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Is A Gaming Laptop Better Than A Gaming Pc

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Cons Of Gaming Laptop

Gaming Laptop Vs Desktop PC – Which is Best in 2021!?


As I mentioned previously, a decent gaming laptop in 2020 can cost three times more expensive than a PS4.;

To go even further, the higher end of a gaming laptop in 2020 can even increase to the 5x of the money you spend to buy a PS4.

Of course, there might be a cheap gaming laptop you can purchase under $1000.;

However, such cheap gaming laptops performance and graphical output might not be powerful enough to allow yourself an enjoyable gaming experience.;

Technical Expertise

Buying a gaming laptop is almost the same as building your own PC Computer.;

You need to understand the hardware configuration offered with the gaming laptops. Different hardware configurations, for instance, CPU and GPU combos, can deliver a different level of performance.

You need to spend more time studying the configuration to get your best bang for the buck for your gaming laptop.

Plus, different brands and manufacturers will have various build quality and after-sales services that you might want to research before making a purchase decision.

And this can be quite a hassle before purchasing your gaming laptop.;

It Doubles As A School Laptop

Likewise, the latest gaming laptops are a perfect choice for college students in need of an all-in-one PC for study sessions and gaming marathons. Of course, students will need to demonstrate enough self-control to not boot up a game when it’s just a few clicks away, but that’s a potential problem with any device. Only difference is, a gaming laptop will run the game with better graphics and a smoother frame rate.

What Laptop Should I Get If I Want To Play Games And Use My Laptop For Work

If the type of game you want to play is a game that requires high specs than a gaming laptop is your best choice since it allows you to play the game you want to play as well as being effective for work. Although if your game is a low-resolution game that doesnt really require much to play then you can definitely use a normal laptop.

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How To Pick A Cpu In A Gaming Laptop

The processor is the heart of a PC, and in most gaming laptops that released back in 2020, you’ll likely find Intel’s 10th Generation Core H-Series processors . You’ll still see plenty of these processors available in 2021 , even though they’re technically no longer the latest and greatest offerings. Intel launched its first 11th Generation “Tiger Lake-H” processors in early 2021 , with some newer, higher-powered chips debuting in May. The first ones “only” included four cores and eight threads, but thanks to improvements in Intel’s manufacturing technology, that shouldn’t always equal lower performance, especially on less multi-threaded tasks. They also have the advantage of using less power and running cooler.

Even better for gamers, that second wave of Tiger Lake-H chips are hitting a range of gaming systems in the second half of 2021. They include enthusiast Core i9 CPUs, Core i7 processors for thin-and-light gaming laptops, and fresh Core i5 chips for budget machines. Unlike the processors from the initial wave, these more potent chips have at minimum six cores and 12 threads, and the Core i7 and i9 units boast eight cores and 16 threads. We haven’t reviewed any laptops with these chips just yet, but should have performance numbers soon.

Display Size: Do You Need A 17

Why Buying a Gaming PC Is Better Than Building Right Now ...

In terms of display size, a 15-inch screen is the sweet spot for a gaming laptop. You can buy models with larger 17-inch displays, but this will almost certainly jack up the weight to well beyond 5 pounds and put portability in question. In terms of resolution, however, it’s less of a question: A full HD native-resolution screen is the default minimum at this point, whatever the screen size.

Larger displays are capable of giving you higher-than-1080p resolutions, but choose wisely, as a resolution of QHD , QHD+ , or 4K will boost the final cost twice: first for the panel, and second for the higher-quality graphics chip you’ll need to drive it to its full potential. As mentioned, look for increasingly common G-Sync or high-refresh-rate screens if you want smoother visuals.

Because they require the most potent GPUs for smooth gameplay at native resolution, gaming laptops with a 4K screen are still an exception, and still expensive. And keep this in mind: Only the most powerful graphics cards can render complex game animations at playable frame rates across the full screen at 4K, so a 1080p screen may actually be a better use of your money if all you do is play games . Even though the RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 can handle 4K gaming much more reasonably than any laptop GPUs before them, we still don’t think it’s worth the cost to seek out 4K gaming in laptops. The screens sure do look nice, though, especially since they’re often paired with OLED technology.

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Put The Gpu First: Graphics Are Key

The main attribute that makes or breaks a gaming laptop is its graphics processing unit . We don’t consider a laptop to be a gaming laptop unless it has a discrete graphics chip from Nvidia or AMD. A quick crash course for the uninitiated: In general, the higher the number in a GPU series, the more powerful it is. For example, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 will produce higher frame rates and higher-quality graphics than an RTX 3070, and so on down the stack.

Nvidia is the dominant player in the field right now, currently producing discrete mobile GPUs based its “Ampere” microarchitecture. Ampere GPUs sell under the GeForce RTX 30-Series name and launched on laptops in early 2021. This platform supplanted the previous “Turing” generation, though you will still find these 20-Series GPUs at online retailers in some laptops that released last year. Unlike prior generations, the top-end Turing and Ampere GPUs available on laptops carry an “RTX” designation rather than “GTX,” a nod to the ray-tracing technology that the platform offers for enhanced in-game visuals .;

These remain relevant for the time being despite the new GPUs, especially in the lowest-end gaminglaptops, though the RTX 3050 and RTX 3050 Ti will begin to replace them in many cases. You will also see, for example, the GTX 1650 Ti utilized in small gaming laptops like the Razer Blade Stealth 13, and in non-gaming laptops that can benefit from some graphics oomph, like the Dell XPS 15.

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Can I Use My Gaming Laptop Like A Normal Daily Laptop For Work

Yes, gaming laptops have similar features to normal laptops but those features are upgraded on a gaming laptop. The only downside gaming laptops have over regular laptops is that gaming laptops are quite heavier to support the additional cooling system. Gaming laptops batteries also dont typically last as long as normal laptops since gaming laptops have more resources than your average laptop.

Pcs Are Safer From Theft

10 reasons why PC gaming is better than console gaming

When people are naming the disadvantages of having a PC, the first one that comes to their mind is they are bulky and big. However, this setback can be an advantage sometimes. Obliviously, due to its size and weight, it is much harder to steal it than a laptop. Plus, you are never going out public with your PC in your hands, therefore, practically it cant be stolen. Laptops are whole another story, which you are aware of.

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You Don’t Need To Spend A Lot On Games

One of the biggest knocks against PC gaming is its upfront cost, but people who strive to be honest in their PC/console comparisons must factor in the aforementioned free online multiplayer play AND super-cheap games.

Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle, and run gaming sales on a regular basis; sales that see even deeper price cuts during, say, the holiday season. Gamestop, Walmart, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and Nintendo eShop have their sales, sure, but they don’t often match the ridiculous price slashes. In fact, I make the bulk of my game purchases during Steam sales, times when select titles hit the 66 percent or 80 percent discount mark.

Laptop Vs Desktop For Casual Use

Finally, for casual use, either a desktop or laptop will work. Both will allow you to browse the internet, send emails, stream videos, and watch .

However, due to the mobility that a laptop comes with, its easier to kick-back and;relax with a laptop than it is with a desktop.

You can;get comfortable at a desktop if you have the right chair and desk. But with a laptop, you can easily move it to locations where you can get more comfortable .

The one thing that I do like about using my computer casually on my desktop, though, is that I have a multiple monitor setupsomething that is a lot more difficult to achieve on a laptop.

With multiple monitors, I can play games and watch videos at the same time. Or, I can browse the internet and watch videos.

Ultimately, though, Id have to give the edge to laptops in terms of casual users, simply because they are easier out of the box to get comfortable with than desktops are.

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Laptops Are More Likely To Break

Lets be honest, some of us are considered clumsy. In that case, a laptop definitely is not the right choice for you. Just one careless moment can break your laptop in half. At the same time, much more power, in terms of physical damage, is needed to inflict damage to the desktop. Also, PC is stationary for the most part, so you cant break it if you are not too careless.

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It

Build a Better Gaming PC for Less Than $500

Oh absolutely! Gaming laptops are definitely a worthy purchase! It allows you to game with such portability; you can play your games anywhere and anytime.;

Plus, a gaming laptop comes with powerful CPU and GPU specs that will allow you to do a plethora of stuff. For instance, you can do:

  • Edit and render 4K videos quickly and smoothly.
  • Work on animation and design projects.
  • Sound and music production.
  • Watch movies in high definition due to the high-quality display that comes with the laptop.

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Disadvantages Of Using A Laptop For Gaming

For the right reasons, buying a laptop for gaming would be quite a wonderful experience. However, purchasing a laptop for gaming can be a disappointment.

Because laptop for gaming has a heightened capacity compared to ordinary ones, people sometimes theorize that using one will eradicate any current computer issue that they face. Laptop for gaming may have bigger and better specs compared to regular computers. However, that does not mean they are free from inconveniences. To tip you off, here are some of the disadvantages you may face using a laptop for gaming.

1. Heat

In theory, you may think that gaming lap laptop for gaming tops are only capable of giving you marvelous fun. However, concerning computer, high-performance gaming or other tasks requires tremendous heat.

An ordinary laptop would heat up when it is continuously being used for long periods of time. Therefore, something with the capacity of a laptop for gaming will heat up faster since its high-end performance produces more heat than a regular laptop.

If one is not aware on how to keep their laptop for gaming cool, then the heating will eventually damage the laptop itself.

Even though heating of laptop for gaming can lead to damage, not to mention cause other accidents, it is not a good enough reason to prevent anyone from purchasing a laptop for gaming if they are really in need of one.

2. Weight

3. Lack of Power

4. The Cost

Ssds Of Hdds For Gaming

When it comes to hard drives, they are decent for gaming. You can find cheap models with 1TB of capacity, meaning that you will have plenty of space to install and run all your games. They are also easier to find and there are a lot of versions available.

All gamers do need plenty of space, so we can deduce that the minimum size of an HDD should be around 512GB. When it comes to reliability, HDDs are reasonably reliable and durable.

While HDDs are a good choice, SSDs are the ideal choice. They will make your computer run much faster, and therefore gaming will be more satisfying. They use less energy and they are more durable, while they produce less heat and noise. All of this makes them ideal for all users, not only gamers.

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It’s Pc Gaming Or Bustright

And that’s why PC gaming is superior to console gaming, friends. That wasn’t so bad, was it? I like to think that I took the inherently ghastly take and gave it a decent argument. Although I mostly agree with the sentiment , I would never trash consoles; some of my favorite games of all time haven’t made their ways to PC.

Besides, maybe one day I’ll be called upon to list the ways in which console gaming is superior to PC gaming.

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Is Pc Better Than Ps4

Why PC gaming is better than Console gaming

A PC is similar to a gaming laptop but without the portability aspect. So, the PC has all the Pros of a gaming laptop where it can deliver better graphics output and have more purpose than a PS4.

Like the previous debate, a PC is better than PS4 if you want to immerse yourself in games with high graphical output .;

Also, a PC will be better than PS4 if you plan to play a First-Person Shooter type of game. In general, FPS gamers will opt to play with a keyboard and mouse combo to get a better experience in playing the games.

However, to get yourself a PC, you will need more technical expertise to pick your PCs hardware components.;

Plus, the cost will be more expensive compared to buying a PS4. So if cost is one of your primary considerations, then a PS4 is better than a PC.

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Can A Gaming Laptop Really Compete

For quite some time PC gamers have shied away from the use of gaming laptops because of their past reputation. Before the advancements in CPU and GPU power and efficiency that we see today, gaming laptops relied heavily on mobile specific chips that were vastly underpowered compared to desktop grade component. The price of previous generations of ;gaming laptops compared to gaming rigs was astounding for the gaming performance that you received.

The stigma against gaming laptops has been drastically reduced as the gaming laptop market has gotten more comparable in both price and performance to their desktop counterparts. While the gaming experience and price gap between the two has become more narrow, there is still a variety of pros and cons between getting a new high end gaming laptop and its equivalent high end gaming desktop PC. The most important thing one can do to help make a choice between a laptop or desktop is to weigh the pros and cons of a gaming laptop vs desktop with respect to your specific needs.

Advantages Of Using A Laptop For Gaming

Because buying a gaming laptop can mean a dent on ones wallet, it is essential to think about the perks and make an estimation if the purchase is worth it. Below are some of the perks you will be enjoying with a gaming computer.

1. Specs Customization

Most people choose among a variety of specs when they purchase a laptop. However, when you buy a laptop for gaming, you do not just choose the specs. You decide them.

You have the license to dictate what type of hardware and specs you want for your unit; then the manufacturer will comply with your requests.2

2. Audio

Audio quality is a huge part of the entire gaming experience. However, whether you are using the laptop for gaming for playing or otherwise, you will still appreciate the high-end sound that it offers.

Because of the clear and crispy sound, you do not have to carry headphones or speakers to enjoy maximum quality.3

3. Performance

Most people take an interest in laptop for gaming primarily due to its performance. Some people complain that laptop for gaming are heavy and have a weak battery. However, this only happens because lots of hardware and energy is needed for high-end performance.

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What Else Do You Need To Up Your Game

Given that high-end components tend to drain battery life, don’t plan on taking any of these gaming rigs too far from a wall socket very often. Cutting-edge ports like USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 are beneficial now, and will only be more so down the road, but look for at least two ordinary-shaped USB 3.0 ports so you can plug in an external mouse and a hard drive for your saved media files.

If you want to attach a VR headset to your GeForce GTX 1660 Ti-or-better rig, look for the right loadout of ports to accommodate it. You’ll need a well-placed HDMI or DisplayPort video out and enough USB ports for a possible hydra-head of cabling. Other video ports, like DisplayPort or mini-DisplayPort , will be helpful if you want to play games on an external display, but they aren’t absolutely necessary if your laptop’s screen is large enough.

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