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How To.screenshot On Laptop

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Take Screenshot In Lenovo Using Window Key + Print Screen For Entire Screen

How to take a screenshot on a PC or laptop with Windows

The Screenshot taken by using this keyboard shortcut will be automatically saved to your Lenovo laptop memory without you having to do it manually. So how to do that.

  • Open the window you want to screenshot
  • Press the Windows + Print Screen Key
  • Now Go to C:\Users\\Pictures\Screenshots
  • Its easy and convenient, but the only limitation with this method is that it screenshot the whole screen, but if you want only to screenshot the active window, you will need another method you refer to the following method for taking Screenshot on Lenovo for the active window.

    Taking Screenshots With With Windows + G

    Other hotkeys can help you take a screenshot on your computer, too. Win + G can awake Gamebar and you can then use it to take screenshots. This works on almost all laptops. Let’s see how to do it step-by-step.

    Step 1. Open the window that you want to take screenshots for.

    Step 2. Now Press “Windows” + “G” at the same time to awake “Gamebar”.

    Step 3. Use the screenshot-taking function to take screenshots on the MSI laptop.

    Step 4. You can find this screenshot picture in the “screenshot” folder.

    How To Take A Screenshot On A Laptop

    Don’t have a Print Screen key? Don’t worry. Here’s how to take a screenshot on a laptop.

    Knowing how to take screenshots on a laptop is very handy, and thankfully, both Windows and macOS laptops have a built-in screenshot feature you can use. While the integrated tools get the basics right, third-party screen capture and screencasting utilities are a much better option for advanced users.

    Let’s explore how to take a screenshot on laptops running Windows 10 and macOS, using either the official tools readily available to you or via an advanced third-party app.

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    How To Take A Screenshot On Any Device

    Here’s everything you need to know about capturing screenshots, no matter the platformWindows, macOS, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, and even Linux.

    Need to preserve what you’re seeing on your phone or computer screen? Mobile and desktop operating systems offer robust screen-capture tools. Most are built into the device, but there’s a wealth of third-party options, as well as browser extensions, that get the job done. Here’s how to take a screenshot on Android, Chrome OS, iOS/iPadOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

    Use Minitool Video Converter To Capture Asus Screen

    how to screenshot on laptop: How to take screenshot in lenovo laptop ...

    How to screen record on ASUS laptop? Theres a better way available: using the powerful and easy-to-use screen recorder.

    How to download the recorder:

    to see the detailed introduction to MiniTool Video Converter or click on the button below to download it directly please make your decision.

    How to install the recorder:

    Navigate to the setup file youve downloaded -> double click on it to bring up the installation wizard -> click Install Now to install directly. You can also click Custom Installation to change the default Language& Installation Path before clicking Install Now.

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    Windows Snip & Sketch

    A Microsoft utility app called Snip & Sketch lets you snip, edit and save portions of the screen to a file. To run it, do the following steps:

    • Press the Windows key, Shift and S.
    • Click the type of snip selection from the set of icons that appear: Rectangular, Freeform and Fullscreen. Rectangular selects a rectangular area, Freeform lets you select an arbitrary shape, and Fullscreen selects the whole screen.
    • For Rectangular and Freeform, select the area you want.
    • The screenshot image appears.
    • Edit the screenshot with the various graphic tools if you wish.
    • Click the disk icon to save the file.

    Snip& Sketch includes several other convenient drawing tools that let you mark and annotate your screenshot.

    Usage Of Snagit On Hp Laptop

    Snagit can record scrolling screens of your laptop while also capturing video in real-time. Read the steps below to know how to screen-grab with Snagit efficiently

    • To use the screenshot camera, press the red circle button at the top of your screen
    • To screenshot an image, select the camera icon, and to screenshot a video, select the recorder icon
    • Then choose which part of the screen you want to snap
    • In this application, your desktop image will appear. The clipped image can be edited, annotated, resized, copied, and saved from there

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    How To Do A Quick Print Screen On Your Laptop Pc / Computer

    There are multiple ways to do a screenshot on your Windows PC. Here, were tackling the quickest and easiest ways to do it.

    The fastest method to do a screenshot is by pressing the print screen key on your laptop or computer keyboard. This takes a screenshot of the whole screen. The method will send an image to your clipboard, which you can then easily paste to your Word documents or PowerPoint presentations.

    Alternatively, pressing alt + Prt Scn will take a screenshot of your active window.

    Take note that other machines may have different shortcut keys strokes. In some cases, you may need to press Alt+Fn+Prt Scn.

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    Another method is by pressing the Windows key + Prt Scnkeys. In some laptops, the screen will briefly flash to indicate that it has taken screen shot. Here, a PNG image file will be saved in your Pictures folder under Screenshots, for later use.

    Capture A Screenshot Using The Snip & Sketch Tool

    How to take a screenshot on a PC or Laptop any Windows

    If you are running Windows 10 October 2018 Update or above, you can use the new Snip & Sketch tool. Compared to the Snipping Tool, it has some useful new features.

    To capture screenshots using Snip & Sketch:

  • Type Snip and Sketch in the Windows search bar, and open the app.
  • Click the New button. Your screen will dim for a moment, and a toolbar will appear on top. You can choose from the Rectangular,Free-form, Window, and Full-Screen Snip options.
  • For delayed snips, click the down-arrow button next to the New option and select Snip in 3 seconds or Snip in 10 seconds.
  • To customize the screenshot, you can use a highlighter, a ball pen with different colors, a roller for straight lines, or a cropping tool to reduce the image. If you mess up, use the eraser to scrub away your mistakes.
  • Press the Windows key + S to save the image.
  • Alternatively, you can also access the Snip & Sketch tool with Windows key + Shift + S to take quick screenshots and save them automatically. All the screenshots are saved in the This PC > Pictures folder.

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    How To Take A Screenshot On Hp Computer

    HP is one of the foremost well-known technology corporations in the world. You may have known about HP laptops, tablets, desktop computers, printers, etc. Nowadays people have spent more and more time using laptops and computers. But there are some of the functions like quick screenshot you may not familiar with. So, how to take a quick screenshot on HP computer? In this post, we will share you 4 quick ways to take screenshots on HP computers that are running Windows 10/8/7.

    Use The Shift + Command Shortcut To Take Screenshots On A Mac

    macOS comes with pre-defined shortcuts to capture an entire screen, custom area, and active window. It is useful for capturing quick screenshots without launching the Screenshot tool.

    To capture screenshots using shortcuts on a MacBook:

  • Press the Shift + Command + 3 keys on your keyboard to capture your entire screen. You will see a thumbnail in the corner of your screen. You can edit the screenshot or wait for it to save to your desktop.
  • Press Shift + Command + 4 to capture a portion of the screen. Drag the crosshair to select the area to capture.
  • Alternatively, press Shift + Command + 4 + Space bar. A camera icon will pop up. Select the window that you want to capture and then click the camera icon.
  • If you want to send the screenshots to your clipboard, use the Control key in combination. For example, to capture a custom area, press the Shift + Command + Control + 4, capture a screenshot and it will be saved to your clipboard.

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    How To Take Screenshot On Lenovo Laptop

    The Snipping Tool, which is available, can be used to take screenshots, as the Windows 10 and Windows 11 are widely used in Lenovo Laptop. Press Windows Key + Shift + S to use the Snipping Tool shortcut. The Snipping Tool can also take screenshots of a free-form area, a rectangular area, an open window, or the entire screen as to how the user wants the screenshot to be.

    Take A Screenshot With Print Screen

    2021 How to screenshot on dell Laptop, Desktop, and Tablet?

    The Print Screen key on your keyboard can take a screenshot. Depending on the keyboard shortcut you use, you can save the screenshot as a PNG image file or copy it to your clipboard so you can paste it into any application.

    The prtscn key is usually found between the F12 key and Scroll Lock key on the top row of your keyboard. It may be labeled something like PrtScn,PrntScrn, or Print Scr instead. On full-size keyboards, look above the Insert key.

    On laptop keyboards, the Print Screen key may be combined with another key, but it will be located in that general area of the keyboard. You may have to press your laptops Function or Fn key while using the shortcuts here.

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    How To Take A Screenshot On Your Pc Phone Or Tablet

    Taking a screenshot is an important skill for young people and parents to have. This article will show you how to Screenshot an image on your mobile phone, computer and tablet. Not only are screenshots useful for demonstrating computer programs and accessing online resources when you dont have an internet connection, but they are essential for recording evidence of cyberbullying.

    It must be acknowledged that screenshots can be used to instigate bullying, as they allow the taker of the screenshot to copy incriminating photos and messages. However, in order for a young person to be prepared to handle cyberbullying situations, it is crucial that he/she knows how to record evidence of cyberbullying through taking screenshots.

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    How To Paste Or Save A Screenshot

    The easiest way to save a screenshot is to first paste it in the Microsoft Paint application. This is simple to do in Paint because you don’t have to download itit’s included with Windows by default.

    You do have other options like to paste it in Microsoft Word, Photoshop, or any other program that supports images, but for the sake of simplicity, we’ll use Paint. The quickest way to open Paint in all versions of Windows is through the Run dialog box.

  • Press Win+R.

  • Type mspaint into the Run field, and select Enter.

  • With Microsoft Paint open, and the screenshot still saved in the clipboard, use Ctrl+V to paste it into Paint, or select Paste.

  • Press Ctrl+S, or select File> Save as to save the screenshot.

  • At this point, you may notice that the image you saved looks a bit off. If the image doesn’t take up the entire canvas in Paint, it will leave white space around it. To fix this, drag the bottom right corner of the canvas toward the top left of the screen until you reach the corners of your screenshot.

    More Options With The Snipping Tool

    How to Screenshot on Laptop or PC with Windows

    Using the PrtSc function is the most basic way to take a screenshot. However, there may be times when you want to do more than take a photo of your entire screen.

    Using the Snipping tool will allow you to take a screenshot of specific areas on your screen. This means that you dont have to edit and crop the image to remove unwanted parts.

    The Snipping Tool can also be used to take a screenshot of scrolling or moving screens to make GIFs.

    Fortunately, the convenient Snipping Tool is available on all Windows laptops and computers. Its called the Snip& Sketch on Windows 10.

    You can customize the Snipping tool in two ways: Mode and Delay.

    Adjusting Mode will allow you to adjust the scope of the screenshot

    • Full Screen: screenshots the entire screen
    • Window: screenshots a specific window
    • Rectangular: drag a cursor over the selected area
    • Freeform: draw a free-form shape around the selected area.

    Adjusting Delay will allow you to take a screenshot of another window by choosing between a time interval of 1 to 5 seconds.

    Here are the steps to using the Snipping tool:

  • Press the WinKey, then search for Snipping Tool in the search bar. For Windows 10 users, look for Snip& Sketch. Launch the program.
  • Adjust Mode and Delay according to your preferred settings.
  • Use the cursor to capture your screen
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    Take Screenshot In Lenovo Using Print Screen For Active Window

    If you have multiple windows open on your Lenovo laptop or computer and want to capture only the active windows, how can you do that? Dont worry there is a simple keyboard shortcut for taking only the active windows Screenshot. Below are the steps of how to do that.

  • Select the window you want to screenshot
  • Now press Alt + Print Screen Key
  • Open Paint or any other image editing software
  • Press Ctrl + V to paste the Screenshot
  • Press Ctrl + S to save the Screenshot
  • Take A Delayed Screenshot

    In some cases, taking a screenshot on a delay can help you capture a menu or other interface element that wont appear unless youre interacting with it. Snip & Sketch can take a screenshot on a three or ten-second delay.

    To find this option, you will need to open the Snip & Sketch application window directly. Click the Start button , search for Snip, and launch the Snip & Sketch application shortcut.

    To the right of the New button in the Snip & Sketch window, click the down arrow and select either Snip in 3 seconds or Snip in 10 seconds.

    Tip: If you click menu > Options in the Snip & Sketch window, you will find options to open Snip & Sketch when you press Print Screen, choose whether or not Snip & Sketch automatically copies screenshots to your clipboard, and add an outline around your snips .

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    Capture A Screenshot Of A Specific Window

    Windows 10 makes it possible to take a screenshot of a specific window on your PC, leaving the background out of the image.

    To do that, first, open the window that you want to capture.

    On your keyboard, press the Alt+Print Screen key combination. This takes your current windows screenshot and saves it to your clipboard.

    To view your screenshot, launch an image editor like Paint and press Ctrl+V in it. You will see your screenshot.

    And thats how you make screen captures on your Dell machine. Very useful!

    Tip : Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Screenshot The Entire Screen And An Active Window

    how to take a screenshot on PC

    If you want to take screenshots on your laptop and then use them in an app, the quickest way is using Windows keyboard shortcuts.

    If you want to take a screenshot of the entire screen, press the Print Screen or PrtSc key.

    The entire screen will be captured and automatically copied to the Windows clipboard. Then you can paste the screenshot into Paint, Word or any other apps.

    If you want to take a screenshot of an active window, press Alt+PrtScn.

    Select the window you want to capture, then press the Alt and PrtScn keys at the same time, and the picture will be taken and copied to the clipboard.

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    How To Screenshot Asus Laptop Using Minitool Video Converter

    How to bring up the MiniTool Screen Recorder:

  • Launch MiniTool Video Converter by clicking Start Now at the end of the installation process. Also, you can open it by double clicking on the software icon created on your laptop desktop.
  • Look at the top of the interface and youll find Video Convert is selected by default. Now, click on the Screen Record tab.
  • Click on the section and the small MiniTool Screen Recorder panel will pop up.
  • How to capture your ASUS laptop screen:

  • Choose from Full screen and Select region from the left side of the panel.
  • Adjust the System or Microphone Audio according to needs.
  • Click on the Settings icon at the top right to change the output folder, output format, etc.
  • Click on the red Record button located on the right side to start recording your screen.
  • By default, the ASUS laptop screen recording will be started in 3 seconds. And the prompt tells you that you should Press F6 to stop recording.
  • Press F6 whenever you want to end the recording. You can also press F9 to pause and resume during the recording process.
  • The video file will be displayed in the recorder.
  • How to view the video you record:

    • Right click on the video file -> select Preview.
    • Right click on the video file -> select Open folder -> double click on the video to play it.
    • Select the video -> click on the Open folder icon in the lower left corner -> double click on the video to play it.

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