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How To Stream On Twitch From Laptop

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Carefully Choose The Games You Want To Stream


The most popular games have lots of viewers but also lots of established channels flocking to them. New releases can balloon quickly, as evident in the 2019 success story of Apex Legends. A good trick is to use tools such as Quizzical Pixels What to Stream to find games that have good viewership but very few channels streaming them.

How To Stream From A Laptop To Twitch

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You researched the specs, found a good deal, and finally purchased the gaming laptop youve been wanting. You boot it up, install Steam, and start building your library . After hours of gaming, you start to think to yourself, I should stream this. But can your laptop even handle all that work?

This post will discuss streaming from laptops and the requirements needed to get the most out of your mobile rig.

Hardware Requirements Of A Laptop To Stream

The story is a little bit different when it comes to the hardware requirements for Twitch streaming on a Laptop, due to the fact that laptop processors tend to be slower than their desktop cousins. This is because a laptop is unable to provide sufficient cooling to the CPU, and the hardware is optimized to minimize power usage to extend the life of the internal battery as much as feasibly possible.

Due to this fact, the minimum processor mentioned above does not apply. Instead, youll want a minimum of an AMD Ryzen 5 4500U, which is slightly faster than the I5-4670. If you havent bought a laptop in the last two years, chances are it does not have one of those. Laptops have only recently approached this level of computational power.

Again, just reference the site above if the performance is around the position that the I5-4670 is around, It will likely work fine.

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How To Get Good At Streaming On Twitch

On Twitch, success is measured by the distribution of hours watched. A very limited number of top streamers, four thousand of them, hold three-quarters of live hours watched. Twitch has around 9 million monthly streamers, so the math is obvious. A lot of people arent getting many eyeballs on their content.

Youll need to put in a bit more effort than just learning how to stream on Twitch if your goal is to find a place among the successful streamers. Creating your success strategy starts with the most important aspect: content.

Get Paid As An Affiliate

Twitch how to stream pc.

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate will give you access to three more monetization options subscriptions, twitch bits, and game sales. You can benefit from the first two even if you arent selling games.

To become an Affiliate, you should have at least:

  • Five hundred minutes of broadcast in the last 30 days.
  • Seven days of broadcast.

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Do A Final Check And Start Streaming

After youve connected the console to Twitch, youll be able to pick a title for the stream, enable the camera if you have it connected, and select the output quality. When youre done with that, youll be ready to start broadcasting to Twitch from your PS4.

Its an easy process you dont even need to install the Twitch app to do it. You will need the Twitch app if you want to watch other peoples streams on a PS4, however.

For steps on setting up your PS5 to stream to Twitch, check out this guide.

Useful Accessories To Start Streaming On Twitch

There are a number of products out there targeting live streamers that arent strictly necessary, like the Elgato Streamdeck. A lot of them serve as a way to make your life a little bit easier, focusing on the quality of life aspects. However, to get started, you dont actually need some of these With a few exceptions, which Ill get into in just a second.

First, did you know you can use an old DSLR you might have sitting around as a webcam? If you have one of those cameras, there is no reason to buy a webcam. If you dont have one, dont worry too much about buying one.

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Two: Set Up Obs Game Capture Mode

Open Broadcaster Software is a free, open-source video recording and streaming application thats ideal for streaming on Twitch. OBS can record a screencast and save it to a local video file, but it can also live stream to a service like Twitch or YouTube Gaming. OBS also allows you to add additional elements to your stream, so you can add live video from your webcam, image overlays, and other visual elements.

Download Open Broadcaster Software here, install it, and fire it up. OBS organizes your screencast into scenes and sources. The scene is the final video or streamwhat your viewers see. The sources are what comprise that video. You could have a scene that displays the contents of a game window, or a scene that displays the contents of a game window and your webcam superimposed over it. You could set up separate scenes for each game you want to stream and switch between them on the fly.

For our purposes right now, the default scene will work fine.

Best Cpus For Streaming We’ve Tested


Youll notice I talked plenty about desktops here, but didnt cover laptops much. Laptops can stream games, but using one is generally far from ideal. If its your only computer and you dont have a budget for a streaming rig, a laptop will do. Playing and streaming will really push these compact machines, though, and not all of them even have Ethernet ports for a more reliable wired connection. If youre set on streaming, but not all that invested in an ideal experience, go for it with your gaming laptop. But for those seeking a full and robust setup, desktops, really, are the way to go.

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Live Stream From Your Twitch Account With Mac/pc Desktop

Start by downloading streaming software such as Twitch Studio , XSplit, or OBS Project to offer your audience superior audio quality.

Im using OBS Project to demonstrate the process of live streaming to Twitch.

Start by downloading OBS from

After installing OBS, your first step is to grab your Stream Key from your Twitch account. This is a unique code that youll have to enter in OBS to link it to your Twitch channel.

You can easily find it under the Settings > > Stream option from your Creator Dashboard.

Copy your Stream Key to paste it into the OBS settings later on.

Note: Dont share your key with anyone. Anyone with your stream key can stream to your channel.

Now head back to OBS.

Select the Settings option, then Stream, and then finally select Twitch from the drop-down menu. Finally, paste in your Stream Key.

Now OBS will be able to show your stream to your audience.

However, you need to configure your OBS before that.

First, you need to specify what bitrate you want to use for your video stream. The higher the bitrate, the better will be your video quality. However, this will also require a higher upstream connection.

You can use this chart to determine the Encoding, Bitrate, Resolution, and Framerate settings to get the right balance.

Next, enter the base resolution and the output resolution in the Video Tab.

Now, change the configure the Audio tab, right above the Video tab.

Now you have to configure three essential things:

How To Customize Your Twitch Stream With Obs Studio

OBS Studio is an incredibly comprehensive streaming app that boasts a massive amount of settings and features. Due to this, weve created a dedicated guide for streaming on Twitch with OBS Studio that covers all aspects of setting the app up, connecting it Twitch, customizing your overlay, and starting your first Twitch stream.

To stream on Twitch with OBS Studio, you will need your Twitch stream key which we mentioned earlier on in this article.

OBS Studio may seem intimidating at first but it’s considered by many to be the best streaming program available and is genuinely easy to use after the initial, admittedly complex, setup process. If you’re planning on making a career out of being a streamer, you should definitely give it a look.

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Best Mics For Game Streaming We’ve Tested

This way, your viewers will be able to see your beautiful face, though the image quality also depends on your bitrate and connection quality. It goes without saying that having a high-speed internet connection is a boon for streaming. It will improve your production values, game connection, and stream reliability in a major way. Nobody wants to watch a choppy livestream.

Razer Kiyo

I should note that you dont need a webcam, but it definitely helps ingratiate you with viewers if they can see you and get to know you. I dont think most streamers will find success without one.

Easy Steps On How To Stream On Twitch Using A Laptop

How to Stream on Twitch From a Computer

Streaming games on an online platform like twitch and youtube is popular these days, either you stream for fun, for your friends or you wanted a build a huge audience, but the question is can you stream on twitch using your laptop? In this article, well walk you through the process on how to stream on twitch from a laptop, the process is easy as ABC!

If you want to start streaming, then youre in the right place, no need to go somewhere because we got you covered, now lets dive into the fascinating world of streaming using your laptop. To get you started you need to follow these 7 steps which well set forth as we go on:

How to stream on Twitch from a laptop

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Ultimate Guide To Twitch: The Tips Tricks And Gear You Need

In recent times, the popular streaming platform Twitch has built a growing community of content creators, who are free to pursue any topic they like. As a result, the website has now attracted over 140 million monthly viewers, with no shortage of what viewers can watch, ranging from gaming, cooking, cosplaying, and even ASMR.

As we’ve learned throughout the ongoing pandemic, the Internet is great at uniting us even when we’re apart. Just like other social media platforms, Twitch has seen its viewership continue to grow in the past several years or so, with over 28 billion hours of streams being broadcasted in just 2020 alone.

However, even with the growing number of viewers, becoming a famous Twitch streamer isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially when you consider the amount of effort and commitment it requires. Of course, there are some lucky streamers that appear to go viral out of nowhere. However, in the vast majority of cases, getting there takes years of hard work and dedication. Some streamers are even able to earn a living out of their Twitch career alone. Even if that’s not your goal, the streaming platform has vast scope to cater to all manner of viewing tastes.

Stream On Twitch Using A Secondary Pc

Streamers sometimes have one PC for gaming and another to take on the streaming tasks. Whether or not you have one or two PCs for streaming on Twitch is down to how graphically intense some games are, when you factor in the live streaming the stress can be all too much for a lesser PC build. You now see more and more cases like our runner-up in the full tower case breakdown, which offers a dual setup meaning you can have two builds in a single case.

Dual cases are a great space saver but luckily there is headway with recent technology thanks to Nvidia, so streaming from a single PC is becoming a lot more feasible.

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How To Live Stream To Twitch From Consoles Or Smartphones

Live streaming on Twitch from a PC might not be the perfect option for you. Maybe you prefer playing your games on consoles, as many people do. Perhaps you like watching live broadcasts on consoles a lot of people are doing this, too and you see no justification for having separate devices for streaming and watching. Or it just might be that you dont want to go through the clunky process of setting up a gaming PC when theres a perfectly good console you can use for gaming and streaming. And as a console user, youre probably already familiar with Twitch.

Enter Your Stream Key


If the offer of using the auto-configuration wizard pops up in OBS Studio, click No followed by OK.

Over to the right, make sure Streaming services is selected from the Stream Type menu, and that Twitch is selected from the Service menu. Below this, paste your Twitch stream key into the Stream Key field and then click OK.

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How To Stream On Twitch From The Mobile App

Streaming from Twitch’s mobile app is much different than streaming from a computer. It doesn’t take any extra downloads, but you won’t have as many features to control.

1. If you haven’t already, download the Twitch mobile app and log into it.

2. On any page, tap the camera icon at the top of the screen.

3. You’ll have two options here: Stream Games and Stream IRL. Pick the first if you want to broadcast your phone’s screen, or the second if you want to stream your phone’s camera.

4. Give Twitch permission to access your phone’s camera and microphone if you’re trying to stream your screen on Android, you’ll also need to enable “Overlays” and agree to the mobile streaming rules.

5. If you picked Stream IRL, choose your stream name and category, then tap Start Stream. You’ll start streaming your phone’s camera immediately.

6. If you picked Stream Games, pick which game you’re playing and review the Streaming Tips page, then click Next.

7. Pick your stream title, tags, language, and Go Live Notification, and then also pick your stream’s microphone and device volume.

Important: You can’t change the volume of your stream using the volume buttons on your phone. When you want to change your stream volume, you’ll need to return to this menu and change the volume sliders.

8. Once you’re ready:

9. Confirm that you want to start broadcasting.

10. You’ll start streaming. You can now close Twitch and open the app you chose as your category.

How To Choose The Right Game

The biggest hurdle to streaming efficiently is having the right hardware, so thats where well start. Streaming services and software have come a long way in ease of use, often at no cost, but theres no getting around the fact that youll likely need to buy a few physical items to make your streams come to life. The single largest obstacle, and item, is a powerful enough PC. Theres a lot that goes into a computer that makes it fit for streaming, so this requires the most in-depth explanation.

This system will probably serve double duty as your gaming and streaming machine , so it needs to be fast. If youre planning on streaming PC gameplay, it should be obvious that your computer will need to be up to the task of playing modern games as a minimum baseline. This is the most expensive item youll need for streaming, and there are a lot of factors that go into a decision.

Falcon Northwest Talon

Generally speaking, your ideal desktop for streaming can run games on high, if not maximum, settings at your chosen screen resolution. You want your streams to look as good as possible, and if you want to show off the latest AAA releases, flashy graphics go a long way in entertaining viewers. You dont need to break the bank if you cant afford it, though. Moderate gaming rigs will run games moderately well, and if thats your budget, thats okay.

Corsair Vengeance Gaming PC

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Check Your Internet Upload Speed

Starting off, Im going to tell you about the things that would actively prevent you from actually streaming. Did you know that there is a minimum internet upload speed that you need to be able to actually transmit a stream to the world?

Yep, and if you lack that minimum, sadly, you will be unable to stream on Twitch reliably.

Before you continue reading this article, I strongly suggest that you check that article about the minimum upload speed mentioned above. If you dont have the upload speed necessary, nothing else matters, because you wont be able to go live at an acceptable bitrate. I mean, you certainly could still partake in content creation by creating YouTube content instead, but unfortunately, live streaming is simply off the table in this scenario.

What Equipment You’ll Need

How to stream on Twitch? A guide to get you started in 10 ...

Before you get started on choosing your streaming software and overlays, you’ll need a few basics to ensure that you can stream without any technical issues. Here’s some of the big things to consider:

Remember, for your first stream ever you don’t need to worry about investing in anything expensive. You can always upgrade your setup as your Twitch channel grows.

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