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How To Unlock My Hp Laptop

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Windows 10 Keyboard Locked

How to unlock touchpad HP laptop

If you have a small child or pet, you may encounter this situation an unguarded keyboard causes a disaster or more likely spell dsfgdhkjwrjgsfs. To avoid this case, you may choose to lock your keyboard on your Windows 10.

But sometimes you forget that you have locked the keyboard and couldnt recall how you did that thing. When you need to use the computer, you find you cant type anything. Sometimes, you lock the keyboard suddenly.

What should you do to unlock the keyboard? It is easy as long as you follow these instructions below.

Unlocking And Locking The Function Key On Your Laptop Using Bios

Your laptop has a BIOS program that the CPU uses to start your machine. With some BIOS programs, you will be able to change the settings for your function key to lock it or unlock it.

If your laptop is turned on, then use the shutdown function to turn it off. Turn your computer on and then press the F10 key so that you bring up the BIOS program for your laptop.

You will need to navigate with the arrow keys on your keyboard while you are in BIOS. First, find the system configuration page. Look for settings for Action Keys, and when you find this for your function key, you will probably have to use the enter key on your keyboard to display the enable and disable options.

Choose to either enable or disable your function key, then save and exit the BIOS program. The BIOS program in your laptop is very powerful, and you do not want to mess around with the various setting here if you dont know what you are doing. Furthermore, it can cause your computer to stop working altogether.

We have shown you two ways that you can enable or disable your laptop function key. There is a free application that you can download and install called SharpKeys, where you can change the functionality of keys on your keyboard. It is possible to use this to lock or unlock your function key as well. You can download the latest version of SharpKeys from here. If you are facing any problem locking or unlocking the function key, please leave a comment below.

Change Your Local Password From Another User Account

Manage another account

  • Sign into the computer with the other user account.
  • In Windows, search for and open Control panel.
  • Click Manage another account.

    note:If Manage another account is not available, the other user does not have administrative rights. The account must have administrator rights to reset your password.

  • Select the account with the password you want to change.
  • Sign out of the account, and then sign into your original account using your new password.
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    Enable Or Disable Fn Or Action Keys Mode

  • Press and hold the Power button for at least five seconds to turn off the computer.
  • Turn on the computer and immediately press the f10 key repeatedly to open the BIOS Setup Utility.
  • Press the right or left arrow key to select the System Configuration menu.
  • Press the up or down arrow key to select Action Keys Mode.
  • Press the Enter key to display the Enabled / Disabled options.
  • Press the up or down arrow key to select one of the options.
  • Enabled: Does not require pressing fn to use the actions printed on the function keys.For example, pressing f8 lowers the sound as printed on the key. Alternately, pressing both the fn + f8 minimizes and maximizes a web browser.
  • Disabled: Requirespressing fn to use the actions printed on the function keys.For example, pressing f1 opens a help window. Alternately, pressing both the fn + f1 keys puts the computer to sleep as printed on the key.
  • Press the f10 key to save the selection and restart the computer.
  • Use The Password Reset Disk Created From Another Computer

    How Do You Unlock The Keyboard On A Hp Laptop

    If you haven’t created a password reset disk before, you can create one now on an accessible computer.

    Create a password reset disk

    1. Go to an accessible PC, , install and start it.

    2. Plug a removable device, like USB or CD, into the accessible computer.

    3. On the Windows Password Tuner program, select your device, and click on Begin burning to create a password reset disk.

    The removable device will be formatted, so remember to remove the data from it to another save place.

    Boot your HP laptop from the USB or CD disk

    4. After burning successfully, unplug the removable device from the accessible PC, and then plug it into your problematic HP laptop.

    5. Restart your HP laptop, when HP logo appears, press Esc key repeatedly until goes to Startup menu.

    6. Press the F9 key to open the Boot Device Options menu.

    7. Press the Up and Down key to select your removable device , and press Enter to set your HP laptop to boot from the password reset disk.

    Unlock HP laptop without password

    8. When the password reset program comes up, select the system on your HP laptop, select the user account you use to login Windows.

    9. Click on Reset Password button to set your password to blank.

    10. Disconnect the removable device, click on Reboot button to the login screen, and then you will get into your HP laptop without entering password.

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    Boot Locked Hp Windows 10 Laptop From That Password Reset Disk

    Now you need to make your own locked HP Windows 10 laptop from that password reset disk you just created on another computer. For example, to boot a recent model HP laptop from a USB flash drive, you can do as follows.

    1) Turn off the HP laptop and insert the USB flash drive into a USB port on the laptop.

    2) Press the Power button to turn on the HP laptop, and immediately keep pressing Esc key on your keyboard until the Startup Menu appears.

    3) When the Startup Menu displays, press F10 to enter BIOS Setup.

    4) Go to System Configuration > Boot Options, and then enable Legacy Support.

    5) Select USB Hard Disk under UEFI Boot Order and move it to the top using F5/F6 key. Also, select USB Hard Disk under the Legacy Boot Order menu and move it to the top.

    6) Finally, press F10 to save the changes and then exit BIOS Setup.

    7) Once laptop restarts, press F9 to enter Boot Menu.

    8) After Boot Menu appears, select USB Hard Disk and hit Enter. That’s it. Your HP laptop will boot from that USB drive.

    Unlock Hp Laptop Forgot Password With Windows Password Reset

    Forgot your HP laptop password and dont have a password reset disk in hand? On the other hand, dont want to take any risk by using an installation disk then what might be the way that you can use to come out of the forgot password state?

    Well, Windows Password Reset is an absolute solution to deal with this kind of situation because it is specially designed to remove or reset the Windows administrator as well as the local accounts password. In addition, you will find this method very easy to understand and perform compared to other described methods. Besides all these features, the most important one is your data will be kept safe during the whole process.

    • Support all new as well as old Windows versions.

    How does it work?

    You can create a password reset disk either using a USB disk or CD/DVD drive. I am proceeding with the USB media drive, you can use any of them by looking at your ease.

    You need to burn the media disk regardless of your selection, either it is the USB drive or CD/DVD disk to make it bootable so that you can use it for the password recovery purpose.

    Currently, the status should be locked. However, choose the media drive from the dropdown.

    After making a selection, hit the Begin burning button in order to make it bootable.

    After the successful completion of the burning process, remove the recovery drive from the system and insert it into the locked HP laptop so that the password can be recovered.

    Then choose the burned media disk from the menu.

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    Can You Bypass Administrator Password Windows 10

    CMD is the official and tricky way to bypass Windows 10 admin password. In this process, you will need a Windows Installation disk and If you dont have the same, then you can create a bootable USB drive consisting of Windows 10. Also, you need to disable UEFI secure boot option from the BIOS settings.

    Reset Your Computer When All Other Options Fail

    How to Lock and Unlock Touchpad on Laptops

    ;caution:Reset this PC erases all files and local passwords. This resets the computer to the last known good version of Windows 10. After the reset, a list of apps that are no longer available is saved on the Desktop. You can reinstall apps and software from the Store or from installation discs.

  • On the sign-in screen, press and hold the Shift key, click the power icon, select Restart, and continue pressing the Shift key until the Choose an option screen displays.
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    Reset Pin Code On Hp Laptop Windows 10

    This only works if you forgot your PIN, but remember your Microsoft password. Go to the login page and click on the “I forgot my PIN” link, located under your PIN sign-in box. Enter your Microsoft password and click “Next”. Choose how you want your security code to arrive. Once you receive it, enter it, set a new PIN, and sign back into your device.


    This works only if you remmeber either MIcrosoft password or local account password.

    Step 1. If you’re already added the PIN to your Microsoft account or local account, after typed the password incorrectly, the “I forgot my PIN” option will appear on login screen. Click it and next.

    Step 2. Then enter your Microsoft account password and select a way to receive your security code, email or cell phone.

    Step 3. Once you receive it, enter it and ;click “Verify” and set a new PIN twice, and sign back into your device.

    Take Hp Laptop To Repair Shop And Unlock It By Pro

    If none of the above methods work for you, then the last shot is to bring your lovely HP laptop to a repair shop. If your device is still covered by a warranty, then take it to the nearest repair center and ask for support. Otherwise, look for a third-party service, but beware of scams out there. Make sure you read all their reviews on the internet before placing your order.

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    What Type Of Account You Have On Hp Laptop

    You know Windows provides two account types to protect your computer from being accessed by anyone else, including the Microsoft account, local account and Pin. So you have to figure out what type of account you have on your HP laptop as this will determine which method is appropriate for you.

    Microsoft Account:

    Microsoft account is a comprehensive account type that was used from Windows 8/8.1/10 and can be used across multiple Microsoft devices and programs like OneDrive, Windows Phone, Xbox Live, Outlook.com, Skype and Hotmail. In other words, by combining all these different accounts, you can login all their services with only a single online account.

    Local Account:

    In contrast, Local account is the earliest account type that combines the unique username and password, it is intended to be used on a single computer, and the account information are independently stored in local hard drive of your computer.

    How To Unlock Hp Laptop Without Disk Via Hp Recovery Manager

    How Do You Unlock The Keyboard On A Hp Laptop

    HP does provides a default HP Recovery Manager program that helps to resolve situations like this. It completely refreshes the primary disk of the laptop and will remove the password from your system. Here’s how to do that:

    Step 1. Power off your laptop, wait for a few minutes and then turn it on.

    Step 2. Keep pressing F11 button on your keyboard and select “HP Recovery Manager” and wait until the program is loaded.

    Step 3. Continue with the program and choose “System Recovery”.

    Step 4. Wait while the program installs all the necessary programs and removes the password from your laptop.

    Step 5. Now you can restart your laptop once the process is finished and you won’t require to input any password to access your laptop.

    Note: All the files from your primary disk will be removed. So if you had important files or documents on that computer, then it is not recommended using the above method to reset Windows password. Method 2 is a much better choice in such a case.

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    Way : Unlock A Hp Laptop Via Performing Factory Reset

    If none of the above methods work for you, you will need to factory reset your PC. The procedure is very simple and it is also very effective but it will definitely wipe out all your files from the primary partition.

    To Factory Reset your HP laptop, follow these steps:

  • After turning on the PC, when the login screen appears, hold the shift key and restart your PC. Hold the shift key unless Choose an option screen appears:

    • Keep my files: Choose this option if you want to backup your data.
    • Remove everything: Choose this option if you do not want to backup your data before reset.

    Choose Remove everything:

    If you choose the Remove everything option, the following window will appear in which you can choose whether to remove all the data or the data from the drive in which Windows is installed.

  • It is recommended to choose Only the drive where Windows is installed. The following window will appear:

  • After choosing the option, you will be warned that your PC is about to be reset.Click on Next.
  • Choose Keep my files:

    If you choose Keep my files, you will be prompted with the name of all the applications that will be removed from the PC.

  • Now, you will be asked if you are ready to factory reset your PC.Click on the Reset button and wait for the process to complete.
  • The Windows will be reinstalled into your PC automatically and the user accounts and passwords will be removed. You can now set a new password and install the required programs again.

    Way : Unlock A Hp Laptop Via Activating Hp Recovery Manager

    If you forgot password on HP laptop then first you should try the recovery manager, the program basically helps the users in similar situations. But all original data on the system drive will be deleted, including passwords, which allows you to regain control of a locked HP notebook. Here’s how to do it:

  • Turn off the laptop then wait a few minutes and then turn it on again.
  • You need to tap “F11” continuously to access “HP Recovery Manager”. Select the recovery manager and then wait for it to load.
  • Proceed through the program and select “System Recovery”.
  • Now, you have to wait, as the recovery manager will install all the necessary programs to remove the password from your laptop.
  • Wait until the procedure is finished, then restart the laptop.

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    Reset Password On Hp Laptop With Passgeeker Software

    Command Prompt is the best free way to reset Windows password. However, if you dont like it, then PassGeeker for Windows is good to go for resetting HP laptop password. In fact, this is a professional, award-winning software that instantly resets Windows login password. It supports all Windows versions, ranging from latest Windows 10 to the classic Windows XP.

    The best part is that it does not use any kind of suspicious software or program to get the job done. This makes sure that your personal data remain intact and safe during the process. It also unlocks all types of passwords you set.

    Step 1: Launch PassGeeker Windows Password Recovery on another machine and then create a Windows password reset disk .

    Step 2: Insert USB drive into your machine and select the name of your drive from the list. After that, hit the Burn button and wait for the process to complete.

    Step 3: Unplug USB drive and insert it into your locked HP computer. After that, power it on and press the F2 key to enter BIOS menu. From here, you can change the boot order so that your device can be booted from an external drive instead of an internal hard drive.

    Step 4: When you see the tools main user interface, select the user account you wish to reset the password for and then hit the Reset Password button.

    Step 5: Now reboot your machine and you now can access locked HP laptop without a password.

    Use The Password Reset Disk Created From Your Hp Laptop

    Locked Touchpad on HP Laptop

    If you have created a password reset disk from your HP laptop before forgetting password, then now you can use it to unlock your HP laptop instantly.

    1. Insert the password reset disk into your HP laptop, and start it to login screen.

    2. On the password text box, enter any incorrect password, and press Enter.

    3. Then you will get a popup message saying the password is incorrect. Click on OK.

    4. Below the password text box, click on the link “Reset password”. And then follow the password reset wizard to reset your HP laptop password.

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    Top Methods To Unlock Hp Laptop Forgot Password

    People are increasingly concerned about the security of the computer, as well as personal files, they are often encouraged to set a relatively complex password to ensure absolute data security. For HP notebook users, it will be a desperate thing when you lose your PC password or forget it for some reason. For most of us, the first solution that pops into our minds is to reinstall the system. This is really a useful and cruel solution, as all data on the system’s disk will be completely erased, and all programs on that disk also need to be reinstalled. If you have important data stored on your computer, this method is absolutely not applicable for you.

    A HP fan user? You set up Windows a long time ago and don’t remember which of the various passwords you are forced to remember to use on that specific occasion, or maybe someone set it up for you and didn’t bother to write the password down, or maybe you have purchased or received the device without explicit instructions and now have to deal with this situation.;These kinds of problems seem to arise regularly – so how do you deal with them? Keep on reading the post.

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