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How To Speed Up My Lenovo Laptop

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How To Raise Cpu Fan Speeds On A Lenovo Laptop

How To Speed Up Lenovo Laptop In Just Minutes

If your business requires you to do a lot of work from your Lenovo laptop, you’ve probably noticed an occasional issue with overheating. Running several intensive programs on your laptop can raise the CPU temperature, causing the cooling fans to engage. You may need to raise the speed of the fans from time to time to rapidly cool the CPU and prevent a sudden shutdown. You can boost CPU fan speed from your laptop’s BIOS menu.


Install the latest BIOS update on your laptop if necessary. This update can be downloaded free from the Lenovo Support page .


Turn off your computer after you’ve installed the update. Turn the computer back on. When the boot screen appears, press and hold the “Delete” key to load the BIOS settings menu.


Press the directional arrows on your keyboard to select “System Monitor.” Press “Enter.” Select “Fan Control” and then select “CPU Fan Speed Control.”


Switch the control from “Automatic” to “Manual.” This allows you to manually control the CPU fan speed by percentage.


Enter the desired percentage at which the fan should run. To run at full speed, enter “100” for 100 percent. You should only run fans at full speed for long enough to effectively cool the CPU.


Press the “F10” key to reboot the computer and raise the speed of your CPU cooling fans. To return the fan speed to normal, repeat the above procedure but switch the fan control back to the “Automatic” setting.


Check If You Have Any Viruses

Unfortunately, viruses are still a common problem for laptop owners everywhere. And although Macs are actually really good at detecting malware, its still quite common to get a virus on a Mac.

A sluggish laptop is a telltale sign of a laptop with a virus, especially if its suddenly started slowing down. Even with Windows 10, they are still relatively common.

One way that you can combat this is by getting a good anti virus software which can help you to deal with any malware and viruses that attack your laptop. This can help to speed up your laptop if you do happen to have a virus.

Disable Unnecessary Startup Programs

When you turn on your PC, some programs start automatically and run in the background. You can disable these programs, so they don’t run when your PC starts.

Many programs are designed to start automatically when Windows does. Software manufacturers often set their programs to open in the background – you don’t realize they’re running, but they’ll open quickly when you go to use them. This is helpful for programs you use a lot, but not for programs you don’t often use because it increases the time it takes Windows to start.

  • Select the Start button, and then select “Settings” > “Apps” > “Startup”.
  • Under Startup Apps, find the program you want to stop from starting automatically and set it to Off.

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Check For Viruses And Spyware

You can run the built-in Windows Defender or a third-party app to do this, but you’re best served by PCMag security guru Neil Rubenking’s top pick among malware-cleanup programs, Malwarebytes Anti-Malwareit’s free! But don’t forget to use ongoing anti-malware protection, too. Some of the AV products have a lighter footprint on system performance than others, and the lightest of all, according to Rubenking, is Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus. Rubenking also awards 4.5-star-rated Editor’s Choices to Bitdefender’s and Kaspersky’s AV software. See his complete roundup of the best antivirus software for full details.

Install An Ssd Startup Drive

How to speed up my Lenovo G40 laptop?Please help

Not does Windows startup benefit, but loading and using demanding applications such as Adobe Photoshop happens much faster with an SSD. Windows Store apps can even easily be moved from a spinning hard drive to an SSD in Settings’ Apps and Features page.

For system speedup, it makes sense to replace your internal startup hard drive, and if you use a laptop, this may also be an option. But an external SSD with a USB 3.0 connection can also give you a speed boost in applications that use a lot of storage. For help in choosing which device to install, check out PCMag’s article, The Best SSDs.

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Consider Upgrading Your Laptop

If your laptop is more than a few years old, or you bought the base model of what is available, then it might be that your laptop isnt up to task. This is especially true if you use programs that are very intensive if youre a graphic designer, then you might need to upgrade your laptop.

Choosing to add more RAM is probably the simplest way to improve your laptops performance without actually having to delete and edit programs and files using the software on your device.

If you dont want to do this yourself, then you might need to go to a local shop to do so. You can increase the amount of RAM in the majority of laptops, and the difference between 8GB and 16GB of RAM might be all that you need.

You can also look at upgrading your storage too if your laptop has HDD or eMMC storage, then youll probably want to upgrade to an SSD. If you get a laptop with more RAM and storage space than your current laptop, then you should see an improvement in speed.

Scenario: Lenovo Laptop Is Running Very Slow On Windows 10

âFrom the first day of my experience with my new Lenovo G50 with good specs windows 10, my Lenovo laptop is running very slow, just clicking the folder takes more than 8-10 secs to open and load, even when Iâm trying to click other apps such as Photoshop, Google, minutes past and it is still loading to open, even when Iâm playing, Iâm trying to unpause the game, it just shut down, sometimes the caps lock on/off are switching. It even just stop, no cursor, just nothing, the screen isn’t moving so I only just force to shut it down. Iâm not expecting a very fast laptop, but based on its specs, Iâm not expecting it to be this slow. Can you guys help me?â

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What Is A Good Processor Speed For A Tablet

A clock speed of 3.5 GHz to 4.0 GHz is generally considered a good clock speed for gaming but its more important to have good single-thread performance. This means that your CPU does a good job of understanding and completing single tasks. This is not to be confused with having a single-core processor. ,

Clean Up Hard Drive To Make More Space

How To Speed Up Lenovo Laptop In Just Minutes#Deliver Fast

Nothing slows down a PC more than having an almost-full hard drive . Though its hard to define a certain percentage of free disk space you need to keep, the more the better!

Once again, Im using CleanMyPC and it does a great job in keeping my Lenovo hard drive clean and fast.

If you are a power user, you can also do this manually. There are usually three ways to free up your Lenovo laptop hard drive. One is to run the Disk Cleanup , select the disk drive you want to clean and continue.

Second, manually check the Pictures, Videos folders where some large duplicated files usually exist. You can either delete them directly or transfer them to an external hard drive. In addition, you can uninstall those large programs that you rarely use as they can take considerable amount of disk space as well.

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Make A Defragment For Your Lenovo Computer

Why we need to make a defragment? It can help to eliminate fragmentation on computer so that speed up the computer.

Step 1. Enter defrag in Windows search bar and then click Defragment and Optimize Drives from the result.

Step 2. Choose the drive and then click the Optimize button. After minutes, the defragment is finished.

Get Real Performance Boost By Upgrading Hard Drive And Memory

This can be costly, but you get what you pay for serious performance boost. If you are using an old Lenovo laptop, I highly recommend you do so, after all you still pay less compared to getting a new PC, right?

So what I am talking about here are: replacing your laptop HDD with an SSD, or adding more RAM , or do both if possible. You can go to Crucial or Amazon to shop a desired SSD and/or extra memory chip. Then follow the video guide below to finish the installation.

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Use A Different Browser

Sometimes, you might find that your browser is running very slowly. But actually, this doesnt necessarily mean that your whole laptop has problems, as it could be browser specific.

Keeping your browser regularly updated is the key here, but sometimes you might be doing everything right and still facing a laggy browser. This could be anything from temporary files slowing you down to malware problems.

In this case, its a good idea to try out a new browser to see if this is any better for you. If you do find that your Chrome or Firefox browser does slow down your computer, then keeping it fully updated is your best bet.

Remove Unnecessary And Unused Apps To Free Up Space

Lenovo Laptop is Slow or Frozen? Here
  • Check the list of installed apps if youre not using some of these regularly, or you simply have too many, consider which apps you dont need or use and uninstall them

SettingsMy apps & games.InstalledUninstallX

  • Double check which apps take up the most space.
  • If youre on an Android tablet follow these steps to see a list of everything installed on your device and the space each one takes up: Settings > Apps.
  • If you have an iPad launch the Settings app then follow these steps select General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage
  • Consider moving your apps to an external memory card before uninstalling them so it backs everything up but you still improve your tablets speed. Read more about the importance of backing up your digital belongings here.

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How To Get Superfast Mouse Touchpad Speeds In Windows

ByAvram Piltch15 December 2015

Sometimes, no matter how much you turn up the settings, your touchpad just doesn’t cover enough ground in a single stroke. You shouldn’t have to lift up your finger, move it back to the other side of the pad and swipe again to make it across your desktop. And, If you have a laptop with a pointing stick such as a Lenovo ThinkPad, you really don’t want to have to push the stick really hard just to move around.

Fortunately, with a simple registry tweak, Windows 10 and previous versions provide a way to push your pointer speed and sensitivity higher than the control panel allows.

Re: How Do I Get Turbo Boost/ Upgrade My Cpu

turbo boost is built into the cpu. You have it. It is a way that one demanding thread can be made to run faster by borrowing cycles from an unused thread. You can increase speed to some extent by choosing “max preformance” in the power options of the control panel and running on A/C, rather than battery.

Changing the CPU means changing the motherboard. All Intel low-power CPUs are soldered

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Bite The Bullet And Buy A New Laptop

Although this might be seen as a last resort, its an option worth considering. Of course, buying a new laptop isnt some frivolous purchase in fact, it can be quite expensive. But if youre already spending more than you’d like on repair costs, it might actually be more financially sustainable to invest in a brand new device. After all, most come with at least one year of warranty, which means that some issues, such as faulty hardware or operating system malfunctions, will be eligible for free repairs.

Moreover, there are plenty of affordable, good quality laptops out there. Although some might find it difficult to let go of their beloved hardware, there are plenty of great options available on the market and some might be just as good if not better than your old favourite.

Getting a new laptop does require some research. This is a great opportunity to reevaluate your hardware needs, whether they are personal or business-related, as well as any additional requirements you would like to see in your new perfect laptop.

Last years shift to remote working has prompted many manufacturers to reimagine their offerings and make them more suitable for the current working conditions – HP, for example, recently unveiled a new line of home office laptops designed to power hybrid work environments and growing personal creative studios.

Step 4 Delete Windows Temp Files

How To Speed Up Your Laptop Easily

Windows temp files are junk files which have no important use on your laptop. These files are created by the operating system during operation when theirs not enough memory for the task youre working on.

Although temp files can be useful at times, they are also created for backup purposes, by software packages like Microsoft office package to saves a brief record of an open file every short time.

When youre working on a document the program creates a temp file so that whenever the program crashes unexpectedly, the temporary files lets you recover lost data.

Temp files are supposed to get delete immediately you save and close your program but this isnt always continually the case, leading to wasted disk space.

You can delete temp file by using the following run command.

  • Temp

Select all file and folder and delete the temp folder.

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Tip 3 Uninstall Useless Programs

When your Lenovo desktop is running slow, it could be that you have installed several unneeded programs. Finding them and uninstalling them one after the other can be strenuous and time-consuming.

To get rid of these programs, you can make use of the CleanMyPC app. This app comes with a feature known as Multi Uninstaller. This feature helps you to scan through your computer to locate any unneeded applications.

Apart from deleting the program, the app will also eliminate any files associated with these programs. Check the steps below to remove useless programs using the Multi Uninstaller feature of CleanMyPC:

Step 1: Click on Multi Uninstaller in CleanMyPC.

Step 2: Click on the checkbox beside any of the programs that you want to uninstall.

Step 3: If any of the apps still have undeleted data, you will see a broken red icon beside the app.

Step 4: After selecting the apps that you need to delete, click on Delete.

Great job! You have just rid your computer of useless apps, slowing it down.

Swap Out Your Hard Drive For An Ssd

If your laptop has a mechanical hard drive, then swapping it for a solid-state drive could pay dividends. As there are no moving parts, an SSD has read and write speeds far quicker than any traditional drive, as well as better reliability, and can revitalise an ailing system. If your laptop already uses an SSD, it might also be worth considering an upgrade to a faster SSD.

Over the past few years, SSD prices have gone down and capacities up, so putting one in your laptop won’t break the bank. However, as with RAM, many laptop hard drives wont be replaceable or will use specialised form-factors which prevent the use of third-party drives.

Assuming your laptop will support an upgrade, you can use a cloning tool to copy everything from your old disk to an SSD rather than reinstalling Windows from scratch. Numerous freeware tools can be used for this task, such as Todo Backup Free 9.0. Many SSD manufacturers will also include a license key for disk imaging tools with the purchase of a new drive.

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Get Rid Of ‘bloatware’

It’s not just old computers that can suffer from latency. New computers can too and that’s often down to the bloatware manufacturers preinstall on their laptops. This sometimes takes the form of the manufacturers own software and services, but it can also include third-party applications which are preinstalled as part of commercial distribution deals between the manufacturer and software vendors. Whether you refer to it as bloatware, crapware or PUP , this unwelcome software can really slow down a computer.

Similarly to the old programmes and utilities mentioned above, these services can clog up processing power and memory and can eat into valuable storage space. You may find that some preinstalled programmes – such as the Microsoft Office suite or Dropbox desktop client – are useful additions, but theres a good chance that at least a couple of them will be surplus to requirements, so its worth taking the time to go through a new laptop and identify any preinstalled apps that can be given the boot.

End Resource Intensive Processes

How to Speed up a Slow Lenovo Laptop

Some application processes are eating the entire RAM available. 3D Rendering programs, compiling programs, multimedia applications are a few examples of high resource intensive applications that are known for making a laptop slower. Terminate all of these processes.

  • Type Resource Monitor in the Search Box on the Taskbar.
  • Open the Resource Monitor tool from the Search Results.
  • Resource Monitor will rearrange all processes from higher to lower Average CPU usage order.
  • End all highly resource intensive processes one by one. To do so, right-click a process and select End process.
  • You can also use the Game Boost feature of RegInOut for this purpose. It will shut off some of the unwanted services for a limited duration. This hack can boost Lenovos laptop speed in Windows 10 quickly.

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