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How To Screen Record On Dell Laptop

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Where Is Zoom Recorder On Laptop

How to record screen video with a dell inspiron 1545 laptop

You can find your default recording location for local recordings in your Zoom client settings. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client. Click your profile picture then click Settings. Click Recording. Click one of these options beside Local Recording: Click Open to open the folder where your local recordings are stored.

How To Screen Record On A Dell Laptop With Tuneskit Screen Recorder

Step 1: Once the recorder is successfully launched, open the software. All details, including format, watermark, start and end time, and ‘save to’ options, are available on the main interface. Set the output parameters and customize your video by clicking on the ‘Options‘ button. It will lead you to a new area where you can change the settings

Step 2: After the setting, you need to select an area that you want to record by clicking on the ‘+‘ button, then click the ‘REC‘ button on the interface and start the recording.

Step 3: Once the recording is complete, click the ‘Stop‘ button. The recording will be shown in the History list. You can preview and edit it by click on the ‘Edit‘ button.

Step 4: The final recording will still in the History list. You can tap the ‘Search‘ button to open the folder on your Dell laptop.

How To Screen Record On A Dell Laptop

Dell has been an old brand providing remarkable technologies for a long time. If you are using a Dell laptop, you can also give surety of its long-term best service. Dell products have a feature of ‘Screen Recording’ that many people use for recording the video, game battles, and other applications running on the screen. You must have used this screen recording feature if you are a Dell user. But If you are having trouble recording the screen of your Dell laptop, we are here to help you.

There is much software available that can help you record screens on your Dell laptop. This article will bring you the best methods for solving the issue of how to screen record on a dell laptop. Go through the article and have the best software for recording your Dell laptop screen.

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How To Record Screen On Dell Laptop With Vlc

As a feature-rich media player and screen recorder, VLC is sought-after and has a strong user base. You can make the full use of this cross-platform open source for your Dell laptop since it makes recording a quite simple thing. Don’t miss the guide below if you want to capture screen for free without hassle.

Step 1: Run VLC on your Dell laptop and go to Media – Convert / Save option
Step 2: Head to Capture Device tab and choose “Desktop” as your Capture mode
Step 3: Then set your desired frame rate for the capture and press on Convert / Save at the bottom
Step 4: Next, go for “Browse” to select output destination folder and name the file – Save the settings
Step 5: Now click on “Start” button and your Dell laptop screen will be captured
Step 6: Complete your recording by tapping on the “Stop Playback” button on the bottom left-hand corner.

Enjoy Flexible Screen Record/capture On Dell Laptop

3 Simple ways to screen record on dell laptop in Windows 10

Many users wonder how to record part of screen on a Dell laptop. Dont worry. You can enjoy a flexible screen record using iTop Screen Recorder, just click the Full Screen tab, you can choose Select Region, Select Window, Fixed Ratio /, or Recently Used in the drop-down menu to record the special part you want to record.

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How To Record Your Screen On Windows Using Xbox Game Bar

Windows 10 includes a native video capture tool, but its primarily designed for gamers. However, it can be used for any open application, offering a convenient way to record the screen and even add audio if needed.

Note: All steps for Windows devices will also all work on Windows 11, including options to use PowerPoint explained below. However, Windows 11 will look a little different from the images we are using. If you prefer step-by-step instructions for Windows 11, check out our guide here.

To use the Xbox Game Bar feature, your PC needs to support one of the following encoders. Most modern graphics cards or processors support them.

  • Intel Quick Sync H.264
  • Nvidia NVENC

Step 1: Click the Start button, followed by the gear icon located in the Start Menu. Alternatively, you can click the notifications icon on the taskbar and select the All Settings tile in the Action Center. Both of these methods will open the Settings app.

Step 2: Select Gaming in the Settings app.

Step 3: The Xbox Game Bar section should load by default. As shown below, theres a toggle under the first paragraph that should be set to On. If it reads Off, then click on the toggle.

Step 4: Select Captures listed on the left to view and adjust further customization options if needed.

Step 5: When youre done adjusting your settings, type the default keyboard shortcut to open the Xbox Game Bar: Win + G.

  • Widget Menu
  • Looking for Group
  • Settings

How To Screen Record On Dell Laptop

Step 1: Download and install the screen recorder on your Windows, which enables you to capture the screenshots with the trial version. Launch the program on your computer and click the SnapShot option to screen record on Dell laptops.

Step 2: Customize the frame of the screen you want to capture with your mouse. Once you release your mouse, you can screen record as desired. After that, you can add shapes, annotations, arrows, callouts, texts, and other elements to the snapshots.

Step 3: Click the Save button to save the snapshots to your computer. Then you can choose the destination folder and file format. Click the Recording history to rename the photos, delete the files, and even share them on social media websites.

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How To Do A Screen Recording On Dell Laptop

Compared with other screen recorders, TunesKit Screen Recorder is unique in its features and functions. It is the best screen recorder for a Dell laptop. The features of the TunesKit screen recorder are compatible with all Dell devices. With the TunesKit Screen Recorder, the query of how to screen record on a Dell laptop is now solved.

TunesKit Screen Recorder is an easy and helpful software for recording Dell laptop screens with high quality. It allows users to record a locked and full screen and a specific part of the Dell laptop. TunesKit Screen Recorder supports all audio and video formats, including MP4, AVI, FLAC, and MP3. This screen recorder is available for all Windows, and Mac users.

Way : Screen Record Dell With Obs Studio

4 Tips on How to Screen Record on Dell Laptop

The youth suffers from one common dilemma: Can I screen record on my Dell laptop? It is high time for you to find out the answer to your question. OBS studio is right here for your help. It is now possible to record video from Dell laptop at ease with a few standard editing and capturing tools in OBS studio screen recording software. OBS studio is one of the rarest screen recording software available on the internet, enabling users to switch screens and tabs in between the screen recording sessions.

The following steps can help you understand the knits and bits of OBS studio:

Step 1: Download

The first and foremost thing you should do is downloading and installs the OBS studio software on your Dell laptop. After you are done with installing the application software on your laptop, you need to focus on the setups and screen recording procedures.

Step 2: Setup and recording

In the next step of screen recording with OBS studio, you need to focus on the setup first. Upon opening the software, you would find a few scenes and sources in black on your laptop screen.

Those are the default settings on OBS studio. But you will have to adjust them as per your needs while screen recording. You can click on the display capture button from the scene-selected part. Click on the select source button, where you can find the screen capture option.

In the next part, you will have to select the settings button and keep track of the recording path from the output tab.

Step 3: Start recording

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Function 2 How To Record On Dell Laptop Game Bar

Pre-installed in Windows 10, Game Bar is always regarded equally a top priority to create recording assignments, especially for games. It can work on your Dell laptop to easily tape most applications and windows in high quality, and capture full screen or specific window. If youre looking for a quick fashion to tape for your Dell, this tool is definitely feasible.

Footstep i: Open a designated application on your Dell, hit Windows + Grand keys on the keyboard, and tick Yeah, this is a game in the pop-up window to active Game Bar. Yous can also navigate to Start menu Settings Gaming Xbox Game Bar to activate this tool.
Step ii: Now press the red Offset Tape button to begin Dell laptop recording subsequently configuring all settings like shortcuts, recording time, audio recording, fps, quality and more than.
Step iii: You tin can press the record push button again or use shortcut Windows + Alt + R to stop recording
Step 4: Your videos will be saved locally equally MP4 files in your user folder under Video Captures.

Top 3 Ways To Screenshot On Dell Laptop

Posted by Theodore TongJanuary 13, 2021 18:40

Dont know how to screenshot on Dell laptop?

Screenshot offers a quick and handy way to share or store whats showing on your computer screen. While the daily usage of you Dell laptop/desktop, you surely need to capture your computer screen, for different reasons. Now we back to the question, do you know how to screenshot on Dell?

Most Dell computers are designed with a print screen key to make sure you can easily capture your computer screen. These screenshot shortcuts allow you to take a photo of the entire screen or specific application window. But it wont give you a straight-forward way to save the screenshot. Considering that, here in this post, we like to show you 3 simple ways to screenshot on Dell laptop/desktop.

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Option : Windows 10 Game Recorder

If youve ever used the Windows Snipping Tool, you probably wondered at some point,

How can I record my screen on Windows 10? Is there a video snipping tool?

Actually, yes, there is! Strictly speaking, the Game Recorder was designed as a way to record gameplay on PC. However, you can capture anything thats on your screen.

The only potential problem is that there are a few hoops you have to jump through first including actually finding the program on your computer. Well take it one step at a time.

How To Take A Screenshot On A Dell Computer/laptop For Windows 10/7/8

[Free] How to Screen Record on Dell Laptop in 4 Ways

On Dell laptops with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, the screenshot can be captured by pressing the Windows key along with the Print Screen key. You can also tap the Windows key along with the G key for opening the Gamebar window. Using this window, you can click the screenshot. Thirdly, the Windows/Ctrl and PrtScr keys can be simultaneously pressed and the screenshot will be recorded.

When users ask how to take a screenshot on a Dell PC, we suggest these three options. As you read the following sub-sections of this post, you will find every crucial detail that is necessary for performing the methods in these options.

Option 1: Using the Windows and Print Screen Keys on Windows 7//10

In case you are using a Dell computer with Windows 10 or Windows 7, the Print Screen key along with the Windows key can be utilized for taking a screenshot. Once the screen or the preferred page has been captured, you can go to File Explorer on your Dell PC. Then you can tap a combination of the Windows Logo and E keys. Gradually, you can navigate to the folder of Screenshots in Pictures to find the captured screenshot.

Moving forward, we have identified the needed instructions for how to screenshot on Dell laptops with Windows 10 or Windows 7.

Option 2: Using the Windows Key and G Key on Windows 10

  • When you are on the screen that has to be saved, press the keys mentioned here at the same time:
  • Windows + G

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Print Screen Key Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are quick ways to open or use an app. And for doing a print screen, there are several key combinations you can do that shortens the process of screen capturing. For instant screenshots, you can use the dedicated print screen key labeled ‘PrtSc’ or ‘PrtScn‘ to print screen on Dell laptop.

There is a specific combination for Dell laptops that do not have a separate key for the print screen and is joined with the F keys, specifically F10. You need to press Fn key+F10 to activate the print screen tool.

Windows key+ Print Screen key is a keyboard combination that saves your screenshots automatically on your Screenshot folder. This saves you time keeping it as an image since you dont need to paste it into an editing tool.

Further Reading

How To Screenshot On Dell Laptop With Sniping Tool

Besides the print screen key, Windows also offers another screen capture utility called Sniping Tool. It has been part of Windows since Vista. This default screenshot tool allows you to screenshot on Dell laptop/desktop with full screen or custom region.

Step 1 You can find the Sniping Tool app through Windows Search function. When you have the need to take a screenshot on Dell, you can click the Start button and then type snipping tool in the Windows Search.

Step 2 Open Sniping Tool and the press the New button to screenshot on Dell. This operation will activate the capture cursor. Then you can freely capture your Dell computer screen.

Step 3 After you screenshot on Dell, you can click the Save button to save the screenshot on your computer in JPG, PNG, GIF or HTML format. During this step, you are also allowed to use the Copy button to copy your screenshot to the clipboard.

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What Is A Screenshot

Screenshot, screengrab, or screencap – whatever you call it, is an image of exactly whats displayed on your desktop screen. One can practically go on and on about the usefulness of screenshots in this modern age of computers. We all knew that a picture is more engaging and meaningful than a lengthy paragraph, and the evolution of screenshots is yet another testament to just that.

Lets say you want feedback from your colleagues about this new web page you designed. Or maybe you want them to take a look at that flyer youve crafted. Your colleagues could take a look at it and jot down all the changes and improvements that can be made. Alternatively, they could just take a screenshot, that need edits, and send it over. The latter would be far simpler and a lot more efficient.

Screenshots also come in handy while reporting an issue. You may often find IT or Web Support teams asking for a screenshot when you report a problem. When you provide a screenshot, it becomes a lot easier for the support team to understand exactly whats going on and how to fix it.

But thats not all. Lets say youre forming an instruction manual for your team. All you need to do is take a few screenshots and show them exactly how its done. Why waste time and energy on writing a verbose paragraph when you can simply to guide them through?

Capture A Screenshot And Save It As A Png File

how to get a screen recorder with webcam on dell computer

To take a screenshot and save it directly as a PNG image file on your Dell computer, use an additional key with the Print Screen button.

First, open the screen you want to screenshot. On your keyboard, press the Windows+Print Screen keys at the same time. This captures your screens screenshot and saves it as a PNG file.

This PNG file is located at the following path on your PC. In the path below, replace USERNAME with your own username. You can change the default screenshot save folder on your PC, if you want.


And thats how you neatly gather all your screenshots in a single folder.

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Want To Take A Screenshot In Windows 10 Or 11 Here’s How

Taking screen captures in Windows 10 and 11 is easy with a few keystrokes.

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Whether you’re downloading Windows 11 or sticking with Windows 10 for a while longer, it’s easy to take a screenshot to capture part of or the entirety of your display. Maybe you want to save an online receipt, or maybe you want to capture a particularly noteworthy gaming feat to show your friends. Windows 10 and 11 offer the same built-in tools , and several keyboard shortcuts will let you take a screenshot in an instant.

Here, we’ll walk you through how to use both built-in Windows screenshot tools and other shortcuts for taking screenshots in Windows 10 and Windows 11, so you can decide which you like best.

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