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How To Screen Record Hp Laptop

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Does Windows 10 Have A Built

How to screen record on a HP laptop!

Yes, it does. Windows Game Bar comes built into Windows 10 and can be activated by following our step-by-step guide in the first FAQ above. It doesnt have any advanced features, but its a quick and easy way to record video on your laptop screen if youre using a Windows laptop.

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How To Screen Record On Mobile And Desktop

Need to record your computer screen or phone? Find out how to screen record on Mac, Windows PC, Chromebook, iPhone, and Android devices with step-by-step instructions.

Laptop computer, mobile phone, almost every deviceMac, Windows PC, Chromebook, iPhone, and Androidhas a built-in way to record your screen, but each one is different.

If youre an iPhone or Mac user, youve probably noticed that its pretty easy to record your screen in just a few steps. Using a Windows PC computer or laptop, you may have to kick it old-school and use something like PowerPoint. And lord help anyone trying to screen record on an older Android device who isnt a developer.

Whether youre looking to screen record on a mobile device or your desktop, weve got you covered. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to record your screen.

The built-in functionality with these devices and operating systems are good options, but maybe you need to go beyond basic screen recording. If youre looking for additional functionality , be sure to check out our post on the best screen recorders.

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  • 1.5.2Screen Record on Older Android Devices
  • Screenshot On Hp With Sinpping Tool

    Whether you are using a Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 HP computer, you can click the Start button and search Snipping Tool in the search box. You can also press Windows + R keys to open Run window, and enter Snipping Tool in the search box.

    As you open Snipping Tool on your HP laptop, select the drop down button of Mode to choose a kind of snip you want. When you have selected a snip, the whole screen will change to gray. Then you can capture a screenshot on HP.

    Or you can click New or Ctrl + N combination keys to start snipping. Then drag the cursor to make a rectangular outline of the desired area. After that, you can save the screenshot as JPG or PNG to your HP laptop.

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    Keyboard Shortcuts For Taking Screenshots On Hp Laptops

    Keyboard shortcuts have many unexpected functions awaiting our discovery, for example, you can quickly and easily take a screenshot with the print screen button on your HP PC.

    On HP laptops, there is usually a button called PrtSC, PrntScrn, Print Scr, Imp Pnt or different HP models, it is usually found on the top right of the keyboard. With this button, you can take a screenshot instantly and it will be automatically saved as a file in the Screenshots folder. You can also take a screenshot and paste it wherever you want, or select a specific window or a specific part of the screen to capture.

    How To Screen Record On Hp Laptop

    how to screen record on laptop

    As streaming video now proves itself to be a mainstream tendency in cybercitizens lives, all kinds of corresponding demands of consumers spring out as video stream gains its popularity. Under such circumstances, questions like What screen recorders to turn to if I want to record streaming videos?, or Which one delivers the maximum performance? have stricken users. Among these exclamations, HP laptop users demands are prominent due to their large user base. In the spirit of dealing with every potential problem in the screen recording area, here we provide 3 reliable methods as answers to how to screen record on HP laptop.

    Content Navigation:Method 3: Using Snagit to Record Screen of HP Laptop

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    Use Snagit To Record Your Laptop Screen

    If you want a more powerful tool, we recommend using Snagit. It is a screenshot capture program. You can use it to record any area of your laptop screen easily and quickly.

    To record your laptop screen:

  • and install Snagit.
  • Run and sign in this program.
  • Select the Video tab, then click Capture.
  • Select an area of your screen you want to record, then click the record button.
  • If you want to pause recording, click the Pause button.

    Click the Record button to resume recording.

  • If you want to stop recording, click the stop button.

  • Edit your video with the Snagit Editor. You can add text, shapes, etc. to your video.
  • Save or share your video.
  • 15 days

    Capture A Single Window And Save It In A File In One Go

    We can screen capture an active window and have Windows save it automatically in a pic file. We can use this method to avoid any unnecessary info in other windows being captured.

    Step 1. Hold the Alt key and the Windows key, and then tap the PrtScn key.

    Windows will instantly save the captured shot of the active window in a PNG file inside the Captures folder. The Captures folder is inside the Videos folder.

    To locate the Captures folder, click the Windows key, type captures, and select Captures folder from the search list.

    Windows will automatically name the captured files by utilizing the active application name along with the date and time the screenshot was taken.

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    Save And Launch The App

    To start screen record HP laptop, first, download and save the app by clicking the “Free Download” button provided above. After that, click the downloaded file and follow the installation process as directed. Finally, launch it so you can start familiarizing yourself with its amazing recording features.

    How To Use The Keyboard To Take A Screenshot

    How to Screen Record on HP Laptop

    The fastest way to capture your screen is to use the “Print Screen” button. With the screen up that you want to capture, press Prt Sc. It’s on the far right of the top row of your keyboard, near the Insert and Delete keys.

    Using this method, you probably won’t see any indication that the screenshot “took.” For a more visual cue, use the key combination Windows + Prt Sc. When you use this shortcut, your screen will flash black for an instant to confirm the capture happened.

    Finally, you can use Alt + Prt Sc to capture the active window.

    By default, captures go to This PC> > Screenshots.

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    How Do You Record Your Laptop Screen

    One of the easiest ways to record video on a laptop screen is to use Game Bar, which is already installed with Windows 10. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Click Start > Settings > Gaming > Game Bar.
  • Toggle the top button On to activate Game Bar.
  • Click Capture in the left-hand menu to see where your screen capture will be stored by default.
  • Click to toggle the Background Recording button On and adjust the max recording length to suit.
  • Adjust your audio settings. We recommend turning on the Record Audio toggle and checking the box next to turn the mic on by default when you record.
  • If recording training videos, you may want to turn on Capture mouse cursor movements.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts Win + G to display Game Bar and Win + Alt + R to start and stop recording.
  • If this all seems a bit complicated and youre looking for a simpler video capture alternative, give Movavi Screen Recorder a go!

    Way 2 Use Powerpoint For Hp Screen Record

    Powerpoint is a beautiful application that is a part of Microsoft office. It is in-built in Windows and is used primarily to make presentations. It is user-friendly, so most of us who know how to use a computer can easily create a presentation in PowerPoint with trial and error method.

    In addition, it has some beautiful features that can make your presentation look unique and interactive. For example, you can insert slides and even videos to make your presentation get a professional look. Moreover, most of the business units use Powerpoint to promote and market their products. Therefore, it is beneficial to make presentations in your office.

    Following are the steps on how to screen record on HP using Powerpoint:

    • Open a new presentation or an existing one from your drive.

    • The recording will start. By default, the audio and the mouse pointer also get recorded.

    • However, if you do not want to show it on screen, click the button on the dock.

    • If you need to save the recording, click on Save As to define the location.

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    How To Screen Record On Hp Laptop With Game Bar

    You should know that, the Windows 10 comes with a Game Bar feature to help you record your video gameplay. If your HP computer is running Windows 10, you can screen record on HP laptop with the Game Bar.

    Step 1 Press the Windows key and G key on the keyboard to open the Game Bar. You need to check the box of Yes, this is a game.

    Step 2 Before recording, you can turn on/off the microphone and adjust other settings based on your need.

    Step 3 Click the Record button to start recording screen on your HP laptop. When you want to stop the recording, you can click the Stop button.

    Step 4 After recording, the captured files will be automatically saved in /Videos/Captures folder. You can view the screen recording file there.

    Game Bar provides a simple way to record screen on computer. If you are using Windows 10 HP laptop, you can rely on it to make the screen recording. One thing you should concern is that, Game Bar will capture the entire screen of your HP laptop. You cant custom the screen recording region.

    How To Screen Record On An Hp Laptop Via Screencast

    Learn How To Screen Record On Your HP laptop

    Screencast-O-Matic is another online screen recorder and sound recorder on HP laptops. It is easy to record your webcam, screen, or both. Just launch the online program to get the desired videos within clicks.

    Step 1: Log in to the online screen recorder, and then click on the Recorder icon located on the upper right-hand corner of the page to launch the recorder to screen record on an HP laptop.

    Step 2: Click on the Launch Screen Recorder option to start the launcher, you can choose the Computer Screen option or the Both option. Adjust the screen section you want to capture.

    Step 3: Press the record Rec button to start recording. Click the Pause button to temporarily stop recording. You can also click the Done button and choose the Save/Upload option to save your video.

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    Way 4 Record Hp Laptop Screen With Filmora

    Filmora is one of the best video editing software that can screen record on HP laptop quickly. A product of Wondershare, Filmora has one of the best editing features that will excite you while working on it. Now you can edit your videos with ease.

    It is a perfect platform that supports all formats of video and audio. You can even import or export images in whatever format is preferable to you. You can try the trial version of Filmora by downloading it free from the net.

    Once you become satisfied with its advanced and exciting features though limited, you can go for the paid version. You will be surprised and excited to see that Filmora gives more than expected. It is a perfect platform for professionals who can enhance their creativity and skills. Furthermore, since it is user-friendly, you can easily record the screen playing on your laptop and edit it for future use. Following are the steps how to screen record on hp laptop Windows 10 with Filmora:

    For macOS 10.12 or later

    Step 1. Open and launch Filmora, click on the Record button and choose Record PC Screen.

    Step 2. You can either choose Full Screen or even customize the window. Click on settings to change the settings according to your requirement.

    Step 3. Click on the Recording button. After the process is over, click on Stop to end the recording.

    Step 4. You will find the recorded video in the editor interface. Use the editing tools to apply text effects, transitions, and more

    Screen Capture With Microsoft Powerpoint

    HP laptops come with a number of great tools and software, one of which is Microsoft PowerPoint. Did you know that you can actually screen record using the commonly used PowerPoint software? To use their built-in screen recorder, simply follow the steps outlined below.

    step 1: Open a blank, new presentation.

    step 2: In the top navigation bar, select Insert > Screen Recording.

    step 3: A prompt will open up, asking you to select the area of the screen you wish to record. Make your selection based on what you wish to record on the screen.

    step 4: You can choose from some custom controls . Once you have your controls finalized, you can start recording.

    step 5: To start recording, click the circle record button. Once you’ve hit record, you won’t be able to see the controls anymore.

    step 6: If you wish to stop or pause the recording, navigate your mouse to the top of the page. The control center will come back into view and you will be able to make changes.

    step 7: Once you’ve stopped recording, the video will be embedded within PowerPoint. You can either choose to save the entire presentation as you normally would or save just the video file by selecting File > Save Media As and then specify the name and save the location of the screen recording!

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    Take Screenshot On Hp Tablet

    • Default Way to Screenshot HP tablets

    There are two operating systems for HP tablets: Windows and Android. To take screenshot on these devices, you just need to press and hold the Power button and the Volume down button at the same time for 2 seconds. There will be a flash on the screen indicating that the screenshot is taken. And you can check it in the Pictures folder or Gallery app.

    • More Efficient Way for Android-based HP Tablet

    If your Power button is broken or you just need more editing tools, then you can use a free app called Apowersoft Screenshot. Its available on all Android devices. This app offers two ways to take a screenshot. One is by pressing the Power + Volume down buttons simultaneously and the other one is by tapping on its overlay icon which is only for Android 5.0 and above. This app also enables you to capture full scrolling webpages with its built-in browser. When the screenshot is taken, you can crop it and add texts, lines and mosaics on it. Just click the button below to learn more about it.

    Those are the ways on how to screenshot HP computers and tablets. If you just need a simple screenshot, you can use the default ways. But if you need more functions like more screenshot modes, image editing, uploading and sharing, its advised that you use the third-party tools introduced above.

    How To Capture Video Clips In Windows 10

    How to screen record on an HP laptop

    Windows 10 has a built-in tool called Game Bar to help you record your screen during PC and Xbox gaming sessions. But this tool can also be used to record non-gaming apps and activity.

    Taking a screenshot in Windows 10 is fairly quick and simple, but capturing video of your screen activity is more challenging. Microsoft has made it easier through the use of a built-in video capture tool called Game Bar.

    Game Bar was designed to record games you play directly on your PC, or those you stream from an Xbox console, but it can just as easily capture video of screen activity from your web browser, Windows applications, or any other program. Screen activity that you record is automatically saved as an MP4 video file.

    If you want to use Game Bar, you will have to meet certain system requirements, including the right type of graphics card. If you try to use Game Bar and your PC isnt up to snuff, you may receive an error telling you that your PC doesnt meet the hardware requirement for recording clips. But fear not, as there is a way around this limitation.

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    How To Screen Record On An Hp Laptop Through Snagit

    Just need some simple screen recording features on an HP laptop, Snagit might be a nice choice. It also provides many additional capabilities, such as extract text from screen capture, or share via Screencast.

    Step 1: If you have already installed Snagit, you can click the Capture button to choose a custom region. The video toolbar also allows you to choose audio and webcam settings.

    Step 2: You can adjust the basic settings for screen recording on the HP laptop. Click the red Record button to record the onscreen activities. It also enables you to manage the recording.

    Step 3. When you get the desired files, you can click the Stop button to save the file. Then, you can use the menu to save the video or send it to the web or social media sites in one click.

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