptop. To pinpoint and fix the problems for your disk, you should perform the following steps:

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R simultaneously to invoke the Run dialog box. Type in cmd and then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter on your keyboard to open the elevated command prompt.

When Windows asks for permission, click Yes.

2) In the black window, type;chkdsk;and press Enter. The disk scan will then start.

3) Wait for the scan to be complete. If it has actually detected any problem, you should probably consider replacing your hard disk.

# 1 End Running Virus

This process will end running virus-related programs on your PC, stopping the virus spreading over your device.;

Step 1.;Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open Task Manager.

Step 2.;On the Processes tab, check each running process listed in the window and select any unfamiliar processing programs, search online to confirm.

Once confirmed it’s a virus-related program, click “End Task” to stop it from infecting your PC and device.

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How To Use The Built

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Windows 10 has built-in real-time antivirus named Windows Defender, and its;actually pretty good. It automatically runs in the background, ensuring all Windows users;are protected against viruses and other nasties.;Heres how it works.

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Starting with the;Creators Update for Windows 10,;Windows Defenders;interface changed a bit, and;it;was integrated into the new Windows Defender Security Centerwhich also provides access to security-related tools like family protection, firewall settings, device performance and health reports, and browser security controls. If you havent yet;, you should still be able to follow along pretty well.

Best For Excellent Lab Test Scores

Dell Inspiron Running Slow


  • Perfect or near-perfect scores from four independent testing labs
  • Effective ransomware protection
  • Very good score in our phishing protection test
  • Good scores in our malware-blocking test
  • Support for Android and iOS
  • Free


  • Excellent scores from three labs
  • Very good scores in all our hands-on tests
  • Free
  • Boot-time scan removes persistent malware
  • Some useful bonus features
  • Initial scan slower than average
  • Fixing found performance issues requires upgrade
  • Boot-time scan can be very slow


  • Same core antivirus protection as for-pay Bitdefender
  • Excellent scores from independent testing labs
  • Very good scores in our hand-on tests
  • Free

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Removing A Computer Virus From A Mac

If you use a Mac, you may be under the impression that your computer cannot get a virus. Unfortunately, this is a misconception. There are fewer viruses that target Macs compared with the many that target PCs, but Mac viruses do exist.

Some Mac viruses are designed to trick users into thinking they are anti-virus products. If you accidentally download one of these, your computer may be infected. Three examples of Mac viruses of this type are MacDefender, MacProtector, and MacSecurity.

If you think your Mac has a virus, here are six steps to follow to remove it:

  • Quit the application or software that seems to be affected.
  • Go to Activity monitor and search for known Mac viruses such as MacDefender, MacProtector, or MacSecurity.
  • If you find one of these viruses, click Quit process before quitting Activity monitor.
  • Next, go to your Applications folder and drag the file into your Trash.
  • Remember to empty the Trash folder afterwards to permanently delete the virus.
  • Now make sure your software and apps are up to date to benefit from the latest security patches.

To ensure nothing is missed and to keep your Mac protected, consider installing a running an anti-virus solution if you do not already have one. We recommend comprehensive internet security solution like Kaspersky Total Security.

Perform A Manual Scan

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Back on the main Windows Defender tab, you can also have Windows Defender run a quick manual scan by clicking the Quick Scan button. Typically,;you wont need to bother with this;since Windows Defender offers real-time protection and also performs regular automatic scans. However, if you just want to be safemaybe you just updated your virus definitionstheres absolutely no harm in running a quick scan.

You can also click the Advanced scan link on that screen to run three different types of scans:

  • Full scan:;The quick scan only scans your memory and common locations. A full scan checks every file and running program. It can easily take an hour or more, so its best to do this when you dont plan on using your PC much.
  • Custom scan:;A custom scan lets you choose a particular folder to scan. You can also do this by right-clicking any folder on your PC and choose Scan with Windows Defender from the context menu.
  • Windows Defender Offline scan:;Some malware is tough to remove while Windows is running. When you select an offline scan, Windows restarts and runs a scan before Windows loads on the PC.

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Way 6: Reinstall Windows Operating System

If your Dell computer still runs slowly and all above ways do not help to solve the issue, perhaps you need to reinstall the Windows operating system. You should be noticed that reinstalling Windows operating system will lead to the data loss of the computer. It is better for you to create a backup of all personal data to an external storage device. The following two articles are for you reference:

Way 3: Perform A Defragment On The Hard Disk

How To Run A Free Online Virus Scan On Your PC or Laptop Tutorial

As is known to all, files on your hard disk get fragmented. And the Dell laptop has to check more and more places on the disk for those pieces so that it runs slower than before. You can optimize the drives to make Dell Inspiron run more efficiently.

Step 1: Type defrag on the Windows search box and click Defragment and Optimize Drives option from the result.

Step 2: Select the drive and click the Analyze button.

Step 3: After minutes, you will know the percentage of the fragmented files in the result. You can click the Optimize button to defragment the drive.

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Fix 7: Clear Temporary/junk Files

Lots of people dont have the habit of clearing temporary and junk files in their computers periodically. However, these files can be the culprits that caused your Dell laptop to slow down so you should remove them from your computer right away.

Therere two ways you can clear your temporary and junk files:

Option 1 Automatically This is the quickest and easiest option. Its all done with just a couple of mouse clicks easy even if youre a computer newbie.;

Option 2 Manually Youll need some computer skills and patience to clean up the files this way. Besides, this option may not be comprehensive enough to cover every temp/junk file you should delete.

Option 1 Automatically clear the temporary/junk files

Sometimes its rather time-consuming and error-prone to clear useless files in your Dell laptop. You may have to spend much time locating and removing them, or risk deleting the wrong files. In this case, we strongly recommend CCleaner to you a powerful and reliable utility that helps you clean potentially unwanted files and invalid Windows Registry entries from the computer. A few simple clicks is all it takes to do a sweep of your laptop and resolve any problems found.

To clear computer cache with CCleaner, herere the steps:

1) and install CCleaner.

2) Run CCleaner, then click Analyze.

3) Click;Clean All.

Now the cached files in your laptop should have been removed.

Option 2 Manually clear the temporary/junk files

5) Select all the files and delete them.

Easy Steps For Dell Laptop Virus Removal

Is your Dell laptop not operating as smoothly as it used to? A program running slow or a myriad of pop-ups can be the result of a computer virus. Encountering any computer virus from malware to spyware can be a cause for concern. However, the good news is there is a short and easy process to remove most computer viruses. During this five-step process, Computer Troubleshooters will guide you through the actions you need to take to perform a Dell laptop virus removal.

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Best For Many Security Components


  • Many features beyond basic antivirus
  • Feature-limited VPN
  • Many features require payment for full functionality
  • Poor scores in some hands-on tests


  • Very good hands-on malware protection score
  • Simple ransomware protection
  • Always on if no other antivirus is present


  • SmartScreen Filter only protects Microsoft browsers
  • Awkward scan scheduling


  • Free
  • No test scores from independent labs
  • Mediocre score for blocking malware downloads
  • No protection against malicious or fraudulent URLs
  • Lacks features found in competing free products

Fix 6: Uninstall Unwanted Programs

Dell SupportAssist Not Working

If your computer is running out of storage or memory, it will have limited processing power to deal with multiple tasks at one time, hence getting really slow as you try to open one or more programs. Just make sure your Dell laptop has enough storage/memory when you decide to install a new app. If you spot too many unneeded programs, you should uninstall them using the following procedure:

1) On your keyboard, press the;Windows logo key;and;R;at the same time. Type;appwiz.cpl;and press;Enter.

2) In Programs and Features, right-click on the program that you want to uninstall and click;Uninstall.

3) Repeat the steps above to uninstall all the unnecessary apps installed on your laptop.

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Fix 2: Disable Startup Programs

Some of the modern applications installed on your PC may have been set to start when Windows launches, which significantly slows down the boot time of your Dell laptop. If thats indeed the problem for you, you should check whether therere too many start-up programs and disable them if possible. Herere the steps:

1) On your keyboard, press the;Windows logo key;and;X;at the same time, then click;Task Manager.

2) In the Task Manager window, on the Startup tab, select the program you dont want to start when Windows boots, then click Disable. Also remember not to disable any unfamiliar programs.

After you prevent those unwanted programs from running on startup, your Dell laptop should boot much faster than before. Go and check it!

How Can I Remove Virus From My Computer Without Antivirus

“I had a sudden drop in PC performance and I assumed it could be a virus.;I downloaded some free antivirus software but found that they are not really free! Some ask for a payment straight-up or allow you to scan for malware but have to pay to clean out the virus.;

Most antivirus software is really expensive and I don’t want to expend huge money on testing unknown antivirus software. There should be a way to remove a virus without antivirus software. How can I do this?”

Besides finding free virus removal methods, some users may also want to know how to check and prevent virus on their computers. Here in the following three parts, we’ll provide practical solutions to help you resolve this issue, cleaning all existing virus from your PC, external storage devices without losing any data.

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Solution 3: Replace The Current Display Panel With A New One

You can also try replacing the current display panel to repair Dell laptop screen black. The following step-by-step guide tells you how to check if your current display panel functions properly and how to replace it.

Step 1: Carry out all the steps in Solution 1 and then turn on the Dell computer. During the startup process, you need to check if there is any indication of LED over the Power button.

Step 2: Once you find that the LED on the Power button or the Caps Lock is static, try connecting an external monitor to your Windows to check if it displays normally. If not, it indicates that the current display panel malfunctions and you should replace it with a new one.

Step 3: If the LED blinks on the Caps Lock key with some gaps, you need to perform a BIOS recovery. To execute the operation, you are required to turn off the computer and connect it to the power cord.

Step 4: Hold the Ctrl + Esc keys until the BIOS recovery page shows in front of you.

Step 5: After entering the page, choose the reset NVRAM option and hit Enter.

Step 6: To begin the recovery process, click recover BIOS and press the Enter key.

Use Malware Scanner On Windows 10

How To Perform A Virus Scan With Avira Free Antivirus

Your Windows 10 computer comes with its own built-in malware scanner software. Its called Windows Security, and it has an antivirus program called Windows Defender Antivirus. This malware scanner is fairly easy to navigate and deploy. Heres how to scan for malware on a Windows 10 PC:

  • Click the Windows Start button. This button is located in the lower-left corner of your screen. It is shaped like the Windows logo.
  • Then click Settings. This is the gear-shaped icon just above the power icon.
  • Then click Updates & Security.
  • Next, click Windows Security. You will see this in the left side-bar.
  • Then click Virus & threat protection.
  • Finally, click Quick scan in the pop-up window. It might take several minutes for this process to finish.
  • You can also do a more thorough malware scan by clicking Scan options, which is just below the Quick scan button. Then select one of the options, depending on what your needs.

    Just like malware scanners that you have to install, the built-in Windows 10 tool will run in the background constantly. You dont have to manually run it every time you want to scan your computer; it will actively protect your system from the moment Windows 10 starts.

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    What Is A Computer Virus

    A computer virus is a type of malware designed to make self-replicate, i.e. to make copies of itself on any drive connected to your computer.

    Computer viruses are so-called because, like real viruses, they can self-replicate. Once your computer is infected with a virus, this is how it spreads. When a computer virus infects your computer, it may slow it down and stops it working properly.

    There are three main ways that your computer may have become infected with a computer virus.

    The first way your computer could become infected from removable media, like a USB stick. If you insert a USB stick or disk into your computer from an unknown source, it may contain a virus.

    Sometimes hackers leave infected USB sticks or disks in peoples workplaces, or public places like cafes to spread computer viruses. People sharing USBs may also transfer files from an infected computer to one that isnt infected.

    Another way your computer become infected with a virus is through a download from the internet.

    If you are downloading software or apps to your computer, ensure you do so from a trusted source. For example, the Google Play Store or Apples App Store. Avoid downloading anything via a pop-up or a website you do not know.

    The third way your computer could become infected with a virus is if you open an attachment, or click on a link, in a spam email.

    Simple Ways To Increase My Dell Laptop Speed

    As your Dell laptop’s operating system ages, its overall performance generally decreases. Over time, computer navigation becomes slower to respond and programs take longer to launch. This is due to the amount of software installed, as well as the type of programs previously and currently loaded. Simple ways to increase your Dell laptop’s speed may keep you from having to upgrade your system.

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