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Is My Hp Laptop Under Warranty

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How Long Do Warranties Last


The industry standard for warranties on new laptops is one year. Manufacturer refurbished devices are more variable but typically provide warranty periods of anywhere from three months to one year.

When a warranty claim is made during a valid warranty window, devices are usually sent into a manufactures closest warehouse where the validity of a warranty claim is determined and then, upon acceptance, repairs are made free of charge to consumers.

Create A User Account

The primary step before making a warranty claim is to sign up as a user in the HP website and create your account. If you are sure that the issue with your computer is not Self Induced Damage, proceed with the process to make your warranty claim. You are also required to verify that your computer is under warranty and the warranty is yet to expire.

Submit An Hp Warranty Claim Quickly Via Donotpay

DoNotPay is the most efficient way of filing an HP warranty claim. You wont need to deal with any customer service representatives. Set up your DoNotPay account in any web browser and follow these instructions:

  • Access the Claim Warranty feature
  • Choose Warranty on a Purchased Item
  • Tell us what problems you have with your HP device
  • Click on Submit
  • Well use the information you provide to compose a claim letter and send it to HP. The companys representatives should contact you with more details soon after they receive the letter.

    Whether you have the manufacturer or extended warranty for your HP device, count on DoNotPays expertise to submit your warranty claim.

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    Broken Screens Not Covered

    If your laptop gets a crack, either minor or severe, your laptop warranty will not cover your screen repairs. Screen damage is the fault of the laptop owner and not the manufacturer. Because of that, manufacturers wont give you free support and will instead ask that you pay for them to repair damages.

    Laptop Warranties And Accidental Damage Coverage: What You Need To Know

    Are invoices necessary to claim warranty for HP laptops ...

    Hewlett-Packard, after being flogged in public, contacted me and replaced my broken laptop that they had earlier claimed was accidentally damaged and not covered by their warranty. I appreciate HP’s willingness to rectify the issue, but there clearly needs to be some improvement on their part — as well as other vendors — in communicating what sort of items are covered under warranty and what is not.

    | Topic: Laptops

    Hewlett-Packard, after being flogged in public, contacted me and replaced my broken laptop that they had earlier claimed was accidentally damaged and not covered by their warranty. I appreciate HP’s willingness to rectify the issue, but there clearly needs to be some improvement on their part — as well as other vendors — in communicating what sort of items are covered under warranty and what is not.

    It has been a few weeks since I told my tale of woe and broken laptop screens.

    In summary, for those of you who missed it, my wife contacted me on my mobile while I was out shopping and told me the screen on my 13″ HP Elitebook was broken — she had adjusted the screen while using it in bed, and through some combination of pressure or torsion due to a slipped thumb, the substrate underneath the glass ruptured and the LCD was damaged. We contacted HP technical support, sent them a digital photograph of the broken screen, and the tech in India made the call to have us send it in as it was deemed to be a warranty repair and it would be no problem.

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    Use The Hp Product Warranty Check Website

    note:You need to know the country/region the computer was purchased in and the serial number of the computer to check warranty status using this method.

  • Find the serial number for your HP computer. Go to Finding the Serial Number for detailed steps.
  • In a browser, go to Product Warranty Check.
  • From the dropdown menu, select the Country/Region the computer was purchased in, type your serial number, and then select Check Warranty.
  • The warranty information is displayed in the browser.
  • How To Get Laptop Fixed Under Warranty

    04-01-201801:55 PM

    Here goes, about 8 months ago, I purchased a HP Omen 15″ Laptop and after a couple of months, I wrote a bad review on Amazon as I wasn’t pleased that the laptop was falling apart despite me taking very good care of it. I got a response from a HP Support employee telling me to follow the guidelines as these were hardware issues covered under the warranty and I still am not closer to getting it fixed. I tried to contact them on facebook numberous of times but go ignored and i’m still looking to get my laptop repaired before the warranty runs out. In terms of what’s broken on the laptop , rubber parts of the sides of the laptop screen have all come off, there’s a crack down the side where one of those rubber parts used to be, on the right hand border of the screen, the case feels flimsy like it’s going to unhinge off the screen, the logo on the back came off within 2 weeks and the 2 long rubber feet came off within a couple of months. How do I get it fixed? Who do i contact to arrange this? Thanks for anyone helping.

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    Advanced Unit Replacement Warranty Service

    Your HP Limited Warranty may include an advanced unit replacement warranty service. Under the terms of the advanced unit replacement warranty service, HP will ship a replacement unit directly to you if the HP Hardware Product you purchased is diagnosed as defective. On receiving the replacement unit, you may be required to return the defective HP Hardware Product to HP in the packaging that arrives with the replacement unit within a defined period of time, normally five to fifteen days. HP will incur shipping and insurance costs to return the defective HP Hardware Product to HP. Failure to return the defective HP Hardware Product may result in HP billing you for the replacement unit. HP provides advanced unit replacement service during standard office hours. Standard office hours are typically 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, but may vary with local business practices. The response time may vary and additional charges may be incurred, depending on logistics constraints and distance from the nearest HP service location or HP authorized service provider.

    To find the telephone numbers and, in some cases, maps of the nearest HP service location or an HP authorized service provider, refer to the HP website at .

    Extended Warranties And Retail Service Plans

    My Experience with HP Warranty Repair

    An extended warranty is a way to continue coverage beyond the original term of the warranty; an extended warranty also typically adds to the purchase price of your new laptop. Some laptop manufacturers offer extended warranties.

    If you purchase your laptop from a retail outlet, they may offer you a retail service plan. Retail service plans differ from warranties in that service plans may cover additional exposures and can be purchased for different periods of time . A retail service plan provides the best value in most circumstances.

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    What Is Covered By A Standard Laptop Warranty

    If youre looking to buy a laptop, your laptop warranty will only cover you for so much. We take a look at what is and isnt covered by the main manufacturers.

    Keyword: laptop warranty

    Roughly 70% of American adults own a laptop or desktop computer. Looking at laptop owners, most will replace their system every 3-5 years. This varies based on each systems life expectancy and ability to keep up with the changing technology environment.

    When you purchase a laptop brand new, it will come with a manufacturer warranty. When most people hear that theyre under warranty, they assume that theyre protected from anything bad happening to their system.

    That assumption is a bad one.

    As it turns out, a laptop warranty is very limited in its scope of protection. That reality has led customers to feel burned when theyve attempted to seek fixes for their issues only to be told by manufacturers that theyre going to have to foot the bill.

    To demystify what exactly a standard laptop warranty does and doesnt do, our team has written up this guide below.

    Purchased Online Laptop But Won’t Get Warranty Card And Now Laptop Has Blackish Appearance

    09-28-202111:32 PM

    Respected sir,

    ;;I have purchase hp laptop from online website flipkart few months ago.I won’t get warranty card.What should I do ? My laptop has prblm it doesn’t not shut down and power is continuously on and screen have blackish appearance ..neither able to shut down nor able to access the laptop . Please rply as soon as possible

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    Used Or Refurbished Laptops

    If you buy a used or refurbished laptop, there should still be a warranty in place. Normally, this warranty period will not exceed one year unless you purchase an extended warranty or retail service plan. Most laptop warranties for used or refurbished laptops are for 90 days.

    So, before you put any money towards a new or not-so-new laptop, be sure to check the warranties. Also, research the reviews and experiences of other laptop users. Search for reliability and service ratings to get a good indication of what to expect with your laptop warranty coverage.

    Donotpay Saves The Day

    [Resolved] Hp  HP Laptop Original Battery exchange under ...

    Are you experiencing any issues with your car or home? If yesdont worry! DoNotPay can assist you in claiming car and home warranties too!

    We can also provide you with more information on extended warranties for used cars and give you a hand when a dealer refuses to cancel your extended warranty.

    If you are thinking about purchasing a home warranty in America, find out what the best ones are in our home warranty reviews.;

    Access DoNotPay from any web browser and check out our other time-saving features:

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    Hp Laptops Warranty Information

    Warranty Information: Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What is the warranty on HP laptops sold on consumer laptops sold by sellers on carry a one-year onsite manufacturer warranty from date of purchase. For more details refer: .

    Q2. Where can I check the warranty validity of my product?You can check your warranty by entering your serial number also contact the manufacturer directly at the toll-free numbers given below.

    Q3. What if I get a product with expired warranty OR my warranty starts before the actual date of purchase?

    In the rare case that your laptops warranty is expired or your warranty starts before the actual date of purchase, please use the following links to verify and register your warranty.

    • For registering your HP notebook and modifying warranty start date:
    • For checking warranty status: Detailed steps are at the end of this document

    In case your issue is still unresolved, please contact Amazon Customer Service at through chat, email or phone and we will assist you in resolving this.

    Q4. What if I get a damaged/defective product?

    Please refer to the Amazon return policy at About Returns Policies. In case of a technical problem with your item, we may ask you to contact the manufacturer directly for better resolution of your problem.

    HP Short Warranty updation steps

    Can I Return A Laptop To Walmart After 15 Days

    Walmart Return Policy Walmart will accept returns within 90 days after purchase. This applies to all products, with a few exceptions, such as the following: Electronics including but not limited to computers, camcorders, digital music players, and GPS units must be returned within 15 days with receipt.

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    Operating System Issues Covered

    Interface crashes. Inconsistent boot-ups If youre experiencing operating system issues like those with your Windows or Mac OS, your manufacturer can help you fix your system.

    OS issues can typically be remedied over the phone with your manufacturers technical support team. Occasionally theyll require sending your system in for repair.

    Check What Does Hp Warranty Cover

    Warranty Information For Your HP Device | HP Support Assistant | HP

    ;HPs standard one-year limited warranty covers for repairs or replacement of parts that are deemed defective. Some of the issues or damages covered by the limited warranty include:

    • The hard drives of HP laptops are covered against failure during the warranty period
    • Keyboards of HP desktops and laptops are covered by the standard warranty
    • The physical screens of the laptops are covered by the standard warranty for specified types of failures
    • For a notebook, the battery is covered against failure during the warranty period
    • In HP printers, when it comes to ink cartridges, the warranty coverage extends until the HP ink is depleted, or until the warranty period ends, whichever occurs first
    • For HP printheads, the coverage extends until the warranty period ends, or until the usage limit is reached, whichever happens first

    The standard limited license, however, does not cover damages stemming from:

    • Accidents, abuse or use of HP product outside of the given instructions
    • The warranty does not cover non-HP products or peripherals, along with software applications or programs

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    How To Check The Warranty On Your Hp Laptop

    ByRami Tabari13 August 2019

    Whether your HP laptop is suffering from a minor scratch or a battery-killing nightmare, you need to know if your laptop is in warranty. No one wants to find out that they’re not covered after the worst happens.

    Here’s how to check your warranty on your HP laptop and what to do if you’re out of warranty.

    How to Check Your Warranty on Your HP Laptop

    If your HP laptop is still functional, the easiest way to check if your warranty is up-to-date is through the HP Support Assistant.

    1. Type HP Support Assistant into the Windows 10 search bar and click on the app.

    2. Click on the Warranty tab within the app.

    3. The pop-up in front of you should display whether your device’s warranty is in force or not, and how long it will remain that way.;

    How to Find Serial/Model Numbers

    You can find your serial number by looking on the underside of the laptop.

    If you can’t find it physically, you can press Fn + Esc, which will pop open HP System Information.

    At the bottom of that screen, you’ll find the serial number.

    How to Check Your Warranty on a Different Device

    This one takes a little more effort, but basically gets the same result. You can start by going to this link to HP’s Support site here.

    Type the serial number of your laptop into the serial number box at the Support website and it should display the remaining time on your warranty.

    How to Extend Your HP Warranty

    What to Do If You’re Out of Warranty

    Links For Check Warranty For Hp Laptop Listed

    To check warranty of your HP laptop go to the link given below- is the official website of HP for warranty check. You just need to enter the country of purchase and the serial number of your device to check the warranty. If your want to check warranty for multiple devices it has a special option for that also which makes it easier to do so

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    Water Damage Not Covered

    If your laptop was exposed to water that results in the failure of certain pieces of hardware or wholesale system failure, your machine will not be covered.

    Since water damage isnt always apparent from the outside, many water damage claims get filed by consumers as standard hardware failure claims. Because of that, the first thing manufacturers will look for when assessing your claims validity will be signs of exposure to water.

    Suspected water exposure is one of the top reasons why warranty claims are denied.

    The Variability Of Warranties

    [Resolved] Hp  HP Laptop Original Battery exchange under ...

    Before we jump into what you can expect from your laptop warranty, its important to note that warranties are uniquely crafted by each device manufacturer. That means theres room for variability. That variability could contradict the information we give you in this guide.

    To form this article, our team used information from warranties provided by Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, and Toshiba. Based on those companys offerings, our information is a good average what to expect.

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    How To Return A Laptop To Hp For Repairs

    If your HP laptop is not working or is malfunctioning and you have done everything you can do to fix the problem yourself, you will need to have the laptop repaired by a professional.

    Laptops are not always easy to troubleshoot and repair. Therefore, you should send the laptop back to HP so a certified technician can repair your computer. Sending the computer back to HP is not difficult, and you really should let the company repair your laptop, especially if the computer is still covered under warranty.

    Contact HP customer service by calling them at 800-474-6836 if you are a home user and 800-334-5144 if you are a business customer. Alternatively, you can contact HP customer service on their customer care website.

    Discuss the problem you are having with the HP laptop with the tech support agent that assists you. The tech support agent will attempt to help you solve the problem. If the agent cannot help you correct the problem with your computer, he will schedule a repair for the computer and arrange to have the laptop picked up.

    Back up the data on your laptop, if possible, before shipping the computer back to HP.

    Wait five to 10 days for the completion of the repairs. You can check the status of the repair by visiting the HP customer service website and clicking on the “Check Repair Order” in the “Discover More” section on the main page.


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