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How To Screen Mirror Your Phone To Your Laptop

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How to Mirror your phone screen to your Computer/Laptop without Lag (Quick Tutorial)

Casting your iPhone to a laptop or streaming your iPhone to a Laptop is easy. If you have the smarter devices such as iPhones, iPods, Mac, Chromebooks, Android phones, or tablets that you want to mirror to a bigger screen of a PC or computer, all you need is mirroring360.

Mirroring360 is an application that allows an iPhone screen to mirror to a PC. The AirPlay technology made by Apple supports the mirroring from the screen-sending device, whereas the mirroring360 application achieves compatibility in the screen-receiver device, which is a PC or a laptop.

A few tidbits to be mindful of when installing mirroring360 are:

  • Mirroring Android requires installing of mirroring360 sender on a compatible Android device.
  • Mirroring Windows requires installing of mirroring360 sender to the PC
  • Mirroring a Chromebook requires installing Chrome browser extensions.

The next time you want to watch a video clip with your friends, use the screen mirroring feature to search for them in your smartphone and cast it to a TV or PC.

Below we share short and simple solutions for mirroring your iPhones to a Windows 10, Mac, or Chromebook for screen mirroring.

Use Vysor To Mirror Android To A Pc

Vysor is an effective app that lets you mirror Android to a PC. This is a professional tool and is preferred by many primarily because of its user-friendly interface. After using the app, you can use the Android phone as a remote control. Apart from Android devices, Vysor lets you do iPhone mirroring as well.

Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: First, download Vysor on the PC and Android phone. Once downloaded, let it get installed.

Step 2: Take your Android device and connect it to the computer. Grant access to USB Debugging.

Step 3: Open the Vysor app and click on the Find Device option. Let it detect your Android device. Once done, you can start mirroring.

Note: If you are a Windows user, you will have to install an ADB driver to start mirroring. If you are using the Chrome app, you can download Vysor from the Chrome store.

How To Screen Mirroring Android To Pc Via Mobizen

Mobizen mirroring helps a user to screen mirror Android to PC via a web browser or application. Furthermore, it provides an instant streaming experience of photos and videos on a large screen conveniently. With Mobizen, you can easily mirror Android to PC.

  • First of all, the Mobizen Mirroring PC application should be downloaded and installed.
  • After launching the PC application and logging in to your account, select between wireless/USB and log in.
  • Now verify your device with the 2 step verification which is applicable only in the case of wireless connection.
  • Press the “2-step verification” button that will appear on your mobile screen. Enter the six-digit code on the deviceâs keypad obtained from the PC.

  • Just press start and let the remaining task be done automatically.

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Pc Not Showing In Cast Devices List Try This Fix

Here are a few reasons that might be stopping you from projecting your Android screen to your PC. Follow the guide below to check and fix any issues.

  • Ensure that Android and Windows PC are connected to the same Wifi network.
  • If your Windows PC is using a hotspot from an Android device then you wont be able to cast.
  • Ensure that you arent running any third-party apps to manage your casting.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall Wireless Display feature.
  • Ensure that your laptop/desktop supports casting functionality.

How To Mirror Your Iphone Screen On A Computer

How to Screen Mirror your Android Smartphone on Laptop PC?

If you want to view your iPhone screen on a laptop or desktop, but you don’t have an Apple TV, you can do it with a third-party app or through a built-in secret feature on the Mac.

You can record your iPhone screen with the built-in Screen Recording tool, but what if you want to view the devices screen on your computer? The iPhones screen-mirroring ability allows you to cast your phone’s screen to your laptop or desktop PC over Wi-Fi. Its an easy process, as long as you know where to look.

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To Mirror Your Screen To Another Screen

  • For iPad / iPhone
  • Open the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the device screen or swiping down from the top right corner of the screen .
  • Tap the Screen Mirroring or AirPlay button
  • Select your computer
  • Your iOS screen will show on your computer
  • NOTE: If you dont see the AirPlay button in the Control Center, try Mirroring Assist from the App Store and follow the step-by-step instructions within the app to connect.

    For Android

  • Download and install Mirroring360 Sender from the Play Store
  • Launch the app, a mirroring receiver in the same local WiFi network will automatically be discovered, tap to connect to it
  • For Windows PC

  • On the Windows PC where you want to share your screen, install Mirroring360 Sender
  • Launch the app, a mirroring receiver in the same local WiFi network will automatically be discovered, click to connect
  • For Macs

  • For Mac model Mid 2011 or later: simply screen share via AirPlay, click here for more instructions
  • For older models: install Mirroring360 Sender to your Mac by referring to the For Chromebooks section on the below
  • For Chromebooks

    How To Screen Mirror Your Phone To Pc

    SourceHow to Screen Mirror your Phone to PC

    In daily life, there is the growing popularity of mirroring phones to PC, due to phone screen size limitation or for the purpose of the live show. Actually, there are several ways of mirroring. Todays article would introduce several common methods to you.

    Todays topic starts with this question: what is screen mirroring? Screen Mirroring is a way people use to remotely share/mirror one device screen to another, such as mirroring the Android phone screen on your PC or vice-versa.

    Imagine that having the same source video with equal quality displayed on a 5.6 inches and a 15.6 inches laptop separately, which effect would be better? If you are a fan of a live show or need to use phones during presentation or something, you would find that what affects your experience is not only the phone function or performance but also the way or the media.

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    S To Mirror Android Screen Via Usb

    1. Download and Install Vysor mirroring software for Windows/Mac

    2. Connect your device to PC via USB cable

    3. Allow USB debugging prompt on your Android

    4. Open Vysor Installer File on your PC

    5. When seeing the notification saying a Vysor has detected a device, you can tap on view to start screen mirroring your device on your PC

    Vysor is compatible with all operating systems. However, other than basic screen mirroring and the action of screenshots, the most functions of it request money. From the selection of high-resolution screen mirroring to fullscreen mode, every clink needs to be unlocked by upgrading to Vysor Pro version, let alone sharing the screen wirelessly. The following price found on its official website is for your reference Pricing- $2.50/monthly, $10/yearly, or $40/lifetime.

    Mirroring The Phone To Pc Has Been A Trend

    How to Mirror Your Phone Screen to Windows 10 Without Any Software

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    Nowadays, lots of people choose to mirror the phone to PC when they need to screen mirroring during work, record reactions while showing the video they watched at the same time, enjoy fantastic moments on their photo album, or funny short clips/videos shared by friends but was limited to phone small screen size.

    We can see that there is the growing popularity of mirroring phone to PC among us. It occurred to me that my Christmas gift of last year is a projector, with which I can mirror the movies I love to the wall and watch it on the bed. However, I am afraid not everyone would spend extra money on a projector even if they want to have the videos displayed on a larger screen.

    Here we summarize several common ways of mirroring the phone to PC, which can save your money and bring you the same effect. Lets keep reading to find out more.

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    How To Mirror Samsung Phone To Pc

    Have you been looking to learn how to mirror Samsung phone to PC device? Screen mirroring your Samsung phone can offer countless benefits, and as such, this could be a valuable opportunity to consider for your own screen mirroring goals.

    However, to get the best results when screen mirroring, its critical that you consider carefully how to get the most from the different tools you use since not every screen mirroring tool is created equally. Luckily, this is something that our experts can help with, and well be on hand to help you learn today how to screen mirror your Samsung phone to PC.


    How To Use Starzmirror To Wirelessly Display And Screen Mirror Your Iphone

    Using StarzMirror to wirelessly display and screen mirror your iPhone is easy.

    Step1: First, simply download the app onto both devices

    Secure Download

    Make sure youre using the official copy rather than a third-party upload, as the latter has a high risk of being infected with malware or viruses!

    Step2: Then, start your free trial, and select the most appropriate screen mirroring option, iOS / Android / Android .

    Follow the simple onscreen instructions to establish the connection between your iPhone and PC devices, and then just sit back and wait while StarzMirror launches the connection.

    This should only take a matter of moments, then youll be able to begin controlling your iPhone from your PC screen.

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    Cast Your Android Phone To Your Pc Via Screen Mirroring

    Sometimes, you would like to see the screen of your Android phone on your PC. How do you do that? These are the best methods to mirror an Android phone screen to a PC via USB. A few years back, you needed the best ways to root your Android phone or tablet. But this is no longer necessary with some of the best open-source alternatives available for any Android phone and all desktop operating systems. We will walk you through the simple steps to display an Android phone screen on your PC or Mac.

    The fastest and easiest way, as youll find, requires no installation on your phone and a simple program for your computer. Why would you want to mirror your Android screen to a PC? There are many reasons. You may be an app developer and want to check the results of your code without having to constantly reach for your phone. Maybe you want to share on the big screen without uploading pictures. Or maybe you need to give a presentation quickly while the projector is connected to your PC.

    How To Download WhatsApp Status

    Ways To Screen Mirror Android To Pc Or Laptop

    How to Mirror your Android Screen to PC Laptop

    Many times, you may have thought, if it is possible to screen mirror android to PC to view videos, apps, games on larger screen without need of TV.

    For the developers and instructors screen recording of mobile and sharing with their team and students is very useful. This could be done using screen recording apps such as OBS studio or Camtasia app.

    Further many people want to watch some online video content like YouTube, Netflix or Prime Video over laptop or want to play games on Laptop screen using their mobile.

    In some another scenario like in a meeting or presentation, it is also a great idea to directly cast mobile screen on laptop.

    Screen mirroring can also help teachers during online classes to demonstrate something directly from their mobile to the students.

    On TVs, either it is smart or non-smart you can cast android mobile screen using Chromecast or using Miracast supported dongle like Microsoft Miracast dongle. In our previous post you can see various options to connect Laptop to TV wirelessly.

    If your TV already supported Wi-Di that is Wi-Fi direct technology, it means you can cast android mobile screen on TV without need of any extra dongle i.e. Chromecast / Amazon Fire Stick.

  • Final Words
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    Faqs About Mirror Samsung Phone To Pc

    If youve been thinking about trying to mirror your Samsung phone screen to a PC device, there are several different methods you could consider trying. However, sometimes, things dont go quite to plan, which could leave you wondering how to mirror your Samsung phone to a PC.

    Luckily, though, weve listed the three most common issues people face when mirroring their Samsung phone as follows to help you find the optimal solution, no matter what youve been wondering.

    How To Mirror Android To Laptop With Phone Mirror

    If you are looking for solutions on how to screen mirror from phone to laptop with your Android device, then Tenorshare Phone Mirror is the software for you. Phone mirror allows you to mirror your Android phone to PC and then control it from PC via a USB cable. It can be used freely on Windows PC.

    The following is a video for your Android devices about how to mirror phone to laptop with USB.

    • Now connect your Android device via USB and follow the guide shown below to enable USB debugging.

    • With the USB debugging on, you can see the device name from the device list. Click on the mirror button.

    • In a few seconds, you will see the Android screen has been displayed on the PC.

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    How To Cast Your Windows Or Android Display To A Windows 10 Pc

    Chris Hoffman

    Chris Hoffman is Editor-in-Chief of How-To Geek. He’s written about technology for over a decade and was a PCWorld columnist for two years. Chris has written for The New York Times, been interviewed as a technology expert on TV stations like Miami’s NBC 6, and had his work covered by news outlets like the BBC. Since 2011, Chris has written over 2,000 articles that have been read nearly one billion times—and that’s just here at How-To Geek. Read more…

    Windows 10s Anniversary Update brings an interesting new feature: Any PC can now function as a wireless receiver for Miracast, allowing you to view the display from another Windows PC, an Android smartphone or tablet, or a Windows phone.

    Q3 Why Cant I Successfully Mirror My Samsung Phone To A Pc Troubleshooting

    How to Mirror your Android Phone to a Windows 10 Laptop without any Applications

    If youve been struggling to mirror your Samsung phone to your PC, there are a few potential issues that you could consider.

    The most common reason that screen mirroring doesnt work is that the devices are connected to the same network, but there are network issues.

    Alternatively, you might find that your devices are connected to different WiFi networks, which could also stop them from connecting to each other.

    Alternatively, if your devices do not both have screen mirroring enabled or if one device is preventing the other from accessing its data, this could also stop screen mirroring from working.

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    How To Mirror An Android Phone To A Mac

    Luckily, the highly convenient screen mirroring app scrcpy is available for Mac OS X devices as well. Unlike Windows computers, where you download a .zip file and unpack it, Mac does it differently. To use scrcpy, you will have to install the Homebrew app first.

  • Open Finder on your Mac.
  • Click Applications from the menu to the left. If this option is not visible, simply press Command + A on your keyboard.
  • From the Applications list, open Utilities.
  • Finally, start the Terminal app.
  • Now select the entire command line below and copy/paste it into the Terminal, then press Enter to execute it./bin/bash -c “$”
  • Allow 10 to 15 minutes for Homebrew to install.
  • Once the installation is complete, its time to install Android ADB tools. To do so, type in or copy/paste the following command below into the Terminal, then press Enter to execute.brew cask install android-platform-tools
  • Finally, it is time to install the scrcpy app. Copy the code below and paste it into the Terminal, then press Enter.brew install scrcpy
  • Now wait for the installation to complete.
  • To establish the connection between Android and Mac OS, connect your Android device using a USB cable.
  • The USB Debugging notification appears on Androids screen. Tap on Allow to continue. You can also tap Always allow from this computer to prevent the notification from appearing every time you connect.
  • In the Mac Terminal, type scrcpy without the quotes to launch the application.
  • How To Mirror Phone To Laptop Windows 10

    If you are running Windows 10 on your laptop and looking for showing the contents of your phone on it, screen mirroring is the way to go. And Projecting to your PC can help. It is a biult feature on Windows 10. But you need to make sure your device supports Miracast.

    Given below are the steps that you should follow to screen mirror your phone.

    • First, turn on screen mirroring feature on your Android, like Smart View, Cast, Wireless Projection.
    • Connect Android and laptop to the same wifi network.
    • On the laptop, go to Settings, click on systems and then Projecting to this PC.
    • If it is the first time for you to use this feature, you need to download Wireless Display. Click on Optional features.

    • Now simply add a feature, enter and search for Wireless Display. Then select the feature and install it on your laptop.

    • After that, you can select options preference on the projecting to this PC menu.
    • Now search for Connect on your laptop and open it. It will establish a connection between two devices.
    • Allow this request and you can see the Android screen on your laptop.

    But if you want to control your Android device, this device is not supported. So you can turn to Phone Mirror, which also can be used on Windows 7/8/10/11.

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