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How To Secure Your Laptop

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Prevent Damage By Adding A Cover

10 Tips to Secure your Computer from Hackers and Viruses | Working From Home Tips

Last, but not least, you can add a cover to reduce the risk of your laptop being damaged if it falls or is bumped. I personally use a cover, shown in the photo above, to prevent scratches and to customize the look of my laptop. After testing, I find that this brand is better than the GelaSkins one I used previously.

Note: I dont use a hard case, as I always carry my laptop in a backpack that has a built-in pouch. If this is not your situation, then a hard case might be more suited for you.

Have Your Wits About You

It should go without saying, being suspicious is one of the best things you can do to keep your computer secure. Admittedly, with hacker techniques becoming increasingly sophisticated, it can be difficult to tell when youre under attack. All it takes is one email open or link click and your computer could be compromised.

Make sure you have your wits about you and think twice about opening or clicking on anything that doesnt look legit. Dont rely on spam filters to always catch sketchy emails. Criminals are constantly trying to outsmart these settings and now and again theyll get through.

Pay Attention To Your Downloaded Files

You may like to download some files like music files, movies, documents, etc. to your computer and use them. This activity includes some potential risks. If you download files from an unsafe site, the download files can be infected with a virus.

So, just pay attention to the files you want to download. Youd better download files from a legal site or source. If Windows or your third-party security tool gives you a warning, you should manually check whether the files are safe. If you are not sure, youd better look for another safe source.

If you suspect that your downloaded files are infected by viruses, you can use professional anti-virus software to scan your drive for viruses and malware, and then remove them from your computer.

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How To Protect Your Laptop

A laptops portability makes it convenientand an easy target for thieves.

Losing your laptop can be devastating, especially if you keep important documents and files on its hard drive, without a backup. Here are five ways to protect your laptop from being stolen , as well as to safeguard the data you store on it.

Keep Windows 10 Updated Automatically

How to protect your Computer from Viruses and Malware ...

“Keep Windows 10 updated automatically,” Joe Morley, a future workplace consultant at SoftwareONE, says, “Windows 10 is delivered âas-a-serviceâ so it updates continually.” This may be a controversial suggestion to some, given the warnings that have flowed regarding the Windows Update Assistant and Windows updates borking things including Windows Defenderon occasion. Yet I agree with Morley your computer is far more secure with Windows updates applied than without them. Businesses should “deploy upgrades in test environments initially to ensure safety,” David Higgins, technical director at CyberArk, says, “because it allows security teams to check and verify that patches are safe to roll out to the entire business.” For everyone else, though, instant access to security fixes is the trump card of automatic updating.

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How To Secure Your Computer From Hackers

Despite the prevalence of computer hackers, most businesses rely on the internet to track their financials, order and maintain inventory, conduct marketing and PR campaigns, connect with customers, engage in social media, and perform other critical operations. Yet we continue to hear about massive computer breaches, even at giant corporations with robust security measures in place.

Small businesses are often targeted as well, especially because they may underestimate the risk of cybercrime and may not have the resources to employ expensive cybersecurity solutions. Follow these tips to protect your devices and safeguard your sensitive data:

Use Different Strong Passwords For Different Services

As we’re lately seeing, many major companies are suffering from security breaches that affect their customers. These security breaches often release passwords related to usernames and email addresses, and anyone with this information can essentially access the other services you signed up for with the same credentials. That is unless you use a different password.

Passwords need to be strong and contain capital letters, numbers, and other symbols in no particular order. A different, strong password for each service makes them difficult to remember, so we recommend using a password manager.

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Dispose Of Old It Equipment And Records Securely

Before you get rid of them, make sure no personal data is left on personal computers, laptops, smartphones or any other devices. You could consider using deletion software, or hire a specialist to wipe the data. This will ensure no one can access information theyre not supposed to see when you dispose of the equipment.

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Backup Your New Laptop

How to Secure Your Computer

Initially, it is suggested to create a clean image of your new laptop, but it is not always enough. You must continue creating backups of your computer in its last known good configuration. Set a backup schedule and store the backups on your local drive, an external drive, or a cloud backup to ensure that you have them in a safe place in case you need to restore the system. Backing up your data is essential in guaranteeing that you will never lose what is important to you.

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Improve Your Laptops Physical Security

This one sounds obvious, but physical security for laptops involves keeping a close eye on your device. Its easy for others to steal it from your hotel room, at an airport, from your car, or in plain sight at a café or library. Never leave your company laptop unattended in public, nor in locations that arent totally secure.

In places like coffee shops and co-working spaces, securing your laptop to a table with a lockable cable can greatly reduce the risk of theft. Location-tracking software could prove a lifesaver if you ever lose your laptop, but make sure youre sharing your location with a trustworthy provider: the best laptop tracking software will have been vetted by reputable sources.

This isnt strictly a security issue, but youll want to protect your laptop from physical damage. Adding a cover to your laptop can help you avoid any of the fatal bumps or accidents that can cause data loss.

  • Secure your laptop in public with a lockable cable.
  • Use a cover for extra physical protection.
  • Install location-tracking softwarebut only from reputable providers.


  • Leave laptops unlocked and unattended.
  • Use untested location-tracking software.

Stay Private When In Public

While the global data privacy landscape is constantly under construction, there are a few things you can do to increase your online privacy regardless of jurisdiction.

Privacy screens that restrict viewing angles are handy to have if youre working in public. As unlikely as it may seem, shoulder-surfing attacks do happen, so privacy screens are worth it to block any unwanted glances at your screenespecially if youre dealing with sensitive corporate data.

If your laptop has a webcam, get a physical cover for it. Hackers can weaponize your webcam and use it to spy on you via remote administration tools. While the LED light next to your camera should always be on when the camera is, attackers can disable the LED on Windows and MacOS. Even the best laptop protection software cant create a physical barrier: a physical cover is the only surefire protection, removing it only when using the camera.

A VPN adds another layer of internet security for laptops. Using a VPN conceals your identity on public networks and prevents your internet provider from tracking your browsing history. VPNs encrypt the traffic between you and the server, meaning others on the network cant identify you or see your activity. However, as VPN providers can track your activity, look for one with a proven no log policy.

  • Invest in laptop privacy equipment, like webcam covers and special screens.
  • Use a VPN to keep your laptop secure on public networks.


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Use Unique Passwords For Every Login

One of the easiest ways hackers steal information is by getting a batch of username and password combinations from one source and trying those same combinations elsewhere. For example, let’s say hackers got your username and password by hacking an email provider. They might try to log into banking sites or major online stores using the same username and password combination. The single best way to prevent one data breach from having a domino effect is to use a strong, unique password for every single online account you have.

Creating a unique and strong password for every account is not a job for a human. That why you use a password manager. Several very good password managers are free, and it takes little time to start using one. For-pay password managers generally offer more features, however.

When you use a password manager, the only password you need to remember is the master password that locks the password manager itself. When unlocked, the password manager logs you into your online accounts automatically. That not only helps keep you safer, but also increases your efficiency and productivity. You no longer spend time typing your logins or dealing with the time-consuming frustration of resetting a forgotten password.

How To Secure Your Laptop From Theft

Software Solutions to Keep Your Computer Safe and Secure ...

Protect your laptop from theft with these products, services, and strategies. For more information on laptop security, read Be a PC Crime Fighter: Keep Your Hardware Safe

Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read ouraffiliate link policyfor more details.


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Only Download Files From Trusted Sources

Just because SmartScreen doesn’t pick up a website or file as malicious that doesn’t mean there isn’t a risk. If you’re, say, attempting to download some sort of file from a website with a long URL with plenty of consonants in a row , you might be putting yourself at risk.

As a rule of thumb, always try to download files from trusted websites.

Data Protection Following A Data Breach

93. Immediately change your passwords following a data breach.

If a company through which you have an account has suffered a data breach, immediately change your password. An article on discusses the JPMorgan Chase data breach, offering tips for consumers to take steps to protect their data after a breach. “We still recommend online and mobile banking, because it allows you to watch your account in real time from almost anywhere. Yes, it’s now clear that Internet banking is not impervious to hacking, but ‘the convenience you get from banking digitally greatly supercedes any security risk,’ said Al Pascual, head of fraud and security research at Javelin Strategy and Research, a California-based financial services industry consulting firm. As part of your monitoring, watch out for changes to your debit card PIN.” Twitter:

94. Verify that a breach has, in fact, occurred.

95. Request a new card, if applicable.

96. Consider a credit freeze.

97. Take advantage of free credit monitoring.

If a major corporation suffers a data breach and your account information has been compromised, the company may offer affected consumers with free credit monitoring services. “If your personal information is hacked, the company that was victimized will probably offer you credit monitoring. If it does, go ahead and take it,” says Bob Sullivan in an article on CNBC. Twitter:

98. Don’t ignore reports from friends about mysterious emails coming from your accounts.

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Use Passcodes Even When They Are Optional

Apply a passcode lock wherever available, even if it’s optional. Think of all the personal data and connections on your smartphone. Going without a passcode lock is unthinkable.

Many smartphones offer a four-digit PIN by default. Don’t settle for that. Use biometric authentication when available, and set a strong passcode, not a stupid four-digit PIN. Remember, even when you use Touch ID or equivalent, you can still authenticate with the passcode, so it needs to be strong.

Modern iOS devices offer a six-digit option ignore it. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and select Change Passcode . Enter your old passcode, if needed. On the screen to enter the new code, choose Custom Alphanumeric Code. Enter a strong password, then record it as a secure note in your password manager.

Different Android devices offer different paths to setting a strong passcode. Find the Screen Lock settings on your device, enter your old PIN, and choose Password . As with the iOS device, add a strong password and record it as a secure note.

Keep Your System And Software Up To Date

Laptop Security – How To Keep Your Laptop Safe!

The best way to keep your laptop malware-free is to not download random things and to keep your software up to date. Modern browsers such as Chrome and Firefox have auto-update enabled by default, but you still need to restart them from time to time. Make sure to turn on auto-update for your operating system and apps to benefits from the latest security patches (here is how to do it for macOS, Windows 10 by default do it.

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Protect Yourself From Scams

When you read email, use social media, or browse the web, you should be wary of scams that try to steal your personal information , your money, or both. Many of these scams are known as “phishing scams” because they “fish” for your information. Find out how to protect yourself from phishing scams and avoid tech support scams.

Dont Visit Suspect Websites

Not all websites are safe. Your web browser may remind you that the website you want to enter is not safe or the website will attempt to install or run a program on your computer. In a situation like this, you should not access that website.

However, your web browser cant notify you all the time. You can make a judgment by yourself.

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Back Up All Data Before You Travel

The average cost to a company from a lost laptop is $49,246. While the device itself isnt likely to be worth that much, the bulk of the cost comes from loss of the data on the computer and whether any of that represents a serious data breach.

Make sure all data on your laptop is backed up and easily recoverable should your laptop become lost, stolen, or damaged.

Allow An App Through Controlled Folder Access

10 steps you can take to secure a laptop

If youre having problems using an app and want to add it to the allowed list of apps, go back to the Ransomware protection page and select Allow an app through Controlled folder access.

After clicking on the Add an allowed app button, you can click Recently blocked apps to see a list of the apps that have recently tried to write to your protected folders.

You then click on the plus button next to its name to unblock it.

While you should only have to do this process once per app, it can be frustrating. You can turn off Ransomware Protection at any time, but if you believe that youre at high risk for infection and dont have backups, you should think carefully before doing so.

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Protect Your Network With A Firewall

A firewall monitors the traffic coming in and out of your network, blocking incoming traffic from suspicious locations. This keeps malicious files and hackers from invading your computer through your internet connection. Windowss built-in firewall is pretty good, which you can access through the control panel.

While Windows Defenders firewall is pretty good, its not nearly as powerful as most third-party options.

McAfeeand Nortonboth include advanced threat detection in their firewalls, which allows them to determine new threats more effectively than Windows Firewall. These internet security tools also provide network health options to help you analyze the security of every device on your network.

Encrypt Your Hard Drive

Protecting your laptop with a password is not enough to prevent an attacker from accessing your files. If your laptop is stolen or the attacker has a lot of time, he can remove the hard drive and read the files directly. To prevent this and to protect your data from physical attacks, encrypt your laptops hard drive. Here is how to do this on a macOS and a Windows PC.

If you want to go even further, consider adding a second factor to your disk encryption. Its not something I personally do, but a few friends have had success with it on Linux.

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It Seems Your Pc Is Locked Out Due To Security Reasons Fake Cortana Alert

It seems your PC is locked out due to security reasons Fake Cortana Alert is another online scam that tries to sell fake PC tec support service. It is not easy to find out the true nature of It seems your PC is locked out due to security reasons Fake Cortana Alert for it could disguise itself as a system assistant and it turns up into appearance to let you know that your computer suffers severe issues. Tricky as it is, it will put the users in panic and then do scams on the users. In this way, it could get high profits and none programs could stop it. We always call this item as a browser hijacker and you should not keep it here any longer.

First of all, It seems your PC is locked out due to security reasons Fake Cortana Alert will take advantage of all opportunities on the computer to execute harmful activities, like bringing in virus. And then, it will suspend the system operation and give you a report about the system error. It will analyze that the reason to these problems should blame for the existing virus. So you should take it for granted when you suffer all these problems.

Therefore, it is the right time for you to remove It seems your PC is locked out due to security reasons Fake Cortana Alert from your computer before the catastrophe happens. And we provide a direction here for your reference.

How to Remove It seems your PC is locked out due to security reasons Fake Cortana Alert?

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