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Is My Dell Laptop Under Warranty

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Q. Will I get all the details related to my Dell device using the Dell Warranty Check tool?

A. Yes, Dells official Warranty Check tool provides all the details related to your Dell device, including its name, purchase date, and warranty status.

Q. Is Dell Warranty Check applicable on all Dell devices?

A. Yes, Dell Warranty Check is applicable on all kinds of Dell devices, including computers, laptops, monitors, tablets, and more.

Q. Do I have to register my Dell device online before doing a Dell Warranty Check?

A. Yes, you need to register your Dell device by visiting the URL mentioned above in the page before you can check its warranty status.

Q. What do I do after a Dell Warranty Check if the warranty has expired?

A. If your Dell Warranty has expired, you can extend your devices warranty by buying Onsitegos Extended Warranty Plan for up to two additional years from the end date of the 1-year standard brand warranty.

Q. How reliable is the Dell Warranty Check?

A. Dell Warranty Check online tool is 100% reliable and accurate as it is developed by Dell itself.

Q. Does the Dell Warranty Check give information about Dell devices purchased in India or abroad?

A. The Dell Warranty Check tool provides information about all Dell devices, no matter whether they were purchased in India or anywhere else in the world.

Q. Will OnsiteGo repair my Dell device if it was purchased in India but breaks down while Im travelling abroad?

Requesting Or Repair From Dell Support

  • Identification of the failure or issue on the device.
  • Dell warranty check from the Dell support site.
  • If the device is out of warranty, Dell’s technical support should be contacted.
  • Technicians will check the device over a phone call and provide an estimate for chargeable repair if requested.
  • If you wish to get your laptop repaired, an acknowledgment will be generated as the quote’s acceptance.
  • After successful payment, the repair request will be accepted and processed.

Dell Monitor Warranty Check By Serial Number

You are more than welcome to check the warranty status of any of your Dell products by running their serial number through the warranty checker program set up by Dell itself. This program can even make it possible for you to check a variety of serial numbers all at the same time. Sometimes, it is necessary to look through a variety of serial numbers all at once if you need to check on multiple pieces of equipment at the same time.

Many large organizations have done this to help ensure that they get all of the warranty coverage that is due to them. It is easy to see why someone might want to check on a lot of serial numbers all at once, and that is why the people at Dell have been adamant about getting this multi-checker function up and running for their own products. They know that people want it, and they are happy to provide them with the opportunity to use it.

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Dell Laptop Battery Warranty Check

If you own a Dell laptop, then you are likely aware that you have one of the most reliable brands around. Many Dell owners rave about their computers as well as the amazing customer service they receive whenever a problem arises. Despite the high quality construction of your laptop, it is often necessary for Dell laptop owners to utilize their warranty. Dell laptop owners often need to utilize their warranty due to a malfunction in the system or an accident such as dropping the laptop, spilling liquid on it, or accidental breakage in some other manner. However, without purchasing an extended warranty with accidental drop protection, not every necessary repair is covered. Should a problem occur, you will have to contact Dell to determine if its covered.

How Do I Replace My Dell Battery

Crack appearing on top surface near keyboard

If you purchased your laptop from Dell or an authorized retailer directly and are still under warranty, then the first thing you should do is contact Dell support to replace your battery. This is after youve confirmed that your battery is indeed no longer functioning, of course. You may also prefer to make an appointment at a local authorized Dell repair shop, but this could take more time as they may not have the battery you need on hand.

For those who have a laptop no longer under warranty or purchased from elsewhere, then the easiest way to go may be ordering the replacement battery online and installing it yourself. Fortunately, most Dell laptops make this very easy. Simply remove the backplate and carefully unscrew the battery within . In older models, the batteries just slide or pop out from the underside of the laptop when accessed properly. If you feel you need assistance, dont be afraid to ask for help from a Dell repair shop.

It is crucial, however, to make sure the right replacement battery is ordered. The part number on it should match that on the dead battery, and its online description should include your laptop model.

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How To Check Dell Warranty

The best thing to do when checking on your warranties is to check by the service tag if you have one available. If there is some reason why you dont have a service tag for your product, then you might be able to look it up by the product description and see what the listed warranty is for it online. Doing so can be a little less accurate because anyone who wants to can post whatever they want about warranties online, but it can still be a good place to look if you are in a bind.

Does Battery Replacement Come Under Warranty

Under normal circumstances, Dell battery replacement is covered under a one-year warranty. However, there are a variety of cases in which it would not be. For example, if you purchased a refurbished Dell laptop from a third-party retailer or even got a new laptop from another seller that is not an official Dell product retailer, then your battery will most likely no longer be under warranty. Likewise, if youve had any repairs done by an unauthorized shop or have caused clear damage beyond regular wear and tear, the warranty may no longer be considered valid, Your warranty term may also be affected by your specific country or region.

Dell also offers the option to purchase a three-year extended warranty battery. This kind of battery is usually a bit slower to charge and does not hold the charge for as long as the regular model. However, those who want the extended warranty may find this worth it.

If youre unsure of whether or not your Dell battery is currently under warranty, its worth looking up. You can do so by logging in to Dell support and checking your devices. Your laptop battery should also have an identification sticker on it that lets you know what type of battery it is as well as what kind of replacement warranty it may be under.

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Is My Dell Docking Station Under Warranty

Yes, the Dell docking station, which is used to plug-in common peripherals to be used with a laptop, is under warranty. The coverage period of this equipment is one year from the date of purchase. This is through Dell or an authorized retailer. Furthermore, if the docking station is purchased with a supported system, such as a laptop, then the warranty matches that of the equipment.

When you purchase this product from a retail store rather than directly from Dell, then registration is highly recommended by the company. Doing this ensures you have access to all the warranty support services. Not doing so results in delays as Dell tries to determine when and where the docking station was purchased.

The company offers both extensions and upgrades on product warranties. What is decided upon depends on your budget and needs. If its extended, then you continue to receive the limited hardware warranty. An upgrade includes additional features for comprehensive coverage.

How Can I Get Warranty On My Dell Laptop

How to Check Your Dell Warranty

You are generally stuck with the warranty that is available on your laptop at the moment you purchase it. If you would like additional warranty coverage beyond what comes standard with it, then you will need to purchase that supplemental coverage at the time that you purchase the laptop itself.

There are a lot of ways to check on the warranty of your Dell device, but the best thing to do is to go directly to the people who made this device for the answers that you need. If you do this, then you should get the most straightforward and helpful information available.

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Do Docking Stations Have Serial Numbers

Dell docking stations use service tags instead of serial numbers for the above models. All others have a serial number. To retrieve this information, you must look at the bottom of the dock.

This is hard to do when a laptop is connected to the station. Especially when there are several peripherals attached. Disconnecting the computer is recommended to view the needed information for warranty support.

How Long Do Warranties Last

The industry standard for warranties on new laptops is one year. Manufacturer refurbished devices are more variable but typically provide warranty periods of anywhere from three months to one year.

When a warranty claim is made during a valid warranty window, devices are usually sent into a manufactures closest warehouse where the validity of a warranty claim is determined and then, upon acceptance, repairs are made free of charge to consumers.

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How Can I Find The Purchase Date Of My Dell Laptop

It is easy to find the purchase date of your Dell laptop. All you have to do is click the Warranty Status. tab, and key in your service tag, and then hit Go. All the information about your Dell laptop will pop up. From when your Dell product was shipped to you to the type of Dell laptop you have, and all other warranty information.

One critical piece of information that you might want to know is the date your Dell laptop was manufactured, which is the kind of information that comes in handy if you purchased your computer second-hand.

Follow these easy steps to find out when your Dell product was manufactured:

Check What Does Dell Warranty Cover

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Hinge issue

Dells limited warranty ensures that your laptop remains operational during the warranty period, and takes care of any manufacturing defects that might render your device unusable. The limited warranty takes care of the following issues and damages.

  • Damage to the laptop due to shipping
  • Problems or issues as a result of manufacturing defects

However, Dells limited warranty does not cover the following costs and repairs.

  • Damage to the laptop due to external causes, including accidental damage, misuse or abuse of the laptop, or problems with electrical power
  • Damage as a result of servicing that hasnt been authorized by Dell
  • Hardware damage caused by using parts and components that arent supplied by Dell
  • Software, external devices and accessories that arent provided by Dell while shipping the laptop
  • Products purchased through the Software & Peripherals department. Only the monitor, keyboard and mouse that are Dell branded are covered under the limited warranty

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How Do I Check My Dell Accessories Warranty

You can check your Dell accessories warranty on the Dell website. They have designed a system that will offer you a detailed description of your warranty regardless of the country from which it was purchased. You will need to go to the service contracts page and click on consumer customers. Once you have clicked this, select the country from which you bought the Dell accessories. The system will offer you a list of countries with trusted dealers from which you can choose. This means your Dell accessories have to be authentic and not from a seller that deals in counterfeit goods. If you cannot find your warranty, it means your Dell accessories are counterfeit.

Alternatively, you can visit the commercial Customers page, which will offer you various ways to either get a copy of your invoice or check the terms and conditions of the invoice. An invoice will show the date of purchase of your Dell accessories, and this means you will be able to determine the expiry of your warranty. You will need to type the code displayed onscreen in your box and submit it to get results. You will also be asked to provide verification information before you can view the warranty. Therefore, you need to ensure that you own the device whose warranty you intend to check.

Is My Dell Monitor Still Under Warranty

This is dependent on when you bought the monitor and what the warranty agreement was at the time that you bought it. With Dell monitors, it is often the case that the buyer agrees to a 2-year warranty on this product at the time of purchase, but that can vary.

Remember, some people make the choice to purchase extra warranty coverage for their Dell products at the point of purchase, so there is a chance that a forward-looking individual might have put up some extra money to get an extended warranty when they first purchased their Dell monitor. If that is the case, then they may have a longer period of time for which coverage is available.

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Broken Screens Not Covered

If your laptop gets a crack, either minor or severe, your laptop warranty will not cover your screen repairs. Screen damage is the fault of the laptop owner and not the manufacturer. Because of that, manufacturers wont give you free support and will instead ask that you pay for them to repair damages.

How Long Should A Dell Laptop Battery Last

How to check Dell any product warranty status in online easily

Rechargeable batteries will not last a lifetime as many consumers believe, and they eventually wear out with normal, everyday use. With average usage, a Dell laptop battery should last anywhere for 18-24 months. However, if youre a heaver user who uses and recharges your laptop more frequently, then you may be looking at an average life span of its battery at about 14-18 months. Of course, these are only rough estimates, and your computers battery could last significantly longer-or shorter than this estimate.

Your Dell laptop battery is an essential part of your laptop, because without it, you cant power on your computer. This is why its important to keep track of any warranty you may have on it, as well as how much battery life is left. By keeping track of this, you will know approximately when you need to buy a replacement battery, so youll never go without a battery that is in good working order.

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Is Your Laptop Acting Up Slow Startup Making Noises No Power At All Whatever The Laptop Issue You May Be Under Warranty

We had a customers Lenovo laptop in our shop and it wouldnt start up at all. The motherboard was fried. So, we went a step ahead to see if the Lenovo laptop was under warranty, and what do you know, it was! We happily arranged for Lenovo tech support to come to our office to replace the motherboard. The customer was happy as a clam because he was on a business trip and couldnt arrange this nor had the place to do so. Most importantly, it was absolutely free and the Lenovo was fixed!

What About My Dell Device’s Eosl Date

Though checking in on your Dell warranty can actually be pretty simple, finding the EOSL date of your device can be difficult and frustrating. Dell products have varying policies on the time frame for devices to go EOSL. Often times, they dont advertise this information to the public and it can be challenging to find. There are third party sites that list Dell EOSL dates, but be aware that those posted dates are not always accurate.

Need help finding Dell EOSL dates? Contact us for help.

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How Do I Check My Dell Laptop Battery

If you suspect that your Dell laptops battery is malfunctioning somehow, you can easily check it in order to do some troubleshooting to determine how much battery life is remaining. First, you will need to remove your laptop from its case and make sure its powered off. Be sure to check to ensure its not simply in sleep mode, as it needs to be completely turned off and not merely in sleep mode. Once youve ensured its powered off, turn the laptop over and locate the battery area, which is usually in a gray and black rectangular section. Newer models will have the battery on the back, underneath the laptop, while older models batteries are located near the front.

Once youve located your battery on a newer model, look for a white rectangle on the battery that has five lights on it. Push the button thats near the area and the five lights will come on. You will be able to determine the approximate amount of battery that you have left according to the number of lights. If you see four lights, then you can estimate that you have about 80% left. Three lights are equivalent to approximately 60%, two are 40%, one is 20%, while no light is equal to 0% of battery life left.

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