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How To Screen Record Dell Laptop

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How To Screen Record On Android


Screen Record on Android 11 or Higher

With Android 11 or higher, native screen record is included as an option and can be found in the quick settings area of your device.

  • Go to Quick Settings Screen recorder
  • Tap the app to open it
  • Choose your sound and video quality settings and click Done
  • For your first recording, it will ask for permission to access your device, prompt you to choose your sound settings, and give you the option to Cancel or Start recording
  • Press Start recording
  • Hit the square stop button when youre finished recording
  • You can find your recording in your gallery or photos app
  • Screen Record on Older Android Devices

    If youre running an older version of Android, you may be able to screen record, but it takes some digging to find and enable. To allow screen recording, youll need to enable your Android devices developer mode.

  • Go to Settings, About Phone, and tap the Build Number button seven timesit will say, Youre now a developer!
  • Return to Settings and select Advanced, Developer Options, then Feature Flags
  • Toggle on settings_screenrecord_long_press
  • Now youre set up to record your screen
  • Long-press the screenshot button and itll bring up a popup menu
  • Tap Start Recording
  • Tap Start Now
  • How To Take A Screenshot On A Dell Inspiron Laptop Via The Snipping Tool

    On your Dell Inspiron Laptop, you can use the Snipping Tool for clicking a screenshot. The tool can be opened via the Start Menu. When it is open, you can drag your mouse for selecting the area that you would like to save as a screenshot. After the area has been selected, you can stop using the mouse and then save the screenshot.

    • When your Dell Inspiron Laptop is on, go to Start.
    • Now, launch the Snipping Tool.
    • Select New.
    • Drag your mouse over the area for taking a screenshot.
    • Stop dragging your mouse now.
    • Lastly, press Save.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Some of you may still be having queries that may not have been answered in the sections given above. You can read the frequently asked questions listed here to receive answers to the same.

    1. Can you screenshot on Dell laptop?

    Yes, it is possible to take screenshots on Dell laptops by using the Print Screen key. Additionally, you can use tools like Snagit and the Snipping Tool for clicking screenshots.

    2.How to take a screenshot on a Dell Inspiron 15?

    On your Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop, you can open the screen before recording it. Then you can press the Windows key along with the G letter key. When the Gamebar opens, you can use its widgets for taking a screenshot.

    3 How do I take a screenshot on my Dell Laptop XPS?

    To learn how to screenshot on a Dell XPS Laptop, you can tap the Print Screen or PrtScn key. Then you can paste it in Paint. Afterwards, you can save the screenshot in any location you prefer.

    Use Dell Webcam Central To Record Your Desktop And Profile

    Dell Webcam Central is the default recording software that comes with your Dell Laptop. You can take it as a special Dell screen recorder on your laptop since it can really capture your profile and desktop activities.

    Dell Webcam Central allows users to take photos and record videos with the camera or change the device settings. If youd like to webcam to take a screenshot or if youd like to record a promotional or instructional video, Dell Webcam Central software will help you achieve your goals.

    1. Click Start | All Programs | Dell Webcam | Webcam Central, or click Start and type webcam into the search box. Select Webcam Central from the results.

    2. Click Desktop Share to make your Dell Webcam records your screen. Then this software will manifest a picture-in-picture interface capturing your desktop. There are two recording modes Record the entire screen and recording the custom area.

    One good thing about this software is that you can record your desktop with your talking head. You just need to check the option show original video.

    3. Click Record Videos to enable the camera and begin capturing the video.

    As I mentioned at the beginning of this passage, Dell webcam central misfits Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, which means you have to seek help from a third-party screen recorder.

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    Using Windows Xp Vista And 7

  • 1Navigate to a page on which you wish to take a screenshot. Anything that’s on your screen will be captured when you take your screenshot, taskbar included.
  • For example, you might open a Facebook conversation you had with a friend.
  • 2Locate the PrtScr key. The “Print Screen” key is typically found in the upper-right side of Dell keyboards. Unlike other computer manufacturers’ keyboards, the “Print Screen” key usually doesn’t have anything else written on it.
  • The “Print Screen” key may be written a number of different ways, but “PrtSc” and “Prnt Scr” are the two most common variations.
  • 3Press PrtScr. Doing so will copy an image of your screen onto your computer’s clipboard, from which you can paste it into an application that will allow you to save it as a picture.
  • Some Dell keyboards have “PrtSc” written in a different color than the regular key color . If so, you’ll need to press Fn in the left corner of the keyboard while pressing PrtScr.
  • 4Open the Start menu. You can do this by clicking either the Windows icon or Start in the bottom-left corner of the screen, or you can press the Win key.
  • 5Type paint into the Start menu. You should see the Paint application pop up at the top of the Start menu’s window.
  • For Windows XP, click All Programs and then select the Accessories tab.
  • 6 It resembles a cup full of brushes or a painting palette .
  • 7V. This will paste your screenshotted image into Paint.
  • 8Click File. It’s in the top-left corner of the Paint window.
  • Where To Find The Saving Location

    Dell Screen Recorders  How to Record on Windows 10/8/7/XP?

    After pressing the related key for Windows 8 and 10 users, the image is automatically saved on your computer. You can go to the “Pictures folder” to find “Screenshots”.

    While for Windows 7, XP, and Vista users, you can save your work with the help of the Paint application. Use the search box on your computer to find this application. Once you have opened Paint, hold on Ctrl+V to paste the image. And then, you can save it on Dell.

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    Capture A Screenshot Of A Specific Window

    Windows 10 makes it possible to take a screenshot of a specific window on your PC, leaving the background out of the image.

    To do that, first, open the window that you want to capture.

    On your keyboard, press the Alt+Print Screen key combination. This takes your current windows screenshot and saves it to your clipboard.

    To view your screenshot, launch an image editor like Paint and press Ctrl+V in it. You will see your screenshot.

    And thats how you make screen captures on your Dell machine. Very useful!

    Top 3 Ways To Take Screenshot On A Dell Laptop Windows 7

    Human is visual being. We understand image better than words. Recognizing a person youve met once is easier than describing him/her using words. Thats why the web is full of images, thats why we take screenshots once in awhile.

    But capturing the computer screen is not something that most people do every day. Thats why many computer users dont even know how to do it. And to make things worse, each and every computer might have a different method of recording the display.

    If you are a Dell on Windows 7 owner, here are top 3 ways to take screenshots on your computer.

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    How To Screen Record On Dell Laptop Here Are 6 Ways

    • Reddit

    Summary :

    How to screen record on Dell laptop? This post provides detailed guides for you to do that. MiniTool Video Converter, an easy free video converter with a built-in screen recording feature, can also help you easily record screen video on PC for free.

    Quick Navigation :

    Do you want to know how to screen record on Dell laptop? Maybe you want to record a Zoom meeting, share your gameplay on YouTube, or want to capture highlights from a video on a Dell computer. To meet your needs, a laptop screen recorder suitable for Dell is essential. Then, we will introduce several screen recorders for your Dell laptop.

    How To Screen Record On Mobile And Desktop


    Need to record your computer screen or phone? Find out how to screen record on Mac, Windows PC, Chromebook, iPhone, and Android devices with step-by-step instructions.

    Laptop computer, mobile phone, almost every deviceMac, Windows PC, Chromebook, iPhone, and Androidhas a built-in way to record your screen, but each one is different.

    If youre an iPhone or Mac user, youve probably noticed that its pretty easy to record your screen in just a few steps. Using a Windows PC computer or laptop, you may have to kick it old-school and use something like PowerPoint. And lord help anyone trying to screen record on an older Android device who isnt a developer.

    Whether youre looking to screen record on a mobile device or your desktop, weve got you covered. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to record your screen.

    The built-in functionality with these devices and operating systems are good options, but maybe you need to go beyond basic screen recording. If youre looking for additional functionality , be sure to check out our post on the best screen recorders.

  • Contents
  • 1.5.2Screen Record on Older Android Devices
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    Why Cant I Take Screenshots On My Pc

    If you want to take a screenshot of the whole screen and save it as a file on the hard drive, without using any other tools, then press Windows + PrtScn on your keyboard. In Windows, you can also take screenshots of the active window. Open the window that you want to capture and press Alt + PrtScn on your keyboard.

    Whats The Best Screen Recording Software For Low Or Middle

    For general public, they just take laptop as a handy working platform, a learning assistant, a reaction tool, a music recording entity or similar. So they wont invest too much on this lightweight thing, maybe between $400 $800, or any value no more than $1000.

    Its hard to tell which screen recorder is the best one. But there are several tips for software selection:

    For outdated laptops with cheap components, choosing system built-in tool like Game bar or a light recorder like Fraps and Dxtory is quite recommended in case the CPU is maxed out. You can play special attention to the package size and system requirement before your download.

    If you have picked one proper laptop screen recorder, but it performs badly, how to record smoothly on your laptop? You can improve this situation by lowering recording parameters. As to video recording, they are exactly the resolution/size, frame rate and bit rate. Setting a higher compression codec is also a good way to boost the efficiency. Common freeware and paidware, for example OBS Studio, Bandicam and RecMaster, all provide such pre-settings.

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    How Do You Screen Record

    Heres how to screen record on PC with ScreenRec.

    • Press Alt + S and select your capture area .
    • Press the Video Camera button to start recording your screen.
    • Record screen audio:
      • Computer audio. Screenrec can record the audio being played from your computer speakers. Just click the speaker icon to toggle computer audio recording on or off.
      • Microphone. You can choose to record your microphone together with your screen video. To disable your mic, simply click the toggle next to the microphone icon.
    • Paste the private sharing link.
    • After each recording, you are given a unique URL that can be shared with anyone you choose. You can or publish it directly to your site. Just copy and paste the link.

    Dell Screen Recorder Use 3rd

    How to Take a Screenshot on a Dell Keyboard?

    The third-party screen recorder has an evident advantage it literally doesnt pick the operating system and it is so easy to use that even you are 100 percent strange to any recording software, you can get the hang of it in 3 minutes. Used to work perfectly on ASUS laptops, HP laptops, RecMaster is a free laptop screen recorder.

    RecMaster suits for both advanced users and fresh-hand users. Offering flexible parameters like FPS, resolution, video format, and video quality for users to choose from. If you desire higher quality, more features, you can pay for its updated version, which is also pleasing.With 5 basic recording modes, Dell users are availed to produce gameplay videos, full-screen videos, custom-area videos, videos with webcam, and sound-only audios.

    RecMaster has been committing itself to provide users the smoothest and most pleasing experience with its built-in editing tool and annotative tool.

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    Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

    As mentioned above, the best choice shall be the online screen recorder of Apowersoft. To record laptop screen with this free application, the first step is to navigate to its website and launch the application. If this is your visit for the first time, you will be asked to download a simple launcher to activate the application. With the interface popping out, you can preset the settings like recording hotkeys and output formats. Audio source including system sound and microphone can be both recorded.

    Next, you can customize the recording area as you want. Fixed region and full screen are both optional. Prepare the material that you want to record such as a movie. Once all done, you can start recording immediately by clicking the REC button. During recording, you are free to add various captions and marks to make your video more vivid.

    And when you want to finish recording, just click on pause button first and choose to go on or quit. To continue, click Tick icon and you will go ahead. After previewing the video, you will be able to save and publish the recorded file. Seven video formats are supported and you can also publish a GIF as well. In doing this, you can get a satisfying video in high quality then.

    How To Record Laptop Screen On Windows Or Macos

    Below we will show you how to record your laptop screen with our easy and feature-rich screen recorder RecMaster. Please free download it here, finish the setup and then launch it on your laptop from Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple or so to go ahead.

    Step 1 Choose a ModeMultiple recording modes are preloaded to capture gameplay, full screen activity, customized area operation, webcam only and the audio only. You just need to select the one that fits your need and then go to step 2 for settings.

    Step 2 Set for the RecordingYou can do settings in two panels. One is the secondary main window and the other one is what pops up after clicking the Settings option on this window.

    On the main window, you are free to select monitor if you have more than one, define the video format, recording quality, frame rate and whether to show the webcam/system sound/microphone. Specifically, quality level and frame rate both have influence on the final quality and size of the recorded file. So keep the balance yourself according to your laptop condition and the importance of the capture. By turning on the Webcam, you can show your face alongside the screen and achieve a picture-in-picture effect.

    Note that if your goal is to record multiple screens at the same time, do choose Custom Area mode and select the whole area with your mouse. Certain resolutions are also offers in this mode to help you create PC-friendly or mobile-friendly video at a fixed aspect ratio like 16:9 or 9:16.

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    How To Record Video On Dell Laptop Screen

    The app you want to record your screen in Windows 10 is available in the Start menu. The Game Bar dialog can be opened by pressing Windows key + G simultaneously. The Game Bar will be loaded if you check Yes, this is a game. Start Recording by clicking on the Start Recording button .

    Screenshot Dell Using Other Utilities

    How to record screen video with a dell inspiron 1545 laptop
    • Greenshot

    This free to download utility can take screenshots in three modes full, selected regions and active window. You can also use it to annotate captured images as well as export the file in various platforms such as email, clipboard, printer, Office programs, image hosting sites and all others. Aside from being free, Greenshot is a lightweight program that doesnt require too much storage, making it perfect for older Dell laptops running on low memory.

    Pros: Its a light-weight handy tool.

    Cons: It has no instant uploading/sharing options.

    • DuckLink Capture

    Another program you could use to print screen on Dell is the DuckLink Capture. Just like the former app, it can capture any region on the screen. It also comes with annotation tools where you can edit images, insert lines, arrows, texts and more. DuckLink Capture allows for sharing of captured images on email, blogspot, community forums, social networking sites and hosting websites. This app is free to download and there is a Pro version available if you need more functions.

    Pros: Free, light-weight screenshot tool.

    Cons: It has limited editing options and lacks instant sharing feature.

    Pros: Can take screenshot and make screencast.

    Cons: Too many options for settings.

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    How To Screen Record On A Dell Laptop With Snipping

    Compared to the Print Screen key, Snipping Tool is another built-in feature that offers more features to screen record on Dell laptops. It is pre-installed on all laptop brands, including old devices. Moreover, it works with a GUI to capture the desired screenshots.

    Step 1: Go to the Start menu at the bottom left corner of your Dell laptop, search and find Snipping Tool. Then open it.

    Step 2: Click the Mode menu and select what you want to screen record on the Dell laptop. Then, you can set the desired option.

    Step 3: You can take a screenshot immediately once you have clicked the New button.

    Step 4: When it stops, you be presented with the basic photo editor to change the screenshot and save it to your computer or clipboard.

    Note: Before screen recording, you can set the output location by hitting the Options menu.

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