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Is The Hp Omen A Good Gaming Laptop

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Screen Resolution And Size

HP Omen 15 Gaming Laptop Review: The Good & BAD

HP OMEN laptops have large screens, usually measuring 15.6 or 17.3 inches diagonally. They generally have full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, although some models will offer 4K resolution . This type of screen quality is great for gaming or watching video, as the images and graphics will be pin sharp.

With a smaller screen, your laptop will have a smaller-sized chassis, which some people prefer. Screen size plays a key role in determining the overall size of any laptop.

So Do I Buy It Or Not

Well, theres nothing in particular that stands out, but theres also nothing in particular thats wrong with the Omen 15. So I guess you could buy it.

Id lean more towards the ASUS G14 line for aesthetic flair and performance, but those laptops also tend to run exceptionally hot, which can be a problem for longer gaming sessions. Lenovos Legion laptops are also a great alternative, but theyre only slightly less plain than the Omen is. MSIs budget laptops, and the ASUS TUF line, are cheaper and offer similar configs for about 20k-30k less, but the displays they offer are quite terrible and Id avoid those models if I can.

If you are getting this laptop, the only recommendation I do have is that you ditch the Intel CPUs and get the AMD configs instead. This i7, 1650 Ti model costs Rs 1.21 lakh. An AMD model with a more powerful CPU and far more capable RTX 2060 GPU can be had for just Rs 3,000 more.

Battery Not Good Enough For On

  • Omen only lasted 3 hours and 42 minutes in our day-to-day work benchmark
  • Expect stamina to be even shorter when gaming

The HP Omen 15 features a Graphics Switcher, allowing you to swap between Discrete and Hybrid performance. The former will see the discrete graphics card become the main provider of graphical grunt, and so will help tasks such as gaming and creative work excel but reduce the battery life as a consequence.

The Hybrid mode allows for the processors integrated graphics to help with the workload, and so is best for basic tasks such as video playback and internet browsing where a powerful graphics performance isnt required. In theory, this should help improve the battery life substantially.

We put this to the test, setting the laptop to Hybrid mode and turning the brightness down to 150 nits before running a PCMark 10 battery benchmark test. The Omen 15 saw a battery life of 3 hours and 42 minutes. Thats slightly better than your average gaming laptop, but still lags three hours behind the Zephyrus G14.

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Hp Omen 15 Review: Screen And Design

When it comes to gaming laptops, the HP Omen 15 is definitely towards the more subtle and business-like end of the scale no flashing lights or crazy sculpting, just a well crafted slab of high-quality plastic and aluminium . A variety of backlighting effects are available for the keys, handled by the supplied Omen Command Centre software.

The 15.6-inch, 1920 x 1080 pixel IPS LCD display here is a pleasure to use, keeping everything from action games to word processed documents sharp and bright. The bezels aren’t the thinnest we’ve seen lately, but it’s still a very pleasant screen to look at and work with. The refresh rate goes all the way up to 144Hz, which is bound to catch the attention of serious gamers.

Despite that large screen and those relatively chunky bezels, the laptop as a whole doesn’t feel too bulky. At 2.25 cm thick it’s hardly an ultraportable laptop, but when you compare it to other gaming machines in this class, it’s not too bad you’re still going to be able to pick this up and carry it round without too much effort. It can easily do double duty as a standard laptop without attracting a lot of attention.

Storage Media And Cpu Tests

HP Omen X: Laptop Review: The Best Gaming Laptop ...

First up is UL’s PCMark 10, our system performance assessment that simulates real-world productivity and content-creation workflows. The Omen 15 and the rest of the AMD trio had no trouble sailing past the 4,000 points that we look for in that test. Meanwhile, our PCMark 8 storage benchmark showed an even playing field. That was expected since these notebooks all use solid-state boot storage.

Next up is a pair of CPU-crunching tests: Cinebench R15 stresses all available processor cores and threads while rendering a complex image, while in our Handbrake test, we transcode a 12-minute 4K video down to 1080p.

The AMD machines predictably dominated here, the Omen 15 leading by a hair in Cinebench. The Handbrake results are especially telling for content-creators sometimes, there is no substitute for extra cores.

In other scenarios, the processor’s frequency can be more important. The Intel chips in the Acer and Lenovo top out at a scorching 5GHz, which gave them the edge in our photo-editing test. We use an early 2018 release of Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud to apply 10 complex filters and effects to a standard JPEG image, timing each operation and adding up the totals. This test is not as CPU-focused as Cinebench or Handbrake, bringing the performance of the storage subsystem, memory, and GPU into play.

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Hp Omen 15 Battery Life

The Omen 15 lasted 6 hours 13 minutes on the Laptop Mag Battery test, which consists of continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi at 150 nits. Thats actually pretty good for a gaming laptop and helped it outlast the Strix G15 , but not the 8:47 mainstream gaming laptop average. However, thanks to AMD, were seeing previously unheard-of times for gaming laptops, including the G5 15s 7:14 and the Nitro 5s incredible 11:09.

Hp Omen 15 Design And Features

The Omen 15’s redesigned look moves it somewhere between a stylized gaming laptop and an Ultrabook. It’s primarily made of plastic, no doubt to keep the price and weight down, so there is some flex in the lid. Nothing concerning. The main chassis is much more rigid, and it seems like HP has used aluminum for the keyboard deck and palmrests. The old Omen tribal logo has been replaced with an iridescent diamond on the lid, offsetting the flat black finish nicely. There is a tendency to pick up fingerprints and smudges, but they wipe off rather easily.

The HP Omen 15’s redesign is a complete success.

Instead of hinges clustered to the middle of the lid, they’re now spaced more to the outside for better stability and a more mature look. The hinges feel great with just enough grab to keep the lid firmly in place, but not enough that you can’t open the lid with one hand.

The Omen 15 is on the heavier and thicker side of the average gaming laptop, weighing in at 5.2 pounds and measuring 0.89 inches . It can’t compete with something like the Razer Blade in terms of dimensions, but it’s still going to tuck into a 15-inch backpack or laptop bag easily. Configurations with FHD display and lesser performance hardware will likely weigh less.

Clean layout

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Hp Omen 15 Review: Price And Verdict

It’s hard to find anything to dislike about the HP Omen 15 that we tested. In terms of performance and price it strikes a really good balance, and while you can pay more for extra graphics grunt , this laptop is very much going to be able to cope with everything you test it with that RTX 2070 GPU under the hood. Despite it’s high spec, heat and noise are managed very well.

As well as balancing performance and price, it also balances looks and practicality: there are a few nice premium touches here, including the metal keyboard casing and the customisable backlighting, but the laptop never goes over the top. It’s a relatively bulky laptop, sure, but it’s not something that you’ll be embarrassed to pull out at either a gaming night or a business meeting.

Away from the gaming, the 1080p screen is a delight for movie watching and web browsing though we prefer a 16:10 aspect ratio for general computing tasks and the keyboard and trackpad experience are impressive too. Some gamers will prefer a more clicky typing response with greater travel for the keys and more noise as you hit them, but as far as we’re concerned HP has done a fine job here.

More Gaming Laptop Deals Today

HP Omen X Laptop Review – The Best Gaming Laptop Yet!

HP Omen 16.1-inch gaming laptop:

And, we’ve got plenty more options to check out in our weekly roundup of this week’s best cheap gaming laptop deals. Plus, why not fill up your library with this week’s top game deals.

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Laptops To Take The Game Wherever You Want It To Be

If you plan on doing your gaming on the run, but want the performance that ensures youre never on the run when competing against your friends, a gaming laptop from HP is just what you need.

With the HP OMEN X 17t, youll get your choice of a 17-inch FHD or 4K display to see the terrain crystal clear, so youre never caught off guard. And if youre looking for a gaming computer thats a little more compact, we offer a 15 OMEN gaming laptop to give you as much display as you need while being as mobile as you want.

To make sure youre getting the right experience, we have the NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 graphics card that comes factory overclocked to ensure sure youre getting all you can from your system. From 16GB all the way to 32GB of DDR4 memory, and Intel® Core i7 processors, youll have the firepower you need to launch yourself into the action, while everyone else is lagging behind.

In addition to top performance, youll be getting serious space to store your library of games. With combinations of 1TB SATA drives and a 256GB SSD, to a 1TB HDD and two 1TB SSD drives, youll be able to store everything you want to play with plenty of space for your operating system to run efficiently HP Omen 15 price in bd

Hp Omen 15 Review: A Polished And Powerful Gaming Laptop

Superb gaming performance for a reasonable price

The HP Omen 15 looks the part, plays the best games with aplomb, and is reasonably priced for what you get, too even the sound system impresses. It’s not quite a perfect gaming laptop, but it has plenty of strengths and not very many weaknesses.

ByDavid NieldLast updated 2020-11-02T13:32:14.447Z

The HP Omen 15 is definitely worth a long and considered look if you’re interested in a new gaming laptop: you get a 10th-gen Intel i7 processor and a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 GPU with Nvidia G-Sync support, plus a 15.6-inch 1080p display with a 144Hz refresh rate.

Very decent specs, and all available at a price that reasonable check the widgets on this page for the latest pricing on the HP Omen 15, but at the time of writing the review configuration we tested can be picked up online for somewhere in the region of £1,700.

That’s a lot of money of course, but in the context of gaming laptops and the amount of power you get with the HP Omen 15, it’s not unreasonable. Make sure you check out the different configurations on sale, as you can get this laptop with AMD CPUs inside too.

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Hp Omen 15 Pricing And Configurations

    The Omen 15 starts at $849 and has a 3-GHz AMD Ryzen 5 4600H processor with 8GB of RAM, a 256GB PCIe SSD, integrated AMD Radeon Graphics, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti GPU with 4GB of RAM and a 1920 x 1080-pixel, 144Hz display.

    I took the $1,299 model for a spin which features a 2.9-GHz AMD Ryzen 7 4800H CPU, 16GB of RAM, a 512GB PCIe SSD, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti GPU with 6GB of RAM and a 1920 x 1080-pixel, 144Hz display.

    The $1,499 iteration bumps you up to a 2.6-GHz Intel Core i7-10750H CPU, a 512GB PCIe SSD with 32GB Intel Optane memory, a Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU with 6GB of RAM, and a 1920 x 1080-pixel, 144Hz display. The top-tier $1,799 doubles the storage and elevates the system to a Nvidia RTX 2070 GPU with 8GB of RAM and a 3840 x 2160-pixel display.

    Gaming Laptop Deals: Save $200 On This Cheap Rtx 3070 Hp Omen At Best Buy

    Buy HP Omen X 2S Gaming Laptop

    Quite simply a great price for an RTX 3070 machine

    It’s been fairly quiet on the gaming laptop deals front recently but we’ve finally spotted an excellent high-end machine that’s great value – this RTX 3070 HP Omen for $1,599.99 at Best Buy.

    A cool $200 price cut makes this one of the cheapest RTX 3070 gaming laptop deals we’ve seen in a while – plus, the Intel Core i7-10750H, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB SSD mean you’re not skimping on the specs elsewhere either.

    Being a model from HP’s premium Omen line means you’re not just getting decent components here, this machine’s also rocking a slick design and a high-end 300Hz IPS display. In short, you’re going to get decent cooling for that powerful GPU plus a nice vibrant screen for all your games at 1080P.

    Any downsides? Well, if we had to pick one it’s the slightly older processor in this machine. It’s not ancient – the 10th gen Intel Core i7-10750H was one of the companies best from 2020 – but it’s not the latest. It will, however, still give you great performance for many years to come, plus a machine with a more recent component won’t be anywhere near the price of this HP Omen .

    Subsequently, this 15.6-inch HP Omen is a great buy if you’re looking to save on a high-end machine. If your budget is tighter, however, or are visiting from outside the US, then we’ve rounded up a few more excellent gaming laptop deals to check out just below.

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    Is An Hp Chromebook Enough To Meet My Laptop Needs

    HP offers a vast array of affordable Chromebook laptops starting as low as $250, if all you really need is the bare bones. For those who just need to browse the internet, answer some emails, and do a little word processing, an entry-level Chromebook is the perfect fit. That said, HP does offer scaled-up Chromebooks up to the $700 range, as well as customizable Chromebooks well over $1,000. These have more powerful processors, more RAM for multitasking, and more storage, but you definitely don’t need to splurge on all that if you truly are just looking for a simple laptop.

    One thing that all of HP’s Chromebooks have in common, however, is that they all run on Google’s Chrome operating system. The OS is centered around the Chrome browser app, web-based processes, and Google Play apps, so there isn’t a lot of junk inside to take up all your storage space. That’s a definite plus, but the system is very minimalistic, so if that’s not your thing, you might want to opt for a Windows-based HP notebook-style laptop instead.

    Buying Guide For Best Hp Omen Laptops

    Some people prefer gaming with consoles, such as Xbox One or PS4. However, others swear by gaming on a computer. When gaming on a computer, you have the ability to upgrade components, giving you more power to run the latest games.

    HPs OMEN family of gaming laptops are designed to handle the latest games and are easy to upgrade and customize. Youll find HP OMEN laptops in many different configurations, creating a mixture of power and value to meet your gaming needs. As with any gaming laptop, you need to consider what types of games you want to play and what their system requirements are. While OMEN laptops are easy to upgrade, you still want the best machine possible out of the box.

    You will pay an above-average price for an HP OMEN laptop versus a general laptop, but the processing power in an OMEN machine makes it well worth the price for the gamer who wants outstanding quality. To learn more and find the best gaming machine for you, continue reading our buying guide.


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    Which Hp Gaming Laptop Is Best For You

    While HP doesnt quite offer the same array of gaming laptop configurations as companies like ASUS or MSI, they still produce a lot of quality gaming laptops. And, one thing Ive noticed from HP is that they take a bit longer to get the newest generation of laptop CPU and GPU hardware into newer systemsbut, when they do, they are often the most competitive options in terms of price-to-performance.

    So, while at the time of writing this guide HP doesnt offer competition to ASUS or MSIs best options, its likely only a matter of time before they release more powerful configurations.

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