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How To Screenshot On Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

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Surface Pro 3 How to take a SCREENSHOT

Taking a screenshot on your Surface laptop is not as complicated as you may think it is. There are tons of ways to do it, and none is necessarily better than the other. If you stumbled upon this article and have a different brand or type of device, hopefully, we have made your life simpler with this information. There are shortcuts, screenshot apps, and tons of other unique ways to get the job done efficiently, as well as the traditional methods of using your Windows Surface pen or type cover.

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New Surface Laptops Launched By Microsoft This Year

Despite the issue of screen crack on their 2019 Surface laptop, Microsoft continues to launch, supposedly, more advanced Surface laptops this year.

Today, Surface computers now have four distinct styles, according to XDA Developers. The first one is the Surface Pro– a tablet with an attachable keyboard and trackpad. Surface Go, which is basically the same as the Surface Pro, but it’s much smaller. It’s a small and portable tablet with the same attachable keyboard and an LTE option.

Lastly, the Surface Book is a laptop, but the display is detachable, and you can use it as a tablet. And of course, the controversial Surface Laptop.

The Surface Book 3 starts prices at $1,599 that will be first become available on May 21, while Surface Go 2 starts at $399 that will be made available on May 12.

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Taking A Screenshot With Windows Snipping Tool

In Windows, there is a built-in screenshot program called Snipping tool that has more controls and functionalities than above methods. To open this tool:

  • Open the Start menu and type Snipping Tool, or you can type into Cortana textbox directly.
  • You can also open this tool by opening Start menu and locate the SnippingTool under Windows Accessoriesfolder.

When you launched the tool, you can take a screenshot in 4 ways such as Full desktop, specific program windows, any size of rectangle shape, and any form you draw manually.

After you select an area you want to take a screenshot, it will display in a new window. You can draw or highlight on the screenshot before saving them. This tool allows you to save the screenshot as a JPEG, PNG, GIF, or HTML file as your desire.

Those are the four ways you can take a screenshot on your surface computer. What is your favorite choice? Or do you have any other ways? Share with us in the comment section below.

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How To Take A Screenshot On A Microsoft Surface

How to take a screenshot on any Surface Pro tablet in 2 ways

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Want to capture the funny face your friend is making on a Skype call or an interesting website on your Microsoft Surface? Taking a screenshot is easy and only takes a few seconds to do. This wikiHow article will teach you how to capture a screenshot on your Microsoft Surface with or without a keyboard attached.

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How To Screenshot On Windows 10 Surface Pro

To take a screenshot hold down your Power and Volume Up key at the same time. If you own a Microsoft Surface running Windows 10 you can press the Windows logo and volume down key to take a screenshot of your entire screen.

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Screenshot Apps For Any Device:

If you want a third party way to take screenshots on your PC, you can download a variety of apps. Here is a list of the best free ones:

1. Skitch

This app allows you to take the screenshot and then add in creative designs such as text or images.

2. Marker

This free app was created as a Google Chrome Extension. If you communicate for work in Slack, Trello, or other apps like this, Marker is the app for you. This tool allows you to save your screenshots, after annotating them, to these apps.

3. TinyGrab

This app helps with social media sharing. It allows you to upload screenshots to social sites, easily. This is also an excellent app for smartphones, as well as PCs!

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Screenshot On Surface Laptop 2 With Snip & Sketch Tool

In recent Windows 10 Updates, Microsoft has introduced a new modern tool called Snip & Sketch that allows you to quickly annotate screenshots, photos and other images with your pen, touch, or mouse and save, paste or share with other apps. To take a screenshot with this tool:

  • Open the Start menu and type Snip & Sketch, or you can type into Cortana textbox directly. You can also open this tool by opening the Start menu and locate the Snip & Sketch app.
  • When the tool launched, click New, and click Snip now.
  • Select an area you want to capture.
  • The captured image will appear in a new Snip & Sketch window. At this point, you can annotate, draw, or highlight whatever you want on the screenshot.
  • Click Save icon to save the screenshot to a file. Or click Copy icon to copy the screenshot to Windows clipboard so you can paste it elsewhere.
  • Take A Screenshot On The Surface Pro 7 Using Snip & Sketch

    All Surface Pros: How to Take a Screenshot (Print Screen, Screen Capture)

    If you dont have a Surface Pen, or any Bluetooth active pen, you can still use the Snip & Sketch tool mentioned above using the touchscreen. Heres how to take a screenshot using Snip & Sketch on the Surface Pro 7 and other PCs:

    • Open the Snip & Sketch app from your Start menu.
    • In the top-left corner of the app window, click or tap New to take a screenshot immediately .
    • You can also click the arrow next to the icon to take a snip with a three or ten second delay. This is important if you want to capture things like menus.
  • Choose the area you want to capture.
  • You can now draw or crop the image in Snip & Sketch and save the screenshot.
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    How To View Screenshots On Surface Pro

    To access your screenshots on your Surface Pro, follow these steps:

  • In the Windows search bar, type This PC.
  • Select the This PC application.
  • Under the Folders tab, select the Pictures folder.
  • Select the Screenshots folder.
  • All of your saved screenshots are automatically sent to this folder, and can be accessed at any time.

    Use Snipping Tool To Capture Screen Pictures

    Step 1: Swipe in from the right screen of Surface, tap on“Search”.

    Step 2: On the search box type in: snipping tool. And then tap on the “Snipping Tool” to run it.

    Step 3: Tap on the triangle next to“New”button, and select a snip type .

    Step 4: Tap on the “New”button to snip screens.

    Step 5: And then save the screenshots to the folder you want.

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    Take Screenshots & Screencasts On Microsoft Surface Laptop

    The best way to screenshot on a Microsoft Surface laptop & tablet is by using a screen recording software, which can not only take screenshots on your Surface without a keyboard, but also take screen videos if needed.

    is a powerful screen capture software program that supports Surface Laptop, Surface Pro, Surface Book, etc.

    Main Features

    • Take a screenshot and annotate screenshots with circle, rectangle, line, arrow, and text.
    • Manually configure the keyboard shortcut to take screenshots on Surface.
    • Record screen videos with audio, microphone, webcam.
    • Freely select area on the Surface screen to take screenshot or screencast.

    Take a screenshot on Surface without Keyboard

    Launch FonePaw Screen Recorder. Tap Screen Capture to select an area to take a screenshot. The annotation toolbar below enables you to annotate the screen image if needed.

    Take a screenshot on Surface with Keyboard

    With FonePaw Screen Recorder running, press the keyboard shortcut you set up in Preference to activate screenshot on the Surface laptop.

    In The Details It All Comes Together

    طرÙÙØ© أخذ ÙÙطة شاشة عÙ٠أجÙزة Microsoft Surface

    Nearly every part of the Surface Laptop 3, from the display to the touchpad, feels well-planned and well-executed. With a native resolution of 2,496 by 1,664 pixels, the display isn’t 4K, but it has a higher-than-full-HD resolution. It nearly matches the resolution known as quad HD, which is 2,560 by 1,440 pixels on a 16:9 screen.

    And it’s a good screen. Text is crisp, and colors are vivid, as you’d expect from a $1,700 laptop, but my favorite part about the screen is that animations and other motions appear silky smooth and without jerkiness. Much of the smooth effect comes from the custom-tuned AMD Radeon Vega 9 graphics chip, which uses FreeSync refresh-rate synchronization to vary how frequently the screen is refreshed based on what types of content it’s currently displaying. On-the-fly refresh rate adjustment is relatively rare on mainstream laptops, though the technology is widely available on gaming-focused monitors and laptops.

    The Surface Laptop 3’s display also supports HDR content, as well as 10-point touch input from either your fingers or the optional Microsoft Surface Pen. I found its 400-nit maximum brightness level to be more than adequate in a fluorescent-lit office with large windows, though you should expect significant glare from the glossy screen finish.

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    Faqs About How To Take A Screenshot On Surface Pro

    1. What are the Differences for Screenshot on Surface Pro and PC?

    When you need to screenshot on a Surface Pro, what is the difference from the same process on a PC? If you do not use a mouse or keyboard with Surface Pro, you should choose a snipping tool that supports touch bar or the default ones of your Microsoft Surface Pro.

    2. How to Screenshot on Surface Pro 3 or Earlier?

    Press and hold the Windows logo button on the tablet and the Volume Down button at the same time. When the screen flashes and your screenshot will be captured. It is saved in the Screenshots subfolder in Pictures on your tablet automatically.

    3. Is There A Default Snipping Tool to Screenshot on Surface Pro?

    Besides the above methods, you can also locate the same snipping tools as Windows PC to screenshot on Surface Pro, such as the Windows Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch Tool.

    If you have to take a screenshot on a Surface Pro, you can learn more details about the 5 best methods from the article. In order to add annotation, edit the screenshot or manage the screenshot, Apeaksoft Screen Recorder is the desired solution you can take into consideration.

    Take Screenshots Of Surface Desktop

    While you can always use Snipping Tool or install some third-party free screen capture software on Surface Pro, if you use a keyboard and you need to take out a screenshot of your Surface desktop natively, do the following:

    1] Press the Fn + Windows + Space key.

    Do this, and you will find that the screen may dim a bit for a second or two, and then the screenshot of your desktop will be taken and saved in your Pictures\Screenshots User folder.

    2] You can also double-click the top button on your Surface Pen, select the area you want to capture and lift the pen when this is done. The image gets captured to OneNote.

    3] There is another way! Hold down the Windows flag button on your Surface device and then press the Volume Down button which is present on the side of the Surface device. The screen will momentarily darken, and your screenshot will be taken.

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    Take A Screenshot On Surface In Snipping Tool

    Apart from the above solutions to take screenshots on Surface, another built-in tool in Windows you should not miss is Snipping Tool.

    Snipping Tool is the simple screenshot tool, which can let you capture the Surface screen in 4 modes.

    Go to search on Surface and type Snipping Tool for searching.

    Open Snipping Tool, and select the screenshot mode from the drop-down options of Mode .

    Then it will take a screenshot immediately. You can use the editing features like pen, highlighter, eraser, etc.

    After that, click File and select Save Snip to save the screenshot as PNG, GIF, JPG or HTML.

    Every screenshot you made you need to launch this software again.

    How To Take Screenshot On Surface Devices Running Windows 10

    How to take screenshots in Windows 10, and on Surface (Works with 8)

    How to Take Screenshot on Surface Devices Running Windows 10

    Method 1: Using Windows Logo

    The fastest way to take a screenshot on your Surface device is to press and hold the Windows logo on the front of the device and then press the volume-down button. Thats it. The screenshot will be saved to the Screenshots folder of your Pictures library under This PC.

    Since the Windows logo does not appear on Surface 4 and Surface Book, you can press and hold the power button and push the volume-down button to take a screenshot on these devices. This method works on Surface Book regardless of a keyboard is attached or not.

    Method 2: Using Windows and PrtScn Key

    If your Surface typecover has a PrtScn key on it, you can take a screenshot by holding down the Windows key on your keyboard and pressing PrtScn key. The screenshot will be saved to the Screenshots folder of your Pictures library under This PC.

    Method 3: Using PrtScn Key

    You can simply press PrtScn key itself. The screen captured using PrtScn key will be saved in the Screenshots folder of your Pictures library on OneDrive as shown below.

    Method 4: Taking Screenshot of Active Window

    You can also take a screenshot of just the active windows on your screen. Hold down the Alt key and press PrtScn. The captured image will be saved in the same OneDrive location as described above.

    Method 5: Taking Screenshot Using Surface Pen

    Method 6: Using Sniping Tool

    Until we meet next.

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    Taking A Surface Pro Screenshot Using The Surface Pen

    To take a screenshot using the Surface Pen, simply Double Click the eraser, and your device should bring up Snip and Sketch of your entire window. From here, you can sketch and export your screenshot.

    You can also access this by searching for Windows Ink Workspace on your dock. From here, select Full-Screen Snip. You can alter what your Surface Pen’s button shortcuts do by searching for Windows Ink Workspace Settings and scrolling down to Windows Ink Workspace.

    How To Screenshot On A Surface Laptop With The Print Screen Button

    Here’s the quickest way to take screenshots on a Surface Laptop, though not the most flexible.

  • Press the Print Screenkey, abbreviated as PrtScn, to take a screenshot on any Surface laptop immediately. The screenshot is copied to the Windows Clipboard.

    The Print Screen key won’t work if the Function key is active. The Function key has a small indicator light to show it’s active. It shouldn’t be lit. If it is, press the Function key to toggle it off.

  • Once copied to the Clipboard, you can paste the screenshot to any image editing app, document, or social media site. Place the mouse cursor where you’d like to paste the screenshot and press Ctrl+V on the laptop’s keyboard.

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    Xda Basics: How To Take Screenshots On The Surface Pro 7

    Taking a screenshot is something many of us do often, especially on our phones. On PCs, there have long been ways to capture a still image of your screen, but they usually require a keyboard. The Surface Pro lineup helped popularize Windows tablets and 2-in-1s, but because of that, there also had to be a way to take screenshots without a keyboard.

    In this guide, well show you all the ways you can take a screenshot on the Surface Pro 7, which also applies to most modern Surface tablets. In fact, many of these work on any Windows PC. Since Windows lets you use multiple apps at the same time, you can take screenshots of only a specific app. Well cover ways to take screenshots of both the entire screen or a specific app or region.

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