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How To Use Laptop

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Follow The Golden Rule Of Screen Cleaning

How to use a Laptop a Second Monitor

Say it with us: I will not spray cleaner directly on my screen. The number one rule of cleaning computer screens is to never apply any liquid or aerosol cleaner directly to the screen. Spraying directly risks liquid dripping down into the cracks of the display and potentially damaging internal components, says David Whalen, founder of TechHub Denver. Liquid and computers/electronics are sworn enemies and should never be introduced.

How To Extend Your Laptop Display On Windows 10

First of all, youll need to grab the appropriate display cable for your laptop so you can hook it up to a monitor. Your laptop might use a HDMI cable, DisplayPort, mini-DisplayPort or include a docking station, so find the right cable for your needs and plug it into your monitor.

Once thats done, open Settings > Settings > Display. You can also right-click on your desktop and click Display Settings or use the shortcut Windows key + P to switch between display modes quickly.

If your laptop has connected to your monitor successfully, you should see two or more numbered screens under the Select and rearrange displays section. If not, click Detect to force Windows to search for another display.

If youre unsure which screen is which, click Identify and a number will pop up to signify each display. You can also rearrange your displays to suit your preference, just make sure you click Apply once youre done.

Scroll down to Multiple displays and click the dropdown. From here, you can choose from a variety of options, but the ones that were focusing on is Extend these displays. Select it to expand your display across multiple screens, then tick which screen youd like to make as your main display.

And thats it! You can now work across multiple screens on your Windows 10 laptop.

How To Connect Multiple Monitors On Windows 11

One monitor is good. More is great. Connect more monitors with Windows 11

Using multiple monitors can be helpful for people who work or play with their computers for hours each day. For casual PC users, setting this up can be intimidating at first. Fortunately, Windows 11 makes it extra easy for you to connect your computer to multiple monitors.

There are plenty of benefits to using multi-monitor setups. Using two or three monitors can help you organize your activities or just make use of multiple open applications in a way thats much more efficient than switching. Multiple monitors also help you multitask, such as monitoring stock prices on one monitor while surfing the web on another.

Windows 11 lets you use as many monitors as you want as long as your graphic processor can handle it. There are next to zero risks in using more than one monitor. Read the guide below to learn how to connect your Windows 11 to multiple screens.

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Is Microsoft Surface A Good Replacement For Traditional Laptop/desktop

It depends.

The “Surface” tablets most likely are configured in “Windows S Mode” by default – which means you could only install software packages from Microsoft Store. Thus if the specific software package you need is not in Microsoft Store, there is NO WAY to get it installed while the system is running “S Mode”.

So, if you need to use certain specific software package, you have to “switch out of S Mmode” – and you cannot get back in to “S mode” afterwards.

And, as of year 2022, the Microsoft “Surface” devices come with “Home edition” of Windows only. We strongly suggest upgrading it to “Educational eidtion” or “Professional edition”.

How To Use A Computer Keyboard

3 Uncommon Ways to Use Your Laptop Touchpad

Whenever you use a computer, you’ll probably use a keyboard

The most common kind of keyboard is referred to as a QWERTY keyboard after the keys on the top row of letters. It was invented by C L Scholes in the 1860s when he was working out the best place to put the keys on a manual typewriter.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to help you get to know what your keyboard can do

So that you can carry out the simple exercises below, youll need a document open to type into. Read our guides What is WordPad? and How to open WordPad. Then create a WordPad document and go through the following steps.

Step 1: Have a good look at your keyboard. The most important keys are labelled on the diagram below:

, which you can print out for easy reference.

Some keyboards, especially those on laptops, will have a slightly different layout. For example, yours might not have a number pad or the delete key may be in a different place. But virtually all keyboards will have these important keys somewhere.

Step 2: The main keys are the letter keys. When you type just using these, you get lower-case print. However, if you hold down a shift key at the same time as you type, youll get UPPER-CASE letters.

Try typing your name, including capitals and spaces. The space bar is the wide key at the bottom of the keyboard.

Step 3: If you make a mistake in your typing, theres always a remedy.

Step 4: Now try typing a sentence:

Try moving the cursor backwards and forwards through your sentence.

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How To Turn A Windows Laptop Into A Desktop Pc

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Laptops offer the power of a PC wherever you go, from the other side of the country to the other side of the couch. But sometimes you want a desktop for a bigger display, a larger keyboard, and a beefy mouse. Heres how to turn your laptop into a pseudo desktop.

Care For Your Laptop Computer

How you handle and transport your laptop is an important factor in how long it continues to work for you. Follow these simple rules to get the most out of your laptop computer.

1. Carry the laptop in a padded laptop case.

2. Be gentle opening and closing the screen. Carelessness is the number one reason screens break.

3. Support the screen when walking from one place to another.

4. Make sure you do not smother the cooling fan.

5. Discharge the battery completely at least once a month if you do not use it very often.

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I Can No Longer Install Software After My Windows Computer Was Serviced By Csts What Should I Do

The short answer is: you could & should use a dedicated/different administrative account for all administration tasks on your laptop.

There are typically 3 levels of access on computers once we have configured them:

Your regular user account can’t install software or modify OS settings.

The account named “Administrator“. You will be provided with the initial password. You could & should change this password once you logon this account so it could be secure yet you could easily remember. Use this account when you need to install software or change the OS configuration.

The account “csts” is only for CS tech staff and we don’t share the password. Please do not alter any aspect of this account “csts”.

Uses Of A Laptop In Companies

Use a Laptop as a Monitor – How to Use Your Laptop as a Second Monitor

Laptop computers are also used in companies.Desktop computers are used to do the main work of the company and there are many types of desktop computers.The full use of laptops in the company is done by the owner of the company, HR of the company, manager of the company. You must have seen that there is a laptop in the HR office of the company and there is also a laptop in the office of the CEO of the company.Laptops are used by HR and the CEO of the company because they have a lot of work and time is very less, so they can do their work from anywhere by taking a laptop.

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I Noticed That The Sfu Wireless Speed Is Slow What I Could Do

First of all, please make sure you are connecting to authenticate SFU WiFi network.

If you are connected to a SFU WiFi network, you may want to perform a network benchmarking on your own device. If the benchmarking results are indeed slow, please visit the ITS contact page – please including the precise location where you experience the low speed wireless access.

Latest updates from ITS regarding the benchmarking page: “Unfortunately the NDT speed test hosted at is no longer a maintained project and due to security concerns will be shutdown today . We are looking into alternative solutions but no ETA.”

Uses Of Laptops For Banking Services

Picture of Bank

You can also do internet banking using a laptop. You can avail of internet banking services through a laptop computer. For example – you can send money to someone and take money from someone.Through a laptop, you can use many features of Internet Banking like – shopping online, paying an electricity bill, checking your account details without going to the bank, etc.

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How To Extend Your Laptop Display On Windows

1. Navigate to the left end of your taskbar and press the Apple menu button.

2. Select ‘System Preferences’, which should trigger the settings menu.

3. Click on the ‘Displays’ option located in the bottom left corner. This should open up a new window.

4. Once your display cable is successfully plugged in, select the ‘Arrangement’ tab,which should appear as the second option at the top of the menu.

5. You should now be able to see blue rectangles that indicate your connected and existing displays. The one with the white tab on top of it is your main display. Just make sure that the Mirror Displays option is unticked.

6. To rearrange the displays, drag the rectangles over to the desired placement. You can also relocate the menu bar by dragging it in order to change your primary display.

How To Customize Windows Touchpad Commands

How to Use Laptops (with Pictures)

This is only available with precision touchpads. You can check if your laptop has a precision touchpad by following steps one through three.

1. Open the Settings app on your laptop.

2. Click on “Devices.”

3. Click on “Touchpad.” At the top of the Touchpad screen, it should say “Your PC has a precision touchpad.” If it doesn’t say this, then your laptop doesn’t have a precision touchpad.

4. In the Touchpad screen, make sure the Touchpad button is swiped to the on position.

5. Here you can customize your cursor speed and tap, scroll, and zoom gestures by clicking the checkbox next to each listing. You can also configure multi-finger gestures such as play/pause, open multitasking view, show desktop, and more.

6. If at any point you want to restore all touchpad customizations to the default, you can click the “Reset” button at the bottom of this page.

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Understanding The Operating System

Every computer requires an operating system, which is what allows the software and hardware to communicate with a computer. Understanding what operating system is running on your computer helps you in finding help and knowing what is compatible with your computer. Become familiar with the operating system and version that is running on your computer.

How To Use Project To This Pc With A Laptop Second Monitor

On your laptop, head to Settings > System > Projecting to This PC.From here, you can select the projection settings for your setup, including which devices can connect, if new devices must request a connection, and whether pairing devices must enter a PIN before connecting.

If you’re only using your laptop as a second monitor at home, you can allow any device and leave the PIN blank.

Now, on your main PC , press Windows Key + P, then select how you want to project your screen. As you want to use the laptop as a second monitor for productivity, you should select Extend.

Select your laptop when the option to connect appears, and you’re good to go. Better still, you can use the Windows 10 Miracast feature to project your Windows 10 computer or laptop to your TV, too.

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The Projector Could Not Detect My Macbook What Should I Do

From time to time, Macbook users experience the difficulty connecting to the projectors in SFU.

Here are some steps you may try.

Firstly, please make sure you are using proper adapter – the Thunderbolt to VGA adapter, aka Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter.

Secondly, please always hookup power adapter to the Macbook for the presentation. Sometimes, the battery may not provide strong enough signal to the projector.

Thirdly, please ensure the adapter has the proper version of firmware.

If all these methods do not work, please connect helpdesk asap the CSTS may provide you an alternative laptop on FCFS basis.

A gentle reminder: please book early and test early to avoid any disappointment. If you bought a new Macbook, please try it out well before the presentation.

For more information on using the projectors, please .

Troubleshooting And Dealing With Problems

How to Use your Old Laptop as an External Monitor

Every computer is going to encounter problems, and there are going to be those times when you’ll need to troubleshoot those problems. When using a computer, it’s a good idea to know how to troubleshoot and fix problems or identify what’s causing the problem. See our troubleshooting page for further information.

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Scrolling On A Trackpad

Scrolling is something you probably do a lot on your computer if your on the internet a lot. On most windows mice there is a dedicated scroll wheel that makes scrolling a lot easier and more intuitive.

..To scroll with your laptop touchpad, find the scroll bar that is most often located on the right edge of your window

To scroll with your laptop touchpad, find the scroll bar that is most often located on the right edge of your window. Left click and hold the bar, and move your finger up or down on the touchpad to make your window scroll up or down.

Some older laptops have a dedicated vertical strip on the touchpad, where if you run your finger up or down on it. Your windows will scroll in the direction of your fingers movements.

This might seem like a pretty tedious task compared to just having a scroll wheel. However most modern day Windows laptops also have gesture support on their touchpads.

To simulate scrolling, use two fingers and move them up or down on the trackpad at the same time to scroll either up or down. On some laptops you might need to exert more force with your two fingers than others to get it to work.

But if its a relatively modern laptop, then chances are it has windows touchpad gestures built in by default.

Moving The Cursor On A Touchpad

When you want to move the cursor, just slide a finger across the touchpad in the direction that you want the cursor to go.

Dont worry if you come to the edge of the touchpad and the cursor still hasnt reached its destination. You can lift your finger off the touchpad surface and move it back to the edge of the touchpad to make more travel room for your finger. When your finger is not in contact with the touchpad, the cursor wont move.

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The Projector Does Not Work With My Mobile Device What Should I Do

In general, there are a few possibilities:

Firstly, please make sure you are using proper adapter – VGA port is still accepted globally as of 2018.

Secondly, please always hookup power adapter to the mobile device for the presentation. Sometimes, the battery may not provide strong enough signal to the projector.

Thirdly, please ensure mobile device outputs proper resolution to the projector. The most positive ones are VGA, SVGA, XGA and SXGA.

If all these methods do not work, please connect helpdesk asap the CSTS may provide you an alternative laptop on FCFS basis.

A gentle reminder: please book early and test early to avoid any disappointment. If you are using a Macbook, please check out this Q& A.

For more information on using the projectors, please .

How To Use Multiple Screens With Windows 11

Use WhatsApp On Your Phone And Computer At Once

1. The first step in connecting multiple monitors to your computer is physically doing it. Make sure that your computer is compatible with the monitors you have. Check if your computer supports VGA or HDMI. You may need to buy splitters or connectors for computers that only have single VGA or HDMI slots.

2. Once Windows notifies you that it has detected your new monitor, press Win+P on your keyboard. This action will show you options for how your additional monitor will behave. These options include PC screen only,Duplicate,Extend, and Second screen only.

3. Select Extend from the options. This option will make your computer act as if you are using one large monitor but are only split between your multiple screens.

And there you have it. You are now using multiple monitors for your Windows 11 computer. If your computer cannot detect your additional monitor, go to Settings. Navigate to System > Display. Then, click the Detect button beside Detect other display under the Multiple displays group.

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