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How To Screen Record On Your Laptop

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How To Screen Record On A Hp Laptop With Recorder

How to record your computer screen on Windows 10 or Mac

There are many software applications available in the market that claim to be the best screen recorder for HP laptops. However, it is seen most of the time that there are some hidden T& Cs, and the full range of features will not function as you expected. Wondershare DemoCreator is an easy but effective tool to record laptop screens with high resolution, no matter a lecture, PowerPoint, online course, or gameplay, it will always do the best recording projects for you.

The software will provide you with all the necessary features that you will need to create an engaging video/content. The in-built editor will allow you to add files from your device and also record audio/video by connecting an external recording device. Another plus side is that the interface is quite intuitive, and anyone with basic knowledge of computers will be able to use it.

How Do You Record Your Laptop Screen

One of the easiest ways to record video on a laptop screen is to use Game Bar, which is already installed with Windows 10. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Click Start > Settings > Gaming > Game Bar.
  • Toggle the top button On to activate Game Bar.
  • Click Capture in the left-hand menu to see where your screen capture will be stored by default.
  • Click to toggle the Background Recording button On and adjust the max recording length to suit.
  • Adjust your audio settings. We recommend turning on the Record Audio toggle and checking the box next to turn the mic on by default when you record.
  • If recording training videos, you may want to turn on Capture mouse cursor movements.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts Win + G to display Game Bar and Win + Alt + R to start and stop recording.
  • If this all seems a bit complicated and youre looking for a simpler video capture alternative, give Movavi Screen Recorder a go!

    How To Do Screen Video Capture On Windows 7 With An Online Recorder

    While one option on this list requires you to download a tiny help utility, most only recorders allow you to capture your screen without downloading any additional software. With these tools, you can record videos on a PC using nothing but a browser and an internet connection. Of course, the downside is that any internet connectivity problems will prevent you from using the software.

    Best for: Teachers, students studying at home, presentations, creating tutorials

    Trustpilot rating: 4.6 out of 5, 190 reviews

    The need for a download puts many people off of using Apowersoft. is a new service that is still growing, but it already has an advantage over Apowersoft in that it doesn’t require any downloads to work. There is a free version of the tool that will place a small watermark on the recorded video. The web-based tool functions are a webcam recorder and a screen recorder for Windows 7 and other platforms. Users will likely find the site easy to use and convenient.

    Heres how to record a video on Windows 7 with You only need to go to the website, select your options, and press Start Recording. A dialog will pop up asking for permission to access the required functionality to record the screen from your browser. You can choose to record your entire screen, a specific open window, or an open tab in the browser you are visiting the site from. Once you confirm the permissions and the recording area, the capture process will begin.



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    Record Screen With Windows 10 Game Bar

    In higher-end computers, HP provides an integrated video card that is capable enough to provide you with screen recordings of higher resolution. If you recently got a system with the latest configuration, there are very high chances that this functionality is already there. However, you will need to check if your device comes with a compatible video card to process the recorded footage.

    You will need to follow the steps mentioned below to check whether this Windows 10 game bar recording is working or not.

  • Once the computer fully boots up, press Win+G. The system may ask your permission to run the Game Bar application.
  • Allow it to open, and you will get a horizontal menu on the top. There will be a range of features/options however, we are going to discuss screen recording only. On the right side of the Xbox logo, you will see the time. In the same direction, there will be a camera icon that says Capture. Click on it, another small dialogue box will appear up.
  • It will contain 4 options: Capture screenshots, record the previous 30 seconds, Record and Mic.
  • As soon as you will hit the circular recording button, it will turn square it means that the Game Bar is now recording.
  • Once the video is recorded, you can click that button again, and the recording will be saved in the “Users” folder.
  • If you want to edit some settings, you can use Windows Photos to alter them.
  • No dialogue box appeared on pressing Win+G. Any solution?

    How To Screen Record On Windows 10 Using The Game Bar

    How To: Record Your PC Screen

    The Game Bar is an app that comes free with all new versions of Windows 10, and is designed to help gamers keep track of their computer’s performance. But even if you’re not playing games, you can easily use its screen recording feature.

    1. Open whatever you’d like to record on your PC. This can be a web browser, a game, an app, a folder, or even just your desktop.

    2. Next, open the Game Bar by pressing the Windows key + G on your keyboard.

    Quick tip: If the Game Bar doesn’t open with the Windows Key + G shortcut, make sure it’s enabled. To do this, search “Game bar settings” and open the menu that appears. In that menu, toggle on the “Enable Xbox Game Bar” button.

    3. By default, the recording tools will be in the top-left corner, in a window labeled “Capture.” If it’s not there, go to the long toolbar at the top of the screen and click the icon that looks like a webcam.

    4. In the Capture window, click the white circle icon to start your screen recording. A small bar will appear on the right side of the screen timing how long you’ve been recording for.

    Quick tip: You can quickly start a Game Bar screen recording at any time by pressing the Windows Key + Alt + R.

    5. If you want to record your own voice, you can click the microphone icon, and it’ll start recording audio from your default microphone.

    6. When you’re ready to stop recording, click the stop icon on either the recording timer, or in the Game Bar menu.

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    How To Screen Record On A Hp Laptop

    You must have heard many times that Xbox Game Bar is a screen recording utility of many Windows computers like Windows 10. There are many features within the Game Bar menu. You can use it to record the last 30 seconds of the PC game you are playing, record what is going to happen on your Windows, take screenshots, and more. Moreover, it has many fine-grained settings so that you can control your PC screen recording flexibly. Using Xbox Game Bar to record gameplay on PC is easy. The steps are as follows.

    Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

    As mentioned above, the best choice shall be the online screen recorder of Apowersoft. To record laptop screen with this free application, the first step is to navigate to its website and launch the application. If this is your visit for the first time, you will be asked to download a simple launcher to activate the application. With the interface popping out, you can preset the settings like recording hotkeys and output formats. Audio source including system sound and microphone can be both recorded.

    Next, you can customize the recording area as you want. Fixed region and full screen are both optional. Prepare the material that you want to record such as a movie. Once all done, you can start recording immediately by clicking the REC button. During recording, you are free to add various captions and marks to make your video more vivid.

    And when you want to finish recording, just click on pause button first and choose to go on or quit. To continue, click Tick icon and you will go ahead. After previewing the video, you will be able to save and publish the recorded file. Seven video formats are supported and you can also publish a GIF as well. In doing this, you can get a satisfying video in high quality then.

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    Use Keys To Open Xbox Game Bar

    Once the computer fully boots up, you can simply press the Windows logo key + G at the same time to open your Xbox Game Bar. A small window may pop up asking you “Do you want to open Game Bar?”, and you need to tick the checkbox of “Yes, this is a game” underneath this message. After that, you’ll see your Game Bar widget menu.

    Should I Use A Free Screen Recorder

    How to Record Your Computer Screen in Windows 10

    Maybe. You can use free apps like QuickTime or Xbox App , but, if youre comparing different screen recording tools, make sure you get a screen recorder with sound recording and video editing options built-in.

    The problem with many built-in screen recorders that come standard on your computer is that they limit you to just recording. And you end up needing extra tools and software just to edit and share your videos.

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    How To Screen Record On Mac

    If youre on macOS Mojave or higher, theres a built-in feature for recording your screen and its as easy as pressing a hotkey.

    Native Screen Record on Mac

  • Press Command + Shift + 5
  • Select whether you want to capture the entire screen, a window, or a selection
  • When done, click Stop to end the recording
  • Your recording will appear as a thumbnail at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, click it to choose where to save the video
  • QuickTime Screen Record on Mac

    Alternatively, you can use QuickTime, which is native on all Macs:

  • Open QuickTime
  • Select File and then New Screen Recording
  • Click the red Record button to start
  • To stop, click the Record button again
  • To save, click File then Save
  • Pro Tip: If you only need to save a screenshot on Mac, press Command + Shift + 4 and select the area you want to capture.

    How To Record Your Screen For Youtube Using Youtube Live Streaming

    Step 1: Log into YouTube account

    Open YouTube site on your browser. Then sign into your YouTube account. Click “Upload” and then choose “Get Started” under “Live Streaming” category. Choose “Events” and then select “New Live Event” to request. Click “Go Live Now” after you fill in the required information.

    Step 2: Start to record video on PC for YouTube

    Select “Screenshare” in the left panel. Then you can choose the window you want to capture. Click “Start Screenshare” and “Start Broadcast” in order. Then you can start to record a live video games or other activities to YouTube directly. Choose “Stop Broadcast” if you want to end the process.

    Well, you can save the event for offline viewing or edit the YouTube videos if necessary. Actually, it is a good way to capture your daily life and upload to YouTube channel.

    Though you can capture desktop video with all above methods, there are still some differences and limitations. All in all, if you want to record video games on PC, as well as other video recordings with special requirements, Apeaksoft Screen Recorder can be your best choice.

    Just free download the program to have a try right now.

    This page focuses on screen recorder on Windows computer to capture video. If you are running a Mac, just do not miss: Top screen recorders on Mac.

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    How To Screen Record On A Dell Laptop With Snip & Sketch

    Snip & Sketch is the successor of the Snipping Tool on Windows 10. In another word, you can do screen records on a Dell laptop running Windows 10. It is able to capture any region on your desktop including a window. Just learn more about the process as below.

    Step 1: When you need to a take screenshot on a Dell laptop, you can press Windows + Shift + S keys on your keyboard at the same time. You can also find the tool on the bottom toolbar.

    Step 2: Then your screen will be covered by gray with a bar at the top to take a rectangular, capture free-region, a window, or full screen. Then select the appropriate option and draw on your screen.

    Step 3: Once the screen record is done, you will be taken to the editor window. Now, you can polish the screenshot with the pen tool and more other elements according to your requirements.

    Step 4: Click the Save button to export the screenshot to your computer. It allows you to save the image in JPG, PNG, etc. If you wish to use the snapshot in other software, click the Clipboard button.

    How To Record Your Screen On Windows Using Powerpoint

    3 Ways to Record Your Computer Screen

    Recording your screen with PowerPoint is relatively easy. The drawback is that you need Microsofts desktop software for this to work and a Microsoft 365 subscription. This does not work with the online-only version.

    Step 1: With a PowerPoint file already open, click Insert on the menu bar followed by the Screen Recording button located on the Media panel to the far right.

    Step 2: The screen dims white and renders a toolbar along your screens top-center edge, as shown below. Click the Select Area button and use your mouse to draw a box around the area you want to record. The target area is then outlined with a red dashed line and devoid of the white transparency. Alternatively, press the Windows + Shift + F keys simultaneously to record the entire screen.

    Step 3: Click the Record button or press the Windows + Shift + R keys simultaneously.

    Step 4: You can click the Pause button it replaces the Record button to halt the recording as needed. Click the square Stop button to end the capture.

    Step 5: To save the recording, right-click on the video displayed within PowerPoint and select the Save Media As option on the pop-up menu. Follow the on-screen prompts to save your recording.

    When youre done, you can save the video as a separate file to access or embed as you see fit. Editing and control options are very limited after that, but PowerPoint is a great option for quick-and-dirty recording especially if youre doing it for a looming presentation.

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    Way 2 Record Screen And Audio For Free With Game Bar

    Windows 10 system comes with a built-in screen and audio recorder that many of you might not know about. It is named Game Bar. It is a free screen recorder for Windows 10.

    The Xbox Game Bar is designed to record clips of video games, but you can also use it to record anything on your Windows computer screen.

    You can quickly access the Game Bar program on Windows 10, and use it to record screen with audio. It is easy to operate to totally free.

    Check how to open Game Bar tool and use it to record PC screen and audio activity together.

    Step 1. Find and enable Game Bar on Windows 10

    Firstly, you should check if your computer has turned on the Game Bar feature.

    You can press Windows + I to open Windows Settings. Click Gaming -> Game Bar. In the right window, check if the option Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar is enabled, if not, turn it on.

    Step 2. Record screen and audio on PC

    After the Game Bar function is enabled, you can use this free screen recorder with audio to record video on Windows 10 now.

    You can open the screen, window, video or game you want to record.

    Press Windows + G to evoke Game Bar tool. If it pops up a window asking you if it is a game, you can check the box Yes, this is a game.

    To record screen, you can directly click the red REC button. The keyboard shortcut key is Windows + Alt + R.

    Step 3. Check the recorded video clips

    After finishing the recording, you can click the REC again to stop the recording.

    How To Record Your Screen In Windows

    Its well hidden, but Windows 10 has its own built-in screen recorder, intended for recording games. To find it, open the pre-installed Xbox app then tap + on your keyboard and click Yes, this is a game.

    To customize the recorder’s settings, log into the Xbox app and access the Game DVR options. You can’t choose a different destination folder for recordings, but you can pick a quality setting, decide whether or not to record audio, and set a maximum clip length.

    Unfortunately not all Windows 10 devices can record footage with the Game Bar. To use it, youll need a video card supporting one of the following encoders:

    • Intel Quick Sync H.260
    • AMD VCE

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    How To Screen Record On Dell Laptop

    Step 1: Download and install the screen recorder on your Windows, which enables you to capture the screenshots with the trial version. Launch the program on your computer and click the SnapShot option to screen record on Dell laptops.

    Step 2: Customize the frame of the screen you want to capture with your mouse. Once you release your mouse, you can screen record as desired. After that, you can add shapes, annotations, arrows, callouts, texts, and other elements to the snapshots.

    Step 3: Click the Save button to save the snapshots to your computer. Then you can choose the destination folder and file format. Click the Recording history to rename the photos, delete the files, and even share them on social media websites.

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