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How To Speed Up My Internet On My Laptop

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Use Readyboost To Increase Your Memory

How to Increase Internet Speed in Windows PC/Laptop

ReadyBoost is a clever little feature that was introduced by Microsoft as part of Windows Vista. It essentially allows you to boost your system memory by using a flash drive as additional capacity.

Although its not as effective as swapping a traditional hard drive for a solid-state one or adding more RAM, ReadyBoost will give a little uptick to the performance of your system, particularly if youre using a low-powered laptop with only a couple of gigabytes of RAM. It puts aside a part of the flash drive memory for things such as caching, assisting often-used apps to open quicker, and increasing random read access speeds of the hard disk.

To use ReadyBoost, first insert a USB memory drive into an empty USB slot on the laptop you wish to speed up. A dialogue box will open asking you what you want to do with the flash drive. Choose Speed up my system using Windows ReadyBoost’. Another window will open and here you can select how much of the drive you wish to give over for boosting. Its generally a good idea to use as much of the drive as possible.

Once thats done, confirm the settings and the window will close. The drive will be automatically detected and used whenever its plugged in.

One last note: if your machine is fast enough already, Windows will prevent you from using ReadyBoost, as your system wont be able to see any benefit from it.

How To Speed Up A Slow Windows Computer For Free

This article was co-authored by Luigi Oppido. Luigi Oppido is the Owner and Operator of Pleasure Point Computers in Santa Cruz, California. Luigi has over 25 years of experience in general computer repair, data recovery, virus removal, and upgrades. He is also the host of the Computer Man Show! broadcasted on KSQD covering central California for over two years.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article received 18 testimonials and 88% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 2,798,036 times.

As your computer ages, it accumulates fragments of temporary files and the hard drive becomes encumbered as a result; after enough time has passed, you will notice a significant difference in your computer’s processing speed. While you can’t completely negate computer slow-down as it pertains to age, you can do a few things to speed up your computer’s processing speed and startup time.

Remove Web Results From Windows 10 Search

Search indexing in Windows 10 has come a long way from its origins in previous Windows versions. What this feature does is create an index of files and folders throughout your system, along with their metadata, to find them more efficiently when you try and look them up using the operating systems built-in search function. In recent years, the way Windows handles search indexing has been radically improved, but it can still be worth optimising if you want to make your system more efficient.;

First, you can disable the web results that appear in Windows 10s search menu, because let’s face it, youll almost certainly use a web browser for searching. Simply hit the Windows key, type gpedit.msc and hit enter to bring up the Group Policy Editor. With this open, click on Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Search.

Find the policies labelled ‘Do not allow web search’, ‘Don’t search the web or display web results in Search’ and ‘Don’t search the web or display web results in Search over metered connections’, then double-click to edit them and set preference for each one to enabled. Youll need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect, but once they do, you should stop seeing web results and suggestions in your system search bar.

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Windows Vista And Windows Server 2008

Close running programs in the notification area

If your device takes a long time to start up, one of the causes could be having a large number of startup apps or a few apps that have a high impact on startup time.Some of these programs add an icon to the notification area on the taskbar to show that they are running with startup.To prevent a program in the notification area from running on startup, open the program and find program options. Find a setting that resembles Run at startup and then set the option to;Off;or;No.

Use Software Explorer in Windows Defender

To stop a program from running automatically at startup, follow these instructions:

  • Click Start.

  • Click;All Programs.

  • Click;Windows Defender.Note: If you are notified that this program is turned off, please follow the pop-up window to turn it on.

  • Click the Tools button and then click;Software Explorer.

  • In the;Category;box, click;Startup Programs.

  • Select the program that you want to prevent from running and click;Disable.

  • Click;Yes;to confirm that you want to stop that program from running.

  • Repeat steps 4 and 5 for every program that you want to stop from running.

  • Use System Configuration

  • Press; +R;on the keyboard to access the;Run dialog;box.

  • Type msconfig.exe in the Open box and click;OK.Note: If prompted, type an administrator password or confirmation.

  • In System Configuration, click the;Startup;tab.Note:;Do not click;Disable All. This could make Windows run without some programs that you may need.

  • Click Start.

  • Why Do Computers Slow Down Over Time

    Download Speed: 13 Ways to Increase Your Internet Speed ...

    Computer slowdown can be caused by many different factors, including:

    • Old and outdated hardware.
    • Software issues.
    • Viruses or system malware.

    After years of constant use, computer components can wear down, resulting in slower performance. This is totally normal, though it can be a bit annoying. While you may be tempted to upgrade to a new device, there are a few things you can do to help speed up old systems.

    Also, the more software you install, the more files you store, and the more you use your computers processors, the harder your machine has to work. Some software may be unnecessarily slowing your system by running in the background and therefore slowly draining you processing power and battery life.

    Computer slowdowns can also be a result of viruses and malware. PC viruses and malware such as ransomware, spyware, and keyloggers can get onto computers pretty easily if you dont have proper internet security protections in place. Once malware is on a users system, its sometimes hard to know its there, and getting rid of it can be a nightmare if you dont have a reliable antivirus;installed.

    So lets go through 20 quick and easy ways to speed up and clean your computer.

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    Disable Programs That Run On Startup

    One reason your Windows 10 PC may feel sluggish is that youve got too many programs running in the background programs that you rarely or never use. Stop them from running, and your PC will run more smoothly.

    Start by launching the Task Manager: Press Ctrl-Shift-Esc, right-click the lower-right corner of your screen and select Task Manager, or type task manager into the Windows 10 search box and press Enter. If the Task Manager launches as a compact app with no tabs, click;More details at the bottom of your screen. The Task Manager will then appear in all of its full-tabbed glory. There’s plenty you can do with it, but we’re going to focus only on killing unnecessary programs that run at startup.

    To stop a program or service from launching at startup, right-click it and select Disable. This doesn’t disable the program entirely; it only prevents it from launching at startup you can always run the application after launch. Also, if you later decide you want it to launch at startup, you can just return to this area of the Task Manager, right-click the application and select Enable.


    You can use the Task Manager to help get information about programs that launch at startup and disable any you don’t need.;

    Many of the programs and services that run on startup may be familiar to you, like OneDrive or Evernote Clipper. But you may not recognize many of them.

    Turn Off Data Hogging Apps

    There are some apps that constantly use the Internet to download files, upload, and sync them. This can shift the bandwidth away from what you actually want to do. In order to wrest back control of your Internet consumption, it is time to disable or close these apps for good, especially if youre looking to download big files.

    Open up Settings and click on;Network &Internet as shown before. Then, from the sidebar on the left, choose Data usage, and click on;View usage per app.

    Your apps will be listed in descending order of their data usage.

    Find the ones that you think are hogging a lot of data and well, let them go.

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    How To Speed Up My Wifi Connection

    A lot of people ask us one common question, How do I speed up my wifi connection. There are a lot of factors involved when it comes to your internet connection. But there are a few steps you can take to ensure better, stronger Wi-Fi throughout your house, many of which wont cost you a dime., and you could see improvements in just a few minutes. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to speed up your wifi connection with few simple tweaks.

    Gaming Pc: Using A Registry Cleaner

    How To Speed Up Any Internet Connection On Windows 10 PC (really easy)

    A registry cleaner works by scanning every registry file on your Gaming PC. And then fixing any of the damaged or corrupt files that are in there. This means that if youre looking to use a registry cleaner. You need to download one from a trusted website, and then install it onto your PC. After doing that, it will scan your PC for any damaged files, allowing it to repair them.

    Although a registry cleaner will speed up Windows, it will also cause more damage if you use the wrong tool. Many people use the defaults tools which are the least effective. As they are designed to delete any files that Windows requires. This can cause your computer to run slower as it cannot read the files that it requires, making it run slower and with errors. To fix this, you need to use a tool called a registry cleaner which is designed to scan through your PC and fix any of the damaged or corrupted files that are inside it.

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    Trick : Configure The Local Group Policy Editor

    Even if you dont know, Windows 10 reserves 20% of Internet bandwidth for its own use, leaving only 80% in the hands of the user. Another method to accelerate the Internet is, therefore, to change this option and thus increase the percentage of Internet that you can use. To do this simply follow these steps.

    First of all, press the Windows key + R to open the Run window and, once done, type gpedit.msc and press enter. This will open the Windows 10 local group policy editor window.

    Next, click on the Computer configuration option that appears in the left side menu of the screen and double click on the Administrative templates option.

    After that, double click on the Network option followed by QoS Package Scheduler.

    To finish, double click on Limit reserve bandwidth.

    If you have followed all the steps, you will arrive at a new window where you must select the option Enabled from the left side menu and enter 0% in the bandwidth limit of the options. After that press the Accept button so you have access to the total Internet bandwidth.

    First: Check Your Speed

    Before doing anything to alleviate a potential internet speed problem, youll need to know two things:

    • How much speed youre supposed to be getting from your ISP
    • How much speed youre actually getting

    Prior to running a speed test, we advise that you check your ISP service account to see what kind of speed youre paying for. For example, I currently receive internet access through Comcast. For $89.95/month, Im supposed to be getting up to 100 Mbps. Comcast doesnt spell out exactly how much speed Im getting anywhere on my account, however. It merely states the service package Im using. I only know my exact speed because I recently changed the terms of my account, however, I could use the service package name to look that information up on their website as well.

    You may need to do some legwork to research what your service package offers if your ISP doesnt have the speed maximums and minimums listed on your account. A quick method may be to contact the company either by phone or live online chat to figure out what your bitrate is supposed to be.

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    04 Wireless Mouse Keyboards Speakers And Printers

    Wireless Mouse, Wireless Speakers, Wireless Keyboards, Wireless Headphones and more can interfere with your wifi signals, if possible, use a wired mouse and keyboards. I experienced this when I purchased a new computer with both wireless mouse and keyboard, initially I thought it was weak batteries or product defect. The problem goes away when I research the channel frequency my Logitech devices use and change the channel for my router, thus avoiding any conflict due to proximity. Yes, I am aware that those are powered by Bluetooth, but the extra noise generated by so many devices on the same channel causes a slow response from the device and high latency.

    How To Fix A Slow Running Computer

    Very Slow Internet Upload speed on Dell Laptop

    When your sytem begins to slow down, and unresponsiveness and long load times become the norm, whats the best way to speed up a computer? Fixing computer lag problems can seem like a daunting proposition, but its not. Our guide will show you how to fix a slow PC, with steps that can be done in minutes and instantly deliver lasting results.

    We focus on Windows desktops in this article, but there are also ways of speeding up a Mac and laptop too.

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    Learn More About Broadband

    Broadband internet access is actually 10 times faster having 512kb/s speed than the dial-up internet access. Thus most of the users, rather to say the entire system have been shifted from the previous low speed dial-up configuration to the latest broadband technology.

    Now in order to boost up your internet speed, you first need to know the exact speed of your internet at the current moment, or else it would be difficult to decide how far you should get to resolve your issue.;For such tasks, various online services are available on the internet, for instance websites like

    NOTE: The resource or the platforms used for testing the internet speed may show different results on different platforms, for every resource use different servers, and every server is connected to different number of users. The variation in the traffic level determines the internet speed execution in the resource you have chosen.

    Best Practices To Increase Your Wi

    Its not that only little hacks work while talking about getting faster internet speed. One should follow these best practices;to get a better and faster internet speed:

    • Check and update your routers firmware.
    • Password protect your internet router.
    • Disconnect old devices.
    • Check for the signal interference from devices like cordless phones, microwaves, baby monitors, etc.

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    Add An Extension To Manage Your Cache

    Your browser cache stores copies of website content to make it easier to reload sites. As internet users learn, when a cache gets too full it can slow down online performance . Clearing your cache manually can be a pain, which is why it tends to build up over time. We suggest an easier path: that will help you customize your clearing actions and immediately clear with a simple button on your browser taskbar.

    Trick : Disable Automatic Updates Of Windows 10

    How To Speed Up Your Internet Speed On Any Windows PC

    The first trick that we are going to show you in order to accelerate the Internet on your computer is to deactivate the automatic Windows 10 updates. As you may know, Windows is updated very often with new features, bug fixes as well as patches to solve security holes in your OS. By default, Windows will periodically check for these updates and them on your computer without the need for you to do anything.

    Although this option is really comfortable, you have to keep in mind that it consumes a large part of your equipment bandwidth or when searching and downloading large files in the background. In addition, keep in mind that with the arrival of Windows 10, much of the updates are not only made between your computer and the Microsoft server, but also between the rest of the users PCs through the P2P system . That is why without prior notice, your team can start sharing an update downloaded on your device with other users, thereby .

    To disable automatic updates of Windows 10 first access the configuration menu of your computer. To do this, press the Start key and then click on the gear icon. Alternatively, you can get to this menu by pressing the Windows key + I.

    Once in this menu, click on the Update and Security option and click on Windows Update, you will find this option in the left side menu of the screen. After that, click on Advanced Options to be able to change the configuration with which the updates reach your device.

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    Limit How Much Bandwidth Youre Using

    Your Internet connection provides you with a limited amount of bandwidth, which must be shared between all devices on your network. The more devices using the Internet at once, the less bandwidth there is to go around. Limiting how much you do at once can vastly improve your Internet speed.

    Certain activities consume a lot of bandwidth, for example:

    • Large downloads
    • Wi-Fi cameras and doorbells
    • BitTorrent transfers, including upstream traffic on some connections

    Try to isolate any device that might be using more than its fair share of bandwidth. Ask other family members or housemates whether they stream a lot of video or download files over BitTorrent. It could be that youre getting the Internet speed youre paying for, but youre trying to do too much at once on your current plan.

    If you suspect this is the case, you can change a few behaviors to try and help. Leave large downloads until late at night when nobodys awake . Set your smartphones and tablets to update automatically, so they download the files they need at night while charging.

    If your router supports it, enable Quality of Service on its control panel. This feature shares bandwidth more efficiently and prevents certain activities from bringing everything to a grinding halt.

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