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How To Screen Mirror From Iphone To Hp Laptop

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Display Iphone Screen On Pc Via Usb Connection

How to Connect iPhone to Laptop | Screen mirror iPhone to Laptop

Not all people have enough money to buy a new app for just one-time use, thats why in this tutorial I will provide you free app you can use to mirroring iPhone screen on the computer through USB cable.

1. On your Windows PC, download iToolsand install it.

This app is actually a freeware but now has acquired by ThinkSky and offered a premium version. Regardless, they still keep the free version that you can download though have limited features than it used to be.

2. Now, connect your iPhone to desktop computer or laptop through a USB connection. The iTools should immediately detect the phone and give many options to configure.

3. On the iTools, look at the left panel section. Click the available phone, select Desktop, and click Live Desktop.

This app mirroring phone and screen at the same time, you can control it, either by computer or directly from the iPhone.

To make it even more useful, iTools offers some features such as transferring files, customize ringtones, battery management, and phone backup.

How To Mirror An Iphone To A Pc Or Laptop

Screen mirroring and screencasting were introduced years ago, and they are still very relevant today. These display methods have replaced projectors in boardrooms and classes. People also use these for personal purposes, of course. Want to watch online clips with your friends? Searching for them and playing them is much simpler when you have a phone at the palm of your hand than using a smart TV remote.

An iPhone/iPad screen can be mirrored to macOS devices, Chromebooks, Windows 10 PCs and laptops, and most Smart TVs. But the setup process is rarely identical.

Mirror Iphone To Windows 10 Using 3utools

Another tool that is considered categorical as a solution to screen mirroring iPhone screens onto PCs is 3uTools. This tool provides a very deviant service in screen mirroring for iPhone users of all scales. A specific tool within 3uTools, the 3uAirPlayer, provides a specific approach for live platforms where users can display and live their screens to PC with their devices. The applications presented by 3uAirPlayer are quite meticulous for iOS users who wish to mirror their iPhone to PC.

Step 1: Download and Run

It is important for you to download the latest version of 3uTools. After installing and running the software, tap on the â3uAirPlayerâ button present on the main interface.

Step 2: Add your iDevice

After following the on-screen guidelines, you will initiate the process by adding the details of your iPhone. Tap on iDevice to open a screen where youâll enter the basic details of your phone.

Step 3: Connect Device with 3uAirPlayer

After adding your device, you need to open it and swipe up to access its Control Center. Tap on the “Screen Mirroring” icon to open a list with which you can connect your iPhone.

Step 4: Connect with Computer

Following this, you need to select the name of the computer within the list starting with â3uAirPlayerâ.

Step 5: Open Control Panel, Upon Failing

Step 6: Select Appropriate Service

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How To Mirror Iphone/ipad To A Laptop

As I said earlier, to screen mirror iPhone or iPad to a laptop is not easy but not possible at the same time. Thankfully, you still have options for making them work together. Heres how to mirror your iPhone or iPads screen to your Windows laptop. This method works for any Windows and also on any iOS version . Here is a step by step guide to mirror your iPhone or iPad to a laptop .

Step 1. Open any web browser like Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge, then search for LonelyScreen in Google. Open the first link from .

Step 2. Click on Get started today.

Step 3. On the left side, you will see , click on it to the LonelyScreen software.

Step 4. To Install the LonelyScreen app. Right-click on the lonely screen downloaded file then select Open.

Step 5. If prompted, click Yes.

Step 6. Click Install.

Step 7. Choose where you want to install it then click Next.

Note: The software needs to be installed in seconds. Once this happens, youll usually see a Windows Firewall alert that lets you know its blocking access to the app. Check the box to allow access through Private networks . Click Allow Access.

Step 8. After the installation, open the LonelyScreen app.

Step 10. Click on LonelyScreen to mirror your iPhone and iPad to a Windows laptop.

How To Screencast Youtube

Cara Mirroring iPhone ke Laptop MacBook yang Mudah ...

If you want to simply play videos from your phone or tablet and have them appear on your TV, things couldnt be simpler. The iOS YouTube app features a square icon with a Wi-Fi-like symbol in it. Tap this and use one of the connection options. Dont worry, you dont need AirPlay-capability to do it.

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Stream From Pc To Apple Tv Via Airmypc

You can also give a try to AirMyPC that let you mirror your system screen along with audio streaming to your Apple TV. The best part is that there is no need for cables and wires for screen mirroring your PC onto the TV and it is completely wireless connection. All credits go to its cast screen mirroring and Windows AirPlay capabilities.

How to AirPlay from PC to Apple TV via AirMyPC

Step 1: from its official webpage on your computer.

Step 2: After the installation, run AirMyPC and youll see a window that shows all online Apple TV devices.

Step 3: Select your Apple TV and choose the targeted command you would like to run to enjoy watching your PC activities.

Mirror Iphone Screen To Windows

Now, we have come to the final step and ready to start iPhone screen mirroring on Windows. Lets conclude all the steps that need to Mirror iPhone to Windows here

  • Install 5K Player on Windows.
  • Run 5K Player on Windows PC.
  • Launch Control Center by swiping from the bottom of your iPhone.
  • Tap on Screen Mirroring.
  • Note: Look for the text on AirPlay Mirroring on older models like iPhone 5.
  • Select the screen you want to cast iPhone from Screen Mirroring Window.
  • From the list of devices shown on your iPhone, tap the name of the device that starts with 5KPlayer to mirror your iPhone screen on the Windows PC. Thats it. Now, whatever actions you do on your iPhone will be mirrored exactly on your computer.

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    Wireless Display Iphone On Pc With Zoom

    Zoom has developed a very keen figure during the time as a platform that connects people all across the world. It provides a very detailed feature set where you can share your screen from iPhone with its screen-sharing feature. However, you need to have a desktop client account to fulfill this. Two methods can be adopted while screen mirroring on Zoom over a Windows 10 PC.

    How Screen Mirroring Works

    How To Mirror iPhone Screen to Windows PC (No Mac Required)

    Screen mirroring includes two components: a screen-sending system and a screen-receiving device. The Screen-Sending System uses the Screen Mirror Protocol. There is a variety of mirroring protocols.

    Screen mirroring involves a receiver as well. For the content you are trying to view, the receiver is the destination. Hardware receivers, such as Apple TV, Chromecast, and many others are available. There are also software applications like Reflector that convert existing devices into robust receivers, such as a Mac or Windows computer.

    Depending on the devices which attempt to link, screen mirroring connections can be formed in a variety of ways. Different forms of native screen mirroring technology are fitted with devices and thus do not necessarily share the same compatibility. Windows devices are fitted with Miracast, for instance, while Apple devices use AirPlay. This prevents Windows devices from connecting to Apple TVs wirelessly.

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    Mirror Iphone To Windows 10 Using Airserver

    AirServer is known for its amazing services in screen mirroring where you can connect your iPhone with any PC in just a few simple steps. With a list of impressive features along with providing screening services, you need to follow the steps defined below to mirror your iPhone to the PC.

    Step 1: Download and Install AirServer

    Initially, you need to download, install, and run the software on the PC.

    Step 2: Activate the Software

    After launching AirServer, it will demand an activation key for using its services. Use the provided the key to activate the software.

    Step 3: Access Control Center and Mirror

    Following this, you just need to simply open the Control Center of your iPhone and turn on the Mirroring Slider and Airplay option from the list. This will effectively mirror your iPhone easily with the PC.

    If you search more mirroring apps for the iPhone, find the answer in another article.

    How To Wirelessly Screen Mirror Iphone With Ios 14

    Screen mirroring an iPhone is easy with iOS 14, especially with an iPhone 12. The latest operating system uses AirPlay to place content from an iPhone to another display, such as a TV or computer. This guide shows you how to screen mirror with iOS 14 and how one computer app gives you many more screen mirroring features.

    UPDATE: iOS 15 on iPhone is available now. Want to screen mirror iPhone with iOS 15 instead? Get the guide here.

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    Mirror Your Iphone With Mirrorgo

    While you are utilizing different mechanisms that explain to you efficiently how to mirror your iPhone to PC, there is one particular platform that would provide you the best services in screen mirroring iPhone to PC. MirrorGo offers you the perfect environment for mirroring your iPhone onto your PC. With the ability to provide a bigger screen experience, it induces an HD result for users to have a very proficient experience in consuming applications on their PC. Along with these features, MirrorGo ensures to offer you the features to record your screen, capture important frames with the screen capturing tool, and share the screen over other platforms. MirrorGo assures to induce a mirroring environment that allows you to efficiently consume its feature and work over your PC with a controlled environment. To understand the process of using MirrorGo for mirroring your iPhone to PC, you need to look over the guide that is provided as follows.

    Mirror your iPhone to your computer!

    • Mirror iOS phone screen to the computer for a full-screen experience.
    • Reverse control iPhone with a mouse on your computer.
    • Handle notifications simultaneously without picking up your phone.
    • Screen Capture at crucial points.

    Step 1: Connecting your iPhone and PC

    It is important to connect your iPhone and PC over the same Wi-Fi network to perform the mirroring task with MirrorGo.

    Step 2: Access Menu

    Step 3: Establish Mirroring

    How Do I Connect My Iphone To Windows 10 Via Bluetooth

    Cara Mirroring iPhone ke Laptop MacBook yang Mudah ...

    Maybe youve found a perfect Bluetooth method for screen mirroring. In that case, you might want to know how to pair your iOS device and your Windows 10 computer with Bluetooth. This is done via the Personal Hotspot option on your iPhone. Turn on the Bluetooth feature from the Settings menu and select Personal Hotspot. Then, flip the switch next to Allow Others to Join.

    This will create a Bluetooth connection between your iOS device and your Windows 10 PC.

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    To Mirror Your Screen To Another Screen

  • For iPad / iPhone
  • Open the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the device screen or swiping down from the top right corner of the screen .
  • Tap the Screen Mirroring or AirPlay button
  • Select your computer
  • Your iOS screen will show on your computer
  • NOTE: If you dont see the AirPlay button in the Control Center, try Mirroring Assist from the App Store and follow the step-by-step instructions within the app to connect.

    For Android

  • Download and install Mirroring360 Sender from the Play Store
  • Launch the app, a mirroring receiver in the same local WiFi network will automatically be discovered, tap to connect to it
  • For Windows PC

  • On the Windows PC where you want to share your screen, install Mirroring360 Sender
  • Launch the app, a mirroring receiver in the same local WiFi network will automatically be discovered, click to connect
  • For Macs

  • For Mac model Mid 2011 or later: simply screen share via AirPlay, click here for more instructions
  • For older models: install Mirroring360 Sender to your Mac by referring to the For Chromebooks section on the below
  • For Chromebooks

    How To Screen Mirror An Iphone To Windows 10 Laptop

    There are several ways to screen mirror the iPhone display via WiFi on a computer or laptop running Windows 10, and you can find it difficult to choose from the many available choices. In this post, we will show you how to mirror your iPhone to Windows 10 in the best and easiest way.

    For the purpose of this guide, we have selected the LetsView app.

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    Can I Cast My Mobile Screen To Laptop Or Laptop Screen To Mobile

    11-28-201705:17 AM

    i want to cast the screen of my phone to the laptop or from the laptop to the phone but i just wnated to know can i do it on my laptop and how can i do it

    According to the product specs for your notebook below, it does support miracast/wireless display.

    Watch this video for how to project the screen on W10.

    According to the product specs for your notebook below, it does support miracast/wireless display.

    Watch this video for how to project the screen on W10.

    Hi…i was able to cast my phone screen to my laptop but now seems unable to connect…what could be the issue?

    Be alert for scammers posting fake support phone numbers and/or email addresses on the community

    • English

    Alternative Apps Or Tool To Mirror Iphone/ipad To The Laptop

    How to mirror your IPhone screen with windows laptop

    So we mentioned the LonelyScreen app for screen mirroring iPhone to a laptop. Here are the two other apps which is equally good as LonelyScreen.

    1. ApowerMirror

    ApowerMirror is a powerful desktop application that allows users to stream or view the screen of their iPhone on a PC. Its software will display on the computer or projector on the screen of your smartphone. It also enables users to use their mouse and keyboard to monitor the computer. This helps iPhone users to share meetings with friends or colleagues, enjoy watching movies, and play on a larger screen for mobile games.

    In addition, this device allows users to record the screen activities of a phone such as demonstrating how to use a newly released app or a wonderful smartphone fight game. This software supports both iOS devices and Android-branded phones, which can be freely linked via USB cable or wireless network. In reality, this app is one of the iPhones best mirror apps.

    2. X Mirage

    X-mirage is a handy Mac and Windows AirPlay service. This allows users to play content from iOS devices to PC or Apple TV. It also allows users to capture voiceovers through the mirroring process using a microphone and supports multiple devices on one Mac / PC.

    • mirror iPhone to windows 10 free
    • screen mirroring iPhone to windows 10 free
    • how to mirror the iPhone to windows 10 free
    • lonely screen windows 10

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    How To Mirror An Iphone To A Smart Tv

    As mentioned earlier, Apple TVs and Smart TVs with AirPlay 2 capabilities can easily mirror your iOS content. It is as simple as using the Screen Mirroring feature in the iOS Control Center.

    But what about those smart TVs that are not AirPlay-compatible? Can you mirror your iOS screen on those devices? For the majority of them, yes.

    Unfortunately, the oft-mentioned Reflector is not available on a smart TV.

    The most straightforward and stable way to mirror the iPhone or iPad screen on your Smart TV is to use an HDMI cable. For this, you are going to need Apples Lightning Digital AV adapter, which essentially allows you to plug in an HDMI cable into it. The adapter itself plugs into your iOS device. The other end of the HDMI cable goes into the HDMI port on the TV, so you are looking for an HDMI male connector on both ends. Make sure that the cable is long enough.

    Alternatively, you could use a lightning-to-HDMI cable that the manufacturer certified to work with the iPhone and iPad.

    Once everything is connected, set the TV to the correct HDMI input , and the mirroring should commence immediately.

    If you want wireless mirroring for non-AirPlay TVs, there is not a quick solution. You will have to look up your TVs model and see if there is an app that can help you mirror the iOS screen. For instance, AirBeamTV allows you to Screen Mirror both macOS and iOS devices across a number of smart TV manufacturers. Still, it is not a universal solution.

    Display Iphone On Computer Using Reflector

    The last way we want to recommend to you to display iPhone on computer is using Reflector to project iPhone to computer. With it, you can mirror your iOS device to computer wirelessly. And it is one of the most professional software for you to use. The way to display iPhone on computer with Reflector is very easy to follow. You can refer the below steps.

    Step 1. Download Reflector

    Find Reflector with your browser and then download the latest version to your computer. Next install this software according to the installation guide. When it is installed, launch it. Be attention it is not a free software, but you can use the free trial version for 7 days.

    Step 2. Make sure network connection

    Make sure your iPhone and computer are connected with the same Wi-Fi network. So that you can use AirPlay to display iPhone on computer depend on the network connection in next steps.

    Step 3. Turn on AirPlay

    Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen, after that you can access the control center. And then turn on AirPlay. If you are using iOS 7, iOS 8 or iOS 9, you need to tap on AirPlay. if you are using iOS 10, tap AirPlay Mirroring. For iOS 11, just select Screen Mirroring.

    Step 4. Display iPhone to computer

    When you see the window searching for Apple TV, you can select your computer name from the list. And then you are successfully displaying iPhone to computer with Reflector. You can see your iPhone screen on your computer’s bigger screen.

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