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How To Voice Record On Hp Laptop

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Professional Way To Record Screen On Hp Laptop

How to Screen Record on HP Laptop

With the first 2 methods, you can handily record screen on your HP laptop. If you want to freely adjust the recording area and capture screen with higher quality, you should try the highly-recommended Screen Recorder. It has the capability to capture high-quality video even up to 4K UHD. Moreover, it is equipped with many editing features to help you directly edit the recorded file after recording. The following guide will show you how to record screen on HP laptop with this recording software.


  • Capture any video, audio and other activities on HP laptop screen.
  • Record HP laptop screen with full screen, active window or custom region.
  • Capture sound from system audio card, microphone or both.
  • Edit the recorded file and save it in MP4, MOV, FLV, MP3, AAC, M4A, etc.

Step 1 Choose the windows version and free install and run it on your HP computer. To record screen on HP laptop, you can choose the Video Recorder feature.

Step 2 When you enter the Video Recorder window, you can custom various video and audio recording settings. You can choose the audio recording source from system audio or microphone. Also, you can choose to capture screen with entire screen or custom region based on your need.

Step 4 You can preview the captured file and edit it. If you are satisfied with the recording file, you can click on Save button to save it on your computer. The screen recording will be saved in MP4 format by default.

Record Screen With Windows 10 Game Bar

In higher-end computers, HP provides an integrated video card that is capable enough to provide you with screen recordings of higher resolution. If you recently got a system with the latest configuration, there are very high chances that this functionality is already there. However, you will need to check if your device comes with a compatible video card to process the recorded footage.

You will need to follow the steps mentioned below to check whether this Windows 10 game bar recording is working or not.

  • Once the computer fully boots up, press Win+G. The system may ask your permission to run the Game Bar application.
  • Allow it to open, and you will get a horizontal menu on the top. There will be a range of features/options however, we are going to discuss screen recording only. On the right side of the Xbox logo, you will see the time. In the same direction, there will be a camera icon that says Capture. Click on it, another small dialogue box will appear up.
  • It will contain 4 options: Capture screenshots, record the previous 30 seconds, Record and Mic.
  • As soon as you will hit the circular recording button, it will turn square it means that the Game Bar is now recording.
  • Once the video is recorded, you can click that button again, and the recording will be saved in the “Users” folder.
  • If you want to edit some settings, you can use Windows Photos to alter them.
  • No dialogue box appeared on pressing Win+G. Any solution?

    Check Where The Sound Is Coming From

    Your digital piano, electronic keyboard or synthesizer may have speakers. But to record you need to find the line level output.

    Check the manual/instruction booklet, or look online for the connectivity of your keyboard model. It may have something labelled Aux Out or Line Out. This information will appear in the Specs section. It might be labelled , or L/MONO, R: 1/4 TRS Balanced.

    Or, as is often the case with less expensive keyboards, it may be that the only output is actually a headphone output. That is OK. You can record from the headphone out if there is nothing else available.

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    Start To Record A Video On Hp Laptop

    Hit the REC button and the recording will be started. And there are some actions you can take on the floating bar during the recording:

    • Capture the recording frames by clicking the camera icon.
    • Set a timer to stop recording automatically by clicking the clock icon.
    • Draw, add callouts or wordings on the screen recording by clicking the edit icon.
    • Turn op/down the sound volume of the system and microphone
    • Exclude some windows that are not supposed to be recorded
    • Pause and resume the recording process
    • Minimize the floating bar

    Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro

    how to screen record on laptop or pc

    As a powerful and reliable laptop screen recorder, Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro can help you record all video and audio activities on your HP laptop in a hassle-free manner. Supporting webcam, this app even allows you to apply the video-in-video effect to your screen recording. You will be able to export your videos to AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, MOV, and other popular formats. Besides, Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro also features many advanced video editing tools. With the help of it, you can add annotations, visual effects, etc. to your videos and more.

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    Faqs Of Screen Recording On Hp Laptop

    • Can you use Game Bar to record your screen on Windows 10?

      Yes. Game Bar is the default free screen recorder for Windows 10 users. You can record gameplay on Windows 10 for free. Press Windows and G keys at the same time. Confirm with Yes, this is a game. Set the audio input details based on your need. Click Record to record your screen on Windows 10.

    • How many hours can you record on HP laptop?

      Unlimited. There is no maximum recording time limit. You can screen record on HP laptop for hours freely. Just make sure there is enough storage space on your computer.

    • Any other good free screen recorder software for HP laptops?

      You can record PC screen with audio by using OBS Studio, Screencastify, Free Cam, ShareX, CamStudio, Ezvid, TinyTake and more.

    You can screen record on HP laptop with all methods mentioned above. If you want to record a screen video over 15 minutes, definitely 4Videosoft Screen Capture can be your first choice. You can record any on-screen activity without delay. And it also supports recording podcasts, capturing audio from Chrome, and more. The powerful on-screen drawing tools are also easy to use. Just free download it and have a try here.

    How To Screen Record On Hp Laptop For Free

    There is also a free screen recorder that can record video on HP laptop for free. It is AnyMP4 Free Online Screen Recorder that can work on all browsers on your HP laptop. After installing its launcher, you can record screen video with audio as MP4 or WMV format. Compare with the full version, the output video quality and frame rate options are limited. If you dont mind, you can screen record on HP online free as well.

    Step 1: Click Launch Free Recorder. Quickly install the launcher to access the free screen recording tool.

    Step 2: Select the screen or area you want to capture. Set the input audio source. Then click REC to record screen video on HP laptop for free.

    Step 3: Click Stop to finish screen recording and save it as MP4 automatically.

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    How To Record Audio On Laptop Or Pc Using Windows 10 Voice Recorder

    You can easily record audio without any third-party apps on a Windows 10 laptop or PC using the Voice Recorder. Heres how to get started.

    Windows 10 has a plethora of apps that can be used on a laptop or desktop and one of the most convenient and helpful is the Voice Recorder. This app allows the user to record audio for just about any reason, making it a great all-round option for those looking for a way to record themselves.

    Voice Recorder is easy to use and comes with other features, such as trimming, sharing audio files, and organizing. If a laptop or PC is running Windows 10, then the user already has access to Voice Recorder as it comes pre-installed. While there are tons of audio recording apps out there, Windows 10s Voice Recorder is likely to be enough for many users looking for a quick and easy recording solution.

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    One of the most notable factors about the Voice Recorder app is that its 100-percent user-friendly. A microphone is all that’s needed, and with almost all laptops and PCs now coming with a built-in microphone, this is not going to be an issue. Of course, there are also benefits to using an external microphone, including better quality audio recordings overall. Here’s how to find the Voice Recorder app in Windows 10, as well as brief explanation on how to make use of the main features.

    Easiest Option: Using Vidyard For Free Screen Recording

    How to record your voice with a laptop

    Vidyard is a free browser extension and desktop app that makes it super simple to record your screen and share your screen recordings securely with others.

    The free screen recording tool from Vidyard is available as a browser extension for Chrome and Edge. Additionally, theres also a full Windows desktop app you can download too.

    Its also worth noting that Vidyard offers screen recording on MAC devices, but as this article is focused on screen recording on HP laptops, were not going to go in-depth about that.

    All in all, Vidyard is a great screen recording app, and a fantastic alternative to Loom and other similar programs.

    Key Features:

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    How To Record On Hp Laptop With Free Cam

    Free Cam is a straightforward free screen recorder with a built-in audio/video editor. It allows you to create screencasts with the ease of a professional. Although this software is free, it doesn’t place any watermark on the recorded video.

    You can make a recording of your entire screen, a selected area of the screen, or a single window. Moreover, you can record your programs and applications’ sounds or add background music to your video. You can highlight your mouse cursor and turn on mouse click sounds to emphasize important details and steps. Follow the steps below to use this software.

    How to Record Video on HP Laptop with Free Cam:

    Step 1. Launch Free Cam, click “New Recording,” and select the area you want to record on your screen.

    Step 2. Click “Settings,” you may choose to record microphone or record system sounds under “Audio recording.”

    Step 3. Click the red button to start a new screen recording. When the recording is done, you may click “Esc” on your keyboard to exit the recording.

    Step 4. Click the “Save as Video” button to save the recorded video to your computer.

    Start To Record Video On Hp Laptop

    When you click the “Capture” button on the menu bar, you will see a few buttons that enable you to record HP laptop screen and take screenshots. You can press the “Record lat 30 seconds” button or the “Start recording” button to begin to record videos. You are also free to hit the “Turn mic on while recording” button so that your voice can be captured as well.

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    Fix Voice Recorder Microphone Access

    To allow the Voice Recorder app to access the microphone, use these steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Under the “Allow access to the microphone on this device” section, click the Change button.
  • Turn on the Microphone for this device toggle switch.
  • Under the “Allow apps to access your microphone” section, make sure the toggle switch is in the On position.

  • Under the “Choose which Microsoft Store apps can access your microphone” section, turn on the Voice Recorder toggle switch.

  • After you complete the steps, the app should now be able to record audio from the microphone.

    How To Screen Record On An Hp Laptop Through Snagit

    How To Record Audio On Laptop Or PC Using Windows 10 Voice Recorder

    Just need some simple screen recording features on an HP laptop, Snagit might be a nice choice. It also provides many additional capabilities, such as extract text from screen capture, or share via Screencast.

    Step 1: If you have already installed Snagit, you can click the Capture button to choose a custom region. The video toolbar also allows you to choose audio and webcam settings.

    Step 2: You can adjust the basic settings for screen recording on the HP laptop. Click the red Record button to record the onscreen activities. It also enables you to manage the recording.

    Step 3. When you get the desired files, you can click the Stop button to save the file. Then, you can use the menu to save the video or send it to the web or social media sites in one click.

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    How To Screen Record On Hp Laptop With Obs Studio

    OBS Studio is mainly used for live streaming and very famous in the field of live broadcasting, but its screen recording function is also very powerful. It can be set to record the specified computer screen. As an open source and very professional live video recording software, OBS is completely free and supports Windows 10/11, MacOS, and Linux. There are some commonly used plug-ins built-in this software, which cover a variety of video, audio formats, recording scenes and other settings.

    Step 1. Download and install OBS Studio here on your HP laptop, if you don’t have it yet.

    Step 2. After installation finishes, open it. Then go to the Scenes box. Basically, OBS will automatically add a Scene after you open it. While, if not, click on the + button to add one. And you can name it the way that you like.

    Step 3. Next go to the Sources box which is right next to the Scenes box and also click the + button to find the Display Capture option.

    Step 4. After you choose the Display Capture option, there will be a new window popping up, where you can give this project a title, like HP laptop screen recording. Then choose the OK button.

    Step 5. Then the second new window would show up. There you can choose which monitor to capture, if you have multiple ones. Then click the OK button.

    Step 6. Now you will be back to the OBS homepage. Next, what we need to do is go to Settings which is located in the right corner.

    How To Screen Record On Hp Laptop With Sound And Webcam

    AnyMP4 Screen Recorder is designed for people who dont have much experience of video and audio recording. If you want to film yourself and record screen video on your HP laptop, you can get a satisfying result here. The screen recording software allows users to record screen video, audio and webcam video without quality loss. Moreover, you can record your screen on Windows while adding annotation and narration at the same time. In another word, you can record what is happening on HP laptop with your voice and face.

    • 1. Record HP laptop screen video in full screen, specific window or selected region.
    • 2. Screen record on HP laptop with audio from the computer itself or microphone.
    • 3. Record webcam and combine with laptop screen recording.
    • 4. Add text, line, arrow, callout, mouse effect and other effects while recording.
    • 5. Remove unwanted video clips and save as MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI or other popular video formats.

    Step 1: Free download and install AnyMP4 Screen Recorder on your HP computer laptop. Choose Video Recorder to record a video on laptop.

    Step 2: Choose full screen or custom window as screen capture area. To record screen with audio, turn on Microphone and System Sound based on your need. You can record your face with Webcam as well.

    Step 3: Click REC to start recording HP laptops screen. Click Screenshot to Screenshot on HP laptop in one click. Furthermore, you can click Edit to access annotating tools here.

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    How To Screen Record On An Hp Laptop Via Ezvid

    Ezvid is another HP laptop screen recorder to capture screen videos/audio files and share them to social media sites in clicks. It enables you to edit the video clips and manage the recording files.

    Step 1: Once you have launched the Ezvid screen recorder, you can click the Capture Screen option and choose the Start Capture Now option to screen record on the HP laptop.

    Step 2: During the recording process, you can pause and stop the recording by clicking the accordant button. Moreover, click the Drew button to make remarks on the screen.

    Step 3: After recording, you can further edit the recording with some basic video editing features. Just share the videos to your social media websites within one click.

    Solved How To Screen Record On Hp Laptop In 2022

    How to screen record on a HP laptop!
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    Summary :

    As an HP user, you may need to screen record on HP to capture and share some important screen activities, such as online meetings, games, or streaming videos. Therefore, here we are going to introduce how to screen record on a HP laptop using the best laptop screen recorders, like MiniTool Video Converter.

    Quick Navigation :

    Do you know how to screen record on HP laptop? If you dont know, just check this post. Here we will introduce several excellent laptop screen recorders to you and show you how to use them to record the activities that occur on the HP screen.

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    Faqs About How To Screen Record On Hp Laptops

    In depends. HP is just the computer manufactory that produces hardware but not software. So, most HP laptops do not have a screen recorder pre-installed. But on HP laptops running Windows 10, the Windows Game Bar feature is the default screen recorder of HP laptops.

    The answer is determined by the content you are recording. If you just capture a video tutorial, it is legal without a problem. But some online video contents are copyright protected. You should get permission when screen recording them on your HP laptop.

    When you need to capture a professional video for social websites, you can record the onscreen activities on an HP laptop in MP4 or other formats. Then you can edit them with professional editors. Camtasia and Screen Recorder are the all-in-one screen recorders you should choose.

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