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Is There A Waterproof Laptop

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Waterproof Laptop Computer Underwater
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Use A Waterproof Keyboard Cover

An extremely easy way for waterproofing your laptop is using a silicone keyboard cover. This is a very thin, transparent and waterproof sheet that will protect your keyboard and laptop from accidental water drops.

This isnt an infallible method, but as long as you have the entire surface of the laptop covered, you will be much safer than without it. Plus, these silicone keyboard covers are really cheap and easy to carry around.

Our recommended one is this one, but in reality you can choose any as long as it fully covers your laptops keyboard.

College Laptop Backpack Mancro Durable School Bookbags For Men Women With Usb Charging Port Business Travel Anti Theft Rfid Water Resistant Tech Backpack Fits 156 Inch Laptop And Notebook Black

Another quality waterproof backpack that is suitable for college students is the Mancro college school backpack.

The backpack is highly versatile, which means you can use the bag in different places and for various events.

Furthermore, your belongings are well organised and will hold firm all of your stuff plus you will enjoy the ease of access that the bag affords.

Lastly, the anti-theft clasp makes it harder for intruders to have quick access to your school items, and you will enjoy charging your mobile devices with the USB port functionality.


  • Comfortable use
  • Sturdy design for great durability

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How To Use A Laptop In A Pool

If you want you use your laptop while in the pool, you have to take a few precautions to make your laptop waterproof. You will need to consider a waterproof laptop case or a waterproof laptop cover or any of our recommended methods for waterproofing a laptop.

You should never use a regular laptop near a source of water and especially not while youre chilling in the pool. Dropping it in water would kill your laptop instantly, but it could also be a health hazard if you have the laptop plugged in.

However, being extra careful and thinking about waterproofing your laptops will make things a lot easier and safer, so that you can indeed enjoy using your laptop while in your swimming pool. So lets get this started!

Please note: Our blog gets commissions for purchases made through links in this article.

Cover Laptop With Pvc Liner

The Best Waterproof and Shockproof Laptop Of 2018

While this method wont win any beauty awards, it is an effective way to keep your laptop waterproof. The PVC liner will keep water drops away and your laptop safe near the pool.

It has the advantage that you can still keep the laptop operating, even though the liner itself is not transparent. But you can remove it, use it, then cover it again to increase its resistance to water.

If you use this while your laptop is operating, make sure that you leave enough room for heat to dissipate. Also make sure you dont cover and clog the exhaust areas of your laptop.

Ideally, you should use it in combination with a laptop stand and leave a bit of room at the bottom for air to circulate. So get your PVC liner, cut as much as you need and enjoy!

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Weight Of Waterproof Backpacks

Waterproof backpacks are inherently heavier than your standard hiking backpack. This makes sense as waterproof backpack material simply weighs more than ultra-thin nylon does. The more heavy-duty the waterproofing material is, the heavier the backpack will be.

If you are looking for an everyday use waterproof backpack, going light is probably the way to go. Most people have no need to cary 20-30 pounds on a daily basis.

A 20-30 liter lightweight waterproof backpack like the Timbuk2 Spire Laptop Backpack offers up a good balance of lightweight and functionality.

For those will more demanding carry-needs, I suggest going with a waterproof backpack that is up to the challenge. Again, I like the Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Pack 35L. At just over 2 lbs 7 ozs. the Hyraulic Dry Pack is burly enough for serious adventures, yet damn near in the ultralight category. Overall it is a sweet pack for practical use in intense adventure scenarios.

Should You Use Your Laptop In A Swimming Pool

It is recommended not to, as the risks are too high, even when you take all the necessary precautions to waterproof your laptop.

Using a laptop by the pool could result in it having water spilled on it or it dropping in the water. Both would cause damage to your laptop and even to yourself or whoever is using it.

If were talking about an outdoor swimming pool and you stay as far away from the water as possible, if you take the precautions recommended above, you should be as safe as possible .

Things change if you choose to get your laptop in the pool. The risks increase in this case and we recommend you not to do it. If you do take it in the pool, take all necessary precautions and be extra careful with your device. Try to spend as little time as possible in the pool with your laptop.

Finally, if were talking about an indoor pool, chances are that the humidity levels there are very high and all that moisture and humid environment could result in water sneaking into your laptop.

Hopefully, you now know everything about using a laptop by the pool and you will take all the precautions that are necessary to reduce the risks of it getting damaged or broken.

As we said, there is no way to guarantee 100% protection against water damage if you take the laptop in the pool, so if you really have to, make sure to always be alert and careful.

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Sak Gear 35l Backsak Waterproof Backpack

Main Features

Most of the customers love this backpack. The backpack company has a full open return policy. If you do not like this backpack, simply explain the reason and return it for a full refund. So this is the right choice for you.


The Sak Gear backpack has spacious interior pockets. There are two main separate zippered pockets in this waterproof backpack. The first exterior pocket is suitable for keeping your keys and ID.

Similarly, the second interior pocket is 100% waterproof and supports your electronics devices like laptops, tablets, iPhones, etc. separate from other gear. It also features D rings with which you can easily clip your water bottle too.


This is the ideal and best waterproof daypack or overnight bag. This waterproof bag has a 35L storage capacity. It keeps all your gear with ease.

Waterproof and Material

This is an excellent feature of this backpack in that it is a 100% waterproof backpack. This backpack is made from heavy-duty 500D PVC waterproof material. So, there is no worry when you are walking on a rainy day, and you have some valuable gear in your bag.


In terms of comfortability, this backpack has padded and adjustable shoulder straps and a sternum clip. This clip helps in keeping the bag close to you and balances the backpack on your back.


Main Features




Antitheft Features




Main Features

Women Backpack Purse Waterproof Nylon Rucksack

This $200 Laptop Can Survive Water?!

Main Features

This waterproof backpack is designed especially for women. Moreover, this is also the best waterproof backpack. It is very light in weight and roomy from the inside. This bag is also used as a womens messenger bag.


This womens waterproof backpack has two exterior side pockets and two interior pockets, and one zipper pocket at the back of the bag. The main compartment can fit a laptop under 13 inches in length, along with other tech gear.

These pockets keep all your gear organized and easily accessible. It also stores your books, wallet, glasses, mobile, and cosmetics.


This womens waterproof shoulder backpack keeps all the necessary gear that you will need when hiking.


This backpack is made from a nylon material, which is water repellent. Still, the backpack is not entirely waterproof. And, the zippers can allow the water to enter inside. So, it is not suitable for rough outdoor activities.

Antitheft Features

This backpack has an anti-theft feature and protects all your gear from stealing.


The backpack has two long and easily adjustable straps. One is even detachable to use as a single shoulder strap for shorter commutes. The weight of the bag is only 1.3 pounds, so it is very comfortable to carry around with you.

Durable Materials

This backpack is made from sturdy PU leather and nylon fabric, so it is not only water-resistant but is also tear-resistant.


  • Not suitable for heavy gear

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So Is The Macbook Air Waterproof

Short answer: No

Most laptops arent water-resistant in the slightest, and the MacBook Air is no different. Yes, its better constructed than those plastic-encased Windows laptops. No, that doesnt mean anything when you sling a can of soda over it. Even the passively cooled MacBook still has openings that liquid can get into, and youre going to have a bad day if you do so.

Thats not to say that water or other liquids are a death sentence for your shiny MacBook though. If you accidentally drop liquids onto it, the first thing is to immediately turn off the MacBook by holding that power or Touch ID button down. Unplug the charger if it was plugged in, then turn the MacBook upside-down and shake to get the droplets of liquid out. Grab a paper towel or other absorbent material and get as much liquid off as possible. Take out any accessories such as USB drives or SD Cards.

Whatever you do, dont turn it back on. If you have AppleCare+ , set up a Genius Bar appointment to get your MacBook looked at by a professional. You could also try leaving it for 96 hours to dry off, then turn it on to see if it still works. Either way, youre looking at a substantial repair/replace bill if the liquid damaged anything.

What do you think? Surprised that the MacBook Air isnt waterproof? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our or .

Editors Recommendations:

How To Waterproof A Laptop

Laptops are almost as delicate as they are expensive, and can be vulnerable to a number of environmental hazards. Water and other liquids are among the most persistent threats, as a spilled beverage, leakage during traveling mishaps or even an unexpected rainstorm while working outside can spell disaster. Taking a few steps to waterproof your laptop may help prevent costly repairs down the road.

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Why Do I Need A Waterproof Backpack

The answer to this question depends on you for example, if you have valuable things like a laptop, tablet, camera, or other electronics and you always go in the rain, then you need the best waterproof backpack because only waterproof bags can keep these electronics dry and safe from environmental elements.

Business Table Stakes: Mil

Raspberry Pi laptop houses in waterproof military style ...

Before we get into brawny machines that can survive six-foot drops and jets of water, we must acknowledge that not all mainstream notebooks are frail and fragile. Some Lenovo ThinkPads, HP EliteBooks, and other business systems are reasonably resistant to bumps and bruises, though they can’t survive high dives or liquids in excess of minor keyboard spills. Even some Chromebooks carry the same designation as these hardy travelersMIL-STD 810G, which indicates compliance with a series of tests required for the US Department of Defense to consider using a piece of equipment in a military setting.

The MIL-STD 810G standard spans over 800 pages and nearly 30 laboratory test methods for challenges ranging from weather to physical forces . Few computer vendors push their products over every hurdle that the standard posits, including such tortures as gunfire-recoil shock, icing or freezing rain, whether a laptop might spark an explosion in flammable-gas atmospheres, andwait for itresistance to fungus. Rather, the manufacturer may note that the system has passed, say, 10 or 12 MIL-STD tests.

Does this make the certification useless? Not at all. Just think of it as a checklist item or the first thing to look for, rather than a guarantee of bulletproof reliability, and be aware that you need to read the fine print.

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What Is The Smallest Waterproof Backpack

SealLine Skylake Daypack only offers 18L capacity but 100% waterpoorf material which makes it the smallest waterproof backpack on the market. Its a great option for day-hiking and short trips or outdoor sports.

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Types Of Laptop Cases

What do you need from your laptop case? Do you need something that is going to provide maximum protection, or do you want something that is light, stylish and portable? To help you answer these questions and make things simple, we organized our recommendations into four categories: sleeves, shoulder bags, backpacks and hard cases.

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Braving The Elements: Ip Ratings

A more stringent abbreviation seen on seriously sturdy laptops is a code such as “IP65.” The IP stands for “ingress protection”the ability to keep solids or liquids out of the machine’s vulnerable innards. This rating is measured numerically, rather than by general terms such as “dustproof” or “water-resistant.”

You can read our primer on IP and MIL-STD ratings for full details, but here’s IP in a nutshell. The first digit after the letters “IP” denotes safety against solids, on a scale of 0 to 6. The number 2 means you can’t stick your fingers into the device. The number 4 means the system is proof against objects larger than 1mm, such as most wires 5 means some and 6 means complete protection against dust and sand.

The second digit after IP measures protection against liquids, this time on a scale of 0 to 9. A device rated 1 can resist a few vertical drips 4 means splashing water and 5 means jets of water and 7 and 8 refer to immersion in less than one meter, and in one to three meters, of water respectively. Unlike some smartphones, no laptop that we know of is safe to wholly submerge, so don’t expect to see a liquids rating higher than 5.

A sure sign that a manufacturer is serious about an IP rating is sealed portsdoors that cover connectors such as USB ports and HDMI video outputs. Differences in these doors can contribute to differences in ratings: Those of the Dell Latitude 5424 Rugged, for instance, snap securely shut as part of the system’s IP52 score…

Interior Size: 1333 X 939 X 1

Waterproof Computer | In Live Kitchen | TS-1210 Series

âApple: MacBook Pro Retina 2008-2020 with/without Touch Bar

âApple: MacBook Air 13 2010-2020 / iPad Pro 12.9″

âDell: 13.3″ Dell Chromebook 13 7310 | Latitude 13 | Inspiron 13/14 | XPS 13| Latitude E4310 E7470 5490 14| Inspiron 13 5000/7000, etc.

âDell: Chromebook 3380 Latitude 3379 3380 3390 3480 3490 5480 5490 7370 7389 7480 7490 E7470 ETC 14

âSurface: Surface Book New SurfaceBook 2 13.5″,12.3 Surface Pro X/7/6/5/4/3,13.5 Surface Laptop 2017, etc.

âLenovo:T440s | Yoga 2 Pro 13 | IdeaPad 710S/720S 13/14 | Yoga 13 |Yoga 2 Pro |Yoga 920 | ThinkPad X301/13 Chromebook, etc.

âHP: Elitebook 1030 1040 745 840 | Pavilion x360 13 14 | Chromebook13 | Stream 13 14 | ProBook 430 440 640 645 | ZBook 14u Mobile

âHP: ENVY 13 | Spectre x360 13 | Spectre XT Pro | ProBook 430 | Inspiron 13 | Latitude 13, etc.

âAsus: ZenBook UX303UA | UX303UB | UX305 | X301A | UL30A | Chromebook 13.3 | Chromebook Flip C302 | Swift7 13.3 | Q Series 14″, etc.

âAcer: Acer Swift1/7 13.3 | Acer Spin 5 13.3 | Acer Swift5/Spin7 14 | Asus 14 Vivobook | 13″ 13.5″ 14″ Chormebook 13, etc.

âToshiba: Chromebook / Satellite 13.3 | Fujitsu LifeBook 13 | Huawei MateBook 13/ MateBook X 13/ MateBook X Pro 13.9 , etc.

âAnd Most of 13 13.3 13.5 14 Inch popular laptops, Please also kindly check the dimension of your laptop to choose the right size bag.

*If the laptop sleeve is too roomy, a laptop shell can make it fit snugly.

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What Do You Do If Youve Spilled Liquid On Your Laptop Do This

Weve all done it at some point or other, but what do you do once liquid is drowning your keyboard, apart from panic? Look online and there are all sorts of myths and misinformation that quite frankly will probably damage your laptop so badly that itll end up on the nearest skip!

So, lets say youve just spilled a drink over your laptop. Whats the first thing you need to do? Well, time is of the essence. You absolutely must turn your computer off immediately and unplug it. If you have a removable battery, remove it pronto! Press the Power button until your machine shuts down. YOU HAVE TO DO THIS IMMEDIATELY. Every second is vital. Its a race against time

After weve gone through possible repair steps, well also give you some information about how to make your laptop water-resistant.

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