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How To Stream On Twitch With Laptop

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Wireless Chromecast Quest / Quest 2 Streaming: How To Do It


Here is what your stream can look like:

Make Sure Your Quest Is Ready

In order to do this streaming method, the setup process is a lot different than the first method. For starters, you need to make sure your Quest is not in developer mode. You should also verify that your Chromecast device is setup and functioning properly before moving ahead.

Make sure all three devices are setup on the same WiFi network I recommend 5GHz instead of just 2.4GHz if possible. Its also best to just reboot the Quest, your phone, and the Chromecast as well before getting started.

Plug Everything In

This is where this setup gets a little confusing. Basically you need to plug your Chromecast Ultra into the HDCP Stripper In side, then plug the Out of the Stripper into your capture card In side, then plug that into your PC. In the case of the El Gato HD60 S, thats a USB cord.

So in my case Ive got the Stripper and my my capture card plugged into the wall for power too. Its kind of a lot of cords, but it is what it is.

Cast The Quest

In the Oculus app tap the cast icon in the top right corner, select the name of your Chromecast device in the list of options, and select video quality. Normal always works great for me. Then click Cast.

Since I use the El Gato HD60 S, I have an app on my PC called Game Capture HD which is the window that the footage appears inside from the Chromecast input.

Sync Video and Audio

Setup Audio

Arrange Everything In OBS

How To Stream Mobile Games On Twitch: An Ultimate Guide

  • Make your picture perfect with Wondershare Filmora
  • Nowadays, it is hard to find someone who does not enjoy playing a game or two. Or more. We live in the era of entertainment for anyone to find a game to ones liking not only to play but also to share this exciting experience with the whole world. Amazing as it is.

    Being used by the majority of players , Twitch is a prominent service for broadcasting gameplaying. And when offline, it provides users with a personal twitch offline banner, that you customize so that it just looks cool. Here we cover several apps for the gamers to feel it all when experiencing streaming.

    Plan The Content You Want To Stream

    Twitch is now home to many different types of content. Well get into all the great things you can live stream a bit later, but for now, you should understand that different types of content require different gear.

    For example, creating good ASMR content requires high-quality microphones or even specialized gear such as the 3Dio Free Space binaural microphone. That type of gear might not be readily available in your local store, and if it is, it might come with a hefty price tag. Plan your content so you can plan your gear.

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    Streaming Directly From The Ps4 Limits Your Potential

    Streaming directly from your PS4 isnt an option you should consider thanks to its inability to provide an amazing viewing experience. When you attempt to stream directly from your PlayStation 4 you are only given a few options to choose through, when you are trying to create an immersive streaming experience this just isnt enough. You can get away with 720p 60fps but you really arent living up to your potential, and no overlays is going to seriously restrict your growth. What you can do instead is take the feed of your PS4 and transfer it to the computer so that can be streamed. Not only can you expect a better streaming experience playing-wise but it will also let you stream PS4 on twitch with overlay enabled.

    What Is The Minimum Ram Required For Twitch Streaming

    Twitch how to stream pc.

    There is no set RAM requirement for streaming. Streaming is a function of both bandwidth and CPU . The more RAM you have, the more programs you can have open simultaneously and thus, the better your performance will be. But how much RAM is enough is relative to how much money you want to spendas long as your RAM is of high quality, you can never have too much of it. In addition, your video quality will depend on the bitrate of your streaming and the rate of your network connection in general. So while it is true that more RAM would produce a better experience, it is not an immediate solution to a poor streaming experience.

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    Play And Broadcast Your Gameplay Immediately

    If youre a gamer who wants to start a live stream, your desktop PC alone will not be enough for you to start broadcasting your gameplay on Twitch.

    As mentioned, youre going to need to buy additional hardware such as an external microphone for audio and a camera if you want your audience to see you while streaming.

    Aside from this, you will also need to install the latest drivers for these additional hardware to run on your PC.

    With a laptop, you can immediately start broadcasting your gameplay in Twitch using a laptop because the microphone and the camera is already built-in.

    It is also very easy to start broadcasting on Twitch using a laptop. All you have to do is to turn on live streaming and youre good to go!

    How To Stream A Pc Game On Twitch With Obs

    Chris Hoffman is Editor-in-Chief of How-To Geek. He’s written about technology for over a decade and was a PCWorld columnist for two years. Chris has written for The New York Times, been interviewed as a technology expert on TV stations like Miami’s NBC 6, and had his work covered by news outlets like the BBC. Since 2011, Chris has written over 2,000 articles that have been read nearly one billion times—and that’s just here at How-To Geek. Read more…

    Game streaming services like Twitch are bigger than ever. Whether you want to let your friends watch you play a game or try to build up a larger audience, streaming is easy. only supports public streams. If you want to broadcast a private stream to just a few friends, you can try using Steams built-in Broadcasting feature, which allows you to restrict game streams to your Steam friends.

  • Get a Twitch stream key from your profile
  • Add your Twitch key to OBS Stream Settings
  • If youve settled on Twitch, check the game you want to stream before going through this guide. Some PC games have built-in Twitch support. But, for most games, youll need a third-party streaming program to broadcast your gameplay like Open Broadcaster Software . Thats what well be setting up today.

    Got all that? Alright, heres what you need to do.

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    Downloading And Installing Streaming Software

    I will advise you to download and install the Open Broadcaster Software software. I will also add here that there are other similar applications available as well, one that comes to mind is called Xsplit. But I would suggest using OBS since I find it to be more user friendly. But you are welcome to check out both.

    Follow these steps on OBS to start your streaming session:

    • Go to your computer and install the Open Broadcaster Software
    • Once installation is complete, open it and click on a button called Start Streaming to begin streaming your screen on the Twitch.TV site.

    A few things to keep in mind:

    • Remember to first enter the stream key in your OBS software. Otherwise your stream wont broadcast on Twitch.TV.
    • You must also start your game first, right click in the sources of your OBS software, add a Game capture source and select your game, then validate.

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    Identify The Top Streamers In Your Niche And Emulate Them


    Its challenging to stand out on Twitch with so many people sporting the similar setup you have. You also have to compete with numerous top and intermediate-level streamers to make your mark.

    And you dont even have to do something entirely out of the norm to boost your audience base. You can simply identify top influencers in your niche, see what theyre doing, and try to understand why they enjoy a massive audience.

    Use Twitchs API data to identify the top 10% of streamers. It uses different metrics, including concurrent viewers or channel followers.

    Since people broadcast on Twitch from across the world, there are different peak hours that streamers experience based on their location.

    You can extract this data using the API and use it to your benefit. Apart from that, youll be able to find out which games are most popular on the platform.

    Once you are privy to all the competitor information, you can leverage it to emulate the best success strategies of the top streamers in your domain.

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    If Game Capture Doesnt Work: Try Display Capture Mode

    Game Capture mode doesnt work with every game, unfortunately. If you cant get OBS to record or stream a specific game, you can try Display Capture mode instead. This captures your entire display, including your Windows desktop and any open windows, and streams it.

    To use Display Capture mode, first ensure OBS isnt set to show your game capture source. To do this, you can either right-click the game capture source and select Remove to remove it from the list, or left-click the eye icon to the left of it to hide it from view.

    Now, add a new source like you added the game capture source. Right-click in the Sources box and select Add > Display Capture. Name the source whatever you like and click OK.

    Choose the display you want to addthere will only be a single display if you only have a single computer monitorand click OK.

    A preview of your desktop will appear in the main OBS window. OBS will stream whatever you see on your screen. If Game Capture doesnt work, this may work better.

    Three: Set Up Twitch Streaming

    Once youve set up your stream the way you want, you need to connect OBS to your Twitch channel. Click the Settings button at the bottom right corner of the OBS screen or click File > Settings to access OBSs settings window.

    If you wanted to stream to another servicesuch as YouTube Gaming or Facebook Liveyoud select it in the Service box here and enter the details it requires instead.

    You can also adjust your streaming settings from this window. Select the Output icon here and use the options under Streaming to choose your bitrate and encoder. Youll probably want to try streaming with the default settings first to see how they work.

    If its not smooth, try lowering the video bitrate here. The optimal setting depends on your computer and Internet connection. OBS recommends experimenting with different settings until you find the ideal one for your system.

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    Capture Card Vs Remote Play

    Primarily, a capture card allows much higher gaming quality, with zero latency between the PS4 and the TV that youre playing on- which is critical for reaction speed based games such as online shooters. From a streaming perspective, it also enables a cleaner gaming experience, as the PS4 output is native and uncluttered.

    Using the Remote Play app can be almost impossible for high levels of reaction based gameplay, due to significant latency between the PS4 and the computer youre viewing and recording from. It can also suffer from graphics inconsistencies and glitches, like broken pixels and the occasional stutter/freeze. While it is a fantastic option for getting into streaming with a PS4, and a great way to start using twitch overlays sooner, for competitive gameplay its probably best to stick with native streaming from the PS4.

    How To Live Stream To Twitch From A Desktop Computer

    How to stream on Twitch? A guide to get you started in 10 ...

    One of the drivers behind the boom of live streaming is the accessibility. All it takes is an internet connection and a device with a screen to watch live streams. The fact that there is a huge number of people with access to both bodes well for your broadcasting career.

    To become a content creator, however, the bar is higher, especially if you want to be successful. But it takes a little more than a decent streaming rig and willingness to get your feet wet. Here are the very basics steps to start streaming on a desktop computer.

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    How To Vr Stream On Twitch

    calendar1 Last Updated

    As a streamer, you can play a lot of different games, but maybe you want to do something different and stream with your VR set. Luckily this is also possible, you just need the right equipment and right programs, which is what Ill be explaining below. Ill explain what equipment you need, the programs you need, and how to set up a VR system so that you can stream on Twitch.

    Streaming From An Xbox One

    Streaming with Twitch on an Xbox One is just about as easy as it is on a PS4. There are a few technical issues that require you to have one additional piece of equipment.

    If you want to have a facecam, legacy Xbox One owners can use the Xbox Kinect. . If you use Xbox Kinect to do this, make sure to pair it with a headset to record your voice. The Kinects microphone tends to cut out intermittently when streaming via Twitch. This can be easily remedied by having a headset plugged in. Then the stream will use that mic instead of the one on the Kinect. Unfortunately, the camera and its associated adapter have are no longer made. So if you do not have a Kinect, youll have to stick to voice only.

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    How To Stream On Twitch: Everything You Need To Know

    Start streaming on Twitch in no time using your favorite gaming platform.

    Gaming, How-To, Streaming Guides

    Broadcasting your gameplay to Twitch isnt overly difficult, but there are a lot of steps to getting your livestream up and running. Got a Nintendo Switch? You can stream from it too using a computer and an affordable USB adapter. This guide will show you how to stream on Twitch even if you just want to share your fun gaming experiences with a few friends.

    Jump to: Computer | Xbox | PlayStation | Nintendo Switch | Android | iOS and iPadOS | What you need | Tips for gaining a Twitch audience | FAQ about Twitch streaming

    What You Need To Stream With Two Pcs

    How to Live Stream PC Games on Twitch

    There isnt one exact way to set up your ideal streaming solution, so well be going over a variety of hardware configurations here. Depending on your specific streaming needs and hardware, your setup process might look slightly different, though the fundamentals should be roughly the same.

    1. Hardware

    Whether you decide to repurpose an older machine or purchase an entirely new one for the job, make sure you have a mouse, keyboard, and monitor for both.

    A good rule of thumb is to think of one PC as your gaming computer, and the other as your streaming machine. For your primary gaming PC, youll want to make sure you have at least the minimum CPU and GPU specs to play the games you want. When selecting your streaming PC, keep in mind that your CPU does most of the work encoding video for your stream.

    If you’re considering buying a machine strictly to handle encoding video for your stream, Intel has partnered up with a few manufacturers to offer personal streaming computers optimized for streaming out of the box.

    2. Software

    Once youve assembled your hardware, including your gaming PC and streaming PC, youll need to start rounding up software including streaming software. For first-timers, Open Broadcaster Software * is easy to navigate, and equipped with what you need to help facilitate a two-computer stream setup.

    3. Accessories

    Capture Card


    Some streamers prefer to use a 3.5mm cable splitter to achieve this same effect.



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    Get Paid As An Affiliate

    Becoming a Twitch Affiliate will give you access to three more monetization options subscriptions, twitch bits, and game sales. You can benefit from the first two even if you arent selling games.

    To become an Affiliate, you should have at least:

    • Five hundred minutes of broadcast in the last 30 days.
    • Seven days of broadcast.

    Can You Stream On Twitch Privately

    The Twitch algorithm automatically tries to organically promote your stream. You can, however, set your account up so that it doesnt do this. This is how you private-stream on Twitch. Create a new account using random letters and numbers that arent going to be searched. Start your stream without assigning it a title, tags, category , or description. If you want specific people to access your stream, give them a direct link.

    If 50 or more accounts follow you on Twitch, you get the Affiliate status, meaning that you can create streams that only your subscribers can access. This doesnt mean a private session, but it still limits your audience.

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    Why Stream On Twitch

    Here are some of the reasons why you should stream on Twitch:

    • Twitchs programming interface is designed for streaming purposes. The platforms interface provides native integration with Live: Air Solo, making it easy to connect it to your account.
    • After the latest update, Live: Air now has a new tool called the Twitch chat integrated into the bottom of Live: Airs main interface. It helps you interact with viewers while broadcasting live.
    • The broadcasting software automatically segments your streams into different categories to direct interested audiences to your content.

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