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Is A Desktop Better Than A Laptop For Gaming

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Desktop Vs Laptop: What Do I Really Need As A College Student

Gaming Laptop Vs Desktop PC – Which is Best in 2021!?

When deciding between purchasing a desktop or a laptop computer as a college student, youll need to consider a handful of criteria and determine what best fits your needs.

Although most students opt for laptops, modern desktop computers offer a number of exclusive perks that leave the debate wide open.

According to HP, 2008 marked the first year that laptop sales surpassed desktop sales, and since then, the popularity of portable devices has surged.

So, here are some distinctions in the Desktop Vs Laptop debate:

  • Size
  • Repair

Laptops Vs Desktops: The Pros & Cons

Both laptops and desktops serve the same purpose. They both give you a personal computer.

However, certain people, depending on their own circumstances, will be better off with a laptop instead of a desktop.

And, others will be better off with a desktop over a laptop.

The right choice for you will really depend on how you intend to use your new computer.

So, below, well go over the pros and cons of both laptops and desktops, as well as cover the types of use cases that each computer type is best for.

Desktop Vs Laptop For College/school

If youre a student, you will benefit from being able to take your laptop to and from school. With a laptop in the classroom , you can use it to take notes, bring up your course syllabus, follow along with your teachers/professors slides, etc.

A laptop will also allow you to write papers, study, or do research anywhere on your campus.

And, of course, having a laptop means you can bring all of your notes, papers, work, and research back to your dorm or house with you. And, it will all be in one convenient location.

On the flip side, though, with cloud sharing technology, plenty of available computer labs on campus, professors putting their lectures online, and the increased power of smartphones/tablets, a laptop isnt absolutely necessary.

You can take notes in class on your phone and access them later on a desktop at home, or on a computer in a computer lab on campus.

You can also go back through your professors slides or work on a paper you are writing/researching when you get back to your dorm, or in a computer lab on campus as well.

So, if youre a student and youd rather choose the power of a desktop over a laptop, you can definitely get by. But a laptop for school is more convenient when all things are considered.

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Can A Gaming Laptop Really Compete

For quite some time PC gamers have shied away from the use of gaming laptops because of their past reputation. Before the advancements in CPU and GPU power and efficiency that we see today, gaming laptops relied heavily on mobile specific chips that were vastly underpowered compared to desktop grade component. The price of previous generations of gaming laptops compared to gaming rigs was astounding for the gaming performance that you received.

The stigma against gaming laptops has been drastically reduced as the gaming laptop market has gotten more comparable in both price and performance to their desktop counterparts. While the gaming experience and price gap between the two has become more narrow, there is still a variety of pros and cons between getting a new high end gaming laptop and its equivalent high end gaming desktop PC. The most important thing one can do to help make a choice between a laptop or desktop is to weigh the pros and cons of a gaming laptop vs desktop with respect to your specific needs.

Ability To Repair: Gaming Laptop Vs Desktop

Top 10 Reasons Why Desktops Are Better Than Laptops ...

The primary purpose of a gaming laptop or any other laptop is to make it portable. Laptops are also in demand for portability. Several laptop manufacturers are placing particular emphasis on this issue.

As a result, they need to customize the interior of the laptop constantly. Some branded companies like Razor, MSI, Dell, Asus, etc., often have to customize every component to make it easy to carry.

This kind of extra customization can sometimes get you in trouble. Because the more parts you change, the harder it will be to find replaceable parts for your device.

Maybe your device is working right now. But what if you suddenly have a problem with a part of it and need to change it? Thinking about changing it with the market.

But with the change, you see that the part is no longer available, or the manufacturer is not making it now, then how do you feel?

Right now, there are so many bad situations being born that it is difficult for us to accept. This problem can exacerbate, especially if your device is three to four years old or older.

Many laptop manufacturers give you a warranty card when you buy a laptop. This card has a validity of one year or two years or more.

If you see a defect in any part of your device inside it, you can repair it for free. But after this time, you have to fix it at your own expense.

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Desktop Vs Laptop Which Is Better For Students

For a student, Laptop is a better option as it is portable and you can carry it around the campus with ease. However, there are different kinds of laptops in the market, but according to me, you should go for a notebook instead of a gaming laptop. Thats because they are lightweight and wont hurt your back.

However, if you already have a laptop and want something for your home, then I think a Desktop can be a good purchase.

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Final Verdict

Both Desktops and Laptops can be extremely powerful, given, you go for higher-end ones. However, with a desktop, you can are getting sustained power and more power than a laptop at a similar price. But laptops are portable and are better for most people.

Now, once you have bought the device, you may want to improve its performance, use Registry Editor to do that.

Gaming Desktop Vs Gaming Laptop: Which One Is Right For You

When shopping around for the best gaming hardware for your needs, would a desktop or laptop be best?

There’s no question that you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to PC gaming hardware, making it more of a decision as to what your setup requires rather than available power when deciding between a dedicated gaming desktop or gaming laptop. Most of the crucial questions you need to ask yourself havent changed over the years, but what has is your options there are far more gaming laptops of different types today than there ever has been, complicating the decision slightly if you find yourself in the middle. We’ve compared gaming desktops vs. gaming laptops below: Here’s what to consider when shopping for either, and what options might be the best for your use case and budget.

There are three main factors to consider when comparing both gaming laptops and desktops: overall performance, portability, and price. These are where you’ll find the biggest differences, often with concessions in one impacting the other two in considerable ways. For the most part, desktop gaming PCs are more powerful and cheaper than identically setup laptops, with portability factoring into the discrepancy heavily. That doesn’t mean that the decision is as clear cut as that, and you’ll see how many top-tier gaming laptops deliver some of the best gaming performances out there while being stellar workstations that you can pop into a backpack without breaking your back.

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Cost Of Gaming Desktops Vs Laptops

While its hard to directly compare gaming laptops and desktops due to the huge number of configurations as well as the price of components, just checking a few examples points to some general trends.

For starters, we compared some close-to-entry level machines from Dells G series line.

15.6-inch, 1920 x 1080 N/A

In this case, the gaming desktop comes in $200 cheaper when both systems are outfitted with a 9th Gen Intel Core i5 CPU, GTX 1660 Ti and 8GB of RAM . The desktop has twice the space of the laptop, albeit with a slower, clunkier spinning hard drive instead of a fast NVMe SSD.That desktop gets even cheaper, down to $679.99, for a Core i3-9100 and GTX 1660 Super with the same RAM and storage. A cheaper version of that laptop uses some last generation parts. But the desktop does have some additional costs when you first start out. If you dont have a monitor, preferably one of the best gaming monitors, youll need one. And the mouse and keyboard that comes boxed in with most prebuilts are pretty bad. If you built, it wont come with those at all. On top of that, you may need speakers or headphones. A laptop comes with the screen and speakers built in, as well as the keyboard. For gaming, youll just need a mouse , though the screen wont be as big as a desktop monitor..

Custom Rig

EVGA BR 500 W 80+ Bronze Certified
Case Fractal Design Focus G Mini

Desktops And Laptops By Application

Why you should buy a Laptop over a Desktop – Why Laptops are Better than a Desktops

Ultimately, the sole benefit of a laptop is mobility. If it wasnt for the mobility of a laptop, there really wouldnt be any reason to choose a laptop over a desktop. But, the reality is that mobility is a huge benefit for certain types of users. And, as such, laptops are a necessity for those individuals.

In this section, well take a look at the types of applications that laptops and desktops make the most sense in.

In my opinion, there are four main categories of application that one will be looking to use their computer for. They are:

  • Gaming
  • School
  • Leisure
  • Most computer owners will do some sort of mix of the above. But lets take a look at each of those categories to give you an idea of how laptops and desktops stack up against each other for each use application

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    Gaming Computers Have Better Display

    There is no point in having smooth frame rates and gorgeous graphics if the display is ugly. Gaming computers should have a nice rich and crisp display which all of them do. This is not really necessary on a regular PC as there is no need for it. The quality of display is determined by four major factors: resolution, touch screens, matte/glossy, OLED and G-Sync display.

    • Resolution: The screens resolution is how many frames are in a pixel. The minimum resolution for any gaming laptop is 1920 x 1080. Anything less is a poor display. Higher quality displays have 2560 x 1440, also known as 2K. More and more 4K monitors are in the market these days with 3840 x 2160 pixel panels, as well as 1440p 240Hz monitors.
    • Touch screens: Gaming laptops are starting to become touch screens. However, it is seen as an unnecessary feature in gaming PCs
    • Matte or glossy: Glossy displays are shiny and are known to display colors better and make them more vibrant. However, their shiny surfaces create an annoying glare that can damage the eye after long periods of use. Matte displays eliminate all glares and reflections but tend to wash out color and detail.
    • OLED: OLED displays tend to correct the faults of matte and glossy displays. They allow for thinner, power saving screens while still providing a rich color and contrast to images. The Alienware 13 R3 uses this technology.

    Which Is One Is The Best For You

    For most users, desktop gaming PCs are a far better option than laptops. Comparatively, desktops cost slightly less and offer better performance. They can be more durable depending on the case, and users can upgrade or replace components whenever needed.

    On the other hand, gaming laptops are better for people who require a portable solution. They are compact enough to fit into a bag and allow users to play on the go. While they are expensive, there is no substitute for the on-the-go gamer.

    Between the two options, desktops are the best option for users who want the best performance and customization and repair options. Laptops are best for users who frequently travel or need a degree of portability when they commute to work and back.

    This article includes affiliate links, which may provide small compensation to Dot Esports.

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    Cons Of Gaming Desktops


    Gaming desktops are bulky and hard to move around. The case tends to be heavy depending on how many components it houses, and monitors become difficult to carry as their sizes increase.

    While this is generally the case, there are some exceptions to the rule. Some users favor compact mini-ITX or micro-ATX builds with smaller cases. If these builds are paired with a small monitor, they can be easier to transport than mid-tower ATX siblings.

    Parts availability

    While most components are easy to find, others, like GPUs, can be difficult to find due to limited availability. One of the most obvious examples is Nvidias 30 series GPUs. A year after release, these GPUs are still scarce, which means buyers have to look at alternative options.

    The scarcity of GPUs has a direct effect on pricing. Nvidias RTX 3070 graphics card was released at the same $699 price as the older RTX 2080 despite being newer and having better performance. While both cards have the same recommended price, the RTX 3070 goes for around $1,500 due to its low supply and high demand.

    Gaming Laptop Vs Gaming Desktop

    Desktop or laptop: which computer is better for gaming ...

    In gaming, the more power your system has, the better off youll be. And, if sheer gaming performance is your main concern when purchasing a new computer, then a gaming desktop will always beat out a gaming laptop.

    But, that doesnt mean that gaming laptops dont have their place.

    Some gamers need a computer that they can both game on and take to class to take notes and do school work.

    Other gamers also need a laptop to take to work with them.

    And, still, other gamers want to go to LAN parties or go over to a friends house and game.

    In those scenarios, a gaming laptop offers the gamer the mobility necessary to take their system with them to class/work/LAN parties, as well as to provide them enough performance to play their favorite games.

    So, while gaming desktops are the ideal option for gamers, if you need the mobility that a laptop offers a gaming laptop, despite not offering as much performance, will provide you with the both of best worlds.

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    Upgrade Ability: Gaming Laptop Vs Desktop

    The dynamic weather, photo-realistic textures, and superior speed of modern games not only make you respond but also make you more excited. All these modern games are taking you to a different world. Its much more than you might expect.

    However, to enjoy some of these suitable quality hardware and graphics cards, these are not an option to keep the gaming performance right, which can be more beneficial by adding.

    Upgrading gaming laptops is a lot harder. Everything except its RAM and Storage is custom designed, which makes it difficult to upgrade.

    But now, Alienware area 51M allows you to upgrade GPU and CPU. These are expensive compared to other gaming laptops.

    Gaming desktops offer much more than that. You can upgrade any part of it if you want. It is possible to easily change the old hardware, RAM, the processor of the desktop.

    This upgradeability means that you have to start with a gaming desktop made of cheap material.

    Can. Then, you can gradually change the various components to increase their performance.

    The gaming desktop is the best choice for you if you want to upgrade your hardware at any time.

    Desktop Vs Laptop For Work

    If your primary purpose for buying a new computer is for work, then whether you should get a laptop or desktop all depends on what kind of work you are doing.

    If you are a graphic designer, or you create/edit videos, or you undertake any other kind of demanding tasks, a desktop might be your best option as it will provide you with more power for your budget.

    Or, if you are working from an office or from your home, and you dont need to leave your place of work often, a desktop will be a solid option.

    On the flip side, though, if you need the mobility of a laptop, whether thats because you travel frequently for work, or you like to go to coffee shops to work, or even if you work from home and you like to be able to work from anywhere in your house, a laptop will be the better option for you.

    Even if your line of work requires a lot of power from your system, there are high-end laptops out there that will work for you Just note, though, that youre going to pay exponentially more for a high-end laptop than you would for a high-end desktop.

    But, overall, either a laptop or desktop could be the better option for work-related purposes. It just depends on whether youre a stationary worker or a mobile worker

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    Gaming Laptop Vs Desktop: Peripherals

    It is important to note that laptops can have built-in keyboards, displays, and touchpads. This can either be a good thing or a problem.

    You dont need to spend extra on any of these, but what if your current setup isnt working for you? If youre looking for a high-end gaming monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate or a mechanical keyboard, the accessories that come with your laptop will only add to the cost of the device.

    Display Most gaming laptops feature Full HD screens with 60Hz refresh rates and a 15- to 17-inch diagonal. It is easy to understand the screen size if your laptop needs to be carried in a bag. However, a monitor will be necessary if your eyes are set on higher resolutions or refresh rates.

    Keyboard Laptops use regular low-profile membrane keys. It is rare to find a mechanical keyboard with built-in backlighting.

    Touchpad/Mouse Anyone who has used one knows that they are very inconvenient for gaming. If you plan to use your mouse exclusively with your gaming laptop, then youll need to purchase a separate mouse.

    Microphone and Speakers Gaming laptops come with microphones and speakers built-in. If you prefer headphones, you dont have to worry about buying a headset or a dedicated mic.

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