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Is Now A Good Time To Buy A Laptop

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Solid State Drivers :

Buy a Computer. Right now.

Solid-state drives use flash memory chips to store data. Theyre lighter, much faster, and use less energy than a traditional hard drive but can be more expensive. You may consider going with an SSD if youre on the go or need to work quickly.

Its also possible to find a laptop with a hybrid of the two that combines the capacity of a larger HDD with the performance of an SSD.

Want To Get A Laptop For Gaming Is Now A Good Time

kenze wrote: Up your budget to 850-900$ and you can get a mid-range gaming laptop

monotonous wrote: not too high end games, just some online games like wow, can someone recommend a middle ranged laptop thanks


Throwback24 wrote: Hey, do you see anything on the futureshop or bestbuy site that is comparable? I need a laptop this week and I’m not sure I’ll get it in time if I purchase it online.Sorry to hijack your thread op haha, but I’m also looking for something similar with a 600-800 price range. Maybe a bit more if it’s worth it.

This one will deliver superior performance than the other . Battery life is worse. Also, I’ve never heard of this brand, so I don’t know how reliable the products are. You might want to look up some reviews?

IamToronto wrote: I LOL at gaming laptops. Get a desktop for gaming. Laptops are for taking to school/work and writing up documents lol you’ll spend double what you would for an equivalent desktop.

eldiablo wrote: ummm, no. That may have been true a few years ago but you would be surprised what you can get from a $850- $900 laptop today.

eldiablo wrote: ummm, no. That may have been true a few years ago but you would be surprised what you can get from a $850- $900 laptop today.

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Laptop

It’s easy to buy the latest-and-greatest machine as soon as it comes out, but you’ll be paying a premium for it. Practice a little patience , and you could save some serious cash. These are the three best times to buy a laptop.

1) Black Friday/Cyber Monday

gone are the days of waiting out in the cold in a line of hundreds of people to snag that laptop deal at Walmart at 3 a.m. But Black Friday lives onmostly on the internet. But then again, Cyber Monday is only three days later. So what the heck is the difference? When will you get the most bang for your hard-earned buck?

Cyber Monday has only been around since 2005, but it feels like it’s been around for ages. It didn’t take long for the new shopping holiday to become popular as more and more folks began buying their first laptops. Black Friday, meanwhile, has been ingrained in America’s capitalistic holiday shopping repertoire for decades, and continues to take companies from the red into the black.

Just because it’s holiday shopping season does not necessarily mean that you’re getting a great discount. If you’re shopping online, try using a browser extension or plugin that tracks product prices. I personally use the Chrome extension for Capital One Shopping, and it’s a breeze to use. Even if the add-on doesn’t find you a better deal, it tracks discount codes and can automatically apply the best one to your cart. Beyond that, you can even earn cash back for shopping on certain websites. Win-win.

2) Back-to-School

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Meet Your Needs And Budget

Of course, you need to balance these features with your budget and your needs, and you might have to make some compromises. Rarely does a laptop come along that ticks all the boxes, especially when it comes to price.

Let us know in the comments below if you consider other aspects of a laptop to be more important , and especially let us know if youve already found the perfect laptop for your needs.

Apple Doesn’t Follow A Set Schedule

Should I buy a custom gaming PC computer?

If you’re a Mac user, you’re probably aware that Apple marches to the beat of its own drum. MacBooks get a spec-bump about once a year, and the release cycles for new products tend to vary. Yeah, Apple really does its own thing.

The best time to purchase a MacBook is when it gets a proper refresh. That way you’ll have the latest hardware for a year or more. I wouldn’t expect a price drop, though, as Apple products never go on sale. Cue the sad trombone.

What you shouldn’t do is buy a MacBook directly from the Apple store, as everything is sold at full price at the store. Even when MacBooks age out, they’re still priced higher than they should be. To get a discount, you should visit your local retailer instead.

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Best Time To Buy A Laptop

Whatever your reason for deciding to buy a new laptop, whether your current model has broken or your laptop requirements have changed, you want to make sure youre getting the best option for your money.

Theres a lot to think about when buying a new laptop, and with so many good models out there, its easy to get sucked in by promises of new technology or unbeatable deals. Whilst there are more budget-friendly options available today, a laptop is still a big purchase that requires some consideration.

You might not have thought about but what you definitely should do is that when you buy a laptop can have a major impact on the price you pay. So when are the best times to consider buying a new laptop?

How To Get The Best Price On A Laptop

Whether youre shopping during holiday markdowns or trying to find the best price during other times of the year, there are a few things you can do to ensure that youre saving the most money possible. Before making your purchase at any time, be sure to follow these steps:

  • Price compare! Use a tool like and search for the laptop youre thinking about buying. Check the prices available at other stores just before you make your purchase to avoid missing out on a better deal.
  • Check out the items price history. Websites like Camelcamelcamel are great for comparing a laptops current price to prices that have been tracked in the past. Of course, nothing beats watching the price on a specific laptop yourself!
  • Weed out fake reviews. Tools like Fakespot can help you determine how good a laptop actually is at Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and others. If fake reviewers have contributed to ratings, websites like Fakespot can let you know if most of the reviews on a particular item are legitimate.

When youre looking for the best deal, dont be afraid to shop for refurbished laptops if you dont need a particularly new model. Just be sure to familiarize yourself with the warranty, return information and seller information before making your purchase.

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Storage Size: What Can It Hold

One of the latest technological advancements in terms of space is server-based storage, known as the cloud, in which documents and media are streamed from a remote server that you can access and share from anywhere.

If you are only going to use your laptop for basic tasks, you will be fine with storage space with a smaller capacity. However, if you are going to be storing a lot of documents, photos, videos, graphics, for example, you will want to look into a much larger storage space with enough capacity to hold all of your data and documents.

Shop by storage size:Small Medium Large

Is Now A Good Time To Buy A 24in Imac

Why NOW is the BEST TIME to buy an M1 MacBook!

The 24in iMac went on sale in May 2021, so if it is the Mac that is right for you then this is the perfect time to buy one. Even better if you can get a good discount on one. Check our round up of the best iMac deals. The only issue may be finding a 24in iMac available to buy – Apple has struggled with stock ever since it launched.

If, however, you need an iMac that is designed with creative pros in mind we would suggest that you wait a little longer until Apple updates the 27in iMac. More on that below.

Should I buy a 27in iMac now or wait?

  • Best Prices Today:
  • : August 2020
  • Next update: Spring or summer 2022

The 27in iMac is popular with professional creatives thanks to its discrete graphics and high-res 5K display.

It’s also popular with other users looking for a more powerful machine with a larger display.

The most recent update was in August 2020 when the 27in models gained 10th-generation Intel processors, now everyone is awaiting the arrival of a version using Apple processors.

And this new model may well offer a larger display – read about the upcoming 32in iMac.

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Is Now A Good Time To Buy A 14in Macbook Pro

The 14in MacBook Pro offers a solution to all of the things that hold back the 13in MacBook Pro, The only disappointment is the fact that the starting price is a little higher than it was, and in general the price of the range is a lot higher than it used to be.

However, you get a lot for your money and this is a very powerful pro Mac.

We expect to see deals for the 14in MacBook Pro, but right now, as with many new products, there are stock shortages, which may mean it’s harder to find one on sale, let alone a good deal. Keep your eyes pealed though!

If you want to buy now check out our round up of the Best MacBook Pro deals.

Should I buy a 16in MacBook Pro now or wait?

  • Best Prices Today:
  • : October 2021
  • Next update: 2023?

Alongside the 14in MacBook Pro, Apple introduced a 16in MacBook Pro with M1 Pro or M1 Max. The new models were introduced in October 2021, so we don’t really expect to see its successor until 2023.

When the new 16in MacBook Pro arrives it will probably feature a M2 Pro and M2 Max, which are likely to offer some boosts compared to the M1 Pro and Max. It’s possible that the next 16in MacBook Pro might support up to 128GB RAM, for example, and offer more graphics cores.

But the current models are plenty fast enough right now. In fact the top of the range 16in MacBook Pro with M1 Max even beats the Mac Pro with the best graphics option.

Should I Still Buy A Windows 10 Laptop Or Pc

If youre in the market for a new device and can afford it, yes. All compatible Windows 10 hardware is be eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 11, and everyone can install the new OS on their device now.

However, Microsoft has updated its hardware requirements for Windows 11, so not all Windows 10 devices are eligible.

To qualify, you’ll need recent Intel, AMD or ARM-based processor, at least 4GB RAM/64GB of storage and a 720p display thats 9in or larger. With even the more affordable Atom, Celeron, Pentium and Xeon ranges of Intel chips supported, almost every new laptop you buy now will be compatible with Windows 11.

On desktop youll also need a compatible motherboard, but most manufacturers have released lists of those which will be supported

Learn more in our separate guide: Will my PC run Windows 11?

Aside from the potential for updated specs , the only advantage of waiting is that the new device will come with Windows 11 pre-installed. Thatll save a bit of time when compared to the free upgrade, but youll still have to go through the full setup process. All eligible devices can be updated to Windows 11 without losing existing apps, files and settings, although a full backup is still highly recommended.

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Is Now A Good Time To Buy A 27in Imac

The 27in iMac was updated in the summer of 2020, which is a while ago now. It’s an excellent Mac, as you can see from our 2020 27in iMac review, however, the promise offered by Apple’s own processors, that are already making waves in the industry, can’t be ignored.

With indications that the new larger iMac will offer more processor and graphics cores than the already speedy 24in iMac, we do advise that you wait for that model to arrive before buying a 27in iMac.

That’s as long as you can wait – we expect that the new 27in iMac will in the first half of 2022. If you can’t wait then at least check out our round up of the best iMac deals and grab yourself a bargain.

Should I buy a Mac mini now or wait?

  • Best Prices Today:
  • : November 2020 , October 2018
  • Next update: Spring 2022

When Apple introduced the M1 Mac mini in November 2020 it also kept the 2018 Intel model on sale, so there are two types of Mac mini you can buy right now. The easiest way to tell which is which is by the colour – the silver models are M1, the Space Grey Mac mini is Intel-powered.

The unit we are most interested in here is the M1 Mac mini, which not only gained rave reviews, it is the best value Mac you can buy, with prices starting at £699/$699. Read our Mac mini M1 review.

You’re Spending Over $700 / 700


It’s not a hard or tight rule, but in general, ultrabooks and high-end machines start at the $700 / £700 price point. These machines also take some of the more blockbuster discounts over the Black Friday period, by virtue of simply having more money to play with in their savings. Retailers will want to make a splash with these high-profile offers, though, so will likely be reserving the best discounts for the big day itself.

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Black Friday And Cyber Monday

The holiday shopping season is a great time to get deals on lots of different tech products, and laptops are no exception.

Retailers offer deals throughout this period and compete with each other to get the most sales. This means that they often adjust pricing on-the-fly to respond in realtime to competitors. Some stores also offer a price match guarantee, which means they will match the price of a competitor that’s selling the product for less.

Price tracking browser extensions like Honey and CamelCamelCamel can be especially useful during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These sites can track a product’s price history on Amazon so that you can see if a deal is really as good as it claims to be.

Those looking for a deal on a particular laptop model can try to avoid the time crunch and stock issues associated with holiday deals by setting an alert or keeping a browser page open to make sure you know exactly when the product goes on sale.

How To Know If You’re Getting A Good Deal

Whenever you find a laptop sale in December, August or April it can be hard to tell whether you’re actually getting a great price or just a slight discount off the MSRP, unless you know what the product normally sells for. There are a couple of ways to tell:

  • Use a price-history tool: A couple of sites track price changes over time so you can see if today’s price is really the lowest it has ever been at one particular retailer. will show a price-history graph for most products on Amazon, while the Hover Hound Chrome extension does the same for Newegg.

However, we haven’t found a service that tracks the price history from other key services, such as, or Microsoft Store, all of which offer great prices. We’re also yet to find a tracker that shows the price of the same product across multiple retailers. So Amazon’s lowest price ever may still be higher than someone else’s.

  • Visit deal aggregators: Deal news sites keep an eye on pricing and call attention to the best deals in their posts. We maintain an up-to-date list of deals at, and you can also check out sites such as

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The Best Time To Buy A Laptop Is Now

While most women update their wardrobe and accessories regularly, I approach fashion with a minimalistic attitude. Instead I shop for a new laptop towards the end of almost every summer. While most of my upgrades are a result of unfortunate timing – I inevitably spilled something, dropped something, or ran out of space around this time each summer – it turns out I was subconsciously shopping for the lowest prices, too.

At least, that’s what the latest research from reveals. In case you’re not familiar with, they sift through massive amounts of pricing data to predict the best time to buy consumer electronics and appliances. What they discovered through analysis is a dramatic swing in pricing at three key times during the year.

The average price savings for laptops is 10 percent, which translates to an average savings of up to $240. Overall laptop prices across the category slowly rise as peak shopping seasons approach.

“Contrary to popular belief, the best time to buy a laptop is before or after the Back to School season,” said Mike Fridgen, CEO of “So if you are in the market for a new laptop, now is a great time to buy before prices rise.”

The laptop market is constantly shifting, so you may want to browse to look for the best deal to meet your current needs, but if you’re looking for some of the best deals on the market, you may want to consider:

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