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Is A Tablet Better Than A Laptop

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Tablet vs Laptop – Which Is Better for You? [Simple Guide]

Ive been testing, reviewing, and otherwise writing about PCs and other gadgets for AnandTech, Ars Technica, and Wirecutter since 2011. Ive been building, upgrading, and fixing PCs for more than 15 years I spent five of those years in IT departments buying and repairing laptops and desktops and helping people buy the best tech for their needs. Ive also used every iPad that Apple has ever released, nearly every Surface device that Microsoft has ever released, and dozens of other tablets besides.

Input Method: You Can Do More With Laptops

Tablets rely solely on a touchscreen interface for input, which can present challenges when you need to input text. Since tablets have no keyboard, you must type on virtual keyboards that have varying layouts and designs. Some of the best 2-in-1 tablets come with a detachable keyboard, but these models still fall short of the laptop experience because of their smaller size and more restrictive designs. If you add an external Bluetooth keyboard, you’ll add costs and peripherals that must be carried with the tablet, making it less portable. Laptops are better for people who type a lot.

So Which Should I Buy

It seems obvious but this all comes down to what you want to use it for. It also depends on which tablet youre thinking about buying. The Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro are both designed as laptop replacements, with Apple going so far as to say that their high-end slate will replace your desktop computer.

However, then the question becomes, if a tablet is trying to be a laptop, why not just buy a laptop? Youll get better multitasking and performance and itll be easier to use for things like word processing.

Still, tablets are perfect for light use on the go, so if youre not worried about extra processing power or having to perform multiple tasks at once, you can pick up some great tablets at an affordable price.

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Pros And Cons Of Tablet Computers

From the discussions in the preceding sections of this guide, you may have noted some benefits of tablets. Also, you may have deduced some cons or limitations of tablet computers.

Here are some of the benefits of tablet computers:

  • Lightweight and Portability: There is no better point to start the benefits of tablets than its portability. The portability and ease of mobility is arguably the top reasons people buy tablet computers.
  • Afordability: In addition of its portability, tablet computers are also cheaper than laptop computers. For a fraction of what you pay for a laptop, you can own a tablet computer. Moreover, a tablet can do most of the things a laptop can do.
  • Ease of use: Another benefit of tablet computers is their ease of use. Since a tablet is lightweight, you can easily carry it around. In addition to that, you can use a tablet lying down or while walking. The touchscreen of a tablet also adds to its ease of use all you need is tap and you are good to go!
  • Better for kids entertainment and learning: This is also an offshoot of the portability of tablet computers. Since they are lightweight devices, they are convinient for kids to cary. Some manufacturers like Amazon even produce tablets specifically designed for kids.
  • As I mentioned earlier, every great technology has some disadvantages and/or limitations. Tablet computers are an exception to this rule.

    Here are the disadvantages of using a tablet vs laptop computer:

    Tablets And Laptops To Consider For Your Child

    iPad Pro 2018 review  the best tablet ever made and even ...

    See reviews of selected laptops and tablets that are currently available with pointers on the age theyre appropriate for, their level of functionality and the safety features they offer.

    Samsung Tab A

    High-end spec for children of all ages thanks to Kids Mode feature

    The Samsung Tab A is a good choice for children, especially if paired with a robust carry case to protect it from knocks. It has a bright, super high-resolution screen with more pixels than standard HD screens. This makes it easy for children to read, and it looks great to watch video or pictures on.

    Its priced from £179 for a 10-inch device. An 8-inch version is available for £139

    It has some clever features to make maintenance and use of the tablet easier for families. SideSync lets you check and reply to notifications and messages while using other applications. You can connect to Wi-Fi direct and stream content to your TV. Like other Samsung tech, it has the Kids Mode app to keep your child safe and healthy online.

    It also has a great camera with autofocus that creates super photos and videos. This, the screen and processing power make it more than capable of a wide range of creative activities, whether thats writing, drawing, learning to code or even editing videos.

    Like what we do? Want to support our work?

    Kurio Smart Tablet

    All-in-one tablet that converts into a mini portable computer

    Watch our parent blogger Adele and her son Jacob reviewing the Kurio Smart 2 in 1 tablet

    Its priced from £159.

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    What Is A Tablet Pc

    A tablet PC is a portable computing device with a touch-screen display, and is internet enabled. That means you really need internet access to get the most out of a tablet. Generally smaller than a notebook computer but larger than a smartphone, tablet PCs are designed to be thin and light, and have downloadable apps.

    Instead of using a keyboard, tablets are operated by touching the screen. Some tablets have a facility where you can attach a physical keyboard if thats what you prefer. However, you will have to purchase a keyboard separately as they are not supplied with tablets.

    Tablets are known for their speed. They turn on really quickly and provide almost instant access to the internet and apps. They are also capable of running small programs such as Googles Android, Microsofts Windows and AppleiOS.

    Tablets are excellent for anyone who needs to work within a Microsoft-based office environment. If you need to run Windows programs, then tablets are an ideal compromise between a tablet and a laptop.

    You Should Opt For A Laptop If:

    • You require full keyboardfunctionality If you do a lot of typing or require/prefer a physical keyboard, a laptop would be more suited to your needs.
    • You use intensive applications Creative professions frequently utilize software that relies significantly on a computers subsystems and necessitates a significant amount of computing power to execute. Laptops are designed with the necessary functionality to support heavy applications. Unfortunately, many of those creative apps arent even available on tablets since they arent powerful enough to operate.
    • You need auxiliary devices A laptop is built with lots of inputs, so if you use them frequently or simultaneously then a laptop should be your choice. In addition, a laptop is better adapted to dealing with external devices.

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    Apple Or Windows Or Android

    Once youve decided whether you want a laptop or a tablet, youll have to choose which system you want, and by that we mean whether you want Apple, Windows, Android or Chromebook.

    If you are stuck, you can use your current smartphone as a guide. For example, if you already have an iPhone, you may find it easier to use a Macbook laptop or Apple iPad as Apple products tend to work better together, and they share the same apps. However its not entirely necessary, your devices will still work if you dont buy the same system.

    Its always a good idea to speak to family and friends to hear what their experience is with their own device, and even if youre planning to buy your device online, visit a store to see the different types of model on offer so you can get a feel for weight and other features.

    Laptop Vs Tablet: Which Is Right For You

    5 Reasons Why A Tablet is Better Than A Laptop

    Are you shopping for a new tablet or laptop but can’t decide which device to choose? That’s no surprise.

    Today’s ultra-portable, ultra-functional tablet PCs can function nearly as full-fledged laptops making the decision more difficult than it used to be. However, if you analyze how you prefer to perform your personal computing tasks and consider the relative advantages of each device we present here, an answer will emerge.

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    Tablet Vs Laptop: The Pros And Cons

    Despite having evolved from smartphones, tablets have advanced sufficiently in recent years to the point that certain tablets can compete with laptops.

    Laptops are designed to be smaller, portable versions of desktop computers, and while they can be transported, they are thicker, heavier, and have larger screens than tablets.

    Here we explain some of the benefits and advantages of a tablet vs a laptop.

    Ways Smartphones Are Better Than Laptops Or Tablets

    With a smartphone, you can connect to the Web from virtually anywhere. You can look up information, send emails, take pictures, navigate highways, and play musicoften simultaneously.

    Of course, even though you might technically be able to write a 20-page white paper on a smartphone, you wouldnt want to. There are some tasks the smartphone is ideal for, and some it is just cabapable of, and a few that it just cant do. Know its strengths and weaknesses so you can choose accordingly.

    Here are five reasons that the smartphone is a better choice for mobile computing than a laptop or tablet:

    Your smartphone is almost always within arms reach and capable of a diverse range of functions.1. Always Available

    Wherever you go, there it is. It is in your pocket or purse. It sits on a table next to your bed at night. Whether you want to surf the Web, check email, see what the weather is like, or make a call, the smartphone is almost always within arms reach. In fact, odds are fair that your smartphone will go with you even if you choose to take a laptop or tablet. The question is, Would the smartphone be enough on its own, or do you also need to bring along a laptop or tablet?

    2. Connectivity

    3. Voice Calls

    4. Text Messaging

    5. Versatility

    Is the smartphone the best tool for mobile computing? Its almost guaranteed to be the most convenient and available tool, but there are many tasks for which a laptop or tablet make way more sense.

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    Tablet Vs Laptop: Overview

    The idea of trying to differentiate a tablet vs laptop by definition may appear impossible. For starters, they are both computers, powered by a processor.

    In addition to a processor, both also have a memory, a battery, and most other components that make up a computer. However, there are clear features that differentiate a tablet from a laptop .

    One such major difference between a tablet vs laptop is the operating systems that run on them.

    A tablet usually runs a mobile operating system. On the contrary, a laptop runs a full version of an operating system. Also, a tablet is operated via a touchscreen while a laptop needs a mouse and keyboard.

    Moreover, a tablet also lacks most of the I/O ports that you would normally find in a laptop. For example, a tablet will not have a VGA port, Ethernet port, or HDMI port.

    On the contrary, most laptops normally feature these I/O ports. Finally, tablet computers are usually much smaller than laptops.

    So, in terms of definition, a tablet is a portable computer with a touchscreen display, a mobile operating system but lacks the common I/O ports found in a standard computer.

    On the contrary, a laptop is a portable computer with a full operating system, non-touchscreen* display, a mouse, and a keyboard. A laptop also features the common I/O ports found in most personal computers.

    How We Test The Best Tablets

    Why a Tablet is better than a Laptop

    Our tablets go through rigorous benchmark testing before they even land in the hands of our reviewers. Our test vary slightly based on which OS the tablet runs, but the overall performance and graphics of almost all tablet is measured by the Geekbench 5 benchmark.

    We also use a fancy colorimeter to quantify display quality. The device can measure the sRGB color range a display captures and the average brightness across the panel.

    Our battery test gives an accurate measure of everyday runtimes. To test the endurance of a tablet, we set the display to 150 nits then run a continuous loop consisting of web browsing and video playback until the device powers off.

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    Tablets Have Better Specs Over Smartphones

    Tablets can be used for all the tasks that users tend to do on smartphones and laptops. From web browsing to playing games, you can use it to push all the limits. If you are willing to get a better user experience while doing multiple activities, tablets definitely prevail over Smartphones. Those are awesome for lengthy sessions and you can enjoy an incredible multimedia experience without giving stress to your eyes. This is one of the key reasons why most gamers choose tablets over smartphones for playing high graphics-oriented games.

    What Is The Difference Between Ipad And Ipad Air

    Lets start with the screen sizes: The standard iPad is 9.7 inches and the iPad Air features a 10.5 inch display. When it comes to resolution, theres not much difference really: the standard iPad is 2,048×1,536, while the iPad Air is 2,224×1,668 pixels.

    The iPad Air is powered by Apples latest A12 Bionic chip which is more powerful than the older processor used by the iPad. When it comes to storage, the iPad Air has 64GB compared to the 32GB of the base model iPad.

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    Which Should You Choose

    Whatever your needs, the main consideration for your choice between a laptop and tablet should be convenience. Pick whichever device is most convenient for you and will make your life and personal computing easier. If you need to do a large amount of typing or work with multiple software applications simultaneously, a laptop is probably your best bet. If you just need a device for internet browsing, keeping up with the news, or kicking back with your favorite movie, a tablet can easily accomplish that. There is no right or wrong here pick the device that works for your life.

    Battery Life: Tablets Last Longer

    Microsoft Surface Laptop Review | Is Surface Better as a Laptop Than Tablet?

    Because of the low power requirements of their hardware components, tablets are designed for efficiency. In fact, most of a tablet’s interior is taken up by the battery. Laptops, on the other hand, use more powerful hardware. The battery within a laptop takes up a far smaller percentage of the space needed for its internal components. Thus, even with the higher capacity battery offered by laptops, they don’t run as long as tablets. Many tablets can support up to ten hours of web usage before requiring a charge. In comparison, the average laptop only runs for about four to eight hours.

    Some premium laptops running ARM-based processors achieve battery lives competitive with tablets, but some key software won’t run on ARM-based platforms.

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    How Do I Choose A Tablet Ipad Or Android

    So, weve talked about the strengths and weakness of each, and now it comes to making your final decision how on earth do you choose?

    Just ask yourself what you need from your tablet. Below weve put together the most important points of difference to help you decide which one to opt for.

    • The iPad gives you an operating system with intuitive interface and brilliant display.
    • iPads tend to be more stable and easier to use than other tablets.
    • The iPad is still in the lead when it comes to the number of available useful apps. Android currently has fewer apps which are optimized for tablets. However, this is increasing all the time.
    • In terms of hardware, an Android tablet is a good choice if you want a faster processor, powerful cameras and easily expandable memory.
    • If you like to have a lot of options to choose from, check out an Android tablet. With Android tablets, you get more choices in terms of size, features, and price.
    • Android tablets are great value and a good choice if you want to customise your tablet to make it look the way you want it to.
    • A big plus point for Android tablets is that they are cheaper than Apple iPads.

    Tablet Vs Laptop: Pros And Cons Comparison

    Another excellent way to compare tablets vs laptops is to examine their pros and cons. For a technology or device to be acceptable to end-users, it must offer some benefits.

    The good news is that tablets and laptops have a lot to offer end users. However, no matter how great a technology is, it will have some distances or limitations.

    Unfortunately, tablets and laptops have their share of disadvantages and limitations.

    This section examines and compares the pros and cons of tablets vs laptops.

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    Low Possibility Of Getting Misplaced

    A recent study has revealed that Tablets have a low possibility of getting misplaced when compared with smartphones. As they are big in size and less cumbersome than laptops, you can carry them anywhere without feeling the risk of losing them. They are easy to get noticed that offers them a slight advantage over other portable devices such as Smartphones.

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